Hywel Williams MP and Moaning Migrants

An oggy, oggy, oggy, fuck, right off cunting, for this sheep bothering Welsh MP.

Old Hywel, you see, is concerned that fighter jets doing military exercises in his constituency could be traumatising Ukrainian refugees, isn’t it Boyo?

I’m not cunting him for that in itself, as people can obviously be traumatised by war. Especially if they’ve just escaped their own city being bombed. Although why the fuck change anything militarily we or our allies do in our own land for fucking refugees? But I digress.

No, it’s the fact he’s concerned about refugees getting a bit PTSDy, but not our own fucking soldiers or ex soldiers in his constituency. I would wager he’s got many more of those, the fucking virtue signalling shithouse.


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And on a slightly different tangent, there’s this from Norman

Migrant moaners are total cunts.

Apart from being ‘refugees’ fleeing from – well, absolutely nothing (they aren’t Ukranian) – and arriving here with iphones and Nike trainers and having the life of fucking riley, these cunts are now blubbering about their ‘lot’ and how they are being ‘forced’ to scarper to Ireland, as they are ‘terrified’ of being sent to Rwanda.

Oh dear, how sad, never sodding mind. They are ‘terrified’, eh? Well, so were the poor innocents at the Manchester Arena. So was Drummer Lee Rigby (RIP) as two of these lovable fuzzie wuzzies murdered him in the street. And don’t even get me started on the butchering of Sir David Arness (RIP).

So they all frig of to Eire? That suits me. And fucking off to Rwanda would be even better. It would make Britain a much a safer place.

Terrified, my arse. No sympathy whatsoever.

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54 thoughts on “Hywel Williams MP and Moaning Migrants

  1. Leave Eire alone with foreign fuckwittery , we have to many leprechauns to support in times of crises , let alone the persecuted poor cunts from troubled waters , I will lay you down ,permanently

    • Mecuntry@ – According to my Irish Family the alleged “refugees” get a hard time in Ireland – they can’t engage in a single act of theft, violence or “attempted degeneracy with girls who are far too young for them” without a group of angry locals leathering the shit out of them.
      Good – if they don’t like it they can always fuck off home, and “home” sure as hell ain’t Ukraine for these rats.

      • The blackies are well aware not to mess around or the full wrath of the public housing estates that will seek their full pound of flesh.
        Not that incidents haven’t happened by umboogos and company and usually suppressed by the Press but that’s the press everywhere nowadays

  2. Perhaps when WW3 kicks off, Mr Williams might appreciate the presence of US aircraft as they prepare for support operations of NATO troops in Finland or someplace. And would this virtue signalling cretin be so vociferous if they were low flying over the house of a white British Falklands veteran? Anyway, those poor Ukrainian fuckers are more likely to be traumatised by the constant pissing rain and locals penchant for interfering with livestock.

    • Won’t even have a home holiday by the beach with the amount of hotels and guesthouses cashing in on the Tradgedy

      “Here I lie, in a lost part of town
      Held in time, in a world of tears ,I slowly drown
      Goin Home, I just can’t make it on my own
      Tradgey ———-“

  3. Scroungers fucking off to Ireland? Total fucking wokie bullshit. There isn’t a single one of those cunts who has set foot in Ireland no more than a single one of them will ever set foot in Rwanda. It’s all a con, a pack of fucking lies.
    As for Ukrainians in Wales if they don’t like it fuck off to France or Germany. I’m sick and tired of tip toeing around foreigners in my own fucking country.
    They can all fuck off, the sooner the better. Cunts.

    • Maybe their all on some kind of migration to the west. In which case, next stop after Ireland will be Sleepy Joes land of the free. They’ll soon learn just how far from ‘free’ that land is.

    • Thr oirish banned pikies, so the cunts come over here. Time to send some replacements.

      • You are correct Mickey but definitely less of the cunts in my part but other smaller parts plagued by there drug dealing and thieving activity.
        In all fairness the Garuda can only do so much with the constraints of the law but usually get them and make it impossible for the cunts to operate eventually but up pops another shower of inbred bastards

    • Well good news today the first 50 migrants have been told they’re off to sunnier climes, the bad news is it is subject to appeal. At least it is a start. They will only have to ship a few plane loads over and the dinghy migrants will begin to think it’s not worth it.

  4. If you do like it here feel free to fuck off, well that is how it should be but with all the woke types and lefties it more like ‘oh sorry what more can we do to make you feel welcome’

    The country is going down the fucking pan and in the news today two more cases of monkeypox in Londonistan, bet they are blick 👍

    PS Hywel is a silly old cunt


  5. I suspect I’m in the minority but quite frankly I couldn’t give a fuck about any refugees,no matter where they come from.
    There are plenty of rich civilised countries to choose from,it’s known as continental Europe,big place with lots of lovely towns and cities.

