My Fellow Cunters.

For your Cuntsideration: Veganuary.

A soy latte, pass the mung beans cunting please, for those meat hating drippy-hippy killjoy wankers, for trying to make the gloomiest month of the year, even gloomier👎

After Black History month (what fucking history😂), Stoptober (killjoys), Movember (scruffy bastards), and a restricted Christmas, these fuckers want us to experience the benefit of insufficient nutrition and mostly bland food.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love stir fried vegetables, noodles etc-but-with a nice bit of protein rich meat.

Remember folks, Carrie Symmonds is a Vegan😉

Take back the month, spend it eating meat, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and more importantly, “Fucking for England”👍


Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

112 thoughts on “Veganuary

  1. Vegans? Good for them as long as I can continue to eat steak etc in peace. Don’t offer me meat substitute made from plants or fungus, that’s like pretending a man called Malik Faisal Akram is British!

  2. A lot of Vegan shite has mushrooms in it. I’m allergic to mushrooms, you idiots, what am I supposed to eat, then.
    Meat, of course!
    Utter, utter cunts.

    • Absolutely.
      As for the argument that too many cattle are damaging the environment, well I say that’s all the more reason to eat the fuckers then.
      If you think that being a vegan is being a big enough cunt on its own, how about this?
      My daughter works with a woman who’s a vegan, but that doesn’t satisfy this woman’s obsession, oh no. She’s got a pooch, and she inflicts her loony ideas on the poor little fucker as well. She should be done for cruelty in my view.

      And by the way CG, this is just about a word-perfect exhibition of the Cunter’s art. Well done sir!

  3. Pretend meat on the shelves (which from my repeated experience is exactly where it stays), every advert demanding we start eating pretend food so we can be as miserable and ill looking as those sour fuckers who buy into this BS but no answer from the veganazis as to how many working class people (the type vegans read about in history books, joyfully tilling the fields in their particular socialist paradise and the written propaganda word does not convey the sound of the gunshots in the background for dissenters) would be out of work if the livestock sector of farming and meat rearing shut – then ask these imbeciles how much crop failure and starvation would occur in India if it was not for cow manure fertilising growth – I guarantee a blank look then a whiny, emotion based answer.
    When Mummy and Daddy pay the bills and fund your zealotry it’s not something you think about though is it, kids?
    WS is a vegetarian – but doesn’t see the need to lecture and browbeat people who are not about THEIR free choice – why can’t the followers of the vegan cult do the same and shut the fuck up?
    Or they might just get my meaty trotter on their fkin jaw – I am way past sick and tired of being lectured by aggressive, uninformed hypocrites and zealots – hey! Vegans! I just ate a cow that was nicking your dinner – that will teach the black and white fucker!
    Alternatively – if we just start eating vegans the problem will naturally resolve itself in due course! 😀

    • Well said Vernon.
      As far as I’m concerned they can eat their own shit for all I care, as long as they’re fucking quiet about it. I ain’t interested one iota in their ramblings.

  4. Seems like every month is hijacked by some form of cuntism these days and now you’ve mentioned veganism, I have noticed that the latest McCuntDonalds advert is promoting the 100 percent plant based Big Mac. Consumed in the advert by a black bloke (naturally) Obviously in keeping with the veganuary/woke/but please still eat junk food theme.

    January is by far the worst month of the year in my opinion – bleak, dark and never fucking ending so why would you make it even worse by going vegan?? Or stopping drinking or anything else remotely pleasurable.

    • Vegan is a growing market so all the food firms are trying to capture it.

      If cannabis is ever legalised in Britain, wait until you see the frenzy to capture THAT market, fuck me, that will be like the California Gold Rush! Those Azerbaijan “We fix your phone!” shops will become weed stores overnight, just watch, those Azers are smart cookies.

      • I can it being legalised this decade in the UK. Cameron gave us gay marriage! Boris should give us weed and shrooms at least.

        Yes, many homes could have a “weed shed/shack/cave” where you grew and smoked your own shit. Put in ventilation, TV, internet, fridge. It’s insane to smoke weed in your actual house, it stinks the place up like Dawn French’s gusset in a heatwave. It could bring neighbours together.

