Welsh, Gifted and Black

Identity: What does it mean to be Welsh?

Well, according to the BBC, black, innit.

This particular black family from London temporarily living in rural Wales were so Welsh that:

”It was difficult finding anyone who knew how to work with afro-textured hair so a hairdresser from over the border in Hereford would travel to see the family at home, her mother, who remains in the family home, found a man in Bristol who could order in Jamaican ingredients, and finding somewhere that stocked her favourite Caribbean drink sarsaparilla was a regular mission.”

Didnt think to try Cardiff were we have black people who are really Welsh not some London cunts looking for racism? Perhaps we should ship black hairdressers to Brecon cos she’s entitled, innit.

This fucker lived in Wales for 9 years. That does not make her Welsh. I have lived in England for longer than I lived in my birth country. That does not make me English. However, not being black, I have no problem with being asked where I am from.

Why do these cunts always have a chip on their shoulder?

No Welshism from English cunts please.

Chiggun. With faggots and peas. (culturally appropriated from the West Country)


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66 thoughts on “Welsh, Gifted and Black

  1. Whats her problem?
    Welsh is just spitting and a chippy attitude.
    And talking with a Pakistani accent.
    Its easy!

    Afro hairs no different to Brillo pads or coconut matting,
    Surely even the welsh can do something with it?

    Go to the nearest farm when theyre shearing the sheep

    • I specifically asked for no Welshism. Very disappointed in you.

      Question is, do you have the horn over the thing on the right of the picture? – NA.

    • Ah, look you see now, see now you look Mis.

      It isn’t easy for your average hairdresser to recreate all of the wonderful afro fashions that we see adorning the bonce of our efnik cousins in Londonistan.

      The A bomb, the brillo puff, rope-a-dope, shit snakes, Court jester and exploded parrot to name but a few, can only be recreated by a seasoned professional in a dodgy back street boutique. Where a visit increases your chances of being perforated like a tea bag or gunned down in a mistaken identity drive by go up 1000%

      • See, she goes to Wales and EXPECTS it to be stocked with things she likes/needs.
        Because that’s her privilege.
        I go to Wales and want Hendos.
        It’s shock and horror!

      • Strange you should say that, Mis.

        I was considering trimming my pubes this weekend and subconsciously, the idea of whipping out the black and decker hedge trimmer sprung to the fore.

  2. This young lady was, I believe, born in England. So she’s English. Her skin colour matters not a jot.

    If she wants to settle in Wales, buy property there, work there, pay council tax there then I think she’s entitled to call herself Welsh if she wants to. Presumably she wouldn’t call herself Welsh if she didn’t like Wales and wasn’t proud of her association with Wales.

    She’s entitled to call herself Welsh as much as Tom Jones. What the boyos in the valley don’t like is that she’s English.

    Don’t worry. I’m fetching my coat.

    • I disagree: she has made her “African heritage” her primary trait, showing absolutely none of the better English values.

      A race grifter, quoting from the CRT handbook.
      She is, therefore, a CUNT👎

  3. Tom Jones has afro hair.
    Find out which hairdresser he uses.
    Shes sorted.

    Her problem is laziness.
    Whats us to sort out her hair issues for her.
    The welsh cunt.

      • I did think long and hard about it but such a chance doesn’t come everyday.
        There’s a pub in Manchester with a bronze statue of LS Lowry and a Canadian asked me who he was?
        A painter says I.
        What did he paint was the next question.
        Fucking hell I’d waited a lifetime for that.
        I gave a splendid virtuoso.
        He painted matchstalk men and………etc
        They still talk about it in folklore.

        That is true. You can’t argue with seizing the rare oppo when it presents itself. Did you explain to the Canadian what sparking clogs and smokey tops were? Whatever happened to Brian and Michael? You’d think after their ‘hit’ they’d be ready for stadium tours and the like. – NA.

      • A Lowry painting is the perfect tool to shut down all this bullshit about “black British history”

  4. So,
    Where’s Meibion Glyndŵr and their boxes of matches and petrol cans when you really, really need them, then?

    Just as dogs born in a stable aren’t horses, the same applies to vermin, either born there or who take up residence.

    • How about a black horse born in a stable occupied by white horses?

      Would that make it a horse, or some other species?

      Asking for a friend.

