God, these people are annoying aren’t they? The sheer arrogance and complete inability to admit that they might be wrong about something, the citing of obscure Shitchute videos as irrefutable ‘proof’, the smug, self-satisfied ‘always right’ demeanor, the complete hostility and condescending smugness towards anyone who tries to claim they’re wrong… my mum’s one of these people and although I love her she unfortunately embodies a fair few of these characteristics, to the point that trying to debate Covid with her is like talking to cotton wool.

These people give those of us who have perfectly reasonable concerns about the direction of travel insofar as Covid is concerned a bad name.

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184 thoughts on “Truthers

  1. This winter has been so mild I was starting to think there might be something to the global warmbling hysteria, but walking the dogs tonight I slipped on the frost and nearly landed on my arse. I blame insulate Britain. And George Soros, who as a youth was an enthusiastic participant in the shit-ler youth, organising trips to himmlerland for his fellow fourbys. Before he became a cartoon Bond villain. You can take the man out of nazi-occupied territory, but…..

    He can’t sue me for libel because a) it’s true, and b) he’ll be dead long before it ever reaches court. Thinking of making a biopic about his early life, have cast Greta Thunberg as the young George. Might have strayed slightly off topic again.

  2. The hole of it was a mess to start with, never measured and a hysterical reaction by many that should know better.
    The truth , will be bollix for future generations and that is pitiful .
    Just goes to show what is in charge is not up to the task at hand which it should be capable of for the betterment of their people.
    This applies globally to the western nations and the nonsense response they have acquired in recent times.

    “2 people died because they did not adhere to safety guidelines “
    Would yee all fuck off and stop interfering with the price of fags and booze and fucking oil too booth .
    Shower of cunt schoolteachers run the shit show for other’s benefit and the fucking schoolteachers do not realize that the fucking believers they are.

    Carbon tax my arse if you want yah cunts
    But I do know it releases less gas than most of the sanctimonious cunts that love the bubble they have now acquired

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