      • Azeris are also cunts. Had to work with the sly, back-stabbing wankers for a few years. Like Turks, but worse.

  5. I’d be much more interested in a ‘ Vaginuary ‘.
    Or then again, maybe not.
    Just some peace and quiet.
    And a nice cup of tea.
    A Shutthefuckupuary.
    Good evening.

    • Evening Jack👍
      Being one for “putting my money where my mouth is”, I have tried to eat as much meat, drink as much alcohol and keep er’ indoors purring away as I can.

      I am now knackered😙

      Perhaps your suggestion for a “month” could be worked into February.

      • Evening, General. I’m feeling rather sluggish at the moment, after eating my own body weight in cheese, over the last few weeks.
        The result was as follows……
        First …… Stilton.
        Second…… Smoked Cheddar.
        Third…… Wensleydale
        Side effects were extreme flatulence and night terrors.

      • Jack-there is a pub overlooking the beach in Shanklin, I.O.W-it served the nicest burger I have ever had-8oz pure beef burger, smoked bacon and Stilton cheese-served with proper chips, with the skins on.
        A couple of pints of good ale to wash it down with👍

        Food of the gods😍

  6. It reminds me of a former manager who’s wife was vegetarian, had ersatz bacon made of veg. I told him to man up buy a pound of bacon, grill or fry said comestibles serve between two slices of bread. Serve up to the family. No she would go full mental at me. I asked him did she keep his bollocks in her purse. Oh dear total sense of humour failure. CUNT. Plus a bollocking for taking the piss.

  7. What I don’t get with these vegan cunts is the way they are constantly trying to make their food look and taste like meat, fake bacon, plant burgers, not chicken, sausages made from grass cuttings, vork, sheeze the list goes on and on.
    This leads me to conclude, these fuckers are desperate for meat, or vegan food is so fucking boring they need the meat injection, even if it is fake meat, how desperate do you need to be for that.
    They should do their thing, if they have the strength to open the packets, but do it fucking quietly.
    For me now they have fallen into the same group as BLM, Extinction Rebellion, LGBTVXYZ, green peace and all those other fuckers who have made themselves look like cunts to the point where I no longer give a flying fuck about their about their causes…. Gobshite cunts should just worry about themselves….

  8. I don’t mind if people choose to become vegan.
    It is their choice after all.

    But not being vegan is my choice. They don’t seem to respect my choice but want me to respect theirs. It’s a two way thing.

    I do have a meat free day once a week to give the digestive system a break.

    Without grains and chickpeas the vegan diet falls apart anyway.

    Anyway Hugo and Jocasta seem to be rather quiet about the ethical impact of their own food and where it comes from:

  9. I tried vegan fish an chips once
    Like black shrivelled leather in batter .
    It was blasphemy.
    A insult to fish.

    Fish contains omega oils and is good for you.
    This shite?
    Maybe resole a trainer with it.

  10. I’m indebted to Postman Taff for providing my stock response upon learning of the presence of a vegan in the room…

    “Me a vegetarian??? Fuck off! I can’t even enjoy a lamb chop unless I’ve PUNCHED the cunt to death!

    Postman Taff – The Fast and the Furry-arse

  11. I’ve mentioned it before, but the current trend to dress up vegan ‘meat’ as meat is absurd. Saw an ad for the ‘vegan butcher’ the other day. I mean wtf. Total contradiction and possibly the stupidest name for a brand in recent times. Oxford dictionary describes a butcher as being:
    ​‘a person whose job is cutting up and selling meat in a shop or killing animals for this purpose’
    How the fuck does Is that supposed to sit with veganism at all?
    I’ll continue to support my local proper butcher thank you very much.

  12. Ruminants are what makes our modern planet work. They eat grasses and when they shit the nutrients end up in rivers and then the sea where they are essential for ocean life. The start of the food chain in the ocean are diatoms which need silica and shit is the main source of this. Grasses/ruminants are relatively recent in Earth’s history; before that the oceans could not support as much life and even today, life in the ocean is concentrated around land and is scarce offshore. There can be no doubt that ruminants are absolutely essential to keep the oceans healthy. Of course, the oceans are also responsible for around 60% of the absorption of carbon dioxide (mainly due to sea life, in smaller measure free ions also transported from the land by rivers). If you fuck up life in the oceans then global warming would actually become a very real and serious issue.

