‘Peaceful’ Mourners

A nomination for the rag heads who can’t resist being cunts even when burying a ‘respected journalist’, but as usual it is Israel who get criticised.

A woman journalist was shot during some exchange of fire between Palestinians and Israeli police, each blame the other for her death.

Fast forward to the funeral and the rag heads decide to display the Palestinian flags all over the place which isn’t allowed so it all kicks off and the Israeli forces give the cunts a kicking. Isreal is at fault, as always, but what is it with these Muslim/Rag head funerals, nothing dignified about them it looks more like a fucking a crowd trying to get to the last virgin in Jerusalem.

Our lot could learn a few tips from Israeli police when it comes to ‘community sensitivities’ a swift crack around the head with a baton helps to ease tensions.

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Nominated by: Sick of it

51 thoughts on “‘Peaceful’ Mourners

  1. Amen to that. Israel sets the example for border security as well. Although if it was me I would kick all the moozlums out. The world would hate them for it but what the hell they already do.

  2. The trouble with Peaceful funerals is that there just ain’t enough of them. Nowhere near enough.

    • Give them free rugs and tea cosies infected with smallpox.
      Pretty goats and camels infected with anthrax.
      Polonium in their sickly sweet minty tea.
      Novichock in the Jalfrezi.
      (Cures and antidotes to be found in soap and cutlery).
      Teach young girls Krav Maga.

  3. The Israeli’s have learnt the hard way that there is only one way to deal with a Mohammedan rabble. And it’s not to sit around in patrol cars scoffing Gregg’s pasties whilst looking to arrest Whitey’s for thought crimes whilst said rabble act like Third World savages with impunity (like the Met) – but a bit more interventionist.

  4. A Palestinian could start a riot in an empty one bedroom flat.

    I also couldn’t help but notice further down in the news article that some “charity” is offering a 20 grand reward with regards to information on who shot black supremacist Sasha Johnson.
    They called her an “equal opportunities activist” in the article but if being a foaming at the mouth white hating bitch is “equal rights” then I’m a Palestinian.

    • BBC consistently reporting her as if she was some sort of equal rights campaigner instead of a ranting fascist. Also persistently neglect to mention she was facing charges for her horrible behaviour, before she stopped one in the noggin.

      • Everybody knows who shot Slasha……..20 grand is just nowhere near enough to get somebody to stand up in the witness box and say so. We could start a go fund me page but 20 million would be nearer the mark.

    • 20k
      Is that all?
      The bad-mother-fucker who slotted her, deserves at least £50k

    • “A Palestinian could start a riot in an empty one bedroom flat”.

      That is the post of the week Herman.

      Simply marvellous.

      And also true.

    • The cunt needs to dobbed in, useless cunt did a shit job and has cost the NHS thousands.

  5. Wherever trouble arises they always have a Palestinian flag. Never see any Israel flags at UK rallies. That’s because they are peaceful. These cunts on the other hand are a bunch of Open Society Funding militants led by Corbum titslapper.

  6. I think my esteemed fellow cunters know my opinion of islam – it is best extinguished from the face of the earth.
    A Man does good business when he rids himself of a turd.
    Dictatorships can only exist if people fear them.

    • I wouldn’t be seen dead at a muzzy funeral.
      Right drama queens.
      Kick off, get shot, blame the Israelites !

      Bet they don’t put on a good buffet either?
      No sausage rolls that’s for sure,
      Fuckin figs or something?😝

      To busy wailing and screaming.
      Your son died because he was a terrorist.
      It’s the parents I blame.

      • Mnc@ – Pushing mourners into the grave shouting “the more the merrier yer mucky bastards!” is also frowned upon!
        Touchy fuckers..

  7. My fav funeral was the Ayatollah when the savaged smashed his box and he fell out hilarious.

    • In the middle East they often have a whip round to help out with the costs of the funeral.
      The Israelis often forget to take their wallets so they often have large sums in I.O.U’s.

  8. Once upon a time the good people of this country (and perhaps a few others ) knew that Arabs and such swarthy cunts were completely different to them,had nothing in common whatsoever and were not to be trusted in the extremely unlikely event of ever meeting one.

    Hence such wonderful phrases as “As crafty as an Arab”.

    Nobody gave them a moment’s thought because they were thousands of miles away picking dates and goat herding.

    Unfortunately they have become a centre of attention for the MSM who like to portray them as downtrodden and in need of our sympathy.

    A bit like the Dark Keys in this country.

    In reality they are a mob of unbalanced medieval savages and if the Israelis behaved like our security services they would have been subject to a second Holocaust.

    Palestinians? No thanks,fuck them all.

    • A downtrodden minority of 1.8 billion people infected with a mind-virus. Most Muslims don’t even read the Koran, too hard going. They just ask themselves, “what would the Prophet do?” and they consult the Sira, the life of Mohammad, and go, “yeah, in this situation, the Prophet, he err… he… let’s just see what it says… yeah, he killed his way out of that situation, chopped of heads and raped the wives on the pool of blood of her husband! Brilliant!”

