I’m cunting these German cobblers for a load of old cobblers, namely, their new advertisement campaign.

Pushing forward a ‘brave’ peaceful for pissing and moaning (trouble making) until she got to play basketball in peaceful gear.

Even worse, their pushing of ‘brave, unstoppable’ trans athletes (cheats).

Well, as we all know. It will lead to unstoppable cheats, I mean ‘athletes’ winning all the women’s events.

I do feel sorry for the genuine female athletes losing out to these cheats, but most wimminz seem to support this shite, so fuck ’em. Reap what you sow.

Still, no need for Adidas to jump on this shite too, the fucking bellends.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

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  1. If you need to buy sportswear, and want to send adidas a message, Buy Puma.
    Set up by the other brother who fell out with Adolf Dassler.

    • Excep in Brazil where Puma is umcomfortably close to “Pum” which means “fart” in Portuguese.

    • obviously with this new law all ‘old olympic medals were null and void’, but also ‘discriminatory’ and ‘narrow minded’. These medals must be returned.

      How about three types of competitors, Men, Women and Weirdos?

  2. I would never wear plimsoles anyway, far too common.

    I’m afraid they go with Greggs “food” from the previous subject in being for proles only 🙂

  3. 1998 “With 50:50 weight distribution and rear wheel drive, nothing performs like a BMW 3-Series”.

    2022 “At BMW we believe that all shapes are round, because life is a square and there’s only one you.”

    • 2022 “At BMW we believe that all shapes are round, because life is a square and there’s only one you.”

      Well I’ve read that over and over mingekick and I still can’t work out WTF they are talking about.

  4. Comes as no surprise.
    All companies are jumping on the woke/diversity/green bandwagon.

    I like Adidas, always have .
    The trefoil retro stuff,
    I dont like Nike or any of the other sports stuff.
    But ive always wore Adidas trainers in summer, at the gym,etc.

    Sure theyd be thrilled to know someone as progressive as me wore their trainers?

  5. Another vomit inducing ad. I fucking pity this current generation, had nearly all my time now and glad I’m not growing up surrounded by this shite.

    • I’m seriously considering moving to Papua New Guinea. The savages are still moving forward, they are not longer eating each other unlike these people just totally trying to ruin the western way of life.

    • Infidel, I had care of my Grand daughter 5 days a week from 4 months old, until 11 years.
      She is the most grounded, confident child, utterly at peace and comfortable with herself.
      She personally thinks all ” this crap”, her words, is bandwagon jumping and that ” some people are going to regret it”.
      I love her to bits, she gives me hope that there is a future, and she definitely doesn’t take any prisoners, just like her Grand.

    • ” Platform of privilege”
      That same old trope these mutants and their supporters always, always use to devalue anyone’s valid opinion.

      • No, they stand in front of a mirror and say this shite because rational thinkers don’t want to hear it.
        They have no truck with this shite.

  6. I can quite happily say that I have never owned anything Adidas, Nike or Puma.

    Preferring Altberg, Laksen, Barbour, Alpha and Belstaff.

    • Indeed.
      All real men and women should protest by withdrawing from any event that allows a mutant to participate.
      To be awarded a gold by default would be such a Pyrrhic victory.
      Better yet, let’s have a separate Olympics for these wierd things, we do it for the disabled, why not for these mentalists.
      Any ” woman” who was previously ranked so low, who then insists on competing against actual women just to get a better rating should hang their head for shame.

      • Exactly so JP. I think that really to make the point the women should line up at the start and when the starting pistol is fired all stay where they are and watch the freak whizz off down the track or pool, whatever.

      • Yep Arfur.
        They also should run a few steps & fall to the ground with a mysterious cramp, so they don’t lose their sponsorship, unless they’ve already agreed this with their sponsors.
        Heaven forbid that they be penalised for standing against this fuckwittery.
        How is any woman going to be tempted into competing when things like this happen?

    • Fuck the Olympics. It’s just a parade of virtue signalling & woke shite.

  7. So they dropped the West Ham cat kicker like a hot brick, but women with cocks are acceptable. Woke cunts.

  8. What do these trainers cost? £100 a pair?
    Zero ankle support-give me a pair of walking or hunting boots, every time.

    • Me too CG, but youd look a bit odd in a gym or running in hunting boots.

      • Gym?
        Do I come across as some kind of fitness Nancy?
        What’s wrong with a good, bracing walk? Ffs.

      • If only!
        At nearly 70, the closest I’ve come to satisfaction is not having to get up for a pee at 2am.

      • So Fiddler and Jack the Cunter were telling me lies, about your Nazi bedroom role play?
        How disingenuous of them☹️

      • What people don’t tell you about getting old.
        Nature compensates!
        For example, the more hair you lose from your head, the bushier your eyebrows and nose hair become!

      • MNC.
        I have to be careful not to bruise it it the dark.
        Old people bruise very easily and quite alarmingly.
        I bumped my upper arm yesterday. Today it looks like I’ve been beaten by SA police.

      • Share your opinion JP, on the gym, running and similar crushingly boring pastimes. Left school in 1968. Last time in a gym? 1968. Most days I take a couple of bracing walks between the front door and the car.

      • No, no, no.
        Get a dog, gets you out of the house.
        Get a very cute dog.
        Put it in an attractive waterproof coat.
        Total babe magnet.
        Attracts a few MILFs, too!

      • I even had a female police cooing at the little shit yesterday.
        He was wearing his black coat with Polite Dog in neon yellow on both sides.
        Well, he shits indoors and pees.
        I’d kick him into touch, but!
        We’re making progress.

  9. I usually wear Adidas for the bike (better grip on the type of pedals I use) and Nike air for walking, very comfortable.
    But I would never be insane enough to pay retail!
    No such thing as “trans” anything – just Male and Female.
    Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else – and watch these woke fuckers roll back when their profits are hit.
    Too late then though.

    • You can but wish.
      I wonder if the pink pound is a better bet for Adidas?
      Just musing!
      Can the pink pound keep them afloat?
      One to watch.

  10. Former official sportswear of the third Reich, now sponsoring the alphabet fascists. I wonder if Hermann Göring wore their trainers with his Chanel ballgown, as I don’t see him carrying off high heels.

  11. WE might not agree with them, but Sleepy Joe sure does:

    First he talks about transgender people per se. An old man’s whim?. Perhaps.

    Nexr he talks about “transgender women of color” (sic) – add a “k” to that if you wish.

    Another old man’s whim?. No, – same old man,, same old whim.

  12. I used to get through 3 pairs of Adidas super cap boots a season they simply were the best front 5 boot ever made. Kangaroo leather fantastically comfortable and the early ones had the single stud in the front, fantastic for racking.

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