Dead Pool [244]

Blimey that was a quicky (If you will pardon the pun)

Congratulations to Captain Quimson who correctly predicted the demise of the veteran Hollywood actor Nehemiah Persoff.Persoff died today aged 102 and starred in many Classic Films such as On The Waterfront , The Harder They Fall , Some Like it Hot , Yentyl and many more.Persoff was 102 and turned to painting in his later years following a stroke.

On to Deadpool 244

The rules.

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will die next.It is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations from previous pools.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No switching names mid pool unless they have already been taken.

5)Please check your names haven’t already been nabbed as we cant be arsed to check.

########## New clarification. Pool victories will be awarded in order of death announcements being made. Otherwise it becomes too complicated as there are time differences in different countries and if a death is announced a week later that is potentially 3 or 4 pools that get cancelled out and I personally cant be arse to deal with all that .Any massive objections let me know in the comments.(Shaun)

71 thoughts on “Dead Pool [244]

  1. Julie Goodyear
    Barbara Knox
    Stan Bowles
    Jane Rossington
    Ratko Mladic

  2. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Eve Marie Saint
    Gary Glitter

  3. Eddie Stobart
    David Hockney
    Benjamin Ferencz
    Annette Crosbie
    Alan Greenspan.

    Nice work, Captain Q.

  4. Irene Papas
    Roger Corman
    Norman Jewison
    Nigel Starmer Smith
    James Baker*

    *US businessman & politician (Treasury Secretary under Reagan, Secretary of State under Bush Snr and White House Chief of Staff under both).

  5. Fook me ! You go out to earn an honest crust, come home to find out someone’s made off with your Nehemiah and he croaks almost immediately.
    What a cunt.
    Stanley Baxter
    Bill Ward
    John Astin
    Dickie Davies
    Ray Reardon
    Bang on, CQ.

    • You could always submit an appeal, Jack. Persoff actually died yesterday but news only broke today. It could be argued, therefore, that under the “die next” rule you actually beat Shaun to win DP243 as his nom, Zhirinivsky, only died today.
      However, late breaking news of a death only screws things up in running the DP so winning on the principle of first death declared is probably the only way to go and you’ll have to make do with a moral victory.

      • He still wins Dead Pool 243 though.I try to get the pools out as quick as I can but inevitably the delay in reporting means not every pool has always been in chronological order of death.Plus Persoff died Tuesday but we have no idea of the time of the death.He died in Califonia which is 8 hours behind us in the UK.Moscow on the other hands is 3 hours ahead and without knowing Zhirinovsky`s time of death there is no way I can decipher which one conked first so giving it in order with reporting seems a good compromise.

        Think I might put a disclaimer on the next pool that it is in order of death reports as it always has been to some extent unless anyone has massive objections.

        I personally can`t be arsed to open up the can of worms that comes from making it first death as you will get too many ties arguments about timezones and rewriting several pools if a death is announced several days later.

      • @Shaun. I don’t blame you.
        Keep it simple.
        Anyone objects.
        Invoke the Judge Dredd principle.
        ‘ I Am The Law ‘ 😀

      • Apolgogies Jack does lose the victory as the nomination was nabbed which is permissable under the rules.

        Commiserations and better luck next time.Thank you for being a good sport lad.

        As Sir Limpy righly said recently the beauty of dead pool is there is always the next one.

    • That fucking Russian cunt was living on borrowed time. Once Shaun calls your name you better get right with Jesus because your number is up.

      As for Captain Q…he saw a target rich environment and was quick on the trigger.

  6. Good shot Capt. Q

    The hot actress edition:

    Heather Locklear
    Jane Merrow
    Sophia Loren
    Connie Booth
    Hayley Mills

      • I am indeed Mr. Twatt.

        John Cleese wasn’t the only one who was distracted by “Fawlty Titties.”

      • PS: I bet her accent gave you the little big horn too, eh? Go on, admit it.

      • Agreed Ruff. I just used that because it was a funny reference. By the way…she was an American…born in Indiana.*

        What we in the Great Midwest used to refer to as farm bred, corn fed p*ssy…even though she was born in the city of Indianapolis.

        (*I was also born in Indiana.)

      • Interesting. You learn something new every day.

        Did she have an American accent in Flowery Twats? It’s so long ago I can’t remember.

      • Hey Ruff,

        As I remember her accent in Farty Towels was pretty nondescript. But I too haven’t seen the show in a while so I could be wrong. Regardless, she was a babe even if she was speaking swahili.

  7. David Beckham
    Victoria Beckham
    Brooklyn Beckham
    Romeo Beckham
    Harper Beckham

  8. Richard O’Sullivan
    Dennis Waterman
    Sally Thomsett
    Paula Wilcox
    Tessa Wyatt

  9. John Carpenter
    Al Leong
    Derren Nesbitt
    Michael Berryman
    Tom Atkins

    Congrats Captain…

  10. Henry Kissinger
    Mel brooks
    Bob barker
    Deborah James
    Raul Castro

    Good darts qc

  11. John Williams (Composer)
    James Galway
    Roger Whittacker
    Bill Oddie
    Sylvia Sims

  12. Clint Eastwood
    Phil Collins
    Eric Clapton
    Marky Ramone
    Alexi navalny

  13. Colin Jeavons
    Doreen Mantle
    Michael Barratt
    Jet Black
    Olivia Newton John

    Good shot, Captain!

  14. William Shatner.
    Bill Wyman.
    June Lockhart.
    Patricia Krenwinkel.
    Gerald Harper.

  15. Willie Nelson
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Mickey Gilley
    Rob burrows ( rugby league )
    Tom smith( rugby Union)

  16. Freddie Foreman
    Sammy Gravano
    Eddie Richardson
    John Gotti Junior
    Paul Sorvino

  17. Glynis John
    Jimmy Carter
    Eleanor Roselynn Carter
    Leslie Phillips
    Gudrun Ure

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