God, these people are annoying aren’t they? The sheer arrogance and complete inability to admit that they might be wrong about something, the citing of obscure Shitchute videos as irrefutable ‘proof’, the smug, self-satisfied ‘always right’ demeanor, the complete hostility and condescending smugness towards anyone who tries to claim they’re wrong… my mum’s one of these people and although I love her she unfortunately embodies a fair few of these characteristics, to the point that trying to debate Covid with her is like talking to cotton wool.

These people give those of us who have perfectly reasonable concerns about the direction of travel insofar as Covid is concerned a bad name.

Nominated by: OpinionatedCunt


Play nice please – DA

184 thoughts on “Truthers

      • Yeah, very weak cunting. Nothing specific, no one in particular being cunted. I thought these kind of cunting nominations just get binned? I know what the author is getting at, ie. those cunts who don’t do proper research into controversial topics or present their information in a cack-handed way. But we are all truth-seekers in life, right? Or at least we all see ourselves as that, no one seek to be wilfully ignorant or wrong. And there’s so much bullshit in the media now, the official explanations make so little sense that you have to think for yourself and look at the high-stakes issues from all angles now – and the internet makes that way easier than ever before in history, but of course, that means that you’ll have to wade through an ocean of idiots, but over time you know who and what to trust.

        Nobody really knows anything. We just parrot the info we receive from scary adults as kids and carry on that practice until we die. If you start from scratch and ask basic questions on the big questions in life, you soon find that a shit-tonne of “truths”… aren’t truths.

        Nothing else to say, really, is there? Unless we want to get into specific of false narratives and I’m guessing no one really does. And the African Golden Spear soccerball is about to come on, so enjoy yourselves, chaps! I’ll leave you with this…

        (5 mins)

      • ‘Nobody really knows anything’

        How do you know?

        Epistemological nihilism, and all that crap.

      • “Nobody really knows anything”

        Coming from someone who claims to know practically everything about everything, that’s quite an admission.

      • We don’t really know things in the strict sense of that term unless we experience them. Most of what anyone claims to know is taken on faith or down to peer pressure. Most people just take the path of least resistance, go along to get along, get their astronomy degree for example! Most of the astronomy course is just memorising what you are told and parroting it. You never leave the classroom. If you question how they measured the distance to the Sun, you get ostracised. If you ask when and where the ocean was observed and measured to have a curving surface you won’t get pointed to anything concrete, it will be formulas and models and photographs. But in real life, no engineer factors in curvature of the ocean or land when designing anything.

        I’m not a full-blown “flat Earther” but I’m pretty much convinced after seven years of watching the evidence (and lack of evidence) that the ocean is level not curved, so that destroys the globe model of Earth. NASA’s output never impressed me and now I know why – they are bullshitters like all other arms of the government.

        So there you go, gents! Ball/globe is in your court! LOL!

      • Cunty Gordon@

        Unfortunately on this occasion you have not been successful on your application to join the team at Google earth…

      • Most flat earthers have absolutely no concept of how big the earth is. I saw one thick twat tipping water on a spinning ball, and because it didn’t stick to it, to him it proved the earth is flat.
        And the reason why no engineer or architect has had to take the curvature of the earth into consideration is because nothing has been built that big that it would require it.
        Fucking hell!😂😂

      • I like to recommend that ” Flat Earthers” go on a cruise.
        I even offer to pay for it.
        No takers.
        I wonder why?

      • Aye, this subject is the ultimate rabbit hole, Gutstick! But it gets worse as most of the people, sites, videos on the subject are shit and only a few people are great at presenting the facts and arguing the case. It all comes down to the surface of the ocean. It’s characteristics, ie. level or curved. Everything else is speculation.

        It’s easy to just laugh at controversial subjects. That’s a natural reaction. No one likes controversy. No one likes arguing and being proved wrong. So it’s easier to just not say anything or laugh at it, mock it. I thought the Earth was a globe hurtling through space, watched all the space documentaries, read books on the universe, etc. Then alternate data came my way and after a year I was no longer was convinced that the Earth is a globe hurtling through space. And over the past few years I have seen the hysteria over this issue from the lowest levels to the highest levels of society, so that’s strange for something that isn’t just wrong, but is, “STOOOOPID!!!!!” right? Peace out.