    We’ve learnt the very hardest way that migration is a giant security risk.

    Fuck immigration
    Fuck Rwanda
    Fuck the immo profiteer lawyers
    Fuck Patel

    Fuck them all.

    • Oh and if our Great Leaders don’t have the guts to stop illegal immigration then at least deny them access to taxpayer funded legal aid and all the appalling nonsense that goes with it.

      The cunts have no right to be here so why provide legal counsel?

    • UT@ Afternoon Unkle – I suspect you, I, and a hell of a lot of others are in the overwhelming majority, and the 1% who support this population replacement and deliberate destruction of the UK are trying to desperately silence an increasingly angry people by continually shouting “racist” – which is pretty fucking rich coming from these white, rich, anti white fascists.

      • I couldn’t give two shits about refugees either.

        Call me heartless and insensitive, but what good is a refugee to me and others?
        It just signifies potential hassle.
        Why take the risk? Just consider them all to be a bag of thieving and scrounging scumbags. It’s easier that way.

        And why is it our problem that their homeland is a war torn shithole?

        Just fuck off, all of you. It was much nicer without you. You’ve ‘enriched’ nothing in this country with your stinking presences. All you have done is drag places down and turn them into virtual shitholes.

    • What “surprises me is that they are virtually all Muslim migrants fleeing to a Christian country overwhelmed by sovereign debt and yet there are more than a few Muslim countries in this world drowning in sovereign wealth. I think that tells you something about Islam.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Unkle! I could care fucking less about immigrants, whether from Ukraine or those savage n*gn*gs. In fact here’s a few things I care less about in the news this week
      1. Ukraine! Stay and fight for your country you lazy cunts
      2. Deborah James. Gets made a Dame because she raised a few quid from her sick bed. If you hadn’t been diagnosed as terminal you would have done fuck all for anyone else.
      3. Ava White. 12 year old scouse gobshite get smashed on vodka with other skanks, wants to start a rumble and gets stabbed up instead! Bet you wish you’d kept your fucking trap shut.
      4. Eurovision. Pundits are all ready announcing fucking boring Ukraine as the outright winner on the sympathy vote with there catchy tune ‘Putin takes it up the shitter!

      • Ava White was a little angel.

        She was drinking water, not vodka.

        Not a single expletive was uttered out of her mouth in her 12 years.

        🎵 Stabbed though the neck,
        And your to blame,
        Ava, you give Scouce a bad name, (bad name) 🎵

        Let the scouser scum stab themselves, fuck ‘em.

  6. So how about Hywel (commie bastard – what a surprise) Williams fucks off to Ukraine and takes these rats with him? “Those Spitfires disturb my girlfriend as she is grazing boyo, and those poor German refugees in their bombers are traumatised at being shot at”..
    Only stopping to apologise to every homeless military veteran in the UK before receiving a good hard punch in his fat, sweaty, jowly face.
    FUCK OFF and don’t come back.
    THIS is why we need every “politician” gone at the next GE.
    They are the enemy of the people.

  7. If the cunts are fleeing to Ireland then surely it is easier to get to from war torn France, a fellow EU state. Why the fucking dingies and lorry chassis?
    And this Welsh cunt is typical of the useless oxygen thieves that make up both the devolved parish councils of Wales and Scotland and the actual Westminster parasites.

    • It’s probably because Ireland and the UK have reciprocal residency rights, I believe. If they get to Ireland, they can legally jump on a ferry and get into the UK.

      The first batch to be told that they’re off to Rwanda can’t be taken because they’ve appealed. Probably take fucking years (appeals then yooman rights court etc) and cost shitloads in legal aid. Then, if told to do one one after all appeals are exhausted, woke twats will probably blockade their removal to Rwanda.

      The trick is not to let the cunts in and stop the reciprocal free movement between Ireland and the UK. It would also stop future pie keys moving over

      Wont happen, our MPs are ficking useless.

      Pissing in the wind once they’re in. Tell them they can’t get any housing, work (20 years for any cunt knowingly getting illegals to work for him/her on the cheap), bennies or free NHS if they come over, and they’ll stop overnight. It’s fucking simple.

  8. Soft as shit, modern MPs – too many poofters and wimminz of course with their arses on the green benches. It can only get worse.

