Whoopi Goldberg [4]

”Whoopi Goldberg demands apology from Royal Family for slavery”

Yes, this immensely talented and versatile actress has brought her considerable intellect to bear on the slave trade. A few hundred years ago.

Leaving aside the fact that, but for the slave trade:
a) She would be wallowing in an African shithole in poverty and probably dead by now.
b) It was her ancestors that supplied the slaves in the first place.
c) Slavery still exists in the land of her forebears.

What fucking difference does an apology make other than to inflate this stupid cunt’s ego and self importance?

And where the fuck did she get a Jewish name from?

She should stick to shite films and whatever the fuck her talk show does instead of trying to out virtue the appalling Oprah Winfrey.

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93 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg [4]

  1. Obviously the Jewish name is completely fictional as she recently made an arse of herself by claiming the Holocaust was just some disagreement between “white folks” and nothing to do with real racism.
    This old has been can rightly claim to be colour blind as she sees everything in black and white.

    • Yes, it’s not her real name. She said she named herself after a whoopee cushion. She took a German- Jewish sounding last name and for years claimed she had Jewish ancestry, but she hasn’t.

      Sounds like cultural appropriation to me. Whoopee cushions will be deeply offended.

  2. Looking at that photo one thought occurs – she could have become famous years earlier had she lived in Britain and been snapped up by PG Tips to advertise their tea – they could have still let Irene Handel do the voice over. Or Pat Coombs.

  3. An 80s has-been film star desperate to stay relevant some 30 years later.

    This one is clamouring to be another Oprah, you can smell it a mile off. Da Royal Fambly is a cheap shot and she is hoping to ride the coat tails of “Harry and Megan good, British Royal Family bad”.

    She wouldn’t dare demand the same apology from any long-dead, slave-owning American President. How about George Washington for example?

    Fuck off Goldturd, you massive cunt.

  4. Low IQ porch-monkey.

    Relax gentlemen, the woke left is officially in self destruct mode.


  5. We can feel sympathy for the lives of our parents.
    The things that they had to put up with.

    Less so for our grandparents and great grandparents.

    We are incapable of feeling any meaningful sympathy for ancestors going back over many generations.

    People would not be able to function if they were continually tormented by the plight of long dead relatives who lived and died hundreds of year’s ago.

    The anger that these black people feel about the African slave trade is manufactured.
    It is not true emotion.

    They think that they should feel bad about it, so they do, and they reconfirm their manufactured emotions by bringing up the subject as often as they can.

    I’m not playing their game.
    They should shut the fuck up and get on with their lives.

  6. This whole slave trade shit from 200 -300 years ago gets my goat. Deal with the real injustice in the world 🌎 right now. As you say Africa natives supplied the slaves in the first place in this wicked trade. Maybe old Whoopie pants should seek apologies from them.

  7. If she belonged to me as a slave, I would treat her no different to a farm animal that was no longer of any use.
    Send her to the abattoir for slaughter, then buy another chocolate face at the market, we’ll never run out of them, there’s millions of the cunts in Africa.

    • Reminds me of that joke, ….a man walks into a vets waiting room, he sees a blek man with a parrot on his shoulder, oh wow says the man , what a parrot, where did you find him? ….in Africa the parrot replies… there’s millions of the fuckers.

  8. The poor woman…life has dealt her a cruel hand….imagine being both a Sooty and a Front Wheel Skid…. destined to spend your days counting loose change pick-pocketed from KFC customers by your gang of street-urchins.

    Oy Vey…innit Bruv.

  9. Caryn Elaine Johnson (real name) is a cunt of absolutely cosmic proportions. The remarks on the Royal Family, slavery and reparations are just the most recent manifestation of her metaphysical cuntatude.

    The list of her uttered idiocies is too long even for IsaC. But here’s just a few that highlight her incomparable cuntishness:

    1. She was recently suspended from “The View” (an ABC Network talk show) for claiming the Holocaust was not about race. When confronted about the idiocy of her statement she doubled down and said; it’s not about race as African Americans understand it.

    2. After the Demonrats stole the election and Joe Biden was installed as Puppet, Caryn could barely contain her glee. In fact she was so excited, she gushed about Dr. Jill Biden being “…a helluv of a Doctor…” and said she was waiting for her to be named Surgeon General of the United States.

