Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe [4]

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a monumental, weapons grade, ocean going, ungrateful cunt.

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This fucking idiot isn’t satisfied that the Uk have arranged her freedom after she was caught spying or whatever she did in her own country that was illegal, that got her locked up.

After hearing her and her husbands fucking name for years, them bleating on about the injustice of it all, hunger strike and way more than that, now after Boris the idiot arranged her release and paid £400,000,000 for the pleasure and now this cheeky cunt wants an apology from us. What a cunt.

We should have paid fuck all to get the fucker back, thrown away the key and as far as I’m concerned, fuck her and the camel she rode in on

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

94 thoughts on “Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe [4]

      • RTC@ – An Iranian Citizen married to a British Man.
        “Iranian” when she wants to go stirring shit and causing trouble, “British” when her own behaviour dumps her in the shit and she wants pulling out of it, then “Iranian” again when the howwid waycist British refuse to help her out of the shit SHE got herself into.
        Fuck off, bitch.

      • Ruff: something wrong with some of you people!

        Too white?
        Too patriotic?
        To fed up with ungrateful cunts, sucking in the tit?


      • a dog born in a stable is not a horse. British, like Sadiq Khan, Mo(hammed) Farah, etc. ad nauseum.

      • Wherever a dog is born it is not a horse. That’s because a dog is a different species from a horse.

        A human born in a barn is not a horse either. It’s a human.

        Thousands of British citizens born abroad. Off the top of my head, Spike Milligan, Cliff Richard, Boris Johnson…

      • Ruff@
        You might of picked a better example!
        Boris-compulsive liar
        Cliff- ducky Jesus freak.

        Like bucktooth sodomite Freddy mercury!😁

      • And what’s more, the colostomy bag wearing God botherer claims to walk in the footsteps of Our Lord, but lives with a fucking man!! Listen cunt, doesn’t it say in The Bible ‘Thou shalt not lay with a man as with a woman’?? I bet that’s why Sue Barker fucked off. She found you were a raging Sphincter Weasel. Well, that and the stench of your colostomy bag of course.

      • It’s simply not correct to say a dog born in a stable, etc.

        There are plenty of Brits born in other countries who prove their loyalty by accepting British values’ working and paying tax. They are as British as a WASP born here in my view.

        I myself was born in the USA to British parents. Does that make me a Yank? I’ve lived here since I was 6.

      • Hm. I was in the queue at stansted passport control a few weeks back. Nice to see so many British nationals queueing up with me. Why some of them could even speak pidgin English. They only give all tge cunts passports so they are no longer illegals.

      • Nazanin Zaghari doesn’t sound very British to me.

        She doesn’t look very British either.

        She may be a British Citizen, – but British she is not.

        She was born in Iran and therefore Iranian.

        Citizenship is just a piece of paper.

        Proven ancestry, heritage, etc stretching back over a considerable amount of time makes you British.

        Take that piece of paper and her husband’s surname away from her, and what bit of her is British?

        Nothing, is the short and rational answer.

        I’d send her back for her ungratefulness, and hope that the Iranians lose the keys.

      • Let’s apply the cricket test, then. When England next play Iran at the Oval let’s see who Radcliffe cheers for.

        A fool proof solution.

      • Does that mean we fuck all the Indians and Pakistanis off as well…….?

      • How many years of ancestors do you need to prove you are British? 50, 200, 1000?

      • Who gives a fuck about this cunt fuck her the rag heads should have hung the spying bitch.

      • @Morello Felch

        “When you were born were you an American citizen or a British one?”

        British, I assume because my parents held British passports.

        I know I can apply for a US passport because I was born there. But I don’t see the point. Maybe if I wanted to live or work there, otherwise I’d run the risk of paying double tax to the Federal Government. The US taxes the income of all its citizens even if they pay tax in their host countries.

      • If you were born stateside, you should be eligible to vote.

        Vote “The Donald”

      • @Miserable

        Fair do’s. Perhaps Joe Strummer (born in Turkey) would have been a better example.

        Either way, I’m sure we all take great pride in the fact that Jimmy Savile was born and brought up in England.

      • We certainly can!👍

        Jesus was born in a stable,
        Does it mean he’s a horse?

        And if so have you backed him in the Grand National?

      • How about the racists favourite St George, aka Georgious Popadoupolis, a good Catholic to boot, so him and Savile could have fixed kids together! 😂😂😂

      • I’d back Jesus if he were running in the Grand National. A sure fire winner.

