SK Shlomo

I’d like a beardy-weirdy beatbox cunting for Shlomo, if you please, for his pathetic outpourings:

Now, I’m not knocking his abilities, I couldn’t do that shit (nor would I want to), but even though I’d never heard of the cunt, when I saw that his piece on the Karl Marx Broadcasting Corporation had PTSD in the description, I took a bit of an interest.

With a name and schnozzle like his, I realised he was a tin lid and thought maybe in his youth he’d been in the Israeli mob, taking pot-shots at Yasser Arafat’s rocket firing, dish-dash wearing peace lovers in the Gaza strip. I daresay he’d see one or two things that might stay with him if he had. But no, it transpires that the ‘highs of live performing’ were no longer enough, he felt ’empty’. So he decided to become a recording artist …then had a breakdown – the mental kind, NOT a flat tyre. He’d ‘pretended he’d been coping’ but finally had to ‘reach out’, whereupon he was diagnosed with depression and PTSD, apparently because he was a reformed piss-head. Baffled? Yeah, (hashtag) me too.

Now, I’ve seen one or two things in my military career that might cause PTSD, it hasn’t done so with me because I’m a cold-hearted bastard when it comes to it, but I can understand why true horror can affect some who witness it. But Shylock, or whatever the fuck your name is, coming off the booze and working hard for a few years is not a horror story. In short, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a fucking grip man!

There is a trend nowadays of any cunt who’s missed the fucking bus and had to walk home claiming they’ve got PTSD and need therapy. It’s a fucking joke and cunts like this, who ‘share their story’, are just encouraging it. Just fuck off and get on with it.

Nominated by The Stained Gusset

50 thoughts on “SK Shlomo

  1. Looks like a bad Elvis Costello impersonating cunt.

    PSTD is thrown about like confetti these days. Life is full of ups and downs but most of it won’t give you PSTD.

    Fighting battles in wars might give you PSTD, not getting likes on social media really shouldn’t.

    Pathetic cunt!

    • It’s an insult to people who’ve been through genuine trauma.
      These cunts need to fuck off, or even better become angry cunters, it’s wonderfully therapeutic.

  2. Whats up with Elvis Costello?
    Down in the dumps?
    Cos hes speccy and skinny?

    Cheer up you soft twat!
    You’ll not get a bird sulking all the time,
    Turn that frown upside down,
    Thats whats holding you back
    Morrissey syndrome.

    Maybe try talking to lasses and not making them daft noises?
    They probably think your some flavour of spastic…

    • Mnc@ – It was after “watching the detectives” charge him with being a whining little bitch he felt all hurty wurty and needed his safe space to cope with his alleged “PTSD”.. 😢😢
      Hang the mardy little fker publicly – that will sort it admirably! 😀👍☠

      • He served in Olivers army Foxy.
        Got hit by shrapnel.
        Oh well, accidents will happen..

  3. People claim they’re getting PTSD from using Twitter.

    It’s you’re own fault you sad soft cunt.

  4. When my bike was stolen , I eventually reported it to the police on the off chance that it might turn up , wishful thing
    One month later I received a letter from the police that asked me if I have suffered emotional stress and in need of counselling
    For fucks sake never saw my bike again

    • If your hinting for us to have a whip round for a new bike your going to be sadly dissapointed.

      Afternoon Mecuntry😀

      • Oh and afternoon to you too Mis
        It’s beautiful by the river Shannon today hope everyone in your house comes out on top p

  5. My advice to the twat. Cut your cock off and become “non binary”. Then jump off beachy head, the last thing we need are more beat boxers.

    • I have no idea what a beatboxer or looper is. I’m also so uninterested that I can’t be arsed to look it up. No idea who this bloke is, don’t care.

      • I’m as clueless as you Moggie and like you, I plan to stay blissfully ignorant. And WTF is “counselling”?

  6. The mental elf again. It’s very fashionable these days… veganism, tree hugging and gender confusion. Just another attention seeking little prick.
    What’s “beatboxing” anyway? It’s not making those stupid noises like a cunt is it? Are people entertained by that? They’re the cunts with the mental elf up their bum holes if you ask me.

  7. Any sane, normal person, awakening from a 30 year coma and then watching a single evening of prime-time MSM broadcasting, would legitimately be suffering from PTSD, as a result🤔

    • Racist pig, what about those wankers west and north of the borders? I don’t include Northern Ireland as I’ve never understood that country.

  8. PTSD is for seeing shite like your mate getting blown up by an IED or if you see your family murdered by a serial killer after somehow barely surviving the attack.

    It’s not for kicking the booze into touch and working hard for a couple of years.

    There are loads of cunts saying they have this after a few hurty words on Arsebook.

    Send ’em all to the front lines in the Ukraine, the mard fucking cunts.

    Then talk about your ‘PTSD’.

  9. If anyone wants to see REAL PTSD ask anyone who has done 3 tours of NI like our kid did, or my young chum Bren the ex Special Forces guy.
    Piss weak little adult children, toughen up you mardy little fkin whiners – they need a spot of good hard rugby training in the ice and snow at “Sir Fiddlers rugby training school” – that will sort the bleedin’ softies out!