    The only problem is Dr. Jill Biden (as the White House insists she is called) is not a Medical Doctor. She is Ed.D. (a Doctor of Education) whose specialty was the retention of undergraduate students at a local Community College.

    3. It’s had to believe any woman would defend Roman Polanski after he was charged with drugging and raping an underage girl, but Caryn did! In fact after he fled the country Caryn said people were making too much out of the charges…he should be allowed to come back to the states. After all, as Caryn dismissively pointed out…”…it’s not like he committed rape rape.”

    This dumb cunt illustrates the worst of Africunt/Amercunt/Phonywood/Libtard hypocrisy and imbecility. She’s the kind of cunt who gives other cunts a bad name.

    I wish Shaun would name her in the next Deadpool!

    • …and another thing..or two…

      You want an apology and reparations?

      OK…I apologize for not “reparating” your fat, melanin enhanced ass back to Africa…on a slow and leaky boat!

  10. Isn’t it this fat hoary old cunt that denied the Holocaust took place?

    Or it was described as a white man’s problem?

    Shite and the flies upon it.

  11. She’s a black American sleb so as long as the “white folks” are buying into all this slavery guilt bullshit she’s going to ride that horse all the way to the line. She’s probably not bright enough to understand how she is contributing to the exploitation of her own people but she wouldn’t fucking care anyway.

    Funny how nobody mentions the 600,000 Yank whiteys who died fighting each other over the issue of slavery. Who’s going to bung their descendants a bit of compo? No cunt that’s who.

    • Good point Freddie.

      If the IsaC members will allow me a point of personal privilege:

      On the paternal side of my family:

      I am actually distantly related to the real George Armstrong Custer, who fought in the American Civil War (Michigan Calvary) before going out west to get killed by the Indians.

      There were 3 members of my family who fought for the Union (Indiana Infantry). Two were killed and one was promoted after the battle of Gettysburg.

      On the maternal side of my family:

      Two members of my mothers family fought for the Confederacy and survived the war (Tennessee Militia). They fought at Fort Donelson and Fort Henry.* They were not slave holders. They were what used to be called yeoman farmers.

      So where the fuck are my War reparations?

      (The Confederates were defeated at these battles and as there was no formal POW system early in the war many were “paroled” provided they promised to lay down their arms, go home and sit out the remainder of the war.”)

      • ‘Paroled’,? Is that what happened in the second scene of The Outlaw Josey Wales?

        As for Karen, to quote a line from that movie ‘buzzard’s gotta eat, same as the worm’.

    • Very true FF, does she acknowledge the deaths of the British sailors who died fighting against the slave trade. Why does the hideous arsewipe not have a crack at all the peaceful slaving that went on. All those poor bastards dragged out of East Africa,. Most of the men would be debollocked as well so the stories go. A terrible shame that being a complete cunt appears to be a requirement of slebdom. Kick her dumb has-been arse out the fucking door. Fucking embarrassment to humanity.

  12. Real name, Caryn Elaine Johnson, Whoopi is like a wimminz Lenny Henry. Like him, she’s made a career from playing up to black stereotypes and when the work dries up, starts making a new career by biting the hands that fed her. As mentioned above, all this faux grief over slavery and historical racial inequality is engineered to make money and raise profiles. Like climate change, ban the bomb, save the whale, it’s all about what’s in it for them. All feverishly devoured by the msm to fill pages and air time and politicians who think pandering to minority idiots will win them votes. Fuck the lot of them.

  13. Well I for one thought Sister Act was a cinematic masterpiece and that those Germans in the house of Windsor should apologise.

    Then start slavery back up.

  14. I believe she changed her name to ‘Goldberg’ because she thought a four be two name would help her in show business.

    Isn’t that, erm, waycist?

    About as funny as a burning Downs Syndrome orphanage. And she’s one of those dark keys that don’t look evolved an’ all.

  15. Wants to be accepted as a four be two, just because she changed her name (‘I feel Jewish inside’).

    Denies the Holocaust.

    Not the brightest, is old Whoopi.

