Truth Dodgers

The truth is a funny thing. In one way it sets you free, yet in another, ignorance of it can set you free.

I suppose the decision must be made by the individual which way to go. Ignorance of truth, however, means that you are destined to have it catch up with you. Knowing truth means you are forced to reckon with it by deciding to ignore it, take action, or fight it.

Ignorance is cowardly and hopes truth will not come knocking. Counting on that temporary bliss is no way to live. If one does not acknowledge truth, the vacuum will be filled with something other than truth. Truth doesn’t care if you believe it or not. It exists as an absolute and moves right with you or over you.

The Cunts of this nom are those who avoid truth. They constitute the majority of people in this world because most people are not interested in truth. Most people are not interested in freedom or even know what it means. Most people wish to avoid the accountability and responsibility that freedom and knowing truth brings.

It takes humility to acknowledge truth. There is no room for one’s own subjectivity. Anyone who seeks truth and stands for it will be at odds with the vast majority of the world and find themselves confined to anonymous rants on

Ignorance means you don’t want to know what’s coming. Knowing truth means you are ready to face what is coming head on.

I choose truth. It’s not pleasant at times but the truths that are eternal are the ones that truly set one free.

Ignorance is the worst of all vices. Those who are ignorant are that way by choice. The truth is available but must be sought and found. Lies come at you daily. They are easy.
Ignorant people are LAZY FUCKING CUNTS.

Don’t be that cunt.

Nominated by: Meat Curtains

66 thoughts on “Truth Dodgers

  1. “When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies”

    Most things that are being passed off as truth is all shit, remember cunters, theres no money in peaceful coexistence

    if everyone is trying to fight each other, all the sinister types get their whims through without hindrance or scrutiny

    everything from alleged “climate change” to racism is a source of anger and division, remember now don’t fall into the trap!!!

  2. Great nom this and well written IMO.

    What about one of the latest ‘off the shelf’ replies the ‘left’ use when confronted with the absolute truth…..

    ‘Well it’s my truth’.

    You know we’ve all arrived in a dark and deniable place when the fuckstick spouting this nonsense can say it with a straight face.

    Anyway I’m off to look through the looking glass, cuckoo 😛

    • Correct. When you put a modifier like “my” in front of the word truth, it is no longer THE truth now is it?

  3. Assumptions and ignorance are two baby birds in a nest. Facts are weasels!
    So sayeth the lord.

  4. It’s true what posted MC👍
    All nations seem to be run or controlled by villainy in pursuit of profit
    There doesn’t appear to be anything noble in their pursuit of this

  5. Problem is,
    So many people proclaiming their version of the truth is the only way.
    More versions of the truth than nits in a gyppo kids hair,
    Grains of sand on a beach.

    Truth is subjective.
    Many times I’ve heard some frothy mouthed headtheball rant about something as truth,
    Yet seems utter bollocks to me.

    Whereas ignorance can be great!!
    I’m ignorant of all modern music, celebrity bollocks,
    Trends and fashions.
    Ignorance can keep you sane .
    It’s a safeguard that filters out the bullshit of the modern world.

    That true that!

    • I note that you’ve used that term ‘gyppo’ again MNC when in fact they are.

      • Infidel @

        I’m also ignorant of correct terms for traveling scum😁

  6. Genuine truth (ie not conjecture,supposition or opinion) is anathema to the weak if it threatens their sacred bubble of existence and must be scorned,ridiculed and cancelled in support of group think. We support our abusers because freedom to analyse and understand opens Pandoras box.
    Stockholm Syndrome unites with cognitive dissonance.
    Follow the money.

  7. Honesty is truth but that would reveal ones hand, so trickery has been the business model that man has refined to fine art.
    Having said that more if not most of the people practice honestly in business it’s just the big corporations bullies that have gotten us up to our necks in their shit war games

  8. The only Truth is that which can be verified by experimental data, everything else is just opinion.

    Truth can change depending on a point of view, this is opinion, my truth is that I think all Muslims are cunts, this is of course just opinion but I believe it to be the truth.

    I will be proved right as the experimental data is coming in all the time and my opinion will become truth and I will have been on the right side of history 😂

  9. ‘Fraid I’m more than happy to be a “truth-dodger”…..The future seems quite bleak enough without facing an absolute…at least as a truth-dodger I can think to myself “Fuck’ll probably never happen”.

    As far as I’m concerned, “knowing the truth” would just be depressing,,,especially when there is probably Fuck-All that I can do about whatever “truth” might be upsetting me.

    I suspect,like many others, I simply couldn’t handle “the truth”. and so I’m perfectly content to remain in blissful ignorance….I’m not some White Knight type who imagines that the truth will set people free and that the world will be a better place for me standing up to be counted….no,I’ll continue to pootle along not knowing and not caring as long as it doesn’t directly concern me.