      • I would say the only thing hysterical about flat earth is the laughter at those that believe in it. Nobody gives a dry fuck what some clown shoes with their ‘alternative data’ thinks.
        A bloke I know told me that the equation that proves the earth is spherical is a lie, as someone did it and it was wrong. I asked him if he had checked both sets of figures and could determine where nasa had gone wrong, and could he show me how it’s done. Of course he couldn’t, but he will believe anyone but nasa, the permanently stoned cloud head.

      • Ps, clown shoes was not a personal insult, but a general insult to those that worship the flat earth model.

      • Hello, Gutstick.

        The problem with equations is… we don’t live on an equation! We live in a world, a realm, a experiential, interactive physical and psychological place. You can make an equation, formula for anything, fudge it, refine it, etc. That’s what they did with the distance to the Sun, first it was 3 million miles away, then 16 million, then 27 million, now it’s 93 million. How did they establish that? They assumed that Venus was the same size as Earth – assumed – then watched the transit of Venus across the Sun and that’s how they determined the size of the Sun and the distance from Earth to the Sun! How unscientific. But when you use trigonometry, the Sun measures up at around 1600 miles away. Not saying it is 1600 miles away, but whatever the Sun is, it isn’t what we are told it is.

        Yeah, imagine the most powerful people of the past century lying to us, deceiving us? No, surely not! LOL!

        What the Earth, Sun, Moon, luminaries above us are and what
        the Cosmos really is, is not publicly known. Another reason why I say we are living in amazing times. Peace. Oh, this guy is an English musician who sings in a southern America accent about NA$$$A being bullshitters, enjoy…

        (5 mins)

      • Aye, Google Earth has been great at “proving” that Earth is a globe! It’s just data that is transformed into a CGI globular Earth. But people think that Googling something gives you the absolute truth. Google is so corrupt, it makes government look saintly.

        Google could get an actual, 4K video of the Earth in motion, but like NA$$$A they will never do that, even though it would be a piece of piss in 2022. There’s no excuses in the age of high technology and live 4K video of everything on Earth, except the Earth itself. Put a 4K camera on the Moon. Put many 4Ks on the Moon. Have them rotate, pan, zoom-in. That would be a massively popular live-stream in an age of mostly utter pish livestreams! Surely Cosmos fanatics – myself included – would spunk all over that space-porn?!

        Maybe Elon the Messiah will do that? He’s taking us to Mars in twenty years, apparently, so do something easy like have live 4K from space, the Moon, of Earth, of the glorious Heavens!

      • “I’m not a full-blown “flat Earther” but I’m pretty much convinced after seven years of watching the evidence (and lack of evidence) that the ocean is level not curved, so that destroys the globe model of Earth.”

        Anyone done any coastal sailing? At night? look in the back of Reed’s nautical Almanac and you will find tables of ‘Dipping’ and ‘Rising’ distances for lighthouses from which you derive the distance off at which a light (of known height) ‘dips’ below the visible horizon due to the Earth’s curvature and thus ceases to be visible or alternatively on approach, when the light first becomes visible as it ‘rises’ out of its ‘loom’.
        These are directly observable phenomena. Sextants work on similar lines but I never got to do the astro-nav/sextant work.

    • In the old days they were called ‘nutters’.
      Maggie Thatcher kicked them out of the asylums and left them to fend for themselves.
      They tend to be of a type.

      No girlfriend
      No wife
      No close friends
      Pong a bit.

      Happiest in their bedrooms looking at serious porn or finding out state secrets that only a few are privy too.

      Its a all a big secret, maaan.

      I report any in my area as its obvious they are a danger not only to themselves but the community at large.
      For a quick response I tell the authorities theyre running a Far Right hate site.

    • Mnc@ – Never mind all that – keep it under your hat about the moonmen!
      Who mentioned the moonmen?
      Nobody, that’s who!
      I have said too much..

      • 👀 moonmen?
        Dont know nowt about any moonmen 👀

        Anyone says I do is a govermint agent!

        I dont think the US military have any moonmen in a secret facility!

