Meghan Markle [14]

Me-gain Markle is an attention seeking cunt, I bet this gold digging slapper was booking her plain ticket to Texas as soon as she heard the news that a shooting masicer had begun, muck like Adelle at Grenfall or Lilly the mong in Calais, these fuckers love a disaster and an opportunity to try and look like caring, supporting, gentle people.

The reality is jthese fuckers just see it as a chance to be on the news and gain a little good publicity, whilst looking like a hero, I don’t believe a millisecond of it, Megain is just a desperate, attention seeking F list ex actress who is now only famous for bagging the Ginger fuckmonkey and breaking up families.

She gives not a single flying fuck about the kids that were gunned down, just about forwarding her profile, what a cunt.

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I would like to second this cunting. The media are also cunts for aiding and abetting this fraud.

“Meghan Markle fought back tears at a makeshift memorial for the 19 pupils and 2 teachers killed during Tuesday’s Texas school shooting. The former actress, 40, laid a bouquet of white roses during her low key (LOL!) visit on Thursday. The Duchess made the trip in a personal capacity as a mother, her spokesperson said, adding that she wanted to give her condolences and support in person.” Yuck, yuck and triple yuck!

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Are there no depths to which this money grubbing publicity hound will not sink?

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  1. Wasn’t there a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo NY last week where ten black people were gunned down? These were predominately Hispanics but when you are a vacuous narcissist who feeds on other peoples grief and tragedy to further your own public profile (whilst demanding privacy!) I suppose one mass shooting looks like any other. I bet the bitch even practiced her doe eyed simping ‘Diana look’ in the mirror beforehand.

    Total cunt.

    • It’s America, who can track their mass shooting events?, if only there was a website…..oh, wait

      There are the mass murders her and her ilk ignore, and then there are the mass murders where it’s politically expedient for these creatures to show up in the aftermath, like some unholy eldritch leeches, to act all sad and caring for the spectacle whilst ravenously feeding their egos and ambitions on all the grief and suffering..

      Total cunt indeed.

      • Have you noticed most of those mass shooters happen to be…oh forget it I don’t want to be called waycist.

      • I don’t know if he was Mexican, or born in America of Mexican origin. I imagine he had full citizenship to be able to buy AR15s for his 18th birthday.
        However, I think my answer was to the most, and they do seem to be white.
        If anyone has any reliable stats to prove this either way, I’m all ears.

      • Per capita stats would be interesting to see, before anyone gets on any high horses (self included btw).

        If honky is 80% of the population but commits 51% of mass shootings etc… reminds me of some disingenuous tart on Question Time once going on about white people committing more crimes than blacks in UK (to the applause of the self hating types, of course). She ‘forgot’ to mention the percentage of population for each demographic for some reason. Hmmm.

        Shootings in general, I’d guess dark key is streets ahead with per capita stats all over the fucking place.

        Honky or dark key neighborhood. Which would most prefer to live in?

        Seems most rich liberal types (Lineker et al) choose to live nowhere fucking near the diversity they so champion, the fucking shithouses.

      • Ah I see MJB provided some stats which appears to support such theories.

        Dark keys are more likely to shoot you than honkies per capita.

      • Thanks chaps, interesting reading. It looks like your children are over three times more likely to be murdered by a white teenager than a black teenager in America.

      • Sorry I’m referring to the website Comrade Tnuc posted. Not the recent shooter.

      • Per capita is a way to obfuscate the figures to make a point, but has no bearing on the actual figures.
        If there are 68 mass shootings by whites and 21 by blacks, then you are 3 times more likely to be killed by a white gunman. The stats on perpetrators are roughly in line with percentage of population.
        Also, what was the nature of the mass shootings? Blacks and Hispanics are more known for gang violence and drug crime, and I imagine quite a few of those shootings attributed to both ethnicity have those issues as motivation, and would be against rival factions, not so much innocent bystanders.
        It was the spree killing and school shootings that were the focus of my argument.
        I’m not on any high horse, and I don’t have an agenda.

      • “Per capita is a way to obfuscate the figures to make a point, but has no bearing on the actual figures.”

        I’ve missed comments like this. Amazing.

        Your username is incredibly racist by the way.

      • So for Chicago whites make up 50% of the population, sooties 29%, yet assailant/victims of murder 77% sootie, 6% honky says it all really.

      • Per capita “Per capita is a way to obfuscate the figures to make a point..” remember?

        Well I say it shows an inconvenient truth to those refusing to see reality.