    I’m a selfish man who really doesn’t give a tuppenny fuck for the bigger picture..that’s my truth.

    • People also never seem to appreciate the satisfaction one feels after successfully getting away with a transgression against a partner or boss by the use of a highly inventive bare-faced lie, delivered with earnest conviction.
      I thoroughly enjoy lying, doing it many times a day, even when I don’t necessarily have to.
      The truth is for gaylords.

  10. Here’s what happens to the truth…….an employee of HSBC bank has been suspended “pending investigations” after describing climate change protestors as “nutters”. Next stop Dachau.

    • Nutters, that is a bit tame, bunch of cunts would be more accurate 😂

      HSBC should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. All I know is that if you had to rely on Al Beebistan for anything resembling the truth then you’d be well and truly fucked.

  12. I’m not interested in the truth, per se, unless it’s something that directly affects me. I’m far too shallow to show an interest in the truth in general. However, I also don’t accept anything at face value.

    ‘Ignorant people are LAZY FUCKING CUNTS.’

    That may be also true, and the proof may well be out there, but be aware that I may not accept it at face value either.

  13. Truth is something that can be hard to understand or too boring to learn, so a lot of people will go with easier to comprehend falsehoods like God made it, or the elite is doing it.
    Give me proof, and I’ll give you my attention.

  14. Funnily I never get into existential knots,
    never get a migraine considering the meaning of life,
    Don’t torture myself over whether I can effect the direction of society,
    I don’t obsess,
    Don’t dwell,
    Don’t worry.

    I’m truly at peace with myself.
    Because I don’t care.

    I’m simple.😁
    My only concern is my family and what’s for tea.

    Ignorance is serenity.
    Truth tends to be ugly!
    I try and stay away from it.
    It’ll get you in trouble..

  15. Following the esteemed Captain Q’s lead
    “You’ve opened the pit
    Honesty is sick
    You try to be honest
    Look what you get
    The food runs short
    And then the money talks
    One way out
    Your premonition is correct”

  16. Anyone talking in public about the “truth” will be a ranter.
    Try it.
    Next time someone on telly goes on about the truth,
    They’ll be angry, earnest, maybe a bit bug eyed?

    What they are really saying is
    ‘Im privy to the truth and you aren’t!
    You should all listen to me!’

    I hear ‘truth’ I’m instantly alert!
    I back away keeping them in view and my hand on my wallet.

  17. Quite possibly the best nomination I have ever read.

    It’s so vague and generalised in it’s wording that it encompasses any, most and all view points, whilst offending none.

    It’s beige but not so beige that it appeals to housing Landlords.

    Everybody on ISAC seems impressed, convinced or complimented by this nom but I have to ask………. what was the meaning behind it? …… or have I both acknowledged the meaning whilst also missing the point entirely?

    • Good question 2ITS! The fundamental question is how do you know what is truth? There must be a standard to compare to. So what is your standard? The Bible? History? Your conscience? Science? The nom leaves this to the reader to determine that and a wise choice must be made. For me the most reliable and absolute source is God. If you are one who craves truth and is objective, you will find it. History is a great source.

      • There once was nothing. Then there was something. A creator had to be there all along to create from nothing, had a reason, and was not himself created.
        I give you that creator- God.

      • Once there was nothing.
        Then suddenly there was something.
        A creator had to be there all along to make that happen and had a reason.
        I give you – God.

      • @Meat Curtains

        Even if your statement proved the existence of a God (spoiler alert……. it doesn’t) then who created God? and who created………….. well I think you get the picture – it’s called infinite regress.

        If existence is a necessary state, then why does it need a creator? You’ve merely violated Occam’s Razor by adding an extra layer of complexity to an already complex question.

        The Kalam Cosmological Argument is a weak, flawed argument which has been done to death.

        Besides, I said prove GOD: your statement only alludes to a prime mover, not a God that intervenes in the universe (it’s the difference between deism and theism).

  18. I think the majority of people go with the “ignorance is bliss” way, because the truth is usually highly unpleasant and knowing it will not lead to the hoped for Nirvana.
    Some wholly awful abuses of power have been uncovered by dogged pain in the arse ranters which would have otherwise have “gone away”, but generally the great unwashed masses are too busy trying to keep the bank account in the black and the motor on the road to burn up too much time and effort on any kind of great quest for knowledge.
    And wait while I find the lying fker who told me as a kid “tell the truth and you won’t get in trouble” – he owes me money cruelly robbed from me by Magistrates for somewhat sporty road behaviour – “And WHY were you riding so fast young Man?”
    “I was hoping to outrun the pigs who were chasing me Ma’am!”.. 🤦‍♂️

  19. Truth won’t set you free but it will get you banged up. Enough of this foolishness! meat curtains is a witch! burn him.

