Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP [5]

I hate this ginger Chris Evans lookalike wanker with a passion. MP for Brighton Kemptown (known as “Camptown” for obvious reasons) he is a dirty gay remoaner fanatic who wears his HIV positivity like a badge of honour. He is a very short tempered little fa**ot always getting himself into trouble, including getting thrown out of the House for grabbing hold of The Mace and going apeshit about not getting a re run of the Brexit referendum. This bumboy knows best you see and gets very angry when the lower orders don’t agree with him. This cunt is everything that is wrong with modern politics and needs a fucking good kicking in my opinion.

I can’t do links but I’m sure somebody can supply his classic “we’ll fight them on the beaches” speech from the 2019 election. That sums this piece of shit up perfectly.

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