Glasgow South goes South

(We’re pretty sure Elaine is on the left of this pic – Day Admin)

A ‘see you Jimmy, by the way,’ cunting for Glasgow South. Which seems to have become a suburb of Brighton.

”GLASGOW today elected the city’s first trans woman councillor.
But Elaine Gallagher wants to be known for her skills, expertise and fighting for her constituency rather than her gender.”

Gender? Bloke dressed up surely?
Yes, rather than ‘stitch that’ Glasgow has become ‘Ooh, get her’
Not only are the effete Scotch cunts voting Green, they are voting deviant, as you will see from the picture of this ever so convincing ‘woman’.

UK News Link

Should be interesting in the council toilets at the next meeting.

(No horn was achieved in the research for this nomination)

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

51 thoughts on “Glasgow South goes South

  1. To be fair most glaswegians wouldn’t even be aware there was an election on. We need more deviants in high profile jobs so average person can see what cunts they really are. Caitlyn Jenner is pretty hot compared to that, but I still wouldn’t fuck her inide out penis-vagina. Unless you all chipped in a few quid???

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