Tyre Extinguishers

Lordy where to start on this latest round of Eco lunacy.

(Link provided by legal eagle Night Admin – NA)

Well I guess the claims on their ‘leaderless’ website is a good start.

‘SUV’s are a climate disaster’. If SUV’s were a country they’d be the 7th largest polluting country in the world’.

It’s hard not to really laugh at that. Fuck knows how they came to that conclusion but I’m left thinking wouldn’t it be better to take the fight to real countries like China, India, Brazil et al rather than pretending SUV’ are a country. FFS.

‘Air pollution is racist’. Jeez it takes a massive leap of faith to even believe this is worth any scrutiny but let’s have a go.

Apparently it’s only ‘people of colour’ that live in the most deprived areas that have the most toxic air and SUV drivers tend to be richer and therefore tend to be white.

That’s a quote lifted verbatim from their website.

No stats, no referencing just at best a totally bigoted assumption.

Try driving around Birmingham’s deprived areas where the people of colour all seem to have a 15 year old Range Rover, X5 or Q7 on their makeshift drives.

But being from the real world one thing I’ve noticed over the last 20 years or so is that the most deprived areas tend to be a proper mix of white Eastern European’s and sub Saharan boat people

Interesting that these bastards are blind sided by colour……

‘SUV’s are dangerous’. Apparently SUV’s are more likely to kill when striking a pedestrian that normal cars.

So a cursory look at the .GOV website confirms fuck all data is collected on the types of vehicles involved in accidents, so I won’t labour this point other than to say has a child who would scream and scream till they were sick written the press release.

Lastly ‘SUV’s are unnecessary’.

Well that’s a point that could be worth debate but I’d rather scratch my piles until they bled profusely.

I don’t own an SUV but fuck me I’m tempted now just at the thought of catching a wizened long grey haired sandal wearing yoghurt knitting eco lune trying to deflate my tyres at 3am.

Nominated by: CuntyMcCuntface

Night Admin responds…

Tampering with someone’s vehicle is obviously illegal. Sounds like criminal damage to me. Inciting others to participate in such criminal activity is also illegal. So who are these cunts?

Here’s a link to the whois lookup for their domain:


They are using an intermediary security company to disguise their identity. However, the link contains email addresses where abuse complaints can be sent.

In addition, their website IP address is which is owned by an Icelandic ISP. They too have an email address where abuse complaints can be sent. Here’s the link:


43 thoughts on “Tyre Extinguishers

  1. It’s well beyond time that people started taking the law into their own hands. I definitely would not be phoning the old bill if I caught some cunt tampering with my vehicle.

  2. I assume this will disappear in short order when a Bulgarian catches at their pranks and permanently deflates their lungs.

    • Fuck me I can’t string a simple sentence together.
      Must be the tofu in the water.
      The fucking cunts.

      • Given that the large 4×4 has replaced the Jaguar saloon as the preferred ride for gangsters, murderers, criminal nutcases and suchlike, I can see an upside to this if they are caught in the act… 😀

  3. Hehe, they invite death threats on their contact us page.

    Only a brain dead lefty wanker would take this seriously, I bet Piers Corbyn is signed up 😂

  4. How is a website inciting people to commit criminal damage allowed to go unpunished?

    Surely they should be charged with incitement to criminal damage?

    Eco- cunts.

  5. If I was wealthy I’d go out a buy the biggest Range Rover I could with the biggest dirtiest v8 petrol engine and drive the bastard the length and breadth of the country. Just because I could.

  6. I think their next website or campaign will involve breaking into peoples house like in the film “Death Wish” and beating the owners of SUVs to death while shouting “kill polluting cunt”, this would of course also go unpunished as its for the ” greater good” apparently, Sjambok all these eco loons hands until they are nothing more than pulp, its the only way the dumb cunts will learn!!!

    • I’d like to lock them inside one of the off- raiders they so despise and divert the exhaust into the cabin.

      I’m feeling charitable today.

  7. Is it too much to hope that Roger “Hypocrite” Hallam’s farm is on their hit list?

  8. Religious fanatics on a messianic mission to save humanity. They are “on the right side of history” so there is no point in persuasive debate with these cunts. You may as well tell a Peaceful that Big Mo was a kiddy fiddler.
    That wanker who tied himself to the goal post at Everton was on the radio the other day screaming “every football ground in the country will be under water by 2030!!!” Chelsea Tractor owners tend to be posh up their own arse twats anyway so I don’t give a fuck. I just hope they get caught in the act by some Dooshka drug dealer and get their empty heads kicked in.

  9. While I personally despise wanker tanks and twat panzers, mostly because they are responsible for 99% of the stone chips on my bonnet and windscreen. I wouldn’t go around damaging other people property because of this.

    That would be cuntish.

    If this bunch of bellends want to play this game, they can expect reciprocation in the form of dogshit being smeared on the handlebars and saddles of every fixed wheel bicycle left out in public.

