Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP [5]

I hate this ginger Chris Evans lookalike wanker with a passion. MP for Brighton Kemptown (known as “Camptown” for obvious reasons) he is a dirty gay remoaner fanatic who wears his HIV positivity like a badge of honour. He is a very short tempered little fa**ot always getting himself into trouble, including getting thrown out of the House for grabbing hold of The Mace and going apeshit about not getting a re run of the Brexit referendum. This bumboy knows best you see and gets very angry when the lower orders don’t agree with him. This cunt is everything that is wrong with modern politics and needs a fucking good kicking in my opinion.

I can’t do links but I’m sure somebody can supply his classic “we’ll fight them on the beaches” speech from the 2019 election. That sums this piece of shit up perfectly.

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

71 thoughts on “Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP [5]

  1. I could easily kick the shit out of this cunt and Owen Jones with one foot. Big mouthed, limp wristed, lefty, batty boy twat.

    • The White Cliffs of Dover are actually encrusted spunk, it was recently discovered by a team of geologists.

  2. Can’t say if heard of the cunt but if he’s a homosexualist with ginger hair and he’s HGV positive then that’s enough to get my vote!

    • “Homosexualist” 🤣🤣🤣

      And why can’t da gay menz just act normal without the nauseating giddy school girl persona and clown fashion sense?
      Just be like, “Yeah I live with a dude because I like more sex than a woman is willing to give me. We do normal guy stuff but every night we get each other shooting geysers of jizz.”

      I see. I would have never guessed.

      These man-bitches can fuck off with their sickening displays of flamboyant gayness.

  3. As well as being a cunt, I’d be willing to bet my house on Lloyd also being a huge fan of the religion of peace as well.

    • Oh he definitely is, not too keen on the front wheel skids either. Very keen on “youth affairs”, it’s his specialty.

      • It’s funny, because in Israel, there are a disproportionate amount of gay bars. If the Chosen People aren’t careful, they will end up with a -% birth rate and there will be no need for Holocaust 2: This Time It’s Final.

    • Maybe one of those peacefuls he loves so much can give him a free flying lesson off Brighton’s i360.

  4. I make him among the top three punchable faces in the UK alongside Linekunt and Hamilcunt.
    I don’t count Blair, he should be hanged.

  5. The wife is from Brighton, she tells me what is was like in the in 60’s. Now it really needs a Russian artillery regiment.

  6. Fancy telling everyone youve got the Aids?!!!

    No shame.
    Bad enough hes a ginger.
    But having Aids!!
    Tut, tut.

    Aids was great in the 80s,
    Thinning out Hollywood and the pop charts.
    Comes from Africa dont you know!
    From blacks bumming monkeys.

    Yes, like legwarmers, glue sniffing, and perms,
    Very 80s.

    My advice to anyone with Aids is its Gods punishment for being a filthy sinner,
    Best accept your damned to burn in hell,
    And keep quiet about it.

    Id never vote for someone with a disease.

    • People who id expect to be riddled with Aids are

      Will Smith
      Will Smiths family
      Michael Fabricant
      James Bond
      John Wayne
      Emlyn Hughes
      Tony B Liar
      The Fonz
      And obviously Jean claude van damme.

      • You’re a very silly billy MNC.
        But I like you.
        You make me laugh 😆
        For all the right reasons.

      • Emlyn has been gone 18 years brain tumour, meet him a few times nice bloke.

      • I could also make a long list of the people, I wished had Aids. I’d rob them of their meds, then watch them all slowly die

      • Fa ricunt’s Barnet looks very much a candidate for Derek & Clive’s “matted up with spunk.”
        Am sure I counted Russel-Moyle some years back. My opinion of the twat has not improved. Steamroller the cunt.

    • It’s the bad AIDS too, anything invading your bloodstream through a split in your shitter is the bad version

  7. Bum bandit fudge packer.

    Bet he wears a gimp suit at home and while he is being bent over his bed by Corbyn he looks at his poster above his bed of Kweer Stamer, wishing it was him inside him and not crinkly Corbyn.

  8. I didn’t know that Daleks could catch AIDS, you learn something new everyday!!!


  9. I’ve heard of this cunt. He’s a typical Corbynista. I saw him recently on Politics Live – somehow he managed to not explode for a full 45 minutes despite being sat next to a Tory MP.

    • He was probably sat on Corbyn’s over used 12 incher black mamba and was relishing the moment.

  10. When you think of the “big names” in Labour…… Moyle, Bryant, Bradshaw, Kyle, Streeting – they truly are Keirs kweers – we have seen with too many wimminz how it has become a wimminz issue party, imagine if this shower of shit get into power – we will be forever hearing about kweer rights. I wonder when they will start the compulsory re-education programme that will bring into law the fact that girls can’t leave school till they have lessed off with Kim Bradshaw, and the boys will have to undergo an interview with Lord Mandy and a tube of KY Jelly., before they can leave rhe Izzard School of Art amd Social Re-engineering (branches in Brighton, Manchster and Mincing Lane)

    • Good comment W.C.B the new edukashun program will begin in two years time. All school bogs have to be made fully inclusive first.