  1. Sounds as if you simply disagree with your mother and you both hold strong views from which you are not prepared to budge. In which case, just move on. Nothing to see here.

    • It’s not even necessarily that, it’s just the attitude really. My sister easily debunked one of her main statistics over Christmas (she used mathematical modelling in her masters if I remember rightly so not exactly an idiot on this sort of thing) and she just sat there and did the condescending smile and nod as if she hadn’t said anything. I just wish she’d be a bit more willing to listen to the opinions of others.

      • So what’s the gist of what your mother says about the shit-show of the last two years?

      • really, if she was a genealogist she’d also know that more people died in 2017 in the uk than in 2021 when we were told half the fucked up country was dying like flies, in fact 2020 also was an excellent year statistically, with less deaths than in the previous decade..seems to have cured the 40,000 who usually die of flu every year too. with covaids causing less people to die than in most normal years then i’m all for keeping the cabal agender going

      • @Tinkers cunt
        Do you have the data to back up that claim, maybe office of national statistics perhaps?

      • @Tinkers.
        I can’t find a summary of the 2021 figures for the UK (I don’t think the final combined figures are available yet) and I ain’t plowing through the ONS site (England & Wales stats), NISRA (Northern Ireland stats) and NRS (Scotland) to pull monthly details together.
        However, from ONS figures (for E&W only ), deaths recorded* over the last decade are as follows:-
        (* based on a ONS reply dated 05-02-2021 to a FOI request)

        2011 484367
        2012 499331
        2013 506790
        2014 501424
        2015 529655
        2016 525048
        2017 533253 (total UK deaths 2017 were 607172, apparently)
        2018 541589
        2019 530841
        2020 608002

        According to ONS this gives a crude mortality rate of 862.3 in 2011 rising to 907.7 in 2017 and 1016.2 in 2020. A good year was 2020 you say? The mortality rate that year is higher than it has been at any time for more than a decade.

        As SOI says, have you got a link to data to back up your claims?

      • That’s the thing really – I agree with much of what her says but I don’t like her attitude with how she says it. It rubs people up the wrong way.

  2. I find it easier to prove a point when you write what you find wrong on a peice of paper, then explain why you believe it’s wrong and then give a solution and redact the solution with a password send it to them it until they can explain why it’s right. Don’t tell them the password to remove the redactation, that gives them a right good cunting if you get pissed off with them that much. If they hold a certain view and won’t budge, good it’s called morals!

    I have not a problem with people expressing their view point as well as they can be precise and gentlemanly/womenly as to why they believe it. This is why I have a few remainer friends I will speak to because they are willing to listen but about 60% aren’t and I just ignore their views. They isolate their selves.

    • What’s annoying as fuck these days online is that you can lay out the facts to an intelligent person and then they derp back to you, “you are wrong/you are dumb,” and that’s all they say because they have nothing, they know where the truth lies, but they have chosen their side and are to prideful to change sides.

      Seven years of the debate of: “is the ocean curving or level and can you prove it?” is still raging online. So far, no one has provided irrefutable physical proof that the ocean curves or is level as it appears to be and is treated every day. So my money is on the surface of the ocean at rest as being level not curved. But you should see the anger over this on YouTube! LOL! It’s hilarious. But people love their globe model, NA$$$A model of reality and Star Trek. Star Wars imagery so they can’t accept that we have been deceived over something this big. It will be interesting to see where this will lead us this decade and century.

      • The problem I have with the likes of creationists, truthers and flat earthers is that they present their arguments with ‘evidence’ which is easily debunked or based on misunderstandings of science, then simply repeat the debunked argument elsewhere.

        it’s almost as if it provides emotional, rather than intellectual, reward.

      • I’m not trying to convince anyone on anything. I just look into things that interest me, or things I think might be bullshit. And we’ve seen some mountains of bullshit in the past 20 years, right? I find it all amusing. Some people – on both sides – get angry, personal, nasty, smug, but I just enjoy discussions, especially humorous discussions, that’s why this site is part of my daily digital diet! LOL! We aren’t on Question Time, it’s all just a laugh, or should be. The last thing I want to do is anger people. What I write here is for my own amusement, I’m not a guru and certainly don’t, “know everything,” for fuck’s sake! LOL! Party on, dudes!

