Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (2)

Thank fuck this silly tart has been released. Perhaps we won’t have to put up with her fucking husband giving his woe is me speech. I have no doubt she will go back to Iran at some point and the dozy cow will get arrested (again) and locked up again.

Suggestion for hubby, fucking grow a pair and tell her no more visits to the mad mullahs.

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Nazanine Razzy Ratcliff/ whatever the fuck is back, i have been sick of hearing this cunts name for the last 6 years, she,s back she wants a week of privacy to try and reconnect with her family and then she,s going to be ear fucking us all for the next 7 years im sure.

700 million pounds down and we have back our new immigrant who isnt even a Brit ffs, she has gone over to that fly blown shit hole, allegedly spied, spread propaganda [ all denied of course ] got locked up, no smoke without fire i think and now her husband, who has been spanking the monkey for 6 years is reunited [ i hope she is worth it] how long till the divorce i wonder.

This fucker will be on the news non stop, i wonder how long it will be before she announces she is going back there, money well spent, excuses about paying debts for tanks in the 70,s is how bungling Boris is spinning this story, add it to the council tax scare crow boy.

Well im so pleased we have her back, fucking ecstatic, ffs, welcome back to our new cunt…..

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  1. She’s in for a pleasant (for her) surprise on returning to Blighty. She’s going to find the country has filled up with hoards of goat fuckers in the last 6 years, so she should feel right at home.

    • Remember though, that these goatfuckers are more likely to be fans of the people who locked her up in the first place…

      She might not be that happy to see more of these cunts ‘back home’.

  2. Don’t worry, she is going to be the new Kate McCann, book deals lined up to the rafters. Won’t be the last we hear from this British Passport holder.

  3. Note how we are supposed to relate to “Nazanine” as if she was one of our relatives whose name you mention and everyone knows who you´re talking about. I guess the media got fed up reporting real news in Ukraine and went back to business as usual.

  4. I don’t mind or her husband.

    It’s alleged that through her teaching of journalism she was spreading pro-western propaganda. In which case, good for her for trying to bring enlightenment to one of the most backward, tyrannical and barbaric governments on Earth. Bit of a lost cause, though.

    The alternative view is that she was held hostage due to a debt dispute between the UK and Iranian governments over the payment of tanks. Either way she was caught in the middle.

    It was certainly foolish of her to go there in the first place.

    • A well considered and balanced post, MMCM.

      She wasn’t teaching Iranians journalism (that idiot Boris said that getting his facts wrong when he was foreign secretary, thereby giving the terrorist state of Iran a further excuse for keeping her hostage even longer). At worst she was filing a report for The Independent (I think) whilst visiting her parents.

      She wasn’t a spy, as the Iranians initially alleged, and even if she was a spy she’d be one of our spies, and as such the British government would have owed her a duty of care and protection.

      Her husband may come over as a soppy cunt, but if she were my wife I’d move Heaven and Earth to secure her release.

      No way can I side with a corrupt Islamic totalitarian terrorist state at the expense of my fellow British citizens, even if one of them does happen to be an immigrant. Clearly xenophobia trumps Islamism for many here.

      I’ll get my coat.

  5. The UK should have just revoked her British Passport, the rags heads would have been fucked, an Iranian allegedly spying for a foreign power, if it were true she would never have seen the light of day ever again.
    It was all bullshit from the start and the foreign office should have just ignored it, the rag heads were playing on all the attention

    All this is just another reason no rag head or P*ki should ever be given British citizenship ever again…. They are nowt but trouble!

  6. Another foreigner getting mixed up in easily avoided trouble that we’ve never heard the last of.

    I wonder why this cunt has suddenly been released?
    Much more to it than meets the eye.

    Anyhow our country is infested with vermin and our Great Leaders seem hell bent on allowing many many more in.

    Much more trouble ahead,with shite like this Persian spy in the vanguard.


  7. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratbag will probably need a week to have a good shave and a bath and to try to teach duckie hubby Richard that it goes round the front and not down the back passage (bugger Lord Adonis for teaching him that).
    I love the way that her local MP, Labour Tulip is trying to muscle in, suggesting this wretched womans release is down to her and not Liz Truss – not doubt another bit of history Qweer Charmer will interfere with, given time.

    I suspect now – and always have – that this woman was up to something – I can’t understand why they didn’t just give her 40 lashes or 12 strokes of the birch (whichever the more painful) and then deport her. In the same way when Mandy and the “boys” mince over there next time, I hope they get caught in a compromising situation, so they can enjoy a taste of the cat. It is a chedap, effective punishment for cunts and wankers.

    • From the pics looks like she flew back private jet. I am sure she had a nice couple of days in a 5 star hotel.