    • That’s it exactly WC, Europe is now the toilet for the impoverished
      The big plan will come falling down at some point when The Chinese realize all they got for there manufacturing is printed paper that the West has no intention of backing up, simply because they cannot because they are broke on purpose again

      It is then you will see a return of something approximating normal and people will be in no doubt that they have to contribute to be part of the whole, probably wishful thinking on my behalf but fuck, can’t loose the will to go on fucking hard as the thick cunts like Kissinger made this shit happen

  9. North Wales is enough to make any refugee
    slit their wrists anyhow.

    The vast majority of people in Caernarfon can’t tolerate the English, (and I don’t blame them), so I’m sure a Ukrainian refugee will get an even frostier reception.

    Locals with faces like iron, grey slate slipping down a hillside, perpetual rain, pre-fab/Wimpy council estates, a language that sounds like you have a lump of phlegm stuck in your throat, and sheep with worried expressions, pleading to retain their anal virginity, will all have them begging to return to their bombed out homelands.

    • Dick: Dylan Thomas himself, could not have described his homeland with such accuracy.

      Under Shitwood.

      • That North West corner is just grim.

        It needs 50 foot a barbed wire fence erecting at Rhyl, extending in a straight line to Harlech, with ‘keep out’ on it.

        Fucking dismal hole. Including Snowdonia.

        The grim bits are grim, and the tourist areas are worse.

        And no, I don’t want to buy a Welsh love spoon or an oggie you retarded sheep shagger. Fuck off.

      • Dick: I spent many a weekend in Tralacra/Rhyl/Colwyn/Llandudno, in the 1970’s.

        It was rough as shit then, peoples with chippy fuckers.
        Is it worse now?🤔

      • Mis it’s just miserable.

        Grey and something not right about it. It’s got a tackiness about it too.
        And it’s full of scousers. Rain, rain and more rain.

        Llandudno isn’t too bad, that’s passable.

        I would rather go to Colwyn Bay than Vegas too. And smash a ming vase over Drew Barrymore’s head whilst I’m there.

        CG, I think it has actually improved a bit. Remember that bomb hole of a Pontins camp near Abergele.
        It was like a POW camp. Shithole.

    • What you on about Dick?

      North Wales is lovely!!
      Snowdonia, steam trains, castles, lovely coastal drives,
      Alright the locals can be sourfaced cunts,
      But nowt wrong with North Wales for me!!

      If offered a week in Vegas,
      Beach holiday in Mauritius
      Or a week in Colwyn bay?

      Im going Colwyn bay.

      • Mnc@ – Never mind Colwyn Bay – “Kindly Uncle Fiddler” won’t mind a few of us turning up for a spot of camping at his place – JTC and Ethel went last year and were highly impressed with the military firing range, er, “Vast Estate Upper Class Campsite” DF directed them to before waving a shotgun, swearing and slamming the door..
        And if young Fiddler has a shandy too many and falls asleep with the door unlocked methinks we could have some rather fine antiques as well! 😀👍
        Off now – yet again I’ve gone too far! 🏃‍♂️

  10. If you have ever visited the Rhondda valleys you cant help but notice the odd appearance on the locals faces plus the amount of people with deformities.
    Perhaps it has something to do with there only being two families down there.
    But that could all change now when the Peacefuls and there goats get a welcome in the hillside . God only knows what they will all look like in a generation or two .
    FFS the Island of Dr moreau will look like airian race in comparison.

  11. Admin: I believe you have inadvertently used a photo of one of Catherine Tates comedy characters, in error.

    The one who is light on his feet, and gas the catchphrase: “HOW VERY DARE YOU!”.

    The likeness is fucking uncanny 😂😂😂

  12. If I was in charge the cunts would be paying people traffickers to get the fuck out of here .

      • He looks like one of those old victorian photos where they would prop up dead family members for photo shoots.
        Don’t you think in his case he looks like he’s been dead for a month 😷

      • He’s an ex social worker in the mental elf field. Also a dedicated remoaner……..well there’s a surprise.
        Absolute cunt.

      • He looks like Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but a lot more dippy.

  13. Hopefully get low enough and they can burn the twat towels on their heads off with the afterburners.

    • Why? Welsh taxpayers fund the British government, it doesn’t go to the sennedd. Those cunts there cream off the cash that is supposed to be spent in Wales, no different than cash wasted on some scummy saes shithole.
      We fuck em, you eat em.

    • EC@ – All three devolved Nations receive funding from the English taxpayer.
      And we are not in a position to bail out bankrupt socialists for much longer.

  14. English taxpayers fund Wales.
    All three devolved Nations are funded by the English taxpayer.
    Time to make every Country pay its own way.

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