  2. Despicable fucking creature. And if she is so proud of her colour, why the fucking nose job?

  3. Pity she can’t fly out to the Ukraine and cry cunt tears for all the innocent victims tortured and murdered by those pesky Ruskies

    • Techno@ – Me Gain could take in a U2 concert when she’s there!
      Fucking funny goings on for a “war zone” – and I would not flee the “violence” but the twanging and hooting from those talentless gobshite twats.

  4. Fuck me it’s like a seance, the fucking dead cunts keep appearing. 4uxake forget about this hag.

  5. Fuck me. Imagine after the Dunblane massacre, Geri Halliwell went darting up north to slather herself all over the parents? In the Union Jack dress, tits hanging out. “Cud yoo jus’ stan’ o’er there, lass? Dish oot the sandwiches if you want.”

    Those American shootings have became so much a part of the annual news from Yankland that they just freeze you now. I hate hearing the details that people rummage out. I don’t need to know. It’s always a mental cunt who should have been in an institution years ago – and this kid was established as mental, in 2017 he spoke of shooting up a school when he graduated, but no one took him seriously.

    Meghan Markle will sort it out, though. Fuck me.

    • I’m just amazed that Migraine has the time to edit a site like that.

      I got about half a paragraph in to what is quite clearly wordwank and gave up.

      • Tried to read some of it. Gave me a fucking headache.

        Concise and pithy, the author ain’t.

  6. Visiting disaster areas is the sort of thing politicians do. They say this bitch will run for Governor of California on the Democratic ticket in the near future and then on to President. Maybe this is part of her preparation. Her and Gingerbollocks will be in London with their brats for the Jubilee. Watch this whore try and make it all about her. She fucking loves herself.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger when running for Governor: “I’ll be back!”

      Meghan Markle when running for Governor: “I’ll be… BLACK!”

      • If you think about it Sparkletits could be following the same route as Ronald Reagan……..Hollywood ➡️ Governor of California ➡️ POTUS, with guaranteed favourable publicity all the way. I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. The slag certainly has the ambition and the President is guaranteed attention 24 hours a day. I wonder if I can get a bet on it?

      • Meghanomics would be a gas. It would be an economic system consisting of everyone gets $77.77 per hour, regardless of job. Military is disbanded and the military budget is spent on building a statue to George Floyd that reach to the Moon and has a staircase inside and anyone who makes it to the top gets a lifetime supply of everything.

    • If she wins the presidency this country will officially be done. It’s done now just not officially. I dunno maybe I’m being optimistic.
      I would listen to her if she dismisses all her armed security.

  7. Even though I’d gladly spunk on her face, with ginger bollocks tied to a chair, while she screamed at how much bigger and better than him I was, she’s doing this for publicity.

    It’s fucking disgusting when these cunts do this. Bono will be there soon, no doubt.

    Haven’t the families suffered enough?

    • OJ Simpson should organise a celebrity golf tournament to raise awareness. Not money, just ‘awareness’. Make people ‘aware’.

      • “Awareness”= good intentions = not a worth a fucking thing.
        US public schools should do what Jewish private schools do. They use good security protocols. They have to. FFS we guard our money in banks better than our kids.
        Thankfully Me-again the duchess of self promotion will make it all better with her mere presence.
        I will listen to the cunt if she puts her kids in public school.
        The security failures were shocking with this latest incident.
        Don’t make yourself an easy target. Then be ready if you still become one. Lock and load.
        We just sent billions to Ukriane. Maybe some school security upgrades would be money better spent?

      • What kind of society needs security protocols at a school?
        One that allows the general public to buy military grade firearms, even teenagers. Can’t buy a beer till you’re 21, but assault rifles? No problem.
        Mental, absolutely mental.

    • According to the harry and MEGHAN thread on Arrse a Texas Ranger told her to fuck off (literally) as she was in a murder investigation site and not somewhere for a photo op.
      Sounds as if he was a good bloke and we could do with some Texas Rangers here.

  8. The shootings are of course horrific, and the police have been accused of not intervening sooner.

    Thing is the democunts want to defund the old bill for being too tough and biased. Well you reap what you sew, cunts!