      • @MMCM

        The length of time you have to prove your ancestry?

        Good question, – and one that I foresaw arising.

        I have no finite answer to your question.

        I suppose that most of us will be a mix of mongrels if we dig back
        so far.

        Morgan ownership however qualifies you to free automatic British status, so don’t worry about such trivial matters. 😀

      • @ Cuntfinder General “Both sets of grandparents, born in Britain, as a minimum”.

        That rules me out then. I’d better hand my passport back !

      • Hehe, RTC, why are you defending her position, the Iranian government don’t recognise her British citizenship, as far as they are concerned she is Iranian. Other countries don’t recognise dual citizenship so she is either British or Iranian, can’t be both British-Iranian. In my book birthplace trumps all else.
        Whatever the nationality, she is a fucking ungrateful fucking bitch.

    • Ditto. Also difficult to really garner anything from the waffty news reporting. Was she training journalists in 2016? Why did Boris specifically say this? What was she actually doing in Iran when she was jailed.

      This may be covered in detail, in a publication a little more coherent than our shitty newspapers, but I would be a little more circumspect than to jump in and label this lady a cunt before I’d done my homework.

      • I’m sure a bitchute link or two will be forthcoming shortly that will clear up all ambiguity. 🙄

      • PM@ – Afternoon PM – agreed, but Nazinin Zaghari Ratcliffe was warned by the Iranian regime not to engage in what they termed “seditious behaviour” – and then blithely went on to do exactly what they had warned her not to do.
        I suppose it didn’t help her case when the jellyfish accidentally blurted out the truth (a miracle!) about what she was up to.

      • Good Afternoon Paul,

        It is not often that I disagree with your comments but she just seems so ungrateful that this country paid £400 million to a country that sponsors terrorism. She was on the lunchtime news complaining that she was made to sign a false confession before she was allowed to get on the aeroplane. A British government official was present and told her to get on with it, well she had a choice not sign and go back to jail or sign and get on the aeroplane.
        Obviously she is a Labour party supporter and BBC favourite but she might like to remember that it was a Conservative government who got her out.

    • Yes, some good opposing points raised by fellow Cunters.

      What was she actually doing there?

      I don’t know.

      Is she British? No.

      Is she an ungrateful and a sour faced foreigner? Yes.

      Therefore, after carefully evaluating the above points, without evidence of what she was actually doing in Iran, I still declare this whiny old mare a cunt.

  1. Ugh 🤮 put your fucking burka back on you stinking ugly cunt!
    Do the decent thing and throw yourself off a tall building you ungrateful wh0re.

  2. Another “poor me” fucking foreigner playing the victim card. If I was The Jellyfish I would have thrown her and her meal ticket husband out of Downing Street and told them to fuck right off.
    But then, of course, I wouldn’t be called Jellyfish in the first place.

  3. Another twat dual passport holder who entered the country on an Iranian passport and expects governments help and now has the cheek to moan. Cunt!

  4. Boris would be a pretty shit spymaster.

    “Is this thing switched on? Jeepers! Dragonfly, this is Blond Bombshell, have you made contact with the towelheads yet? One more thing, due to budget cuts the cyanide pill is actually a laxative, best of British. Over and out”.

  5. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if Kweer Starmer is eyeing her up to become a Labour MP – she has made many anti-Boris, anti-Conservative comments, and she will no doubt do so again tomorrow when she appears on Wireless 4’s Lesbians, er, sorry Wimminz Hour – she is their “special guest”. A muzzy who is overjoyed to get publcity is just what Starmer;’s sisterhood needs.

    As for Dick, her hubby – he reminds me of Brendan Cox, the late Jo Cox’s husband, another publicitty seeking “hero” (and probably a bumder as well) – one of those men you can imagine breast feeding in a pinny.

    Instead of putting her in prison, had I been her “hosts” I would have given her a punlic flogging and sent her back to Britain.

  6. I’d consider voting again if Doris had said to those evil Persian cunts something along the lines of:

    “Fuck off keep the spy and by the way we’re sending the rest of her pain in the arse family over as well.”

    Soppy twats.

  7. For £400,000,000 the Iranians should’ve been made to take every dinghy rider, corner shop owner, corrupt rug riding politician, minicab driver, goat botherer and child groomer from the home islands as well as any Pikëys that accidentally got rounded up.