      • The flat/curved ocean thing – what the actual fuck is this all about.

        If you are at sea and espy another ship then you will initally see only the top of the mast and it is only when the ship comes closer that you will see it in its entirety. The thickest sailor alive knows the ocean is curved because they can see this with their own fucking eyes. It aint difficult.

      • Aye, the “ship over the horizon” still gets trotted out early on in YouTube debates. If the ship is over the curve of the sea, like being beyond a wee hill, then you shouldn’t be able to zoom-in on it with binoculars, telescope, camera. But you can. And you can zoom-in on mountains over 200 miles away that should be obscured by the sea.

        A lot of things make sense in the globe model, but more things make sense once you apply an level ocean to the world you experience.

        Most people don’t give a fuck about this. It isn’t about the shape of the Earth – it’s the implications of what Earth really is that makes people’s hearts sink and makes them lash out. Fair enough. I just want to know what the fuck life is really about because what we are told and sold as “life” these days is dumbed-down bullshit to make us nihilistic consumers of garbage. Pass the magic mushrooms…

      • Sorry Cunty G. mis-posted my answer above, haven’t even started drinking yet either! …

        “I’m not a full-blown “flat Earther” but I’m pretty much convinced after seven years of watching the evidence (and lack of evidence) that the ocean is level not curved, so that destroys the globe model of Earth.”

        Anyone done any coastal sailing? At night? look in the back of Reed’s nautical Almanac and you will find tables of ‘Dipping’ and ‘Rising’ distances for lighthouses from which you derive the distance off at which a light (of known height) ‘dips’ below the visible horizon due to the Earth’s curvature and thus ceases to be visible or alternatively on approach, when the light first becomes visible as it ‘rises’ out of its ‘loom’.
        These are directly observable phenomena. Sextants work on similar lines but I never got to do the astro-nav/sextant work.

  3. The advent of soshul meedja seems to have put any reasoned argument or discussion to an end. Can you imagine asking for a debate on why blacks stab each other, or under-achieve at school? Or why Pakistanis are more likely to groom children, and white children at that? It’s impossible.

    • Exactly. You can’t have a open and honest discussion. It’s like BLM not being racist just because they are black.

      Lots of black people I know don’t support it because they live under the same bloody laws that protect them. It’s just whataboutery and trouble making.

    • I can’t understand relatives and friends (the ones who can spell) are still on these stupid fucking social media networks.

    • fat Yank couple in their livingroom! LOL!

      Wikipedia: used to be a free-for-all, now the controversial articles are gate-kept by libtard think-tanks 24/7. Hunter Biden’s page:

      LOL! There are many as whitewashed like that. Anyone living who is controversial but powerful these days gets an easy ride. The media industry is totally corrupt, filled with creeps. It’s hard to find any industry that has an impact on our lives that isn’t corrupt and creepy now. A reckoning is coming this decade, there’s no other course for this river to take.

    • It’s just something that really boils my piss. Too many people have forgotten the art of being civil – and it’s a mistake that I’ve made previously as well.

  4. Deep down – we are all the same. Truthers, Liars, Cunters, Punters, Fetchers, Carriers, Borrowers and Lenders…very profound. CUNTS!

  5. got pneumonia 80 years old? just need to slip you into a comma and not give you any fluids at all for 7 days…oh fuck her organs packed up, her tongue shrivelled up and went black, she died !! yikes wonder how that happened? i bought my doctors certificate from africans are uneducated for a fiver…oh well put it down as that new fairytale covid and all the cunts will eat it up, the media has the sheep so shit scared they believe there’s a black plague raging…lol…turn the heating up its fucking freezing in these white countries

  6. Here’s some truth for thee – Zara Rutherford is youngest woman to fly solo around world, weeks up in the sky pumping out fumes she hopes to inspire others….lets all fucking do it! Greta – Mile high club? CUNTS!

