Fictosexual Man Marries Hologram!

Just when you think you have seen everything!

This caught my eye. Fortunately, the news item has kindly explained what ” fictosexual” means, so those of you that fantasise about certain animated characters now have an interesting topic of conversation next time you’re at the Mayor’s banquet.

Daily Mail Link

I wonder if his employers are aware of his unusual personal life, well they are now, anyway!

I don’t know if I should feel sorry for him, or laugh myself sick.

What a geek! What a world!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(Stop the world, I wanna get off! – Day Admin)

62 thoughts on “Fictosexual Man Marries Hologram!

  1. I suspect that the denizens of IsAC are caught between laughing at this chap and feeling sorry for him.
    Admin, please bring on the normal stock in trade ,Flabbot,Jellyfish etc to get our piss up to boiling point.

  2. The shape of things to come. Lonely snowflakes confined to their small apartments conducting “ relationships” and even marriages with computer simulations and creepy sex dolls. So much easier than relating to a real woman, one who might say things apt to trigger emotional traumas in the sensitive freaks.

    I really despair over the hopeless cunts of the 21st century. Extinction by natural selection awaits.

  3. As I said to my home-made, blow-up Gemma Arterton doll as I stuck 3 fingers up her easy-clean fanny…. ” That HirohitoCunt who married some cartoon charactor wants locking up…..Fucking weirdo”….the ladies from the pre-natal class which I was,as is my “unisex” right, attending obviously agreed with me…I could hear them telling each other the exact same thing.

    • What a nerd.
      Japs are all a bit sexually freaky.
      Its to do with having micropenises.

      Your average jap has a miniscule winky and limited vision due to severe slanting of the eyes.

      Leads to low self-esteem.
      Why they fall inlove with cartoon characters.

      Look mr mayagi shes getting cold feet said she needs space,
      She’s been sleeping with Top Cat and seeing Yogi Bear.
      Both hung like mr Ed.

  4. Read article still only a little wiser. Suffice to say that the silly looking Cunt wants clean sheets in his padded cell.

  5. Japanese men are weird sick fucks, like that cunt who buried the woman in sand in his bath and put it on his balcony, I heard that in Japan they have vending machines that sells worn schoolgirls knickers, bunch of saki drinking,rice munching, dolphin killing cunts, no wonder America nuked the sick fucks, morning all

  6. I have it on good authority that Xi Jinping said “Japs? What a load of cunts!”
    Well I wouldn’t stand for such insults if I were the slit eyed, POW torturing, 3 feet tall sexual deviant yellow cunts – I’d invade if I was Japan!
    Can’t see the Morris dancers approving of this wanton eccentricity..

  7. It’s one thing being a complete wanker but you don’t have to advertise it all over the media. Mind you, he’ll probably get a load of birds wanting to marry him now. Unfortunately they’ll be just as mental as he is.

  8. In olden times they wore the label “weirdo’s”. Nowaday’s they’ve all got fancy titles .
    Nothing new really, except in olden times if you were a cracker, you kept as quiet and as inconspicuous as you could.
    Bring back the old days, and legalise brass knuckles !

  9. And so we can add “fictosexual” to a long list of ever more weirder sexual gender types. Are these people trying to totally populate the alphabet? We already have LGBTQ.. and now it seems we can add “F” and sooner or later “P”. Just need to think up a few more unallocated gender types and we’ll have a full house!

    As for this guy and his hologram that seemingly “divorced” him when the software expired. Was probably still using Windows 8, and that’s the end result.

    But how do you actually “marry” a hologram? Does everyone have to wear VR headsets? Does the priest have to say anything special like “Do you, Mr Harry Kari, take this holographic cosgirl to be your lawfully wedded ARG?”

    I did read somewhere that this is becoming quite popular with Billy-No-Mate types in Japan because apparently there’s no age limit. In other words you can marry a 10 year old holographic cosgirl and nothing is said because the the laws haven’t caught up with this kind of weird shit.

    I suppose the next thing will be the ability to marry a holographic image of a celeb, politician or sportsperson. Therefore you could end up, if you’re sick enough, to marry Diane Abbot, or Analeze Dodds just so long as you wear a VR helmet and live in your little fantasy ARG world.

    • This holographic image of Dianne Abbott, would it have to be on an IMAX screen? Asking for a friend…

    • All joking aside Techno. You may have hit on an absolute moneyspinner there.

      Imagine how much lonely neckbeard types would pay to have an ARG Katy Perry or Gigi Hadid sitting on their face while wanking themselves into a coma.

      Seriously, you should patent the idea.

  10. Japs didn’t used to be like this.
    They were aggressively nationalistic.
    Empire of the sun .
    Way of the samurai, honour,
    And kamikaze attacks.

    Shows how a good hiding by the allies calmed them down.
    Nuked some sense into them!

    Now theyre quiet little computer geeks sniffing schoolgirls knickers and marrying cartoons.

    The squint in the photo couldn’t lift a samurai sword never mind behead a P.O.W.

    • Morning MNC, they do have one redeeming feature though, nip blokes:
      they make fucking fast motorcycles!