  11. How the fuck can you be proud if that is the word of having poof plague? I would not boast about having a dose of clap would you? Wearing a nasty lurgy as a badge of honour is cuntish. Doubt if all those poor haemophiliacs who caught aids from contaminated factor 7 made a big thing about having the lurgy.
    Bet the cunt would not be so proud if he had a good dose in the early 90’s.
    Fucking deviant.

  12. I bet this cunt is one to frequent bug parties in an attempt to spread the HIV virus to his fellow chutney ferrets. Deviant.

  13. Whenever he is on a politics show he starts off with his timid little wabbit voice and as he gets challenged he starts to drift into his hysterical schoolgirl voice, the ginger cunt is good entertainment.

    Keirs Kweers 😂😂😂

  14. Oh fuck, I had forgotten about this cunt. I saw a video of him last year where it was like watching a Harry Enfield character on mescaline. It’s almost like these aren’t real people, but some sort of phantasmagorical holographic projection from a demonic underworld, in other words, the bowels of Westminster.

  15. I wish some other cunt had taken the mace off him and cracked his skull open with it.

    I’d vote for that.

  16. Looks like Angie Rayners “Ginger Growler” has escaped, liberated a suit from Moss Bros and is on a lecture tour of the UK’s primary schools🤔

  17. AIDS = Arse Injected Death Sentence. Fingers crossed for the cunt.

    • Ginger Genes repel AIDS, they did studies on Clive the orangutan from Every Which Way But Loose back in 1985. Clint Eastwood had his fingers crossed that day!

  18. The AIDS is an STD.

    What sort of cunt boasts about their STDs? Imagine a job interview:

    “Why should I employ you?”

    “I had to work extra hard during university because I was out bumming anything that moved most nights. This led to me bravely catching the clap, clamidia, warts on me nob and syphillis. I’ve just bravely tested positive for the Aids too! I can start Tuesday, what’s the pension scheme like?”

    MPs boasting about being married bum raped trannies and having the fucking AIDS.

    What a fucking country.

    • ‘What sort of cunt boasts about their STDs?’
      The sort of country that bludgeons it’s young people into believing that a man who dresses in wimminz underwear in order to be fucked up the arse by another man, should be not only tolerated, but celebrated.

    • Maybe he is like the T-1000 from Terminator 2 and can manipulate his body to assume various forms like anal probes and cock rings.

  19. He reminds me of a prick I used to work with years back.

    At work, we all thought he was a straight bloke
    Talked with a normal voice. Walked normal. Talked about footy. Drank pints.

    Then he ‘came out’ at work and all of a sudden, he had full gayness voice, everything was a double entendre and he flounced his wrists about like Jimmy Somerville.

    Fucking dickhead. Spitting image of this twat.

    • It’s the gayness, a virulent disease and possibly contagious. Best to stay away from the fruity gentlemen just in case.

  20. Russell-Moyle is the living embodiment of my argument for post-birth abortion.

    Alternatively, the sooner the Labour party’s Peaceful demographic throw this attention seeking woofter off the nearest high building, the better it will be for everyone.

      • Evening Moggie.

        It would have to be a deaf and blind person really, wouldn’t it? The chances of anyone not hearing his screeching as he was chucked off the building above would be infinitesimal otherwise, I’d have thought.

      • Evening Ruffers have you got hold of ‘The War on the West’ by IsAC’s favourite gay, Douglas Murray yet? I read a bit serialized in the Fail and it was excellent stuff.

      • Evening Ruff, no need to be actually deaf and blind, just some usual cunt engrossed in his/her phone, they wouldn’t notice a nuclear holocaust taking place.

      • Evening LL. ‘War on the West’ has indeed now been added to Creampuff Manor library. Lady C gave it me for my birthday. Will be tucking into it once I’ve finished ‘The Inside Sory of Viz’ by Chris Donald.

    • “Post birth abortion” 🤣
      That’s right this cunt could simply be aborted in the 109th trimester.
      Not murder that way.

  21. Great caption by the way Admin. I can definitely see him saying that during one of his hissy fits.
    I would have him saying “eat my poo poo comrades” but I’m fucked up.

    Why thank you, Freddie. It was one of my better efforts. A few weeks after I thought of it and it still makes me laugh. Glad you enjoyed it too – NA.

  22. Never heard of the cunt tbh, but one look confirms he’s yet another fully paid up member of the ‘look at me club’

    A complete fucking nonentity, gay and ginger to boot.

    40years ago the cunt would have been a costs account clerk for a carpet manufacturer, meeting other similar gents of a fruity nature discreetly and under cover of darkness, and probably still living at home with mother.

    Today sadly because of 30years of normalisation of this degenerate behaviour, cunts like this populate our once great institutions like rats in the sewers, free to spout their abnormal views and openly proclaim their unnatural lifestyle, and worse force us to accept it’s normal.

    They can get to fuck, and should Unkle Vladimir expand his special operation I’d take great joy in seeing these fuckers get their comeuppance.

    • “40years ago the cunt would have been a costs account clerk for a carpet manufacturer,”

      The Carpetbuggers!

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