Whoopi Goldberg [4]

”Whoopi Goldberg demands apology from Royal Family for slavery”

Yes, this immensely talented and versatile actress has brought her considerable intellect to bear on the slave trade. A few hundred years ago.

Leaving aside the fact that, but for the slave trade:
a) She would be wallowing in an African shithole in poverty and probably dead by now.
b) It was her ancestors that supplied the slaves in the first place.
c) Slavery still exists in the land of her forebears.

What fucking difference does an apology make other than to inflate this stupid cunt’s ego and self importance?

And where the fuck did she get a Jewish name from?

She should stick to shite films and whatever the fuck her talk show does instead of trying to out virtue the appalling Oprah Winfrey.

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  1. Umbongos aren’t my cup of tea (I’m not a zoophile), but if they were, that ugly simian would be at the back of the line. I’d rather stick it in Sasha Johnson’s forehead gravy bowl while rummaging down her adult nappy.

      • Oh to dream. Give me that job in the government and I’ll have you all smiling with contentment within a year.

    • I imagine the late Jimmy Savile is spinning in his grave knowing he missed out on that one!

      • *legs crab-like, he flops his bollocks into her head dent and mutters a stifled “now then, now then” being careful not to be heard and begins to chug himself. As he reaches his crescendo he cries out a urgh e urgh e urgh and waggles his cigar in his left hand”.

    • They like making loud noises don’t they. You ever lived near the chittering bonobos? If they aren’t gibbering pidgin English into a microphone, they’re playing loud music or generally screeching a form of nonsensical proto-language at each other. It all generally translates thus: “me big boss with big penis and me have many females and much shinny objects. Me king of de jungle”. You’ll find all rap lyrics boil down to this primordial message to attract potential she-boon mates.

  2. We’re entering a new age:

    Ice Age
    Stone Age
    Bronze Age
    Iron Age
    Whitey Age
    Darkey Age

    • Followed by the ‘Cleaning up a right fucking mess’ age.

      Although we might get wiped out, when America’s President in 40 years, MC Jazzy Jizz, gets his new clothes dissed off the UK’s PM and top grime artist ‘Tenisha Brap Brap Guntits’.

      Diplomatic negotiation ensure, thus:

      “You gots big mout innit. Me light up yo ass, bitch. Try me fam.’

      “Blud, you gots nuffink. I arks you, why you such ugly punk ass bitch?”

      “Oh you try me? You want some dis” (opens gold suitcase and gets his ‘beeotch’ to press the button).

      “Oh me gots too. I press now and you shirt still pony anyways, blud. Now me take selfie wid my bredren and pretty mushroom cloud in sky behind my ass innit?”

      • I can actually see the hand gestures In my mind’s eye as I read this.

  3. Wasn’t it Britain that brought about the Abolishment of Slavery Act in 1833? And used the Royal Navy to enforce it across the Empire. What an inconvenient truth for these whining money grabbers

  4. If she’s so concerned about slavery perhaps she should be encouraged to Afghanistan to address modern day slavery by the Taliban. There must be a goalpost in a footie stadium somewhere in Kabul missing a decoration.

  5. Wasn’t Ted Danson fucking her at some point? He must have been trying to virtue signal before it was a thing. He was ahead of his time.
    But the things he can’t unsee…
    The stuff of nightmares!

    • Hahaha. The pendulous simian tits, the “pink cushions on a leather sofa” minge, the wire wool-like pubis, the Guy the Gorilla cum face, the veritable miasma of stale Bobby Orange and yams…

      …the horror, the horror.

  6. Hello mate,. Judging by your name, I’ll take a wild guess that you’re an Aussie. Prey tell me, is it true that Aboes are only capable of wandering a around bollock naked with a dry stick? You see, they are teaching kids here that they had immense wealth and an advanced civilisation that whitey stole from them on arrival in Australia and no mention about how whitey built an advanced nation from from nothing.

    • Wow!
      Why on earth would AussieCunt have a single fucking clue if that’s true or not?

      • Totally correct JP. I live in a civilised part of Aussie and would not have a clue how the abos live.None where i live,thank fuck.

  7. Who the fuck does this loud mouthed, washed up n*gn*g think she is? Demand an apology? Go fuck yourself! I bet the virtue signalling cunt has never even been to Africa. Go on, fuck of over there and live in Jo’burg or Mogadishu and see how long you last before you get robbed and murdered by your own kind.

  8. Whoopi Goldberg, I apologise for my ancestors enslaving your race, As an apology I would like to offer you a free flat in the grenfell tower complete with a hotpoint tumble drier. Also included is acting lessons for unfunny african americans from the 1980s on how to be funny, given by mellisa Mccarthy who is also unfunny, but she is white, and still has a career (barely) She is the new whoopi goldberg, suck it it up. Oh wait, how many diversity boxes is whoopi trying to tick for her lack of talent? Jewish black cowboy?

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