    So …. next time you see a vegan, make sure you tell them that they are destroying the planet and are a major cause of climate change. Every cow is making a contribution to keeping global warming under control.

    • I reckon that, if it was up to vegans, they’d want to cut out the middle man and just chuck the cows directly into the sea.

  13. The Message is everywhere: get vaxxed, get boosted, trans rights, climate change, critical race theory, be vegan. The Message is on 24/7. Even when you come to sites like this to get away from The Message, we’re still talking about it!

    Personally I’m about to go raw veg vegan again for a few weeks as its good for my looks and health. That’s my choice and it works for me. I’ll look forward to a Rib Eye and a glass of wine in a couple of months, after my period of adjustment.

    • No No No cuntoligist , just No No No
      This small lickle site only guides one to face it and not as you put it *get away from it*

      enjoy your period though

      • Actually you’re right mecuntry; this site exists as a critique of The Message. I was being a meat head lol

  14. the message is, if your anything in the looks department like your avatar ,well i want you and I’m first to say it , so fuck the rest of ye shower of cunts
    Cuntoligist i hope and i might even pray that you are female aren’t you

  15. This comment might get me a load of stick.

    I am not a vegetarian as such, but have cut down dramatically on my meat intake for various reasons.

    During the first lockdown, I was violently ill, and discovered that I needed to have my gall bladder removed.
    (Before they diagnosed me with gall bladder disease, they misdiagnosed me with bloody hepatitis b!).
    My bile ducts were getting blocked by fatty deposits, and my actually gall bladder was loaded with that many stones, that the surgeons could not equate a number to the volume.

    I refused to have the surgery, (despite medical insistance that it was life threatening to me), until the numbers of covid infections made it safe enough, in my opinion, to go into hospital and have it done, which was last summer.

    Upon my initial refusal to have the surgery carried out, and delayed, the doctors gave me advice.
    They also stated that at the first sign of problems, I should take myself straight to A&E.

    My journey of research began on how best to look after myself, pre surgery and post surgery.
    During this journey, I discovered a lot and learned a lot!

    I have always felt that I had a good, balanced diet.
    It wasn’t as if I was gorging on lard everyday!
    It wasn’t even the obvious foods causing problems, such as those with fatty contents.
    I discovered that my diet of rich foods over decades was a contributing factor also.
    Italian food is an example.
    (My mum was Italian).

    The other lightbulb moment was, and is the fact that our family is riddled with heart problems.
    (As well as many other illnesses. Bad genes!).

    With all that in mind, (and seeing as though a bloke a few doors down from me, with only a few years age difference, whom had a debilitating stroke), I decided on a course of action.

    I have cut down my meat intake drastically.
    I never was a big fan of meat and could always take it or leave it.
    I still enjoy the odd plate of corn beef hash every now and then.
    I still eat fish and absolutely love it.
    I have increased my fish intake and could not live without it!
    I try to up my intake of fruit and veg, which isn’t always easy.
    I have discovered, in my opinion, some tasty alternatives.
    Asda plant based chicken kievs, for example, taste better to me than actual chicken kievs!
    I also don’t mind some quorn products.

    One of the meats I always enjoyed was chicken.
    For example, a chicken fillet cooked in a stock pot, or a chicken curry, or roast on a Sunday, etc.
    A few months ago I tried a mouthful of chicken curry, and had to spit it out.
    My taste buds have changed.
    When I make the children a sandwich, the look of the processed ham or chicken in a pack looks revolting.
    Never mind the stench when you open a fresh pack!

    I am not, for one second, imposing my views.
    I am just giving an example that sometimes things happen in life where you have to alter your diet, or face the consequences.

  16. My business partner is a vegan. He certainly does not impose his opinions of me and I respect his reasons for doing so.

    He does joke that he misses pork pies, sausages and trips to the chippy. It’s how it should be – respecting one another’s views and opinions on the matter.

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