  8. Whenever I hear this bint’s name mentioned, I immediately think of an upstairs floor with a balcony.

  9. There is no such thing as “British Iranian” – one or the other, not both.
    Nazanin Zaghari travelled to Iran on the pretext of a Family wedding, and was officially warned not to engage in “sedition or acts against the Iranian regime” by the mad mullahs before she went – advice she promptly ignored as she arrogantly believed that being married to a British “Man” would give her protection – Jellyfish Johnson in one of his classic blunders let the cat out of the hijab as to exactly what she was up to in Iran.
    She dug her own grave by pissing off islamic nutcases in their own Country, and had nobody but herself to blame.
    Sorry for sounding mean, but that’s the long and short of it.
    And where was the £400 million bribe when an English gentleman and vast estate owner was wrongfully deported from Greece just for being more sartorially attired and less hairy than the locals? – Smacks of double standards to me! 😀

    • She is “British Iranian” insomuch as she has dual citizenship. She became a British citizen in 2013, but continued to use her Iranian passport when visiting her parents in Iran accompanied by her daughter. She uses her British passport for all other international travel.

      • She is “British Iranian” insomuch as she has dual citizenship. She became a British citizen in 2013, but continued to use her Iranian passport when visiting her parents in Iran accompanied by her daughter. She uses her British passport for all other international travel.

    • Fuck. in moderation. A couple of letters went astray in my email address. I am a cunt.

  10. Her husband looks too similar to David Cameron for my liking. Good noms today, one cunt who can’t shut up about her husband and another cunt who cant shut up about his wife.

    • The gay little cunt whined to me about his missus LL id tell him to shut his fuckin gob.
      Id say

      “Look you mewling little twat I couldn’t give a fuck!
      Shes where she belongs,
      Getting fingered for Rizla papers in Iranian Strangeways.
      Now fuck off.
      Oh and take that scarf off you Ducky little toilet trader.”

      • Spot the cunt –

        1. Mans wife and mother of his children is kidnapped and held hostage in a smelly third world tyranny for five years. He relaxes on his sofa, opens a six pack and says “sod her”.

        2. Mans wife and mother of his children is kidnapped and held hostage in a smelly third world tyranny for five years. He does everything in his power, night and day, to get her back and pressurise the government into acting.

        Hmmmm……shouldn’t be that difficult to answer.

      • Or 3) well connected spy allowed to swan about by her husband causing trouble in shitholes gets caught.
        He screams the place down.
        Soft PM capitulates,
        We pay the ransom.

        Id of forgotten her within a fortnight.

      • If she was our spy then it’s right we move heaven and earth to get her back as she was doing her duty for the UK.

        But.., naahh…I don’t believe she was a spy. Just naive.

      • Precisely. But some people will believe anything an Islamist terrorist regime tells them if it panders to their prejudices.

  11. I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with “C”.


    She certainly is🤔

    • Ninetynine ziggy Ratface is institutionalised now.

      A proper jailbird.
      If I was that ducky darling husband of hers id sleep with one eye open!

      Why shes liable to sexually assault him with a sharpened toothbrush to his throat.
      Oh my!!😮

      How much has that cost to secure a deal?
      Fuckin millions.
      Same washes up on beaches in dinghies everyday.
      Fuck her and her bender husband.

    • I spy a spy.

      “Hello darling, welcome home. Fancy a shag?”

      “Yes. But erm… could you put on an old raggy dress and shout parts of the Quoran to make me feel more at home?”

  12. A mūzzie Dobby the house elf. Send her back to al-Hogwarts.
    What sort of white man marries a carpet rider? He should get the birch or a lick o’ the cat, the fucking traitor.

  13. She’s coming home, they shouted in the media. No, she was already home, now she’s in a foreign country and only the wokies want the bitch here. Nice cushy job at the BBC coming up I reckon.

    • Nah, first :-
      BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, Kay Burley, This morning, C4 news, Loose Women, The one show, Tonight with Julie Etchingham, Panorama, Newsnight, Graham Norton, Question Time, Celebrity Bake Off, Dancing on Ice, The great british sewing bee, Woman’s hour, Desert island discs, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, Strictly, Countdown, Pointless, Top Gear, 1 to 1 interview with Emily Maitlis or Kirsty Wark.

      Then 1 year paid script consultant for 4 part BBC docu-drama “Nazanin”

      Then high paid job with Amnesty International

      Book deals; “Nazanin – my story”
      “Richard Radcliff – my struggle”
      “Nazanins Iranian Bakes”
      “Nazanins Iranian home cooking”
      “Coping in captivity”
      “There and back again – my mental journey”
      “Nazanin : the un-told story”

  14. £700 million of taxpayers’ money to get her back ? It only cost the taxpayer £10 million to pay off Prince Andrew’s tart..that’s the thing about our wunnerful Royal family…such good value.