      • So glad you asked…

        Ok, I’ll admit it, it was a bad bloody setup hoping someone would ask a question along those lines, just for an excuse to inflict this on someone else, just as some scrumpy slurping cunt of an IT wonk inflicted it upon me earlier yesterday and it fucking earwormed itself…

      • Mr Ed, fucking marvelous show. He got all the best lines too.
        When Wilbur asked him why he wouldn’t speak when his neighbour Roger was around Ed replied “I don’t talk to cynics”
        So so good

  5. And shes moaning about hikers assuming shes not a local…
    Well she isnt.
    She was from London.
    The moaning cunt.

    Id of assumed shed escaped from Colwyn bay zoo and alerted a farmer so he could fetch his shotgun.

  6. As mixed myself plus gay, I should be a victim card gold +++++ member. If such a thing existed I would never need to use it unless I am a victim seeking narcissist. It is laughable and sad that the media take such cunts seriously. If any group are at a disadvantage it’s the white working class. There are so many sneering, virtuous middle class shit stains about these days. I attend a very good university and have to interact with such types. I’ve got so many ulcers from all the biting my tongue. I do try to follow the old adage if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all. But with these cunts it’s so difficult. I was lectured by a straight queer twat, she (they as they like to be referred to) even has a boyfriend, this is what they call themselves so they can gain access to the victim wankers club. I responded saying, ‘no you are a straight person who is wants to be queer because it’s a fad, darling in 20 years you will be married with children, get over it’. This retard said they are asexual, to which I said in my day we called this frigid! I walked off with the person foaming at the mouth. Cannot stand these types, it must be unpleasant for them to constantly smell their own shit. Utter cunts.

    “This retard said they are asexual, to which I said in my day we called this frigid!” – that’s classic! Well played, QC – NA.

    • “As mixed myself plus gay”. You’re just what we need on ISAC, Black and White Cunt seems to have disappeared and our resident gays Krav and Minced Pie Guy aren’t around either.

      • Please register your details with IsACs head of Diversity and Inclusion, Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler.

        I now have coffee all over my screen. Thanks for that – NA.

      • Mince Pie Guy still posts now and again. Last I heard he’d made up with Bent Dennis.

        Krav, on the other hand, is toast.

        Welcome aboard Qüeercunt.

        Btw, Admin, is qüeer still a moderation trigger word?

        It is indeed, RTC. – NA.

  7. I can think of a place she can go where they stock all things Carribbean and have a good Carribbean heritage. And it’s only a five or six hour flight away.

  8. What a surprise it must be to these people to find that parts of the UK are not interested in conforming to immigrants’ demands, like their manor the way it is, and rightfully expect any newcomers to respect the British way of doing things.
    Don’t like Welsh hairdressers? Fuck off to Somalia, and get it done there.

  9. I’ve never heard Shirley Bassey grumble about being Welsh and of mixed race. Bust unlike these whingers, she’s worked her socks off and made something of her life.

  10. Are we sure that she’s not an escapee from the primate enclosure at the splendid Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay?
    She needs to be set after by someone with a blunderbuss and pith helmet.

    • Thomas, you daft racist!
      Colywn Bay Zoo?

      It is obvious from her description of being “Hinnglishh” that “her” is from from “Monkey World”, in Cornwall.

      I trust this clears up any confusion👍

  11. Why is it people think they are entitled to be accommodated in every way they wish? Life has challenges and difficulties.
    Example: I didn’t check the weather this morning and didn’t know a cold front was coming. I am now stuck on an out of town job with only shorts and a t shirt on. I don’t expect the police to bring me a coat. I must suffer because I was stupid.
    Carry on and shut the fuck up. Adapt. Evolve. Well nevermind.

  12. What a load of pretentious fucking bullshit. This bitch has been to university and been brainwashed with wokiness. So suddenly she’s a victim, poor little me. I’ve never read such a load of self pitying piffle in all my life.
    I quite like that word…..”piffle”. I might use it more often. Anyway, message to foreigners……don’t like it here then fuck off and don’t come back. We’ve got plenty of grasping gimmigrants to take your place.

  13. My dear old mum was from the Rhondda valley.
    She told me this story , when the GI’s were in the valleys back in WW2 it was the first time anyone had seen a dar key . All these Taffs thought it awful that they were running loose but that didn’t stop Welsh women from having pickaninny babies while there husbands were away fighting.

  14. It’s quite amusing these primate types seem to always conform to their own stereotypes.

    Just like the black mamma slave in Tom and Jerry.

    Fuck off to Eritrea and moan about that . They’ll cut the cunts head off.

  15. She’s obviously a Mental..nobody in their right mind would be Welsh by choice….probably a wow with the Taffs when she announces that her name is “Baa Baa Black Sheep”

    Max Boyce is a Cunt.