      Accurate version of events.

    • UT@ – Exactly correct Unkle – as a small kid whenever I got filthy playing out my Sister would herd me to the bathroom shouting “get in there you mucky Arab!”
      History and experience has made us rightly suspicious of a brutal culture and a savage, degenerate ideology – it is only those who do not read history and have no experience who appear to think our enemy is our friend.
      What religion would butcher a Man for renouncing it?
      What fool would tolerate it?

  9. The best Peaceful funerals are when thousands of them turn up, much weeping and wailing, there’s a stampede and you get about 50 dead.

  10. Israelis v Muslims. One of those conflicts where you hope both sides wipe each other out. The world would be a significantly better place without that endless clusterfuck.

  11. 5 Israelis were slaughted recently

    ‘An eye for an eye’ turns the wole world blind.

    • It’s genuinely quite surprising that the churches in England haven’t be reappropriated for use housing our unwelcome darkıe guests from across the sea.

      • TtCE@ – Afternoon Thomas – maybe they don’t want people shitting in the collection plates, and the extra competition chasing the choirboys around “Mr Herbert style” would probably be frowned upon!
        But it would be funny to do it for 12 months and then interview Bishop Basher or whatever he is called outside the smoking ruin of the former local church and see how that whole appeasement thing is working out..

      • I suspect that day is not too far away, TTCE. Especially with that withered scrotal sack, Welby, as Arch of Cunterbury.

      • Israel, the Middle East, it really is one of the those areas of the world where you just go, “who gives a fuck? Why should we bother with those shrieking cunts? Cast them adrift just as we did with the European Union. Fire up the coal plants, lads, get fracking, too. Start charging 45% duty on whisky.”

      • A fair few of them are routinely vandalised and / or burned down (and pubs). As reluctantly reported in the the more obscure corners of the press. Descriptions of offenders never given, of course, but no prizes for guessing who is responsible. (They gloat about it openly on social media comments). Cunts.

        Soft invasion.

    • MP@ – Localised conflict between two opposing ideologies who hate each other and want the other driven out of existence will never be resolved.
      A permanent, savage struggle for land, money and dominance using the guise of religion, well that’s their choice – but why the hell do we tolerate it here when we have no dog in this fight?

  12. When i was in Israel a few years back not even the Arabs could stand the Palestinians.
    They called them something in Arabic that translates as Sand Pikies, always the victims and always nicking other peoples property.

  13. Beggars,Liars and Thieves my smiley Arab friend said of them,
    well he made out i was his friend as he kept mentioning friend in every sentence he uttered.
    He just didn’t get that i wasn’t buying the carpet rug

  14. Drop enough nuclear bombs to turn the whole region to glass….I wouldn’t miss any of it’s occupiers.

  15. I recall when the Ayatollah Khomeni died in 1989. The ’emotional’ (the words of the BBC TV News) mourners in Tehran went stark staring mental and nearly took his coffin – and the corpse – to pieces in an all out riot. A riot at a bloody funeral, for fuck’s sake. It was so bad, they had to postpone the funeral and do it another time.

    Fucking savages. Seen one, seen ’em all….

    • I remember that Norman.

      What left a greater impression on me was these Shiite Muslims at the time hitting themselves in the head with cobblestones and wailing 😄
      Really strange.
      And wasn’t holding back!!
      Trying to bash their own brains out , blood everywhere.
      And that’s my enduring image of them .

      Puddled as fuck.

      • With any luck I hope to see the cunts doing that at Blair’s funeral. After all it’s thanks to him that they’re here in the first place and not shagging camels in some desert cunthole.

    • Did Jimmy Savile join the riots, Norm? God, visualise that. Jimmy Savile raping the Ayotollah Khomeni in the midst of a Muslim melee.

  16. Rag heads are nothing compared to the old IRA Funerals. Nothing civilised or dignified in a Paddy Land. One such funeral led to the televised execution of two Corporals dragged from a car and executed for the baying crowd.! Fucking disgusting. ALL Public mass funerals in the streets should be banned. !

    • it was a disgraceful act and mortified most Paddies at the time and other times and more times and times again.
      the cycle of violence and hatred never went amiss with Paddyland because no one wanted evil to prevail

    • Yeah being a former Scaly-back, I learned about that incident in phase 2 training. Fucking taig savages.

    • It still makes me puke that those Fenian fucks were let out of the Maze as ‘political prisoners’. Another thing Satan Blair has to answer for.

      Captain Robert Nairac (RIP). What a hero he was….

  17. George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn love the Palestinians, they are Hezbollah’s bitch, they love to suck Palestinian cock, oven them both and keep the heat up

  18. The palestinians have concluded their ‘investigation’ over that shooting and concluded that Israel was to blame. Who’d have thought it?
    They were very quick to bury her before a proper investigation could have been carried out, probably because it was one of their own bullets which took her out.
    It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve killed their own and blamed Israel for it.

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