Lack of Tourette Syndrome Diversity

The BBC et al are quick to champion every minority group. Trannies. Botty bashers. Darker skinned types. People with bits missing.

However, I am disgusted at their lack of recognition of those with Tourette’s Syndrome.

Until fine, upstanding chaps like those in this video are sitting next to the likes of Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand or Philip Schofield, I consider the BBC, Sky, BT, ITV et al to be Nazis.

Even better, let’s put them up as MPs.

I refuse to vote for any of our useless cunts at the moment, but I’d definitely vote to see these lot during Prime Minister’s Questions

Indeed, I suggest a movement to get chaps like these into such positions. Let the BBC and your MPs know how you feel and demand equality and inclusion for Tourette’s sufferers.

YouTube Link (NSFW)

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

52 thoughts on “Lack of Tourette Syndrome Diversity

  1. Self identify as having Tourette Syndrome, do and say what you want, get some rich dippy liberal type gal to pay for endless legal action against anyone you perceive to have offended you – winner!
    In a bizarre coincidence I am now self identifying as having Tourette Syndrome 😀

  2. Absolutely!
    They’ll also make more sense than some of the shite that comes out of the mouths of our current Government spokespeople.
    And we can all have a good laugh, too.

    • Just watched that link,
      Fuckin brilliant 👍

      Ive more time for those lads than any slimy politician.
      Thats John from the documentary ‘Johns not mad’.
      He was the first id heard of tourettes,
      And I had tears rolling down my face watching it.

      In one bit hes in a supermarket with his flustered mum and a little old lady passes them,
      John top volume

      ” fuckin whore!!!”😂😂😂

      I fell off the sofa, couldn’t breathe for laughing.

      • I think I saw that too.

        If it was the same one, it shows him as a teenager and his family needed ‘goz shields’ when eating around the table.

        I think he gozzes right in his mum’s face with an, ‘Oops sorry!” and the conversation carries on like nothing happened lol

        It seems he’s stopped gozzing now though.

        He seems a good lad to be honest. He’d be great value on a night out, but I bet he avoids pubs thinking about it.

        Poor cunt would get kicked to fuck every night (“Your girlfriend’s a fat whore and you’re an ugly bastard!”)

      • I’d like to follow him around with a swear jar. It would have made my fortune.

      • If remember it well MNC.

        Me and my brother watched it rolling around the living room.

        We had the good sense to record it, I probably missed the first 5 minutes but as we got into our early 20’s after a session which usually involved several spliffs after a load of ale we’d put it on and fucking wet ourselves.

        I loved the bit at the family meal and they had to cover the cake in the middle with Tupperware as he spit at it.

        His dad refused to eat with him and his sister could barely contain her laughter.

        The very last scene was him shouting ‘fuck off’ to 2 old biddies walking down the road.

        They were proper horrified.

      • In the follow up which was I don’t know may 10/15 years later 2 bits stood out to me.

        First Head looked at a CD in ASDA and randomly head butted it 🤣 then they followed him to football practice and he was the organiser/referee.

        Fuck me that had me in tears, blowing the whistle and shout ‘fuck off, cunt’🤣🤣

        He should hire himself out for parties.

  3. Can you imagine the expression on the face of Rishi, delivering his Budget Speech?
    “I’d like to propose a rise of 20p on whisky”
    Honourable Member of Sheffield :
    “Fuck off!”

  4. They are all cunts, fucking cunts, get a fucking job you lazy fucking bastards….

    Maybe a Bernard Manning tribute act 👍

    Or as Kweer Starmers press Secretary 😂

  5. I see Al Beeb at the moment have a show on showing the best and worst goals of this year’s FA Cup.

    Three people I’ve never heard of discussing it all.

    One tuppence licker and 2 dark keys.

    Fuck off.

    No I don’t pay for it I caught it elsewhere.

    • Saw that, I thought I’d die, I really couldn’t breathe for laughing.
      Excellent stuff. We definitely need that in the Hoc.

      • I was fucking braying with laughter and going a nice shade of purple as the other staff on the MH Awareness Course around me stared at me with emotions ranging from barely concealed contempt and hatred to pulling faces like the Roman soldier in the ‘Biggus Dickus’ scene. I had to excuse myself and leave the room to compose myself. Took some fucking explaining when I got back.

  6. That bit where he’s holding his swearing in so hard he fucking bounces on his chair 😂

    The other lad says summat like, “It’s great we can get to meet with others and hopefully get to meet someone special (big pause…twitch…) Another gay man!”😂😂

  7. Has someone who swears liberally and peppers his sentences with swearwords im all for Tourettes equality.

    Get a tourettes weatherman
    Tourettes news reader
    Tourettes sports commentary
    Tourettes vicars
    And tourettes funerals and weddings!


  8. Tourettes, ADHD, etc. Just polite titles for naughty kids.

    A belt round the earhole every time one swears inappropriately, and they would soon be cured.