  8. She holds dual UK/ Iranian citizenship but Iran does not recognise dual citizenship to them she was an Iranian and she was warned about her behaviour over there, she ignored all of this and surprise surprise gets her scraggy arse banged up in the Persian version of pentonville. Normally in the case of dual citizens falling foul of one countries laws the UK government would not get involved, the fact they’ve gone to these lengths strongly suggest she was a spy. The 400 million was money owed to Iran from before 1979 so technically not part of the deal.

  9. 400 million?
    That’s nearly as much as Premier League kickballers spend on transbeast hookers!
    Bye bye Burnley – white lives matter. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    (It must be your turn for Wordfence hatred. Perhaps you need to change your perfume or summat. Probably “hookers” did it – Day Admin)

    • Indeed. I did laugh at the cunts getting relegated.

      “I’m ashamed,” said that woke honky captain of theirs.

      What did the fans do? Fly a ‘white lives matter’ banner.

      He’s ashamed that white lives matter? Maybe “Kill all honkies” would’ve suited more? City are cunts too, but at least they didn’t flog themselves to death when they had a similar incident at their ground.

      Great to see those cunts Burnley get relegated though. Get to fuck.

      Get fucking down and stay down you inbred fucking homosexualists.

      • And Burnley is a fucking shit hole completely overrun by Joe dakis. Houses cost almost fuck all…because no cunt wants to live there. Might as well move to Pakistan.

        And the millionaire players at Burnley live nowhere near these areas of course, the fucking hypocritical shithouses. They’re all living way outside the town.

        Maybe they’re too ‘ashamed’ to live amongst the Joe Dakis in reality?

      • Burnley is like stepping back in time to the 70’s.

        I went in a cafe a couple of years ago there and a young lad about 10 came in and ordered a Spam sandwich with brown sauce and he sat down and talked to me.

        It’s got a charm about it. The honky folks really are the salt of the earth types.

    • Cheers DA – I think it may have been the h***ers word that did it for Prudefence!
      And I was sure it was Unkle Terrys week for Turdfence cruelty! 😀

  10. Thing is that money was paid to U.K. government by Iran for the supply of tanks etc years ago. The revolution happened whilst the deal was active and U.K. government would not give them the tanks or the money. Due to various fuck ups in the past involving UKs less than straight foreign policy towards the country that is now Iran our wondrous leaders are not held in high esteem, paying back the money has been a tiny step towards better relations with Iran this may be a big thing in future Middle East fuckery.

    • The £400M tank deal was in the 1970s which was a lot of money for tanks in them days. They were never delivered and so the money should have been repaid promptly. I never thought the British could be so dishonest even when dealing with Johnny Foreigner.

      It’s arbitrary that this woman and that old scientist bloke were imprisoned for “spying”. Could have been anyone. Could have been Jack Straw backpacking in the 80s.

      • Indeed. The tanks were sold to the Iranians while they were a westernised ally, it was only when the country was overthrown by a hardline Islamic government that prevented the tanks being delivered.
        The money was withheld until the regime could offer guarantees that the refunded cash would not be spent on additional weapons.

  11. Worst hunger strike ever an’ all.

    “I went two hours without a snack of any kind, well, if you don’t count the 4 Mint Clubs and 2 cups of tea, of course. My family were worried so they forced me to stay strong by ordering a donner kebab between my 5 meals a day.”

    You’ve not done a hunger strike unless you’ve smeared the walls in your shite and then croaked. Bobby Sands he isn’t.

    Load of rubbish that ‘hunger strike’.

    • He’s a soppy, swooning twat who’d eat her shite if she ordered it. Definitely cuck material who’s deserving of a cunting in his own right.

    • Going from breakfast to teatime isnt a hungerstrike.

      He was just a Cadbury Fudge from a normal day the soft floppy fringed twat.

      The cunt was nearly fainting after a hour and half!
      Right drama queen…

      • Aye. We call our cat ‘the drama queen’. It made the Mrs panic last month by crawling on its stomach whimpering into a kitchen unit. Sort of thing they do if they’re dying.

        I got her out from inside the cupboard. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering away. Mrs is shaking looking for the vet’s phone number. I then find the problem.

        A tiny cut on her leg about the size of an ant. Cleaned it up, gave her some attention and she was fine.

        Fucking right drama queen. She’s the same if she hasn’t been fed for ten minutes an’ all. I keep expecting Bob Geldof to turn up, the way she carries on if I don’t keep her bowl on the floor regularly stocked with food. Right carry on.

