Black Haircuts Matter

What BLM is all about.

Not looting, posturing, awards on quotas etc. No it’s about haircuts. Or so the BBC alerts us.

Get ready with the hankies:-

”Black hair care: ‘I travelled seven hours to get my hair done”

Yes, it appears that Hair&Beauty is ‘far right’.

”There are fears that unless the staffing in mainstream salons becomes more diverse, black stylists could be negatively affected by the changes.”

That quote makes no sense to me but there you go. Repeat and it still makes no sense except to suggest victimhood of some sort.
Then there’s:-

” The Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 prompted pledges from the hair industry to be more inclusive.”

Que?? Black Haircuts Matter?? God bless St Chiggun George.

So we are to believe that there are no black hairdressers in the cities because of racism in the industry. That might explain why the woman that does my wife’s hair wears Nazi regalia. And I like it.

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77 thoughts on “Black Haircuts Matter

  1. More black barbers please!! Near threw up from the smell a few times when a snake head enters the room. Having dreads and corn rows is just an excuse not to wash.

    • They ought to become peacefuls then they won’t need an excuse, just needn’t do it.

  2. When I lived in Africa, the catchphrase was “African solutions to African problems”, so they can fucking get on with sorting it out.

  3. As I live in Leicester, you won’t be surprised to learn that most of the reasonably priced barbers in the City centre now are run by Africans!
    As my receding hair just needs a quick hovermow, one of these places does the job.
    And I don’t have to engage in the usual banter as I can’t understand a word they’re saying.
    But if I was uppity I might have to travel miles : do you think the bbc would be sympathetic?

    • You go into Leicester centre? Fucking hell, I stopped going when I stopped donating blood, a couple of years ago. There seems to be absolutel fuck all for the likes of me.

      • It’s going down faster than the Titanic! There’s still a couple of pubs worth going to. That’s about it really

  4. Of all the ethnic minority groups who live in the UK – why is it that black people, very much in particular, seem to be either given immediate hard done by victimhood status, are given a leg up in all aspects of the media or are just generally over promoted as the only or dominant minority?

    It’s nearly always a black bloke as the alpha male father figure with the white wife.
    Never seems to be a peaceful with a white wife or a far Eastern fella with a white wife.
    Or, in the interest of balance, it can sometimes be a white fella with black wife and a mixed race kid with bouncy affro instead.

    Very rarely do any other ethnicities get the same amount of exposure or are used by TV companies to help promote a fictional utopia as much as black people do.

    At least it appears that way in the UK.
    Can’t speak for other European nations who are also currently being invaded every day by African illegal immigrants because I don’t live there or watch telly there.

    • They’re just getting everybody ready for what this country will actually look like in 20 years. I live in Leicester where only 1 in 2 people is white , and no way am I going to associate with them racist cunts, I’d rather be stabbed. Innit.

      • Absolutely true, moggie. In Autumn 2019 – well before Covid -I went for a blood test at Crumpsall (North Manchster) Hospital. 400 (four fucking hundred!) people in one blood room, and only 7 (seven) white and English people in there (including me). So, there were about 250 bogo bogos, 100 peacefuls, and the rest were Dooshkas. And they blame Covid for the NHS being on its knees. Absolute bollocks. The health service was overrun to breaking point long before the bat flu arrived, and I have seen why with my own eyes.

      • Oh yeah, and on that day it took me four hours to get my blood test because of those cunts.

  5. If this was a genuine problem then an enterprising hairdresser could have set up a mobile business.
    I was considering approaching “Mnc Scissorhands” with this business proposal but apparently “the chainsaw cut” is somewhat unpopular with the punters – ungrateful fkers! 😀

  6. 7 hours?

    Maybe he should try the Ukraine then, can get there in under 4 hours, the lying, chippy shithouse.

    Here’s an idea, Jam jar lidders. Open your own fucking hairdressers for the other Lionel Josephs.

    Do you need honky to do absolutely everything for you?

    Seems you do.

  7. I saw a vacancy for someone to feature in an ad campaign the other day, and they specified that said person should look “ethnically ambiguous”.

    Presumably so the company could tick several efnik boxes all in one hit and save a bit of cash hiring multiple actors.

    PS, nice nom header pic, I wonder why the gentleman is sporting a pair of dangling bollocks on his jowl ?

  8. Fucking BBC I have been in the car this afternoon, reliving my youth, visiting customers instead of doing it by email. 4 o’clock this afternoon a programme on a bloke called Equiano, a black chap who lived in London in the 1780’s and ’90s. An excuse for a diatribe about slavery and the greatest evil in history and how GB was responsible, no mention of how we were the 1st country of any significance to ban slavery and our part ins stopping the trade. Utter cunts it is almost as though they want race riots this summer

  9. Let’s state the facts here, it’s not hair, it’s Fur.! It grows one fuckin way and there’s fuck all you can do with it, try and straighten it and it looks like a Brillo pad.! I myself am a bit thin on top but would not swap for a full head of their Wire Wool. It’s a good thing that the blokes have Massive cocks cause they have fuck all else going for them.!

  10. The BBC have a frankly bizarre fixation with nig-nogs. They hark on about racial equality, yet they fixate on one out of the many who live on this planet; blacks (also on rag-heads, but one could argue they aren’t a race, although they are all fucking filthy a-rabs to me).

    I remember an article on their propaganda “news” site a year or two ago about Afro hair and how it’s wrapped up with racism. What the fuck has that got to do with the 85 percent of people in this country who are white? “Have you seen this darling? Black people feel under pressure to h their natural Afro hair. What is the world coming to?” Not really news is it.

    Good job I don’t pay the license fee. Never have, never will. Fuck the treacherous scum.

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