    And Meghan is just an ambulance chasing little shit, and hopefully a lot of people will call her out for being an attention seeking cunt

      • Or Waukesha.
        Let’s ban Ford SUV’s.
        Banning things never stopped crime,it stopped otherwise lawful folks defending themselves on equal terms. What are the shooting stats in gun free cities/states?
        I’m fucked if I know how a deranged cross dressing 18 year old who lived with granny got the money to buy two spanking AR15s,mags,ammo,sights and a pick up truck, some paper round he must have had. Perhaps if guns were unavailable he’d have had to barrel said pick up into a crowd to wreak his havoc.
        Liberals, always fucking meddling,always fucking wrong.
        Hang onto the 2nd amendment.

  9. I dont like it when Italian looking spindly legged,fast arsed birds demand attention, while pissing over dead bodies. Cant wait to boo the cunts next week.

  10. She’s got nipples like old raisins.

    A definite sign of an attention seeking cunt.

  11. It would appear from a number of sources that the cops waited 30 minutes before entering despite hearing shooting, and restrained and teargassed Parents trying to get in. If this is true they should be facing charges and jail time.
    The commiecrats are doing everything they can (including in my opinion arranging and planning some of these atrocities) to try and ignore the 2nd Amendment and disarm the law abiding Citizens leaving just the violent criminals with the firearms – that’s what communists ALWAYS do before they instigate a bloodbath.
    Princess Cunt is determined to enter politics, determined to run for the Presidency and America is currently so fucked up she might even get it.
    But there will still be those chanting “Orange Man bad” in fifty years..
    The 2nd Amendment does not grant Americans the right to bear arms – it stops ANYONE from infringing on their lawful and Constitutional right to bear arms – a pretty simple and unambiguous principle by people who may have looked into the future and saw what 90% of Americans don’t seem to be seeing – a hostile takeover by a US “Government”.

    • I think a lot of people seem to forget the bit about ‘As part of a well regulated militia’.

      Quite important that bit.

    • Bang on Vern, our wankers staged a couple of false flags and no hand guns, they have made shotgun certs such a cunt to get I ended up handing my guns in. Fucking knifes, coshes and bats will have to do,

  12. She is coming to the UK for the jubilee but won’t be on the balcony, you can be sure she and Hewitt will try to steal the limelight.

    It’s all about Meeeeeeeeeeee, what a a waste of space, yes and another unnecessary plane journey, the Carbon gobbling cunt.

    • She’ll probably be on a huge pink hand-glider raining her golden shower over all the hoards of chubby, giddy monarchists.

      • With any luck, Madge will be in a motorised queen mobile, with rotating blades…

  13. I wish someone else would come to the fore so I don’t have to keep hearing about her.
    Who will rid me of this old hag?

  14. She’s a grief vampire.
    Sees it as a photo opportunity rather than a tragedy.
    Free PR.

    • “Grief vampire”, I’m going to nick that Miserable. You busy mate?

      • Afternoon LL,
        Busy next week,
        But nowt on today.
        Me, missus and dog been in Lathkill dale for a walk and looking at newts🙂
        Then Stoney Middleton for fish & chips whilst the dog played in the stream.
        Cracking day!👍
        You busy pal?

      • Yeah a lot of outdoor painting, all Forest Green and Rustic Brown. I said Country Cream is where the market is, its all happening in Stockport, a fucking hub of artisan design…didn’t want to know. Fucking philistines.

      • I’m a visionary LL.
        History will prove me right.
        Forest green?… shudder.
        How pedestrian.

        Have they never studied the Arts & craft movement, William Morris or landscaper incapacity Brown?

  15. I’m sure the parents of the deceased will be greatly comforted by the presence of this trout. At least it confirms my suspicions of the Americans long-held envy of royalty. In the absence of any real ones, she’ll have to do.

  16. It used to be Fat Reg providing rent a mourner duties in the 90s. Di, Mercury, Versace, not an opportunity to virtue signal missed. Now we’ve got the race baiting version in Megain and her thick as pig shit lap dog hubby. As if things aren’t bad enough for bereaved families as it is, without this insincere gold digger giving it large.

    • Fat Reg…. fucking brilliant. I can’t get the vision of him marching down the street banging out a fudgy rendition of “vindaloo” in all his mincy get up out my head.

  17. She’s grieving with the families of the bereaved (murdered) about guns being bad
    Yet Im sure her security team is armed to the teeth.
    i never got the American entourage of body guards when some becomes a celeb
    Has to be something wrong with the nation of bearing arms

  18. I could add lots more to everyone elses,but we are all in agreement,this thing is the biggest attention seeking cunt out there.

