Truth Dodgers

The truth is a funny thing. In one way it sets you free, yet in another, ignorance of it can set you free.

I suppose the decision must be made by the individual which way to go. Ignorance of truth, however, means that you are destined to have it catch up with you. Knowing truth means you are forced to reckon with it by deciding to ignore it, take action, or fight it.

Ignorance is cowardly and hopes truth will not come knocking. Counting on that temporary bliss is no way to live. If one does not acknowledge truth, the vacuum will be filled with something other than truth. Truth doesn’t care if you believe it or not. It exists as an absolute and moves right with you or over you.

The Cunts of this nom are those who avoid truth. They constitute the majority of people in this world because most people are not interested in truth. Most people are not interested in freedom or even know what it means. Most people wish to avoid the accountability and responsibility that freedom and knowing truth brings.

It takes humility to acknowledge truth. There is no room for one’s own subjectivity. Anyone who seeks truth and stands for it will be at odds with the vast majority of the world and find themselves confined to anonymous rants on

Ignorance means you don’t want to know what’s coming. Knowing truth means you are ready to face what is coming head on.

I choose truth. It’s not pleasant at times but the truths that are eternal are the ones that truly set one free.

Ignorance is the worst of all vices. Those who are ignorant are that way by choice. The truth is available but must be sought and found. Lies come at you daily. They are easy.
Ignorant people are LAZY FUCKING CUNTS.

Don’t be that cunt.

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  1. the truth is, an American Prayer for the 14 kids gunned down at primary school in Texas

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