    Trustafarians, man bun wearers, hipsters, blue hairs and ‘tyre extinguishers’, you have been warned!

    • Wish I’d saved 14 years of dog turds from my old pooch for just this purpose!

    • Volvo estate, so hopefully the twats won’t try it on.
      Woe betide any hippy caught touching… ⛏️🗡️

  10. Maybe they’ll total Katy Price’s pink fluffy Ranger Rover, thus helping take a near-certain killer off the roads.
    Maybe they’ll then slash her tits/arse/lips & c. letting dog knows how many hundreds of cubic metres of air out, watch the silly tart whizz off like a deflating balloon…

  11. Looks like they are targetting the metropolitan trendies in Chiswick and Chelsea. I wonder if that smarmy cunt James O’Brien owns a SUV and parks it on the streets of Chiswick near his home?

    Would be funny if this cunt came out of his house to find a flat tyre and a polite windscreen note! The thing is the cunt would then probably side with them.

    • O’Brien doesn’t believe in car ownership. He described it as a “dangerous and outmoded” form of transport.
      Pretty rich coming from a fanatical pusbbiker.
      And massive cunt ..

  12. Most of the knee-groyds I see have their “ride” as the highest financial priority. They have them bedecked with expensive “rimmz” and LEDs lighting the under carriage along with a “thumpin systimm”. Maybe if they purchased a less flashy vehicle and kept it all stock they wouldn’t need to live in a shit house.
    Don’t get me started on their shoes…

  13. I looked at a pick-up truck until I was told that gay middle aged white men are the primary buyers in this market…I stuck to a hatchback but the Brokeback life still appeals to me despite these trucks being marked out as such.

    The other think that put me off was the names like Warrior, Renegade or Back Scuttler….

    I lve it when you see on of these big ugly SUV things with a tiny woman at the wheel who has no idea how to drive it…hilarious.

    • Sorry, it was gay middle aged overweight white men who were the primary buyers….stand corrected.

    • Spanky-I had an Isuzu Rodeo 2.5l manual crew cab, fully loaded and got 30mpg👍

      My Land Cruiser 3.0 gave 22-25mpg.

      My old 4.5 Amazon ( straight six petrol👍) returned 25 mpg on a run-back when fuel was “reasonable”😢

      • I like pick-up trucks, but when I was out in London with some friends and I mentioned I was thinking of buying one they gasped and told me to stay away from the gay red light area because I would be straight away targeted as a punter because of the truck…..shame

  14. All we have to do is join the group befriend an “activist” and make sure you choose a car with a violent PieKey owner then tell said PieKey when this activist will do it and stand back and enjoy the show.
    Maybe buy a sandwich and a beer and kick back in a fold up chair and video the whole event for future down moments in your life when you need cheering up.
    It’s a win win in my book.

  15. They’ve linked to a handy video on their ‘How to deflate an SUV tyre’ page.
    The video is entitled ‘How to deflate a car tyre using green lentils’. I shit you not. This is ripe for a parody or Meme.
    The video is crap, but I down-ticked it and reported it to YouTube for inciting criminal damage to other people’s property anyway.

  16. Well, looking at the eco loons site what a load of steaming shite. Cunts like this need a fucking good kicking. I wonder if my three phase service cable would be classed as eco unfriendly?

    The politics of envy. Oven the fucking lot of them.

    • Most of the cunts are posh Tarquin and Jemima types anyway.
      The politics of stopping the plebs from rising up the food chain more like…

  17. Fact is this country has a negligible effect on carbon emissions, whether you believe man made emissions are mainly responsible for climate change or not even if we become net zero tomorrow not a fucking thing will change.

    I’m sick and tired of cunts protesting against shit that ain’t real. Racism? Not a thing in the UK! Carbon emissions? Ditto, we may as well be net zero. Gay rights? If the gays get any more rights they’ll be able to bugger school boys in public. Trans rights, fuck off, you are not a woman, you’ve never been a woman and can never be a woman. You can fight reality all day every day but I’m not joining in.

    Cunts cunts cunts cunts and cunts

  18. Says them likely being chauffeured around in Range Rovers, just like the Royal Family.

  19. A lot of cars they targeted recently in Chiswick were hybrid and electric. Their answer to why was that they still kill people in crashes because they are so big and heavy.
    Even if you owned a fuucking horse as a mode of transport it would not appeas these cunts because they would moan about the methane it produced when it farts.
    Oven the lot.

  20. I wonder how this lot would react if you told them your chosen mode of transport was a Black Tranny?

    Just a thought….

  21. First they came for the SUVs…..

    Where would this end?

    Total and utter shit for brains c-u-n-t-s.
    Oven please.

  22. They are based in Nassau which is the domain of pirates. Says it all really. Ooh are me lad…

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