Go Fund Me Optimists

Here we have an “urban explorer” who happened to grab hold of a main electric cable in a deserted factory and got melted….he now wants charity to get cosmetic work…..perhaps if the chavvy Cunt wasn’t just a thief trying to steal copper ,people would have more sympathy.

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I can’t see why people donate to Cunts like this…it’s like appeals for some Chav who has gone on holisay without insurance and broken a leg while pissed or an old Trout stranded in Bongoland after her 18 year old Mandingo toy-boy has robbed her of every Penny and ditched her.

Leave the Cunts to stew in their own rancid juices.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

50 thoughts on “Go Fund Me Optimists

  1. Splendid.

    Online begging is all the rage.

    Luckily it’s only used by cunts.

    • Oh and it’ll take a bit more than some plastic ears to fix that chap who blew himself up.

      Trespassing is naughty and his mum should have told him.

      • Where does he live?

        I think we should fund a pair of large speakers to set up in his garden, and play Arthur Brown’s fire on loop.

      • Darren the daft cunt shouldn’t have been on the rob trying to thieve copper the thick muggy cunt 😂

  2. Instead of raising money to reconstruct his ears using a 3d printer, perhaps they should start with reconstructing the brain with the 3d printer.

    Perhaps the printer would correct the clear and obvious defects that resulted in his fucking stupid arsed behaviour. Never touch live copper terminals unless you know the supply is isolated you fucking numpty. Darwin.

    • I think maybe save time and just open up his stupid head and drop a cauliflower in there! What they didn’t say in the article is that his cock and balls completely melted so at least the cunt won’t be able to breed. I must admit I do have a good belly laugh when I read about these thieving cunts getting fried while trying to steal! Go Fund Me? How about GO FUCK YOU!!

  3. I remember when ‘urban exploring’ ie sneaking around where your not invited was quaintly called ‘on the Rob” or thievery.

    Everyone wants funding at the moment,
    Legal cases, placcy surgery,
    Sex changes etc,
    Who Actually donates?!

    Nobody I know,
    Certainly not me.

    Strange gullible benefactors abound apparently?

    • That theiving cunt obviously never watched Blue Peter.
      He could make his own ears by sellotaping prawn crackers to the side of his head.
      Also a handy snack whilst out on the Rob…

  4. As for the daft cunt in article 2, all I suggest is that you go out and do some ‘urban exploring’ in old buildings and see if you can strip out the copper in old junction boxes and then sell it to fund your op! The best copper is to be found in boxes that seem to have some strange humming sound coming from them.

    • ……or maybe spend your own fucking cash on a private (i.e. not funded by me) doctor to stitch a saveloy between your legs, instead of blowing it all on gash tattoos then pleading poverty.

  5. Well it could’ve been a lot worse. If he’d chosen to be a rural explorer and set foot on Mr Fiddlers vast estate, he’d be looking at a worse fate than making a living as a Nikki Lauda lookalike.

  6. To be fair to the lad he was just recycling,
    Lead into cash.

    I once found 50ft of Drystone wall someone had left laying around out in the open where someone could fall over it .
    I took it home for safekeeping where it’s temporarily used as my front garden wall.

    • I have a friend who takes things Miserable. They are better in his possession –other people’s possessions.
      He believes.

      • Morning Miles👍
        Maybe he takes better care of them?
        Polishes the metalwork, waxes the wood etc

        If they’ve left things lying about he’s teaching them a valuable life lesson you could argue?

        It’s quite noble of him really 🙂

  7. Translations……..

    Urban explorer……..thieving pikey cunt

    Transgender man……..fucked in the head bird, too ugly to get any cock


  8. “Smokin’, somebody staap meee”

    that’s probably what he screamed while being fried like a pig in a barn fire, what a cunt!!!

    he could probably star in a stage production of “The Mask” now, silver linings and all that eh!

  9. Go fund me fellowship of Cunt

    Just look 👀 what’s available!!

    If you fund me just a thousand pounds each in return I’ll send each funder Cunt a postcard, every Christmas 🎄 from my recently acquired Gaff in the canaries paid for by your good selves.

    What’s not to like.

  10. The cunt who got fried could raise funds by doing a Niki Lauda tribute act. 🤣

  11. I would happily fund a firing squad to be rid of these parasites.

    The world seems to be full of them…like the woman who earns 40k and drives a lease car that’s too big for her to see out of and goes on greasy foreign holidays but has to use the food bank to feed her demonic offspring…cunt.

