Christopher Eccleston – Wokey Who

This numpty actor is moaning because of the lack of work available to him, due to him being a ‘dinosaur’ and ‘pariah’ within the stage and film industry.

You see, he says it’s because he’s a older, straight, white male.

Well, before you say you agree with him, hear me out

Or should I say, hear him out. Here’s a quote from him via the article:

‘We are all seen through the lens of Harvey Weinstein et al. And I can feel that the opportunities are shrinking, as they should do.’

‘I’ve lived off the fat of the land for 30 years of my career, but i still have to pay my mortgage, I still have to support my kids, so I don’t welcome the uncertainty at all.

The unpredictability was far more welcome to a younger person.’

Yes, he thinks his opportunities should be shrinking because he’s a straight, white male.

This is the problem with many I find. They feel it’s perfectly fine to discriminate against white people in their own lands. Yes, north west Europe has pretty much always been white.

Would he therefore feel it a good thing if, say, Africa reduced opportunities to straight black males so he could get work? I doubt it. And I fucking damn well know the Africans wouldn’t have any of it either.

And nor should they.

But unless we stop reducing opportunities for white people so incomers can grab everything, then we are fucked.

I have absolutely no sympathy with this twat, because his attitude (and of the many like him) is the biggest problem of all.

Oh, and although he implies that he’s struggling, I doubt he lives in a two up two down council house and sent his kids to the local comp. He’s made his dosh, so it’s much easier for him to accept this bollocks than the young white actor starting out, isn’t it?

Get to fuck.

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43 thoughts on “Christopher Eccleston – Wokey Who

  1. When a minority becomes the dominant people, with opportunities closed off to the majority you live in the Raj.

  2. He seems to be supporting the blatant racial discrimination that infests the media. Colour now trumps talent. Blacks are out of all proportion to the demographic in adverts and drama, including period drama from times where the werent any.
    The same applies to awards of just about every type, although not yet for science. But it will come.
    The Black African diaspora have made contributions to athletic sports (save swimming) and music. Fuck all else. Black Africans have achieved fuck all.

    • Wot abot dem pirimids dough? We inventeds dem innit.

      We woz kings and you teef all our gold and science.

  3. He sounds like a boring luurvie to me and can’t fuck off. Cabbages need picking this autumn. There’s a job for you Cunt

  4. Ecclestone is right. I sympathise with him. I thought Ecclestone was particularly good in Elizabeth as the chilling Duke of Norfolk. Nowadays that role would go to a transitioning dark- key with one leg. Elizabeth I would be played by Eddie Izzard in full drag.

  5. Last year, I was required by my employer to take part in Prevent training. For the uninitiated, Prevent is the government guidance relating to extremism and how to report it etc. apart from the usual suspects like Islamic extremism, there is the inevitable reference to the far right and this is where it becomes worrying.
    According to Prevent guidance, anyone who expresses the view that western society and values are being encroached upon by immigration or ethnic cultures in general are to be regarded as a threat. A threat equal to Islamic extremism that is worthy of reporting to the authorities.
    Maybe Eccleston is mindful of this and is choosing his words carefully, otherwise he could potentially be in shit. Mind you, it could also be that he’s a luvvie leftie who’s already got enough for retirement. Make your own minds up on that one.

    • Quite so FMC.

      The British sense of fair play demands a neo Nazi threat to balance the thousands of Peacefuls who would happily murder us in our beds.

      Never mind that it’s a fantasy of course.

  6. The thick cunt.

    He could just get in his Tardis and return to a time when someone gave a fuck.

    Perhaps he should identify as a Dalek.

    Or a witch doctor.

  7. Most actors are woke lefty wankers, so if they all end up jobless I’ll laugh my cock off.

  8. Most actors are light-years from reality. Fuck them and the world they inhabit where degenerates get what they want financed by us.

  9. He’s a cunt, he’s not that talented and now due to that fact employing actors because they have a northern accent is so last decade he’s not finding work based on his identity profile.

    Boo fucking Hoo

  10. The reason why your not getting any work Mr Ecclestone, is because you a fucking shit actor plain and simple! Going off topic, is see that that fucking vile, yo-yo knickers slut Price, the biblical whore of Babylon made flesh has fucking got away with it, AGAIN! Must have offered to suck the judge off in his chambers!

    • That fucking whore cunt must have the best legal cover in the world Boris should have shagged her in a cupboard and asked for advice.

  11. Fucking actors.
    What sort of job is that.
    Dressing up and playing make believe.
    Oh! and putting on all that make up all the time is a sure way of catching The Gayness! 🤔

  12. Maybe he needs to take a leaf out of Gary linekers book…stay out of the shower for a few days and he could be a northern Sidney poitier..the roles would come flooding in..

    • Hmm, I’m not sure. He’s a bit of a one-track pony. His agent probably asks producers, “erm…have you got any roles that require a gormless, gurning loudmouth with a nauseating Manc accent? You know, like that shite Doctor Who from a few years back? Here’s a clip: ”

      Sand. Exterior. Daytime.
      Galactica 9. Zombie alien worms look out from giant holes.

      Doctor: Eee, booger me, where de fook ‘ave we ended oop now? By chriiist, ah moost’ve set de controls for sum daft planit, innit. Got sum money, yeah? Wanna buy any drugs? Ah’ll fook yous oop wi’ me spaneer fingy.