  19. Nauseating….but a mere appetiser when compared to the tsunami of cloying,mawkish arse-licking that’ll be on show when the Bert and Doris Nutters,led by various coffin-dodging “celebrities”, start their bleating about Auld Betty bravely managing 70 years of being waited on hand-and-foot while breeding an entire Sawney Bean clan of leeching parasites, mentals and criminals….and all done on The Taxpayer’s Pound…a remarkable achievement indeed, Ma’am.

    More power to Megan…she and her husband are doing more to bring about the finish of those Kraut bloodsuckers than any republican campaign could ever manage.

      • I’m convinced that Betty and Sawney are the same shape-shifting Alien Lizard Predator.

      • Evening your Lordship, evening all.
        You could be right about her being a shape shifting lizard.
        The BBC have been running a trailer for Her Madge’s early years caught on film.
        There is a strange shot of her gurning, but it looks like her face is suddenly shifting to a reptilian visage.

      • God, that’s weird, I was talking about Sawney Bean a few hours ago! One of our most illustrious clans. Very hard to get the Bean tartan down Prince’s Street, Edinburgh these days, though.

    • When the Queen gets ill and is on her death bed, Blighty will have a frozen air about it, the media will be all at sea. Queen Victoria’s death won’t have anything on Lazy Liz expiring. At least when Vic died, it listed the black veil of repressed sexuality for a bit and in Edwardian times, people went a bit mental, but then August 1914 came, what a laugh the next four years were.

      Yeah, I have the feeling that there will be a saga of grief never before seen in the annals of tragedy when the Queen takes to her bed for weeks, maybe months, then finally her death is announced. Black armbands all over Creation, football matches, endless footage of politicians spouting purple prose homilies.

      Hopefully, Ricky Gervais comes up with a few belters, though. I know I will.

      • I actually plan to build a nuclear fall-out shelter… I’m not bothered by the prospect of being Hiroshimaed by’s the fallout from Betty’s croaking that terrifies me…I shall only emerge when the radio announces that Cliff Richard,Joanna Lumley and Dame Elton have died in sympathy

      • I’d like to see her get a proper Ghanaian funeral and her coffin is carried by overly-jovial Jïgaboos who in the mayhem, drop the coffin and out flops Liz and… she’s in her Lizard form.
        Finally, FINALLY… Icke was right!

      • I need Plastic-Bumley to fall apart terminally. My Deadpool hasn’t had much luck, tho Barenboim is looking a bit iffy currently…

      • I won’t give a fuck and hopefully jug ears puts the final nail in the cunt festival of royalty

  20. This twat who shot those kids?
    He was only 18yrs.
    He bought two automatic rifles.

    Surely it’d raise suspicion even in America?
    Why does a young lad want assault rifles?

    He’s not shooting pigeon
    Or rabbit.

    Maybe it’s me, a negative suspicious type,
    but I’d hazard a guess he’s not up to anything good!

    • It didn’t raise suspicion because he did nothing illegal. He also bought nearly 400 rounds of ammo, and a load of magazines. To me, the mags are the icing on the cake, there are very few reasons you would need that many, only combat and spree killing spring t mind though.

      • Yep, nothing illegal about it but you’d suspect he was upto something mad wouldn’t you?
        He’s not going hunting in the woods or clearing crows,
        He’s a fuckin nut .

        Wonder if there’s anything in place in the US where if you suspect a person is planning mayhem you can refuse sale or notify the authorities of a possible spree killer?

    • Well, he was a beaner, MNC…definitely violent, that lot.
      Obviously it’s a terrible tragedy, those kiddies getting killed.
      But it’s okay that more gangster blacks get killed than that every weekend in major cities like Chicago.
      No, seriously…it’s…okay.

      • Afternoon Thomas 👍

        All my information about Mexicans comes from old westerns and cartoons.

        I thought Mexicans were sleepy laid back types,

        “Sì senor, my burro needs a burrito ‘

        Sombrero, poncho, snoozing against a cactus. Zzzzz🌵

      • Mexicans are really hard and conscientious workers, that’s why Mexico is richer than Saudi Arabia. But all that wealth is owned by less than 1% own around 95% of the wealth, property. I’d rather live in rural Mexico than most American cities these days. Being Catholic and family-oriented, they don’t seem to care that their overlords screw them, most of Latin America is like that. Brazil, fuck me, an opulent mansion can overlook a shanty town in Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia.

        “You will own nothing and be happy.”

      • Mexicans will involve you with their families and much more
        One would not choose Mexico for a quiet life in retirement

      • Yep they have cousins as well Mis
        ,only too willing to help out, workout how your fixed up

      • Noisy, spicy, brown, dramatic,…

        Do I really need to answer that?