    I’m going to start on for a penis extension.

    • I’m going for a penis reduction.
      I’m sick of lugging this round!
      It’s making me stoop …

  12. I had to google about this subject, as I know sweet fuck all. I was amazed at the number of companies that have been formed to promote “funding” by offering platform, web design and so on. They also offer collection points for funds, and of course , there are fees. ( no such thing as a free meal )

    It seems these “funding” sites are a recent form of new business, each backed by “Professional Service People “. ( ? )

    Funding a tart for tattoo removal, I could only think of sending a blow lamp!

    • Jm@ – Sinead Quinn did nothing wrong, broke no law (rules are not laws) and just tried to keep her business open – the spiteful little Hitlers are trying to make an example of her to intimidate others into paying “fixed penalty notices”, which are NOT a fine imposed by a Court or backed by any law. Fat cunt Johnson and the politicunts were all fucking, boozing and brawling as we lost everything over a lie?
      If anyone wants to hand money over to someone who MAKES a difference try using givesendgo to contribute to Active Patriot and Little Boats – both self funded.

      • I like the sound of this Quinn woman, defiant and anti- establishment type, like me.

        I see a stinking Pàki is the prosecutor.

        Huddersfield it says it all.

        I wonder if they would have been so keen prosecuting Ikbal’s Halal meat shop if that broke lockdown protocol?

        All lockdown fines should be cancelled or refunded in the light of all the piss-ups at No10.

        Break your own laws and then
        expect other people to cough-up when they break them.

        It takes the piss it really does.

  13. Oi! Mince Cable! You thieving little piss taker!
    Worth a try I suppose..
    Hmm – maybe call the live cable racist for using whitey invented electricity and watch the “reperations” roll in! 😀👍

  14. Go fund me is perpetrated by cunts and then funded by cunts, i hope the cable thief fried like he was in an electric chair, there was another thieving cunt had a van fall on him while he cutting catalytic converters off in a car park late at night.
    The latest one that has been inflicted on me is [ please donate to go fund, for the ever growing outdoor drinking enthusiasts community that is ever growing in Cardiff]
    Fuck em all i say, next it will be go fund Ishmails new I phone, or 20″ rims for fresh Pesh from Bangladesh,s BMW……….fuck em all

  15. Wish the dumb cunt had gone exploring in Chernobyl, if the russian military didn’t get him the melted nuclear core that melted would sort the fucker out,

  16. Anyone who donates to this cunt should be taken aside and pelted with their own shit.

  17. Go Fuck Yourselves, you’re not getting a penny off me.

    Thought that cable would weigh in for a few quid didn’t you?

    You were a bit far away from home too, Wolverhampton isn’t exactly just around the corner?

    You got your fingers burnt, – and more besides.

    Now all you have is the opportunity to impersonate Simon Weston and cash in on some fake valour.

    Simon was is a proper man though, – you’re just a burnt out thieving little scumbag, serves you right twat and get fucked.

    I’ll send you some busbars and a distribution board in the post for Christmas, that’s all your getting off me.

    And that other ‘mess’ who wants its tits hacking off wants throwing off the Tyne Bridge with some weights attached to it, – followed by a rapturous applause. What a confused and fucked up weirdo.

  18. I’d contribute to a fund for people who want to voluntarily enter Uncle Terrys oven, but I fear we don’t have enough fuel for all the deserving cases.

  19. Give me your cash, I need it for being a cunt.

    It’s effecting my mental elf, yes folks that’s the one, mention the elf and kerching 😂

  20. He should sell his services on a speaking circuit (pun intended).
    He can do speeches at electrician conventions on safety.

    • I’m assuming it would be a ‘live’ circuit? 440v which you could amp up a bit.

  21. The Good Law Project (GLP) ran by the baseball bat wielding fox killer have managed to blow £4.4 million he raised from go fund me. Plenty of cunts with too much money about.

  22. I am setting up a ‘go fund me’ page as I desperately need help.
    While entering my Bank vault the other day, I noticed my 300 bars of Gold bullion are starting to tarnish. I’m trying to raise funds to get a team of jewellers to polish them to their former glory. Their lacklustre appearance has really dented my self worth and caused me anxiety. Please give generously and help a poor old man.
    …I also need a new pair of espadrills…
    Mr R Branson

  23. My new page “go earn it your fucking self” is attracting “somewhat hostile reviews”..

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