  16. I hope to fuck her stay IS temporary. Rural Wales is one of the few places not infested with the simian cunts

  17. They love to play the victim, she has banged the BLM drum to death [excuse the punn], and now they are looking for a new reason to have a whine, shut the fuck up, no one cares, in Wales a Nigerian accent is more commmon than a London accent, you can see the butts switching off as soon as they hear, KFC family bucket for three nineney nine innit….

  18. My prospective from across the Pond is that black people identifying as white people could be a good thing…especially, if they start behaving like white people. After all;

    “There’s a black sheep in every flock.” – Welsh proverb.

    • Good Afternoon General C👍

      Sadly, in the United Kingdom, it is often white children who imitate black culture👎

      • Hey CG,

        The same is true here in the states. You see a lot of white kids listening to rap music but you never see a black kid playing hockey.

        Back in the day we used to call them Whiggers.

  19. Why would someone Welsh want Jamaican food, what’s wrong with Leeks.

    Not born in Wales, cannot be Welsh, can’t play footy or rugby unless there is some Welsh in the ancestry. Cunts who are born outside the UK and get British citizenship can choose their home country (Rahim Sterling), they should be allocated Wales, that would stop the cunts coming here 😂

    Even when these cunts are ‘integrated’ they still want identify as Black something, ffs, thank fuck I don’t have to deal with cunts anymore.

  20. The beautiful and fragrant Mrs Cunter is black.
    Where we live she is the only black person.
    We can go to larger towns and perhaps see other black people, but more than often we will see none.

    She has a large group of friends due not only to her sports, but also to her natural friendly, outgoing nature.

    None of them are black.

    With more than 30 years of marriage behind us I have learned a lot about black people in general.

    I have never met a black girl that couldn’t do her own hair…… Expertly.

    It’s black men that usually use black hairdressers.

    I have been to many family homes and celebrations in the past in London and the surrounding areas.
    I have never seen the drink sarsparilla and having just asked Mrs Cunter she has heard of it but has no idea of what it tastes like. She also has no friends or family that she would say has ever brought it.

    Most things that we want can be brought here in our part of Spain.
    She can be creative with her cooking and can make Caribbean food using ingredients readily available from any local supermarket, but she seldom bothers as she prefers Mediterranean cuisine.

    This moaning bitch ought to consider using Amazon to order up anything that she can’t buy in the local shops.
    They will deliver sarsparilla and spices to her door.

    It’s what we do if we can’t find what we want.

    • Hey TAC,

      I like your post and can completely relate. Despite some of my snarkier posts, many cunters might be surprised (and some might remember) that the love of my life was a black woman. We were together for over 12 years and I agree with many of your observations.

      The truth of the matter is, people of character develop their character regardless of the amount of melanin they possess.

      • Too true, there is cunt of every shade of colour, and a cunt is cunt wherever they come from or identify as. For me the abiding metric is rank hypocrisy, followed by stupidity.

      • Absolutely👍

        I put ALL people into two categories:

        Decent folk or cunts.

        I “cunt” cunts🤔

  21. What pisses me off, on TV, the black fuckers touring the country narrating its history and social development, and speaking of “our Heritage” and “our History” They have fuck all to do with either !! And…to pose the question “If Harold had failed, what would our country look like today! ? NO fucking [edited] for a start !

    There are trigger words which get comments moderated. You can probably guess what some of them are. – NA.

  22. I don’t normally click any link to the bbc, but I did for this one. I am having a nice pint in the pub and this started to make me feel ill.

    Fucking whinging tossers.
    Asking someone where they’re from is waycist.
    Fuck Right Off.

  23. Welsh coal miners stained thier skin and lungs black making Britain a world empire.
    That’s a true British person, work hard and give it your all. Look no further for the real black history of this land

    • David Lammy says “Cheddar Man” was a dark-key.
      Therefore Africunts were here before whitey.

      The stupid, delusional, fat fucking Jaffa cake eating, tea-swigging-removal-man.

  24. The article is multiculti claptrap. The Future of Wales is the same for all people living in Wales; earning £15k a year and speaking Elvish.

  25. If this is the quality of totty now available in Wales, Cuntstable will be heading back to the valleys from the ghastly north quicker than Charlotte Church eats a kebab.

    Freedom for East Anglia.

    • I DO love to see Chubby Charlotte noshing a kebab, gives me the ‘orn right proper.

    • I would have thought a more pressing concern would be freedom for Australia, now that it’s turned into a totalitarian police state.

      Melbourne isn’t it Mike?
      Has lock down ended over there yet?

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