        And the cat’s just as bad.

    • I find a couple of Tunnocks caramel wafers help keep my strength up during a prolonged hunger strike. If it goes beyond 2 days then a bacon sandwich is indicated, no sauce as that would invalidate the attention whoring. You need to stay strong.
      Hope the ungrateful spying bitch ends up in RTC’s basement dungeon.

  12. Hmm, 400 million owed for tanks ordered but not delivered – but who in their right mind would supply military hardware to an islamic dictatorship to butcher its own people?
    Or refund the money so they can buy hardware from Russia and China to butcher their own people?
    A moral dilemma – perhaps we could have just stated that the money had been used supporting anti Iranian dissidents? 😀👍

  13. She’s struggling to readjust to life in the UK and outdoors.
    She still smokes rollups to Richards disgust and hides food in the toilet cistern .
    Also made a shank from Richards toothbrush.

    She’s asking for baccy and Rizlas to be paid for by the taxpayer.

    And Richard gets bottom bunk bed.

    • Mnc@ – “Nazanin love! There’s no need to slop out every morning – we have a toilet and everything!”
      “Fuck you infidel bitch – and carry on with the tattoo!”
      I have zero sympathy for people who premeditatedly and deliberately put themselves in a bad situation then whine when it goes wrong.

    • This is where my sympathy begins to wane and my suspicions increase. She’s had ample chance to reveal this chestnut previously, but seems to have saved it up. No doubt there’ll be other revelations over the coming months/years to keep the fees coming in to her agent.

  14. The issue here lies with that fop Richard.
    He needs a course of testosterone supplements.

    I’d tell her

    “get that fuckin ironing done Naz and tidy this shithole up,
    Never mind swanning about in foreign countries.

    Oh and that couscous shite we had for tea yesterday?
    I find that on my plate again I’ll banjo you that hard I’ll knock you fuckin crosseyed.
    I want a steak or egg n chips.
    And your dad the ayatollah moans about me eating bacon?
    I’ll put his head through the wall .
    So chop chop!
    Don’t stand there with your gob open like your a spastic.
    Fetch me a brew …”


  15. Hasn’t she got a job with the BBC yet? They better get their act together before the Guardian snaps her up.

  16. This has been a spirited one hasn’t it? I don’t know where to stand on this one so I guess I can’t comment.
    Fuck I just did though. Oh well.
    She’s not bad looking I will say.

    • Reliably informed she shaves her pussy once a month. Don’t know if she wipes the fanny batter off. Probably best to stick to anal and risk monkey pox. Following the success of my monkey pox poem (see next nom) the bbc have commisioned me to write the lyrics for Lord Lloyd Webbers next venture, “I fucked a monkey and now it’s dead.” Starring Elaine Paige, Michael Ball and Philip Schofield as the tragic titular character.
      As you may have deduced I am barred from Twitter again. Apparently against the rules to inform Owen Jones that he is a cunt. WTF??

  17. Hold on…she was on a private visit and then arrested. She hasn’t got a single “agitators” hair on her head.

    Until she comes back to Britain……..

  18. Confess, confess, confess….. ‘they made me do it or I couldn’t leave’

    If she didn’t want to sign then why did she, what a cunt. But don’t moan about it, and cry to the BBC, it doesn’t fucking mean anything, they let her go so what is the issue. Signing a confession to a bunch of rag head cunts means fuck all, but this bitch wants to make it an issue.

    Fuck her and the 400 million it cost the British tax payer, just waiting for the soppy cunts to try to get her parents here as well, if this hasn’t highlighted the problem with awarding cunts from shitholes British passports then nothing will.

    Shitty Begum is more British than this cunt

    • If she had committed a serious crime in the UK her citizenship could be revoked so it ain’t nailed down.

      Shitty Begum has been dumped based on her Bangladesh heritage even though she has never been to the country.

      I think that shows having a British passport means fuck all

      British parents born in Britain, there is the marker.

  19. She needs to shut her gob, and be glad she’s back in the UK, where we don’t, generally, lock people up for having an opinion.
    Go write a book, dear!

  20. I want an apology from Iran, I thought they had some bollocks, was hoping that they would Stone the nosey bitch to death or at the very least stretch her arsehole. Very disappointed.!!

  21. She went to Iran, with her very young daughter, to show her to her grandparents.
    For that, alone, she’s a cunt.

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