    PS….If this Nazanin old Bag is worth that kind of money, this Country must be sitting on a fucking goldmine with the amount of ugly imported Sows that infest our cities….get in touch with Pakistan,tell them that we’ve got a special offer on and will send them 500,000 smelly trouts for a tenner.

    • I don’t know where the OP gets the figure of £700million from, the true figure is £400million and is money we owed Iran from the 1970s when we cancelled their order of 1,500 Chieftain tanks (paid for) after the Shah was deposed and the Islamic extremists seized control.

      The Ratcliffe woman was merely an unfortunate pawn caught up in a far bigger game.

  15. Why would you marry an Iranian? Couldn’t he have got a Thai bride that can suck a rugby ball through a hose pipe?

    • 700million for that.
      Fuck me👎
      If anyone had any doubts about Boris and his dealings in the game, this should fuckin confirm what a absolute twat he is.

      Like to play cards with the bellend!
      Id own his fuckin house with 3hrs.
      Could of bought every moustachioed women in iran for that and still have 650million in your pocket.
      Fuck me☹️

      What a deal.

  16. Watch out cunters, as we approach May the McCann’s (Madeline’s not the potato chip family will be fighting for too spot on telly box.

    How much money have us taxpayers spanked looking for something that doesn’t exist?

  17. The only prison stories I want to read about are about The Krays not some nosey cunt who should have minded her own business. She’ll rinse this for every rupee she can get.

  18. What’s the difference between a guppy fish and an Iranian woman? One’s got bulbous eyes and is slimy, the other one’s a fish.

  19. I had that Richard Ratcliffe in my cab the other day. I told him “Richie, Richie, Richie, you know what your problem is? You care about your wife and daughter, you actually give a fuck about them. Most men would give their eye-teeth to see their trouble and strife banged up safely in an Iranian hellhole – what an opportunity! And that’s why most decent, upstanding, Christian men and women and gender neutral fuckwits see you as a CUNT Richard, and why you’ve received so little sympathy from ISAC (the UK’s premier social media site) for doing everything in your power to get the mother of your child released from that living hell. You’re a fucking loser mate…. get out the cab! I said GET OUT THE CAB!”

    He got the message alright, don’t you worry about that cunters. 😉

    • Exactly Ruff. I don’t understand why everyone is so anti her husband. He’d be a cunt if he didn’t do everything in his power to get her back.

      • Interview with Richard Ratcliffe.

        INTERVIEWER: “What’s the worst job you ever had?”
        R. RATCLIFFE: “Turning tripe for Miserable Northern Cunt.”

    • Hehe, I bet he found his balls after that little episode 😂

      ‘Now look here Mr RTC, the foreign office told me to keep quiet but I couldn’t do it so I though maybe sounding like a right pussy would have some sway with the Revolutionary Guard’
      ‘Now she is back I am going to give them a piece of my mind, ooops I just soiled my panties, sorry’

    • I agree Ruffy.

      Still that won’t pacify the baying mob on here who think he’s a C U Next Tuesday….well…. because they said so.

      Let’s not forget the Honey Monster stepped in made this worse for her. (I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise).
      Her husband was surprisingly calm about that. I’d have lost my mind and gone all Bryan Mills on the blond bungler if it had been my wife.

  20. I’m surprised that the media were allowed access to the airport on her return, I would have expected her to be whisked away to GCHQ for a debriefing with her handler.

  21. Don’t worry peeps, come May the focus will switch to the McCann’s.

    Lot of money the taxpayer has spunked on something that does not exist…

  22. If Boris had given them their money back instead of spending it on decorating his flat, they wouldn’t have bothered the poor woman. His interest-free loan cost her six years of her life and now she’s all dried up. Hope she sues him.

  23. Richards hunger strike was a embarrassment.

    Lasted about 4hrs.

    Struggled from dinner to teatime.
    Broke down sobbing and ate a box of mr kiplings french fancies.

    Wannabe Bobby Sands

  24. Sorry chaps.
    This silly bitch, perfectly exemplifies that old adage:

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

  25. Rich upper middle class woman spends Five years on hoilday. Comes home to countless book, newspaper deals and all the money it will bring her. I’d spend five years in a Iranian womans prison and hotels for a few million.
    Good days work…

  26. Should have left her there , be on every shitty daytime chat show for as long as we’ll remember, she’s a wrong un, got caught out and now us taxpayers will be paying to keep her Iranian backside nice and comfortable forever and more , proper cunt .

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