  7. “…towards anyone who tries to claim they’re wrong…”

    That’s the continual problem, ‘claims’ do not constitute proof. The reason the likes of Bitchute / Odysee / BrandNewTube etc exist is the remorseless censorship of YewTube. not surprising once you understand that the A.D.L. (Anti Defamation League) are their principal “strategic partners”! And if you don’t know who, what and why the A.D.L./B’nai Brith are then … fucking find out,,, and you WON’T find out gawping at fucking YewTube.

    • You forgot to mention Jack the Ripper:

      “The Jewes are
      the men that
      will not
      be blamed
      for nothing”

      (Jack the Ripper, 1888)

      Now that’s what I call a credible source. Fuck Poopchute!

      • “…(Jack the Ripper, 1888)…Now that’s what I call a credible source.”

        What on Earth are you on about, wtf’s the Ripper got to do with the fact that the ADL are the prime censorial adjudicators on the world’s largest soc media outlet?
        I’ve given you the Epstein Crime Maps (probably posted the link 5 or more times) now which element of those presentations do you dispute Ruff? With the exception of Bill Gates all the names on those maps share a marked commonality.. did you spot it?

      • “…You’re wasting your time.”

        So that’s the sum total of your refutation is it? Can see how they get away with all this now.

      • I’ve told you before. I’m not interested in your silly maps and psychotic hatred of Jews.

  8. So what’s being cunted? The Mum? Covid? Anti vaxxers? Know-it-alls? What’s going on here?

      • I once failed a job interview where they asked ‘What do you see yourself doing in ten years?’ by replying, “your mum”.

      • I fucked up a job interview when the woman said “I have 3 openings”.
        I said “I know”.

      • Driving home after a job interview I got a call to say I’d got the job.
        A few miles further I got another call telling me I’d been made manager before I’d even started.
        Another few miles and I was phoned to tell me I’d made area manager.
        Next thing I’ve crashed and gone into a ditch.
        When I came round the police asked what had happened?
        I think I just careered off the road I said.

    • Anyone who isn’t a fucking sheep and doesn’t believe MSM shite. He didn’t put conspiracy theory as it’s a documented fact that it was made up by the CIA fo discredit people who didn’t believe in magic bullets.

  9. Whats the truth? Isnt conspiracy simply the unwillingness to accept the norms of the age. I dont believe in the “steady state” universe. I dont believe a man can be a woman. I dont believe the world is going to end in 9 years (AOC told us all it was over
    2 years ago). What is the truth. Is Trump a Nazi? In fact what is a Nazi. Most probably everyone on this site who I am sure,would be seen as nazis ,and would have willingly waded ashore on Sword beach, if they were alive at the time. How about “Russia gate” or the fact that only 600 odd people under sixty have died of covid over the last two years in England. Then there is the fact that China manufactured this virus to take over the world, or is that “truthers” bollox?

    • Anyone who instantly buys into the official story on anything from the govern-media-hive-mind is suspect to me and I don’t really engage with them until I have gathered the facts on what has gone down. It’s always best to give the big stories a 5-10 days before derping out with knee-jerk gibberings led by emotion.

      There’s going to be a horrific mega-event this year, we can all feel it, so don’t wade in 10 seconds after the media report it and make a cunt of yourselves. Give it a few days, maybe two weeks and sus out the bullshit.

    • ‘I’m tellin’ ya it’s a stone cold fact, an’ I can prove it. Mate of mine knows a geezer who’s sister used to work for a bloke…’.

      • That’s the geezer, Ron. Well known to all those who frequent licenced hostelries.
        Propping up the end of the bar, where the hatch is, forcing the poor fucking bar staff to exit like a hunchback, because he’s too thick to move, the cunt. Pontificating about anything and everything. Some major robbery, he knows but ” more than my life’s worth” to name names.
        I’d love to kneecap the cunt.

      • Ah! Facebook, the last bastion of everything truthful and real in a world of deceivers.

  10. A close relative of mine often states the moon landings were fake. I don’t know if he truly believes it or is just being a contrarian to wind people up, either way it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I do rib him a bit but he doesn’t have any say in any government or public policy so ultimately i’m not too concerned.

    It’s up to him if he wants to get ridiculed by people he works with/for.

