Anna Soubry (6) – Bitter with a Twist

Long time, no whine, but here she comes again, backing fortissimo into the limelight – ex Remainer fanatic Conservative MP Anna Soubry, whose dreams of greatness ended many years ago, but like the old trouper she is, the silly old tart – the pure brass of the Westminster music hall, is giving her act another airing:

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I would have thought she would have approved of the drinking culture – after all it has often been alleged she herself could get as pissed as a fart – what motivates the old cunt to keep on making a fool of herself? – no doubt the proposed idea of a Labour/LibDem pact and the two faced cunt that is Starmer reversing Brexit.

While mentioning the flabby faced son of toil again, it is worth pointing out that the old poofter Chris Bryant is talking about “standards” again – how does he keep a straight face?. It’s the way he tells them, ducky.

He also claims to have been “touched up” himself in the HoC – I thought that was his reason for going there in the first place, to join all the mincers and benders on the Labour benches. At least Corbyn used to keep them on the back benches and not as shadow ministers.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

38 thoughts on “Anna Soubry (6) – Bitter with a Twist

    • Excellent nom Mr Boggs.
      The vile sack has been emitting an endless slurry of venemous tripe from her massive gob since brexit.
      Time she disappeared into the murky mists of irrelevant history.

  1. BREAKING NEWS – Parliament is full of cunts! Bore off Sour Tits, nobody gave a flying fuck about your opinion when you were an MP, much less so now. In your beloved EU the corruption, backstabbing, double dealing, lying and cheating make our bunch of maggots look like the intake of Swiss finish school.

  2. I remem er this old trollop saying that she cried when the Brexit result came in…
    Deep fat fryer, without the benefit of batter.
    (Can’t imagine when she last saw any man-batter….)

  3. This nasty old bitch got a Man jailed for calling her a nazi.
    Well she fucking well is – but shitlord cunt Owen Jones can call everyone who disagrees with him a gammon, bigot, fascist, nazi, far right extremist etc and nothing is done.
    All the talent of Heidi Allen, the work ethic of Priti Patel and the looks of Winston Churchills ball bag.
    Fuck off, bitch.
    Well, just off to The Legion of Doom HQ to pick up my IAC award for “fat, lazy, bad attitude prick” which I have won for the second year in succession (highly disappointed Miss Busty voted so many times) so in an hours time I shall be clutching my award as I sip my schooner of sherry and pocket the Werthers Originals!

      • The thing is with modern day Nazis they just won’t admit it. They can’t accept the world had changed they cannot accept their cunts they cannot accept free speech all the signs of a nazi. Also you’ll be silenced. Even when you wife tries to do it never repent. Its all Catholic shit.

    • She has no reason to leave, Unkle T. No one would take a blind bit of notice of her in Belgium whereas here she can feel important and get noticed by trotting out bollocks like this and at the same time personally fund the craft gin industry.

    • It must be an excellent sight watching this old hussy foraging food banks for a bottle of cheap vodka gibbering about Brexit in her threadbare clothes.

  4. No Sourtits, it’s not that MPs have got worse it’s just that they have got caught!
    Of course, if they were remoaner trash like you the media would have covered it up. The voters told you enough times that they don’t want your beloved EU so stick it up your arse and fuck off while you’re doing it.

  5. This fucking old bag will end up in some posh old peoples home moaning all day about Brexit, so bitter and twisted. The bitch is totally obsessed and needs to see a head doctor, along with fellow nutters Adonis, Campbell and Grieve, the four horsemen of the EU apocalypse.
    They will never let it go so we may as well get used to it.

  6. Not Sourberries again.

    As if things were better in the shameful parliament she participated in when her, and other like minded fanatics, drunk on EU cool- aid, attempted to stage a parliamentary coup to block Brexit.

  7. Mad old bat reminds me of our younger daughter’s ex mother-in-law. Mind you she had more excuse, she was from Argentina.

    I notice in the link Chris Bryant reported as saying;
    “I will fight to the death to make sure the reputation of Parliament is enhanced for every generation of MPs.”
    Can’t believe it I’m afraid. I have the impression he couldn’t fight for his breath.

    • Bryant enhancing the reputation of Parliament?? Is he having a fucking laugh or what? This is the poof who was all over the media for posting a photo of himself in his panties on a gay sex contact site. Disgusting little bumder ought to worry about his own reputation the cheeky cunt. These MPs have got some fucking front, you have to give them that.

  8. She got me feeling all hot and sext when at the end she emphasised drink and sexual misbehaviour in that short video – when can I join?

  9. Sozzledberry-I honestly thought she had died.
    Surely there are new-cunts aplenty, therefore making old-cunts like her, totally redundant?

  10. Back in the 19th century I expect she would have been in a mental asylum. Demented loon. I wouldn’t trust her to do down the shops and bring back a loaf of bread.

    • She’s a (ex) politician.
      She wouldn’t have a clue how much a loaf of bread costs.

      The aisle in her local Waitrose that sells bread-she has never visited it, as she has tunnel vision as soon as she spies the alcohol aisle.

      Evening Cuntologist, evening all👍

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