    • Yeah I saw this documentary about a load of British Tourette’s kids going to some clinic in America. Funny how when they called each other cunts they started fighting. You’d think they would have some sympathy with each other’s “condition” wouldn’t you? Unless, of course, they know it’s just an act.
      At one point they were sitting in some big shopping mall desperately trying to attract attention by insulting passers by.
      When that didn’t work they played the race card…….every black person was called a ni**er or a c**n. Finally they started running around, arms outstretched, making aeroplane noises and shouting “nine eleven” and “bomb the Yank bastards.” Anything to get attention and shock people.
      The tics may be real but the compulsive swearing is made up bollocks. These cunts are having a right laugh and taking the fucking piss. It’s all head doctor bullshit.

    • I must have watched it 100 times over the years Thomas, I’m 51 now and should have grown out of laughing at it but I still laugh the same today as when I was 16.

      It’s just funny, proper funny 🤣

      • Ho ho, damned right CMC! I’m 50 and love to confuse (then horrify, after I’ve explained the whole thing) my young work colleagues by giving them a full Deacon when they do or say something wrong.
        The look on a 22 year old’s mug when, for possibly the first time in their ‘all-must-win-prizes’ pansy modern upbringing, they’re asked if they’re “some sort of fucking spastic?” is priceless!
        Grow a spine, ya little turds!

      • Joey Deacon was the gift that kept on giving Thomas.

        Looking back I guess you could say this is where the BBC started to ram their inclusive agenda down your throat.

        Let’s be honest it missed the mark by a country mile.

        Overnight Joey Deacon became famous for being the biggest spacca in the world and we all did the actions to prove it.

        Like you I still call people Joeys to this day.

        And let’s not forget Ernie and the ‘Spaz Chariot’ or was that Joey?

        Either way they provided untold humour and those sayings remain in my vocabulary to this day.

      • Mr Deacon scared me as a child.
        Put me off my Angel Delight.
        It was a great relief when he died.

      • Now we’re talking! I have introduced my friends kids to Joey, and they likewise told all their school friends in Singapore. I knew my work was done when I witnessed some school kids in Starbucks pushing their bottom lip out with the tongue and making that ‘BELLLLLLLMMMM’ noise while waving the ‘spaz hand’!

      • Benny on the loose!!

        Joey Deacon was meant to be the BBC’s poster spaz to make kids aware and have some sympathy for mental illness and spaccas in general.

        As a child of the 70’s I can confirm that it backfired spectacularly.

        As evidenced above.

  9. My mates lad has tourettes,
    But doesn’t swear.

    Facial tics and yelping.
    Only when hes stressed though.

    Its a real thing but it has degrees.

    Degree one
    Tics and yelping

    Degree two
    Spitting outbursts

    Degree three

  10. Until very recently, I have observed a considerable number of people as having Tourettes. It seems I am in error. They are communicating using new technology!

  11. It’s nice that people can still have a good old-fashioned laugh at a Spacca without the Spacca getting offended….some types of Cripples (and their carers) get quite quite irate when you show them your impersonation of Joey Deacon…..touchy Cunts.

    • My Deacon impression could win awards, Mr F.
      If there are competitions / awards for such feats of spasticity.
      Which there should be.

      • A true “Joey Deacon” should involve looking and sounding as if you’re playing an invisible squeeze-box while getting fisted by Diane Abbott.

        Evening,Mr.Cunt-Engine…did your “date” go well or did she manage to outrun you ?

      • Evening Mr F…it’s easy for a lady to outrun a gentleman when his trousers have accidentally fallen down around his ankles…
        The date was actually quite nice, surprisingly. I have to admit to being a little bit of a sellout and keep almost all of my opinions neutral…and my demeanour rather pleasant.
        She doesn’t appear to be a total spastic though, so I’ll probably pursue her. In a nice way, I hasten to add, not a predatory way. Gradually let little tidbits of racist bile leak subtly into a future conversation. She might feel the same way about our unwelcome ‘guests’, who knows; if I get to bone her, she might shriek “fuck me like you’re a nığger” like Marine Le Pen undoubtedly says to her husband.

      • “fuck me like your a nĪggër?”

        Steal her purse and give her a false name?

      • You missed out impregnate her then vanish, or just stab her up a bit after selling her some drugs!

  12. I’m sure I heard someone suffering from this malady exclaim only today “Monkeypox? Two new cases today? It must be those filthy Nig.nogs”.

    Clearly a very ill informed poorly cunt.

    • “It came from the Congo!” No supprise there . Hamilcunt has not been feeling himself lately. A couple of fresh bananas shouldn’t do any harm.

  13. Bin dippers lucky again.
    2 domestic cups on penalties.
    League is gone and Ancelotti has Jurgen Kunts number for the remaining final hopefully.
    Unless they win spawn that on penalties as well.

    Insufferable Cunts.

    Hillsborough weeeccchhhkkk!

    • I like that : a continuity announcer with profanities. It would save the viewer having to say eff off to virtually every new programme that is being announced.

  14. I worked in a casino years ago and the best night I ever had was dealing Blackjack to a pissed up lad with Tourette’s it was the funniest 2 hours of my life.
    Fucking brilliant I still laugh about it to this day

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