Swansea Council’s Musical Theme Park

Swansea council are cunts, (See the video below)

Who the fuck thought putting a musical, squeaking, squawking inter active park next to a housing estate was a good idea.

This constant day time ear fucking and that’s not including the scrotes that turn up late at night, sound even worse if that were possible than having Lilly the musical mong stuck on repeat 24/7.

Fucking hell, unsellable houses, people not stopping for coffee in the local coffee shop, this is a nightmare for the locals, not to mention how much money Swansea council spunked up the wall installing this musical monstrosity,

surely the money would have been better spent on the pot holes or their fucked up traffic system.

The only saving grace is its nowhere near me and i would love for my neighbours demented brat to go and play there making as much noise as is humanly possible rather than next door to us.

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72 thoughts on “Swansea Council’s Musical Theme Park

  1. Fuck me, what happened to playing football over the park, jumpers for goalposts……marvellous? Now you’ve got a load of little bastard brats making loud and annoying noises all day long. Sounds very unBritish to me.

    • Sorry to go off topic

      This weekend a Lancaster bomber will be flying over Derbyshire/Peak District to commemorate the anniversary of the Dambusters.
      Fly low over Ladybower reservoir where the real Dambusters trained for the mission.

      Any cunters interested in seeing a iconic war plane,
      And best of British.

      Over and out Ginger
      Chocks away 🇬🇧🇬🇧

      • Would like to have seen that, Mis.

        Yonks ago I went to an airshow in Leicester. Saw a bunch of cool stuff. Harriers, Concorde plus some tit being strapped to the wings of a bi-plane and taken for some upside down japes. Can’t remember if there was a Lancaster there, but we did see a Mosquito. Fabulous engine noise it had.

        Won’t the Ukrainies be all offended and traumatised by the sight of a war plane? I thought the rule now was you cannot be proud of anything your country has or has done even when you’re in your own country because it might upset a foreigner.

      • Afternoon IY

        I think the Arse were certainly traumatised last night by the Spuds.

      • Yup, it’s almost flying over us on Sunday, we’ll be out watching.

      • Greetings HJ –
        I saw the score line and the hoopla about the latest North London Derby. I’ve given up caring since the whole virtue signalling, knee bending crap, plus Kane doubling down on why we should all be kowtowing to anarchistic Marxist scum. What a fine, upstanding, well educated, finger-on-the-pulse fellow he is. Back when I cared, I never accepted the existence of the NLD. Those bunch of cunts in red are from south london and for reasons unknown decided to build their library in north London. Doesn’t make them a north London team in my view. Merely gypo trespassing scum.

        In other football news, I did catch a mini headline about that walking denture advert who manages that filth from the north west. Apparently he’s all concerned about some ticket allocation for some upcoming game. Yeah, I’d be concerned too. We all know what happens when the scousers don’t have sufficient tickets for a game. But it’s never their fault as we all know.

      • Klopp is a massive bellend.

        I caught his interview after the draw with front wheel hotspur. Tries to sound nicey, nicey, but the content of his sentences is pure bitter horse shit if his team don’t win. If his team then concedes a perfectly good goal, he’s always ranting at the fourth official. Every time. And while other managers get booked, he never does. And his stupid grin, running on the pitch and fist pumping the crowd shite? Fuck off.

        And that song they sing about him “I’m in love with him and I feel fine,” is the gayest shit I’ve ever heard.

      • I saw the Lancaster go over Derwent water dam 30 years ago on the 50th anniversary and will be sat in the back garden tomorrow hope to see her on the way to Hardwick Hall.

      • Well unfortunately she flew a bit south of us but we heard the marlins in full quad..

    • “Now you’ve got a load of little bastard brats making loud and annoying noises all day long.” The Houses of Parliament?

  2. Children should be seen and not heard.
    And as these are Welsh children, they should be working down the mines. 12 hours a day down the pit never did me any harm.

    • Children should not be seen or heard or be a financial burden to anyone other than their fucking parents.

      Children: consumers of everything, producers of nothing.

      Welsh or not, send them all down the mines. Ahhhh, peace and quiet at last.

    • Noisy kids in pubs should be sent down the mines (even though they’ve all be closed)

      As for Swansea council. Instead of having a low-maintenance ordinary park, they’ve gone for this an expensive-to-maintain theme park which will probably end up being vandalised.

      No joined up thinking by these daft cunts.

      • Closed mines, you say?
        Here’s an abandoned one that’s the perfect adventure playground for the annoying little darlings…


        Now, if I could just find the location of the buried portal to the 18th century copper mine nearby, clear it, then persuade the local Neds (and proto-Neds) to go play in it…

  3. Sounds like living hell.
    Pity the poor cunts who live nearby.

    Think Malcolms going there?

    ‘theyll be a Malcolm in the hillsides’…..