    • I believe in one year’s service to the army of one’s country to be served between the ages of 18 to 21 years of age and no fucking mobile phones allowed 👈
      It will force Tristan from the protective private gates to get along with Johnnie from the wrong side of the fence
      Mutual respect for will follow when the battery Saregent instils dissapline
      It will make for a welcome return for self respect and the respect of others
      I’m serious about this

      • I second this motion👍
        Of course, the “usual suspects” will be exempted because of the usual “ism’s”👎

      • Fuck their isms and fuck there status , if passed fit for duty then serve your country of one chooses to live in
        This also applies to any other cunt turning up in a rubber duck
        Straight into the army no matter what fucking age you are in those circumstances
        Cunts might think twice about it
        Countries might as well go military the way things are and you cannot sue the army so fuck em

  10. Think we’re all in agreement on this one.
    PTSD is something you have from the horrors of war or something horrific like a terrorist attack.

    Not getting the wrong flavour crisps or losing at Mario Carts.

    Shlomo can’t get over losing a fiver or something,
    Funny lad, bit of a loner,
    Stays in his bedroom alot.
    Makes odd noises…

  11. It’s no wonder Vlad thinks he can piss all over the West. He looks at us and all he sees are poofs, trannies and crybaby little weaklings apologising and wringing their Soyboy hands over shit that happened centuries ago. We are weak as piss, he knows it and so do we.

  12. So this British Association for Preforming Arts Medicine is a registered charity for angst-ridden luvvies? Considering most modern music is sterile unoriginal shite and actors across all forms are woke bell ends spreading left-wing ideology masquerading as entertainment, its the audience who need the therapy.

    I bet these fuckers were overrun after the Brexit vote, Benny Cummbercunt had to be talked down from a flyover on the North Circular.

    • 📞 999 what service do you require?

      “Makeup department.
      Hurry this is a emergency!

      • Press 1 for a too tight Shakespearean codpiece emergency.

        Press 2 for being misgendered by a straight white male.

        Press 3 if you are Idris Elba and still not been offered the role of James Bond.

  13. First off, he’s a “penny chew”, so he no doubt got his nose, sorry, foot in the door because the music business is full of them and they all scratch each other’s backs…already. There was probably a hundred better artists than him in the queue that he no doubt jumped. So working hard for his position? Maybe, but I bet not as much as non sheenies. As for working hard like the rest of us? 100% no fucking way.

    As for liking a drink? Who doesn’t? He’s a weak cunt, simple as.

    I don’t really dislike Jews that much by the way. At least they don’t knife, rape and turn decent areas into crap houses like the baboons and bare hand arse wipers. I certainly don’t agree with Hitler, at least about gassing Jews. Gassing gypos? Well, he did have a few good ideas.

  14. I fear SK Shlomo has misdiagnosed himself. What he is in fact suffering from is cuntsgooglingtheirsymptomsitis, and falls on the spectrum of National Hypochondria Syndrome. This has assumed pandemic proportions and the only cure is a lethal injection.

    Though why anyone should care about a cunt who is too tight to buy a drum kit is beyond me.

  15. This bullshit soft cunt needs to google SHELLSHOCK and look at the pictures.

    • Some of those images of men from the WW1 trenches, that haunted look in their eyes-Jeeebus, I can still recall the images from books I read about them, back in the 80’s.
      Poor bastards.

      Now that is PTSD😢

    • Cuntologist-She is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with 21st century Britain👎

  16. Lots of rumours flying about about poor old Shane Warne.

    He was in Thailand at the time of his death and I hear a ‘masseuse’ visited him in the afternoon and then he was found brown bread by his mates.

    All speculation, but I do kind of hope he went out in a coked up haze with tarts all over him.

    RIP and what away to go (if true – could be bollocks)

    • I agree : John Entwistle went out in a hotel room with two “hookers”, a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels and no doubt, other “goodies”.

      The greatest rock bass player? Certainly one of the most “rock n roll”😀👍

    • I agree : John Entwistle went out in a hotel room with two “prossies” a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels and no doubt, other “goodies”.

      The greatest rock bass player? Certainly one of the most “rock n roll”😀👍

  17. If you showed these cunts repeats of Benny Hill or Love thy Neighbour, they’d be claiming shell shock.

    • Is it any wonder Putin isn’t scared of us?

      Dress wearing “men”, cunts who actually feel bullied online by people they will never meet and have to fear, tossers who get offended over name calling not just of themselves, but by others…the list goes on.

      We were once respected and feared by fuzzy wuzzies and savages the world over. Now we are seen as homosexual milksops and pathetic jungle bunny/rag head apologists.

      • ” They don’t like it up ’em”
        Jones, Dads Army

        “oh yes they do”
        Sad, weary disallusioned JP

    • I know loads of Welsh folk and they are, without exception, the most un-PC people I know 👍

      More anti British garbage from the BBC👎

      • No doubt. I just thought real Welsh people are and have been white since antiquity.

        Watching a Viking drama on Netflix (or one of those the other day), I was re-educated; the queen of the Norwegian Vikings was black. One can only imagine the outcry should a white actor play a famous umbongo.

  18. Bandwagon jumping flids like this cunt haven’t got a fuckin clue what actual PTSD is not a fuckin clue.
    And it boils my piss mainly because the bods that are genuinely suffering its a huge insult.
    Compare this limp wristed faggots ‘issues’ to the lads who served in the thick of in the Falklands war, just as one example…fighting fixed bayonets on some godforsaken rock, so close you can smell the argies breath… in the pitched fucking dark..

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