    • Thanks for making my point FF. The truth is a cold cruel bitch if you try to deny, ignore, or fight her. She will win.

      • the truth is what you make of its the saying goes, the truth is recognising oneself for the part they played in that truth and could they have acted differently that would have made the truth easier to bare.
        its a philosophical and a theological question that one deals with constantly throughout ones life regardless of religion.
        You carry the truth throughout because of conscience, that knows you better than yourself.

  20. The truth as I see it Men cannot and do not have babies, if you have a dick and functioning bollocks your male, you may fancy yourself as Jenny with a cock on alternate Saturdays but your beliefs and actions indicate you have a serious mental health problem. Break into my house and if I get hold of a nasty sharp thing you will get hurt. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Magic is the manipulation of energy at the quantum level. Peacefuls ain’t. Kiddy diddlers should be chemically castrated along with peacefuls who groom.

  21. When I comment on a subject, my priority isn’t to prove I’m right, it’s to get at the truth. If someone comes back with something that’s intelligent and which contradicts what I’ve said, I’ll think ‘ Hmm, he’s got a point there, I hadn’t thought of that’ and I’ll reassess my opinion.
    There are people who aren’t capable of doing this. They will cling to their entrenched position even when it makes no sense. They do this to save face, or because they think it’s important to agree with someone in particular. I don’t suck up to anyone on ISAC, or anywhere else for that matter. I say what I think is true and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if it puts me in a minority of one.

    • I applaud your stance Alan. I have noticed you often take a diametrically opposite view on here.
      I just assumed you were a troll*, or Owen Jones and I class m my £5 voucher for advanced self-defence lessons👍

      *only joking, obviously 🤔

    • Allan@ – Well said I say!
      And sometimes being in a minority of one does not prove you are wrong.

    • There is something that’s even better than getting people to waste 80 minutes of their time and countless brain cells and that is if you can answer this question using a flat Earth model:

      – When pointing a camera with a long exposure at either of the celestial poles, why do star trails appear circumpolar and rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere?

      Answer that in a logical, coherent scientific way and I may consider watching the video.

      • Hi, Stink. I couldn’t do it justice in words. I’ll leave it to the much-hated pioneer of modern day flat Earth proselytising, Eric Dubay to explain it in 7 minutes:

        I’m not trying to convert people to the flat Earth movement, it’s just a documentary, the best so far. Even if you disagree with it and you will as there are speculative parts to it, try and enjoy as an example of truth-seeking and free speech which is something we all want to see in this fucked-up world. Peace. See you tomorrow, I’m actually on a YouTube livestream show right now. Cheers.

      • @Le Cunt

        I can’t stand Eric Dubay’s voice which is why I’ve made it a mission to avoid watching his videos.

        You never answered my question, instead you merely advised people to watch the video. That tells me you don’t answer because you won’t answer as you can’t answer.

        If you understood the thing then you’d be able to explain it without referring to an external source.

        Everything about the Earth, the stars, the day and night cycle etc…….. everything can be explained by the Globe model and supported by other scientific fields.

        The only gotcha that Flerfs have is “Na’ah! You can’t see the curve therefore it doesn’t exist! It looks flat therefore it is”……… Yeah well my dick looks huge in a midget’s hand but that doesn’t make it big.

        Considering the overwhelming amount of evidence against Flat Earth, why would anybody bother watching a Flerf video filled with lies and misrepresentations that have been refuted time and time again?

        Seems to me like a cynical, preachy, culty attempt to get clicks, views and ad revenue for your flerf pal’s Youtube channel.

        Fuck off.

      • Jesus. Fair enough. No one is forcing you to watch ANYTHING on the web. It’s just that you seemed to championing the search for truth and free speech, but you seem to have caveats for that.

      • I’ve been looking into what the Earth and Cosmos really are long before flat Earth came along in 2014. I see no irrefutable physical evidence that we live on a globe hurtling through space at Mach 87,000. The “models” of flat Earth, the maps, yes they are garbage and a lot of the people in the flat Earth “community” are annoying as fuck, but on my own merits, I see no evidence in 2022 that we live on what NASA tells. The rest is speculation. The who and why of it all is also speculation. But the fact stands that the ocean is level not curved and that’s the starting point for what the fuck we are really live on or in. Peace, no grudges, please!

      • @Le Cunt

        You are using stock flat Earther terminology. For one, you mentioned NASA: bit of a red flag that you are a flerf.

        You also don’t seem to know the difference between flat and level…….. The Earth’s oceans are both curved AND level.

      • Okay, Stink, you made it clear you are not into this topic. I am, I’ll always be questioning what this reality is and I won’t be going to government agencies and institutes to get the skinny on what this life, this reality is. Peace.

  22. Truth and honesty come woefully low on most people’s priorities. Boris Johnson would never have made it to PM otherwise.

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