  4. Swansea are indeed cunts, why is it these council twats can’t just do normal stuff like empty bins and fix potholes and leave everyone alone to get on with normal lives.
    Kids generate noise without any encouragement, little bastards 😂

    • I have a Primary school at the bottom of my, thankfully long, back garden and the noise during breaks can drive me to distraction. I often can’t hear the radio in the shed even when I’m standing outside the bastard as I am neighbourly enough to try to keep it at a reasonable level. Fucking kids.

      • You could try lighting fires and adding some smoke generating material, when the wind is in the right direction 👍

      • OK, (slightly) serious question – I have noticed that fucking kids these days communicate with each other by yelling at the tops of their lungs even when the brat they’re ‘talking’ to is 2 feet away. Screeching at each other seems to be the default communication style these days.

        I was a bastard, cunting kid (well behaved I might add and brought up in an era if you acted up, you got a thick ear and told to behave) and although that was a long time ago, I absolutely do not remember being out and about with my mates and yelling at them to communicate.

        Does anyone else remember your communication style when you were a kid?

        I’m thinking this screeching and yelling thing is a modern day invention.

  5. You can bet your life that this stupid fucking idea has been imported from America. If you think our kids are horrible little brats you should see the Yanks. Mouthy, self entitled, little cunts. They should all be horse whipped in public every fucking day of their lives.

    • You know any Yank brats, Freddie? You nailed it in one: mouthy and self entitled.

      True story: a few months ago we actually had some snow. Our driveway was, of course, covered in perhaps 2 or 3 inches and is one of the longer driveways in the immediate vicinity. One morning I could hear fucking kids screeching their fucking heads off very close by. What could be occurring, I thought to myself? I looked out the windows and yep, you guessed it – 3 or 4 kids trying to slide down my driveway on a bit of cardboard. Meanwhile, the house where these shit stains had originated had the ‘dad’ figure pottering around doing anything other than corralling the vermin it was presumably responsible for. There was no way that stupid ignorant cunt did not know where those fucking kids were or what they were doing.

      When I was that age, I would not have dreamt of setting foot on someone else’s property. These little shits, not only did exactly that but felt entitled to fuck about and squawk at each other at the tops of their voices as if that’s also OK. I legged it downstairs and opened the garage door ready to fire of a tirade of appalling verbal abuse, but the little bastards had just buggered off by the time I got there. Dammit! And you just know if I’d given the ignorant cunt alleged guardian a lecture about trespass laws, it would have been “Yeah, what you gonna fucking do about it?”.

      Lovely people. I wish them all peace and love and Ebola.

      • Couldn’t you have just shot the ‘dad’ as a deterrent? Or the kids, as a warning to the ‘dad’?

      • It’s a thought, Moggie. There are days when the locals really test my patience and I think to myself, I really shouldn’t have guns and a truck load of ammo.

        We’re now getting low grade vandalism. We have those gay looking solar lights along each side of the front path. Some cunt kid(s) has been kicking them into the street where they get smashed. They’ve also removed a cable cover along the side of the house too and just dumped it in the long grass. Little bastards. This is kids for you. Absolute vermin cunting bastard shitty vile germ ridden wastes of spunk ‘n’ eggs. I could not hate kids any more than I do.

      • If I lived in the USA I would now be in jail. I wouldn’t think twice about putting a .45 into any cunt. Maybe 2x .45’s.

      • Good one, my Lord. I actually watched that movie again just the other week. “So you need to ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk. Well do ya?”. Hahaha.

        So many continuity slip ups though. At one point our Clint gets a kicking and breaks ribs and such. Next thing we know he’s clambering over high chain link fences like he’s a 20 year old. How does that work exactly? I’ve never broken a rib, but I gather it’s beyond painful for a loooooong time. Still, Clint was a hard bastard.

  6. Good , excellent news the cunts voted these cunts in. Suck it up you losers. Anything to do with the People’s Republic of Wales can fuck off.

    • “For Wales? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Wales!”

  7. Councils re right cunts full stop. Essex Cunty Council has signed us up to “ride London”, which is a week-end of hell, with road closures and cycle-cunts having the roads to themselves with everyone else under house-arrest. FFS – we live round here coz we hate the shit that goes on in London.

    • If you are lucky My Lord you might see the great Suckdick Khan driving around with his loud hailer, making sure that everyone knows he is there.
      He’s in Yankland at the moment having a free holiday at the taxpayers expense……err……I mean promoting Londonstabistan as a tourist destination.

      • I hope pro-Trump supporters give him a warm welcome.
        2500 degrees, should suffice👍

      • I saw him in the paper looking around some cannabis wholesalers, thinking that it could be replicated in our glorious capital if it was made legal. He obviously didn’t go to San Francisco or LA’s Skid Row dodging the homeless, needles and human faeces to see where hippy dippy liberalism gets you.