      • Yes, and ones that run smoothly and don’t rattle you to pieces.

        Get aboard a late 60’s Honda 750/4. Then get on a Triumph Twin or BSA. You’ll see the difference, the Japs were lightyears ahead.

        They stole our ideas and capitalised on them.

      • TtCE@ – Selling a Walter Wolf RG250 ATM, very rare machine!
        Japan looked at what everyone else was producing and made it better, but they’re still sneaky shifty little fuckers!
        “There’s a nip in the air!”
        “Nope – Pearl Harbour!”

      • Ooh, very nice! Haven’t thought about a splendid blue and red Walter Wolf for years. How much have you got it uo for?
        How I regret selling my RG500 (before they were worth loadsamoney). Ah well.

      • TTCE. Sold the RG500 before you killed yourself, good move.

        It’s sad that the mad two stroke era is over.

        RD’s, RG’s, that 750 Kwak triple (K1?), Kettles, and that hideously fast 250 Aprilla RS.

        Wasn’t the RG500 predominantly a track bike, like the RD500’s?

        Never seen either in the flesh.

  11. I will never criticise a Jap too harshly.

    They created the Toyota.

    Thus in turn stopped the perpetual suffering caused by owning a Land Rover.

    This freak doesn’t look as though he will be very productive in life though wanking over a few cartoons.

    • My dad had a landcruiser, it was so reliable, it went everywhere and Never broke down,
      I used to work at a landrover dealer and they were shite, the Aussies had a saying, if you want to see the outback take a landrover, if you want to come back take a landcruiser, Japs made the best 4wds, fiddler will attain that as a fact driving his Hilux around his vast estate shooting at the Hoi paloi

      • Land Rover turned out some shite, and still do.

        Two and a quarter diesels and petrols were awful. The 2.6 petrol rover engine was ok if maintained meticulously, as it would have been in a rover car, – but farmers just ran them until the death. The V8 was acceptable, but where was the 6 cylinder diesel option? 200 tdi’s were gutless but reliable, but by this time Toyota had the 4.2td 6 cylinder out. The Toyota 4.0 2H has to be up there with the most durable light diesel engines ever built.
        The 4.5 6 cylinder, and 4.7 V8 Toyota engines put the Buick/Rover V8 engines to shame. The poor old V8 was on the scene for years and just kept getting bored out bigger and bigger every few years.
        British engineering, no aspiration and no development, hence most of it has been consigned to the history books, where it rightly belongs.

      • Dick-I have owned close to a dozen Defenders and 3x Landcruisers.

        The best, for me:

        My V8 110
        300TDI 90 (Discovery transfer box)
        & TD5 110 (Discovery transfer box)

        Land Cruiser 4.5 straight 6😀👍

      • I’ve never owned a Discovery CG.

        I’ve drove a few, 200/300tdi’s and been disappointed at the lack of power.

        I had a Stage One V8, it was great, but it rusted away before I could save it. It was a 1981 ish, W reg I think. By 1992 it had more holes in it than Angela Raynor’s knickers.

        I brought my 1989 HJ60 then, and it cost me a fortune, it was enough money to buy a cheap house at the time. I’ve still got it today, and it has conked out once, when the pick up pipe rotted off the tank.

        It refuses to die, but fuck me it is slow in today’s traffic.

        TD5? You should get a permanent ban for uttering such an engine!

        Never owned or driven one, so it would be wrong to comment.

        All I hear is horror stories. My mate tried one on his farm and in the end went back to a Trooper which he had before.

        Quite impressed with the 2.4 transit engine in the Defender, pulls like a train.

        There is just no room for my legs in Defenders. The Series Landies just seemed so much more spacious.
        Even the door cards restrict elbow room. The cab is just too small for me.

      • Dick-my 110 V8 Landy was an ex-Miliatary hard top, with side windows.
        I travelled the length & breadth of Britain in that bastard.
        No power steering.
        No electronics to go wrong.
        Heavy duty chassis & suspension.
        Bloody briliant😀👍

        A discovery transfer box on a defender, improves economy (35 mpg👍)

      • Does the transfer box bolt straight on CG, or do you need an adapter plate to suit?

        I’m assuming the disco transfer box is much higher geared?

        I improved 2 old 2a series diesels by putting Perkins 4.236’s in and 9.00×16 tyres to gear them up.
        Pulled like a train, but what a racket. I had the same number plate on both. A wash and a wear.
        Seemed a good conversion back in the 70’s. Went everywhere in them at 55 mph flat out.

        Never broke a half shaft, and the pre Salisbury half shafts were like pencils.

        I leant it someone and they snapped a shaft. I got it out with a broken up magnet off a speaker, placed inside a rubber glove tied to a stick.

        God, this is turning into a LR forum!

      • Dick-theye were already converted, when I got them.
        They are silly money now.

        Still prefer a Land Cruiser.
        I once drove, last minute decision, from the South Coast, to Chester (dropping something off to a relative), then onward to the Lake District.
        Complete comfort and arrived as fresh as a daisy.👍

  12. Why does every Japanese Man look like they have just left school or should not be allowed anywhere near one?

    • If a Jap exposed himself outside a school, I doubt anyone would notice anything.