    A bit like saying, ‘I want to be a Catholic ‘, without going through all the shit needed to do so and then exclaiming, on national television, ‘Mary never existed, Jesus was a cunt and the Pope is a baby blood drinking kiddy diddler.’

    I’m sure the Vatican will make you guest of honour, you daft cunt.

    • If she’s Jewish – circumcise her, then make her spend five years learning the Torah by rote. That should shut her up.

  16. Apart from an apology, what exactly do they want? Some trumped up ‘cost’ figure, compounded up through the years and then divided between the entire black community?
    10p each? 5p for mixed race?
    What a crock.

    • It would never end. The day a British government tries to deduct ‘dark key reparations’ from honkies’ earnings is the day to, erm… give everyone a hug, of course.

  17. If I could have one slave (Goldberg could be my unpaid maid), I’d have to have David Lammy, that great fat arse is just begging for a bare arsed whipping when he fouled the footpath. I’d ignore his screams of “Please don’t whip my ass, boss”. Thirty lashes every day. That should do the trick. It would be good exercise for the s;pouse to learn to use the cat ‘nine tails.

    • ‘The Enslavement Party’? Sounds like s potential vote winner.

      I would’ve had Sasha Johnson but I don’t think she’d be any good doing the garden now. Kehunte Andrews would be my choice.

      “Ah be quick as a can wid those chicklins, Massa, oh lordy, lordy!” (Swish, crack!)

  18. She changed her name to Goldberg to snare poor Sam Malone,she new he had a thing for chunky jewish girls.

  19. Whoopi is living proof that, “the white man” ain’t, “keepin’ da bruthas and sistas down,” as she has been given prominence in showbiz for over 40 fucking years, from stand up, movies and a chat show where she has said the most outlandish shit. She’s worth $60 million, she doesn’t need the money at her age (67) it’s time to can her huge black ass. Tiresome fucking cunt – UNFUNNY cunt, that’s the worst bit, she isn’t funny, the worst crime of all for a comedian.

  20. This BLM bollocks has already gone waaaaaaaay to far, fucking apologise for something that happened hundreds of years ago, whats the point in that, why should i be sorry for something thats well before my time and beyond my control, couple that with the fact that i dont give a flying fuck.
    The royals apologising for slavery is about as pointless as Lilly Mong Allen apologising to illegal immigrants in Calais.
    Whoopee cushion should be asking the fucking Americans for an apology, but then she classes herself as American so that dosnt fly, not to mention Rome, Egypt, South America, Iran,Irac , Arabs, Africa itself, , these self pitying fucks need to have a rethink about a new reason to moan…..cunts im sick of hearing it, fuck off

  21. On the positive side, she was just about bearable as a bit player in Star Trek TNG. But that was 24 years ago. Can’t think of anything else remotely positive to say about this steaming heap of dogshit.

  22. See some Khaaaant in Jamaica recently suggested we give £6 BILLION as some kinda compensation to de darkeys for de whitey bad behaviour.

    How about this you dreadlock rasta cunt, put you money where you mouth is and donate some of you cash.

    The irony is we don’t cite all the racism they show us by colonising parts of the country and making us feel like foreigners, especially in parts of Londonistan.

    I am getting pig sick of all of this, getting a little bit too much, Didn’t we educate most of these cunts anyway, they’d still be throwing spears at each other and cooking up their brothers in gumbo pots if it wasn’t for us.

    More to the point, some darkey’s got very rich from the slave trade and most of the Africaaaan countries are happy to buy weapons off us so they can control their own people so don’t start giving it the fucking biggun.

    Put your money where your mouth is you slag, fuck off or shut up. Most of your wealth has come from de white man, you hypocritical hippo.

    • Six billion buys an awful lot of ganja!

      The Six Billion Dollar Rasta!

  23. 0.5% (0.7%) GDP flushed away each year in fucking reparations, time to drop it to 0.0%


  24. Have some fucking respect, this is Guinan you’re dissing here….she’s a member of the Q Continuum and will send your wrinkly asses to Borg space if you dare to question her dubious knowldge of slavery, black right etc etc

  25. Do a swap, all feargal sharkeys in South Africa move to UK, all of the UK whites move to South Africa ,see how that pans out 20 years from now.
    The tree swinging prannet.

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