  8. Aren’t councils always going on about being skint?

    Then they always seem to find unlimited cash for shite like this.

    And the obligatory mudslide community centre.

    Cunts for oven.

  9. What is wrong with a normal park?

    Look at the trees, take in the scenery and enjoy the peace.

    If local residents were making this much racket the council would be round tout le suite.

    All Council’s mottos should be “do as I say, not as I do”.

  10. I have a vision of the useless twat Mark Dripford, stuck in a plant pot, just like Bill and Ben and “Little Weed.”
    Dripford REALLY looks like one of those traditional old Welsh biddies.

  11. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a municipal park….screeching brats,flashers,criipple-charioteers, beached landwhales trying to get a tan,bongo-bongo music playing yobs,fruity gentleman staking out the toilets,joggers,yappy little rat dogs and their bags of shit,boring old Cunts,McDonald’s wrappers and worst of all..the chance of Cunts playing music in the bandstand

    I’d close all municipal parks and build slaughterhouses on the sites.

    • Won’t bother with yet another nom. about pushbikers but must acknowledge a truly spectacular act of fuckwittery perpetrated by a pair of the Cunts today…. the Council have got traffic lights at the bottom of a steep winding hill while they are digging the drains out…as I neared I saw a timber wagon waiting and a group of pushbikers pedalling up behind him…most of them stopped behind the wagon but two decided to keep on going!..overtook the wagon just before the lights changed to green…through the red light and started crawling their way up the hill with a fucking furious wagon driver 2 inches behind them…being fair to the rest of them,they looked as appalled at the sheer stupidity of their friends actions as I did….shooting up the side of a wagon as the lights changed and then holding him up on a steep hill for half a mile…fucking incredible.

      • As my Dad used to say, “ You can’t argue with a fucking idiot”. Cyclists lately are getting right on my tits. Don’t get me started on Councils. Sheffield council spends £100’s of thousands of taco payers money a year on being the ‘City of Sanctuary’ but has recently stop funding braille lessons for the blind. I don’t think I despise an organisation and people as much as I despise Sheffield Council. Vile commie, illegal immo loving fucking pricks.

      • Attercliffe isn’t much of a sanctuary.

        Unless you want a lizard, a tattoo, a massage, and some tooling for a lathe.

        Not to mention the club ‘for liberated adults’.

      • Used to be alright down the Cliffe Dick, not anymore. Dial 999 down there and the Bengal Lancers roll up.

      • I was out this afternoon, and I’m glad to say that a deliver poo two-wheeled twat, on the pavement (as always) was being given a severe bollocking by a local fish wife. I think she got the better of him, but I had moved on, to protect eardrums…

  12. You can’t have a normal park anymore. Everything has to be set up for the scumbags benefit, that and their disgusting offspring. Swimming baths replaced with slides and no chance of a proper swim unless you’re a woman.
    The Swiss have the right idea when it comes to noise; not even a lawnmower on Sunday.

    • Agree 100%, seems that cunts everywhere always have to be making noise.
      Thumping bass ‘music’ in their shitty chavved-up hatchbacks or in the park, on the beach etc…
      Or shouting, yakking at top volume on their poxy phones, slamming doors, loud exhaust pipes, fucking motorbikes etc.
      I hate people…

      • Indeed, mystic maven. Britain has gotten noisy as fuck in the past few years, as you say, folk revving the engine for no fucking reason other than they think they are the Top Boy, the shitty music pumping out at 60 decibels or more. And just walking down the road, you get people behind you speaking so loudly that you hear every mongoloid word of their inane, cretinous conversation.

        We’ve absorbed too much American culture in the past twenty years, that’s the problem. We are even as clinically obese as the Americans now. The amount of fat as fuck kids you seen now is appalling. Gone are the days of ONE proper fat kid at a secondary school, now it’s like the tryouts for the British Junior Sumo Wrestling.

      • You are not wrong, LC.

        I made a visit to old Blighty a few years ago and was mozying around my old school town. I must have been lunchtime because the local school brats were out and about. I was amazed by the number of porkers waddling around. It was almost unusual to see a normal sized kid. A diet of crisps, chocolate and sitting on their arses playing video games or Fuckbook or whatever and that’s the result. Parenting at its finest.

    • Just had my neighbour’s son out with his 100+ decibel leaf-blower. Those fucking things should be banned. Get a brush and pan and scoop up the tassels, you absolute cretin. It’s a small paved area she has, not fucking Kew Gardens. Couldn’t hear my TV for the cunt.

      • Yep. Petrol powered leaf blowers are an absolute menace to society. If the cunts who designed/made them actually set out to choose the most annoying engine tone and overall deafening loudness, they would be exactly the same as they are.

