Go Fund Me Optimists

Here we have an “urban explorer” who happened to grab hold of a main electric cable in a deserted factory and got melted….he now wants charity to get cosmetic work…..perhaps if the chavvy Cunt wasn’t just a thief trying to steal copper ,people would have more sympathy.

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I can’t see why people donate to Cunts like this…it’s like appeals for some Chav who has gone on holisay without insurance and broken a leg while pissed or an old Trout stranded in Bongoland after her 18 year old Mandingo toy-boy has robbed her of every Penny and ditched her.

Leave the Cunts to stew in their own rancid juices.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

50 thoughts on “Go Fund Me Optimists

  1. It truly saddens me to think of that lead just sat there…

  2. Ah yes. The terminally stupid and undeniably greedy, lazy cunts love gofundme.

    Had some silly bint pop up on a Facebook group a few weeks back scrounging cash for a new ‘special’ dog crate because the one she had her dog locked up in had been chewed to bits by the poor hound she had locked up in there for most of the day, while she was getting her minge seen to by every chav piece of shit on the estate.

    I did ask how she would like to be locked up for 12 hours a day without access to water, food, a leg stretch and a toilet and whether or not she was taking the fucking piss.

    It is a specialist guarding breed group.

    It went down well.

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