  13. Pricey is determined to get banged up ( in the nick I mean, not her usual way). It’s a good career move for her.
    Same with this Ecclestone wanker……..a finer piece of virtue signalling it will be hard to find. What a snide little knob end. Total cunt.

  14. These luvvie and telly pricks live in a weird universe of lefty woke myopia where this type of shit-spouting is normalised. As if anyone in the real world gives a flying fuck what his cretinous opinions are. Get to fuck.

  15. I liked him as the Doctor (the last one who was really any good), but he is talking shit. If he’s so against the woke lunacy and the diversity onslaught, why hasn’t Eccleston spoke out against the new black poove Doctor Whoke and his trannie sidekick? Has he done that and condemned Doctor Whoke for the demented PC shitshow that it now is? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Also, Eccleston doesn’t give a toss about the damaging effects of this diversity madness: sport (just look at the England team), cinema, music and TV ruined, history told as blatant lies, preferential treatment with NHS, housing, schools etc. He’s just bothered when it affects his own pocket. Typical luvvie tightwad.

  16. I will say that I think he’s not a bad actor. Not great, but not bad.

    Certainly compared to all the box tickers they have on now.

    Acting on TV is fucking awful in recent times. Laughably bad. Makes Crossroads look like it starred De Niro, Day Lewis and Christopher Walken.

    Here’s an idea; cast the best fucking actor you can afford for any particular role, not get in some box ticker whose acting rivals Bryan Robson in Jossy’s Giants.

    “How you doin’ kidder?”

    Method acting at its finest from Robson there.

    • But what a fucking player. Robbo in his prime was a force of nature. He makes that cunt Pogba look like the useless lazy arsed sack of shit he really is

      I can’t decide who Robbo worked best with in midfield. Ray Wilkins (RIP) or Arnold Muhren. Both were great, but – at a push – I would say Arnie.

      • I’ve always hated United of course, but Bryan Robson was a fucking great player. No Utd player in today’s team is fit to polish his turds.

        Would’ve been an all-time great had he not had that glass shoulder.

      • And he’s still a better actor than most of these box tickers an’ all.

      • He only played a few times with Gazza for England, but they looked pretty fucking good together.

      • Too true, Cuntybollocks. He fucked his shoulder when he landed on a heating generator when he flew over the advertising boards at Old Trafford. They popped it back in and decided against operating. A bad mistake, as it came out again in Mexico at the World Cup. He was one of the best though. It was between him and Souness who was the best at that time. Only Keane and Viera have ever come near in recent times.

    • But isn’t rolling the eyes and yelling ‘Oh lordy lord! He despate! Do what he say! Do what he saaaay!’ a trait of those salt of di earth diverse types?

      Oh, and I bet ‘suckin di teeth’ isn’t seen as racist, is it?

      • I was going to mention the teeth sucking.

        I saw a documentary in a ‘diverse’ school where the chippy and terribly behaved dark key kids were forever teeth sucking at their teachers.

        I’d have jumped over the desk and done 25 years lol.

      • And yes, they only seemed to do it at the honky teachers if memory serves me right.

  17. Would help if the cunt could actually act.Only cannot get a job as he has about as much ability acting as the whore Nicole kidman.

    • Mate of mine works at Manchester and Heathrow airports. He has dealt with Kidman a few times, and he said she was a copper bottomed complete cunt.

      • Fit as fuck though. I’d have been in her suitcase and suffocating myself with her knickers all day every day.
        That bag would’ve been ‘lost’ I can tell you.

  18. Is his moan along the lines of rich white boys from Eton et al being discriminated against because they are rich white boys.
    I’m a white, male actor ( you have to say that in a pompous, do you know who I am, voice), but I’m not claiming discrimination, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, kind of way?
    In other words, I’ll load the bullets, but let someone else pull the trigger.
    Do you know what we call such folk?
    Shit stirrers.

  19. Eccleston’s Doctor Who successor, David Tennant, is a horrific woke cunt. A dreadful luvvie twat who is sickeningly PC and liberal. He even turned the classic Around The World In Eighty Days into a puke inducing woke lecture. A complete cunt.

  20. Why does a multi millionaire need a mortgage?
    And Christopher Eccleston was remarkably quiet about the destruction of Laurence Foxes acting career.
    Fuck off Christopher.

  21. “as they should do”.

    Then proceeds to the next paragraph. No. What do you exactly mean by that Chris? That white men are just rubbish with no value? White men deserve to loose their homes and families?

    These cunts are so brainwashed by the woke agenda now, they’re willing to make massive sweeping statements like that with no explanation whatsoever. It fucking sickens me.

    These white men pretty much invented EVERYTHING on this planet that keeps us comfortable, safe, entertained and alive.

    As for worrying about his mortgage. You shouldn’t have gotten so full of yourself and lovey worrying about being typecast after deciding to pack your job in after only one season of the most popular series on British TV then. Stupid cunt and by the way, why the fuck are you still paying a mortgage after playing Doctor Who? You should be out there on the convention circuit instead of pissing about in some arty play no cunt watches.

    Richly deserved you treacherous cunt.

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