    • It’s very suspect, isn’t it? I saw news footage today of the house where he shot his grandmother, had a very odd vibe to it. “Here’s where it happened…” Uh, yeah, cheers.

      Looking into this further, this kid was actually ARRESTED In 2017 for saying he was going to shoot up a school in the future. Fucking hell. And yet he ended up with massive firepower next to his XBOX? Where he played Call of Duty endlessly. That game is mental, basically a recruiting tool for the military, but instead of killing ISIS, these kids end up obliterating a bunch of innocent kids.

      Don’t get me wrong, if I lived in America, I’d have guns galore. No way some ratboy is invading my house and walking away with his face intact. I’d conceal-carry, too, no way some street trash is punking me in a car park. Just flashing the gun is enough, no words, just reveal the hand-cannon and watch Dooky-Shoes piss his sagging jeans. But my dreams of moving to America died years ago, it’s TOO fucked up now, even for me!

      • I tried to use the excuse of being influenced by videogames when I was arrested for my heinous crimes, Le Cunt.
        The magistrate didn’t buy my defence of being helpless to resist after playing, then reinacting, endless levels of “Gary Glitter’s Cambodian Beach Holiday Simulator”.

    • Mnc@ – Some broke ass kid with nothing had 10,000 Dollars spare for state of the art firearms, more for ammunition and equipment and a very expensive pickup truck.
      I would be VERY interested to find out who paid for these items as I am smelling a sizeable rodent.

  21. She will now identify as a Mexican. The bitch is lazy enough. Next week she’ll be black with straighten hair of course.
    Week after cast as white whore for some Netflix shit. Hope she forgets to put her seat belt on like mummy inlaw.

    • I wonder what happens when two half white, half black people have a child, say for example Meghan Markle and Lewis Hamilton*?
      Does it come out black and white striped, looking like a zebra or something?

      * Not that Lewis Hamilton would dobit with a lady because he’s too busy looking at his fellow drivers’ bottoms.

      • Alas, no Infidel…that title has already been claimed by Lewis.

      • I think Megs and Hewitt should just identify as a chocolate orange.

        Terry won’t be very happy about it though.

        And the cunts both need sectioning.

      • No, it will come out looking like a cunt, Thomas! The question is, will it look like Hamilcunt or that despicable yacht slut Markle?

  22. Post BLM, firearm and ammunition sales hit all time record levels.
    People are stocking up in readiness for the impending Demonrat push to dissarm the public.
    As horrendously sad as this shooting (and others) is, obtaining unlicensed/illegal firearms in the US is piss easy and would , sadly, have little impact on mass shootings.

    • Evening CG…because here in dear old Blighty we can’t induldge in gun-related home defence, I had a large warning sign erected on my front gate instead.
      Rather than go with the entirely predictable and trite ‘Warning – I live here’ with a silhouette of a big dog, I went for “Intruders will be bummed”.
      It didn’t work though. On the contrary, there seemed to more infiltrators than ever.
      Mine must be the most burgled house in Brighton.

      (We have an interesting nom coming up very soon with regards guns and the right to bare arses.. correction, arms! – Day Admin)

  23. What else can we expect from Megain Markup, the human locust? Mind you, I notice Megain has never offered any ‘thoughts’ to the poor cunts in the Ukraine, mind you.
    No ‘ethnics’ for the locust to score points off there, you see. No dark hued personages for the orangutan screwing parasite to cash in on. What a complete cunt she really is.

    And don’t get me started on that cunt, Michelle ‘Tadger’ Obama. Using the school shooting tragedy in Texas to promote (again) that utter (and loaded gun using) criminal scumcunt Chicken Floyd George. As usual, everything has to be about them. Blackjacking, I believe it’s called.

  24. One can but hope that HRH the princess royal follows in her father’s footsteps and Megraine goes headfirst through a windshield. May the hand of Yasur guide you Anne. #silverlining4platinumjubilee

  25. Maybe Migraine does think this shooting is horrific and is sad about it. However, because she is Migraine and we know what she’s said and done, she’s now appalling whatever she does. If she gave a homeless person 100k and free lobster and steak for life, it would be considered another stunt. Migraine is beyond repair in that respect. Well maybe if she gave up all her wibble-guff speak and all her wealth to charity, that might help, but she won’t, so she might as well stay indoors forever. (Never underestimate the collective power of hope!)

    The shooting story itself actually brought a tear to my eye – teachers and little children….

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