    • CP@ – I was drained by some nutcase who continually told me they were fake, until I pointed out the fact that a good telescope can pick out the debris left from the moon landings on the moons surface.
      The answer?
      “NASA and Microsoft put slides in front of the telescope lens from a database they have”.
      I considered this, then told him if he came out with this shit in front of me again I would punch his fucking face in.
      Thankfully he bores some other poor fucker with his mental bullshit now.

      • Most of the suggestions by these comedy theorists are less believable than sending people to the moon. It always ends up being very elaborate and strained, as if they don’t seem to have heard of Occam’s razor.

      • Got two mates who are no Mooners, hollow Mooners and flat Earthers…fuck’s sake…
        Now it’s a fact that the Russians were also tracking the mission 24/7 and this was at the height of the Cold War remember so if they’d found any deviation they would have screamed it from the Kremlin’s rooftop.

      • What absolute bollox there is nothing on earth that can see the sites the only piss poor pics came from a Chink moon satellite they are about 6 pixels across.

      • From what I see even the best Western sattelite imagery resolves down to 0.4-0.5 metres/pixel and I doubt the chinks have bettered that.

  11. “Truthers” and “fact checkers” – people who would not accept the truth if it was marching them to a death camp and people who do not accepts facts but make up lies for whoever is paying them and declare them “facts”.
    It must be lovely on their planet.
    When people are so brainwashed, frightened and hypnotised they will not accept any other opinion but their own, when they become childishly enraged when people dare point out the truth, when they are alternatively aggressive then hysterical it is because they know they are wrong but are so dogmatic and immature they will not look at these silly things called “truth, fact and evidence” because they just want you to agree with them even though both of you know they are wrong.
    I pity them – they are just as mental as the tinfoil hatters, and I have fuck all time or inclination to put clowns right.

  12. I’m just glad that we don’t have any of those blinkered types who can’t accept that they’re wrong on here…. I know that I for one am an absolute delight when told that I’m wrong.

    • DF@ – Some people are dumb enough to believe anything – the guy who sold me a mind reading cat FOR ONLY A TENNER today told me that – and I suspect he’s right.
      I totally ripped him off..

    • Lets be honest…this is a site stuffed with awkward,obstreperous Cunts who would no more admit that they were wrong than they would offer houseroom to a 45 year old bearded dingy-rider child.

      • What do you mean, Lord Fiddler?
        Ahmed is doing really well.
        He can sing the abc song, count to ten, and read fluently the first Jane and John book.
        I’m having him put down on Tuesday, a most unsatisfactory pet.

    • I once (just once) doubted myself and questioned if I might be wrong.

      Luckily thousands of people rushed to reassure me I was indeed,
      Right all along.

      • I’ve only been wrong once in my life and that was because some Cunt lied to me.

  13. If I want the truth I go direct to Boris, Boris knows all……..or didn’t know and that’s the truth.

    Meanwhile if we are talking about people who disagree with the official story when the official story is obviously full of half truths and omissions I don’t have a problem with them either, up to the point they make up their own narrative without evidence, then they are cunts.

    I’ve reached the conclusion that it doesn’t matter who was behind 9-11 or who killed Kennedy when the average person will allow every service provider or local council to shit on their shoes and do fuck all about it!

    Remember Bill Clinton never had sex with that woman and a man in a dress is a woman.

    Have a nice day, gotta run Elvis has just been spotted shopping at our local Aldi…

  14. Great cunting.
    Gullible fools, all of them. It’s never one issue with them either, if they are reeled in on one load of old hokum, they tend to believe the fucking lot. From flat earth gibberers to famous women being men, they will believe it all. Paranoia, stupidity, drug abuse, or a combination of those is responsible for the lions share of what makes a crank.
    I’ve asked people in the past to explain or offer any sort of proof for some of the stuff that’s put forward as ‘FACT’ and have been told to piss off or fuck off, do your own fucking research etc.

    • Agreed.
      One conspiracy isnt enough!
      Freemasons, jews, Satanic cults,
      Aliens, police, government, social services (dey took my babies!!)
      Every fuckers the enemy.
      Everyone’s plotting against us,

      NHS trying to poison me!
      But happy enough to trust a backstreet drug dealer.

      Any cunt screaming an shouting about truth I automatically class Loon.
      Any cunt screaming about picking up guns or arming the people I swerve.
      Never ends well.