        The bastard scum illegal immos, sorry I meant professional landscaping artists, use those bloody things in all weathers, including high winds. I shit thee nay. Beyond moronic. You should be able to shoot on sight any cunt that fires one of those bastard contraptions up anywhere near you.

      • You should have a picture of one of these greasy boarder jumpers mocked up onto a paper target for the next time you are down the shooting range IY.

      • I grew facing a park.
        My mam an dad still live there.
        It was cracking as a kid,
        Always on there,
        Loads of fun!

        Nowadays theres hardly owt on there,
        All the good stuff,
        Roundabouts, rolling barrells,
        Taken off as dangerous for todays kids,
        All the concrete and metal replaced with sponge and safety flooring.

        Boring as fuck.

        When I was a kid it would be 20-30 kids having fun till they got called in off parents, older siblings.

        Nowadays about 4-5 toddlers with parents, thats it .

        No childhood that,
        No wonder kids are fat mardarses.

      • It’s a thought, LL. A good one too.

        Most ranges don’t allow outside targets. They want to sell you theirs. Plus they don’t allow any ‘likeness’ targets. Fair enough I suppose. I do have a black sharpie in my range bag and use it to draw facial features on the body outline targets. Eyes, ears, nose and a grinning set of choppers. The game is to shoot out the teeth from 10 yards. Not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes I fluke a shot right between the eyes then look all proud of myself like I meant it. You always hope someone is looking and is dead impressed. Hahaha.

  13. Well you have to have those “lawn crews” in Yankland IY because you have such big gardens, or “yards” as they call them. Nobody has gardens like that over here, except Miserable and Gary fucking Lineker. (Between you and me I think Miserable might be lying out of his arse, the cunt)

    • LOL. Then we have Lord Fiddler with the up keep of his estate to consider. Not sure if his Lordship would stoop to employing persons of questionable immigration status. Would it be rude to ask?

      Yeah, the “yard” thing. They call roads “pavement” and pavements are “side walks”. I’m doing my best to educate the locals, but I’ve not got much to work with. They’re all thick as pig shit. I live in a country where you ‘graduate’ from everything. Like stopping going to school because your too old now is some kind of achievement. Give me a fucking break – as Yanks would say.

  14. Re: obesity.
    I loaded up at the wholesalers today-fuck me, I honestly thought I had arrived in a parallel universe-one where all women were size 20 and over.

    What a fucking disgrace😢

  15. That is one butt ugly park. I mean look at the state of it. No flowers, no pond, no large grassy area, just a load of hard paths and wooden poles with benches that boot up your laptop.

    It actually reminds me of a dog day care centre. If you’ve never seen one of those on the inside then maybe you’ve seen the remake of the Planet of The Apes? There is a scene in that film showing the ape play arena that is part of a compound/shelter for poorly treated/urban abandoned apes. That is what this place looks like, a play arena for captured apes. What kind of cunt designer does that? Probably some designer who thinks Capability Brown is an app you download or some colonial racist cunt.

    The fact that this shithole makes an horrendous noise as well is just despicable. What a pile of shitty, ugly, lefty, brutalist design. Set it on fire and stick it up Swansea Council’s arse and that Countess of Wessex for her gormless smile opening the shit hole.

  16. That Incapacity Brown,
    His real name was Lancelot.
    Wasnt as good as the groundforce team,
    But better than Monty Don.

    To be honest I wouldn’t let Brown loose in my garden,
    Id be worried sick.
    If he trampled the bluebells thatd be it!

    “Right!! Get your tools in the van and fuck off or im letting the dog out..”

  17. Swansea Cuntcil clearly show their contempt for the Cuntcil Tax Paying Public. 99.9% of people want potholes fixed and Cuntcil Tax rises to be no more than in line with inflation.

    I’m just surprised there are no transbumder interactive pink, fleshy flugelhorns that make a gay squealing/sighing noise when blown.

    This shit is for the birds. I.e. give it a few months and it shall degenerate into a vandalised, dog and bird shit spattered reminder of why Cuntcils should stick to spending taxpayers cash on essential services.


  18. Where we live we regularly receive a colour magazine from the local council telling us just how well they are looking after us and how lucky we are to have such loyal and dedicated public servants taking care of our interests. I can’t think of any of the inane events they organise that have ever been of interest to us or any of the neighbours. We now consign it to the bin on arrival with the rest of the junk mail. Meanwhile street lights are switched off, bin collections are reduced, charges are made for stuff you take to the dump yourself and the potholes are growing into tank traps.
    And just to ensure we are all 100% pissed off they actually invite us to apply for grants to fund our own events. In other words they will give us back a little of our own money if we meet criteria laid down by them. Fuck ’em all.

  19. The sound of Clangers, cuckoo’s & a fair bit of banging. I don’t think that’s appropriate for the kids!

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