  13. For the sake of authenticity, I presume that after 10 years the hologram gets fat and frumpy and starts nagging incessantly.

    • And hangs a ‘closed indefinitely’ sign on her virtual flaps.

      • TtCE@ – The “holobird” is already up to no good with both Top Cat and Yogi Bear – our intrepid Asian reporter Mnc Takanawa has already got the dirt on these kinky fkers! There’s a definite moral vacuum with these flighty holograph types! 😀
        The seller I am brokering for has turned down 8K for the Wolf, which currently is a non runner with the engine out – I would have torn the buyers fkin arm off!

  14. Jap women can be stunning-I, ahem, “dated: several in the early 90’s-fucking hell, did they “make my bamboo shoot!”

    This lad is a product of 2x generations who have been spoon-fed a diet of video games and gadgets. Poor bastard.

    • Morning CG….a somewhat intrusive serious question if I may…was her, shall we say…’taste’ unusual? Compared to a white bird, I mean.
      I’m quite interested in how birds of differet races are ‘down there’.
      Except birds from the Dark Continent. That’s borderline bestiality.

      • Thomas-one of them had an amazing pussy-jet black and naturally like a Mohican 👍
        Another had a more “conventional” bush.

        Tight as fuck😙

        I would certainly recommend all younger cunters, to “look East”👍

  15. Why are they always taking photos?
    The Lake District in summer swarming with the little cunts taking photos of manhole covers, a brick, traffic lights, a empty cup, anything!!
    Gets on my wick,
    Click, click, click,
    Get the fuck out of my way kato.

    An they go bananas for Beatrice Potter?!!
    Probably think its a menu….

    • Oh an they all have haircuts like their in the Inspiral Carpets.

    • You’ve got to be careful how you bow to a Japanese.
      They know the difference between a good bow and a shit bow.


      • HJ@ – I prefer “High five Tojo! – tortured any prisoners to death lately?”
        It was subsequently made clear that I would no longer be welcome at the Japanese Ambassadors residence..

    • As you know I have 2 dogs and one of them hates people he doesn’t know – he’s called The Biter by some of the locals. Maybe I should move up there and let him loose on the click-clack tourists.

      I’m thinking of moving up North, Lake District, the Borders, Cumbria or wherever because anything I want house wise down here costs at least 1.2 million squid, whereas its about 600k oop north. Maybe you can help me out here and recommend some low-crime, rural areas? Ideally I want a house with no neighbours and loads of neighbouring land with public footpaths that I can walk the dogs on, just like I have now. Maybe the house prices will crash this year so I won’t have to move too far, who knows???

  16. The weird cunts have to go virtual, as they only recently made child pornography illegal. The get around it though, by giving young girls puberty blockers, so technically they are adults, but still look like children.
    It’s also no surprise that the number one sexual fantasy for Japanese males is rape.

  17. With fanny shy cunts like this fella then it’s no wonder the Japanese reproduction rate is completely fucked.

  18. The Japanese women make all manner of squealing noises, apparently, during sex, so maybe his hologram toned this down.
    Still he is totally bonkers.
    I like the fact that the software expired and ‘she’ stopped talking to him.
    If only real women had this feature..

  19. This is what happens to Japs when suppress their insatiable appetite for sadistic violence.

  20. Admin have used a photo of new Japanese acting sensation, Daniel-san Ratclit-who is the star of the upcoming Halli Plotter series of films.

    The first one: “Hally Plotter & the philosophers Tamagotchi”

  21. Every Japanese male owns at least 5 sex dolls. I believe it’s the law out there.

    Their porn is fucked up too. Fucking nutters. I wonder if the nuclear fall out fucked them up,?

  22. Slopes…say no more. I’m old enough to remember the last bastions of late-night 1990’s post-pub television. The wallow in filth and depravity that was “Euro Trash” and “Sex and Shopping”? Researched personally for serious social/political documentary purposes of course!
    There is nothing, nowhere or nobody the oriental gentleman won’t get his end away with. From groping young ladies on packed tube trains, to plastic sex dolls, animals, or, even more memorable, a dual-purpose Pot Noodle type snack sold in vending machines and marketed as, ahem…also for male relief purposes. Needless to say, they didn’t catch on over here – especially the fish sauce flavour.

  23. Slopes…say no more. I’m old enough to remember the last bastions of late-night 1990’s post-pub television. The wallow in filth and depravity that was “Euro Trash” and “Sex and Shopping”? Researched personally for serious social/political documentary purposes of course!
    There is nothing, nowhere or nobody the oriental gentleman won’t get his end away with. From groping young ladies on packed tube trains, to plastic sex dolls, animals, or, even more memorable, a dual-purpose Pot Noodle type snack sold in vending machines and marketed as, ahem…also for male relief purposes. Needless to say, they didn’t catch on over here – especially the fish sauce flavour.

  24. This depraved fuck should be thrown into a pool of ice water every day and be given electro shock therapy for a year. He should then be fed to crocodiles. That just about sums up my feelings on this weirdo cunt.

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