      • Evening Mis, I am on your bus mate. A couple of weeks ago there was a great argument between some on here on who really runs the earth. It’s the Chinese, no its the Jews, no you’re both wrong, its the satanists.
        Comedy gold. 😄

      • Big Pharma, everyone knows that the elite are just getting saline solution, the rest of us are being injected with a cocktail of drugs to control the mind, ‘they’ had to invent a new variant to get people to take the third jab, the final solution.

        Now where do I sign away my soul

      • Why didn’t they just put it in the water supply? No fuss, job done, don’t have to coerce 99% of scientists and doctors, just a couple of tanker drivers.
        Just saying.🙂

      • Michael/Michelle Obama is a good one. Not because I necessarily believe it to be true, I merely 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 it to be true!

      • It has to be injected not ingested, come on GJ, if it were that simple we would have been sheep decades ago 😂

      • The Russians have been spiking our bottled water for decades. FACT.
        Bottled water is mainly consumed by lefty Guardian reading types and those with more money than sense. Is it any wonder the West has become such a basket case?

      • I’d recommend Barely Sociable if you’re into that mysteries stuff Harold. Great channel.

      • Thanks for that OC.

        I’ll go and have a look-see when I’m back from the 🛆👁️ club

      • You’re welcome Harold. There’s very few creepy channels that aren’t ARG-ridden clickbait shitfests but he’s one of them. Lazy Masquerade is a good one as well although he deals mostly with true crime.

  15. Tony Blair and George W promise that Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction will definitely definitely turn up by the end of this year.


    • You had to go on about the only true fucker didn’t you!😂
      Think about it though, the wheels came of that load of shit before the war started, and even the most fervent believer was done after a few short months.
      It’s a classic example of how true conspiracies don’t work, as they fall pretty much at the first hurdle.

    • “…Unfortunately it worked just long enough for the House of Commons to vote in favour of the war.”

      …and it’s still working to this day!

      Look fellahs, what in your book counts as ‘proof’? I mean what do you want and what are you expecting? Are you expecting the protagonists in that conflict to have done something as stunningly inept such as written out their complete strategy and left copies everywhere for enquiring minds to just… find?
      Well they did…
      Once again boys I give you the Oded Yinon briefing document we’ve come to know as “Greater Israel – The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”

      The original pdf scan is also available online. But so what Chops???
      Well this screed was taken up by Richard (cunt) Perle, Paul (the comb licker) Wolfowitz, Dick (chop) Cheney, Douglas (fucking) Feith, dusted off and rehashed as their own “Project For A New American Century” ….oooooh fuck!

      (can’t post two links otherwise I would have given you that as well but as they say… do your own research!)

    • So it was the Pope all along! His dastardly plan to get us to kill our pets and fuck for the Vatican.

    • Yes, because they hide the weak chin, no chin, pathetic beard.
      What’s not to like?
      Wear a full face visor!!
      Show your Viking look off!
      I do. And I rock it!

    • Too late Sicky.

      I’ve a bumper family pack of masks already which I’m never without.
      Personalised an all with words like – HOAX or SCAMDEMIC in Tippex.

      I see it as my moral duty to always help the “sheeple” to “wake up”

      Shame really because these masks are denying swathes of ladies a glimpse of my granite jawline but needs must.

      Good Evening Sick
      Good Evening all

      • Evening HJ, I can see these masks becoming a real problem, I mean a woman’s brain is a bit mushy at the best of times, all those mask wearing hunks, how will they ever recover. 😂

  16. I can’t handle the truth, that’s why I only subscribe to dewtube
    Some very learned peoples help me get through in these difficult , of plagued times.
    They set me free and that’s good enough for me!

    The truth is , what you believe it to be, it’s fluid , particularly with women , well I have to say something that I believe is true for this nom I’m of course referring to most of the women that I know

      • Jeezum , Wasn’t trying to be sounding misogynist even though I am a bachelor.
        It’s more to do with the way that women recount past events that I also have witnessed having obviously been present at the very event.
        My observations are that even though the event did not have myself playing the starring roll, but some other gobhite for a change, making a scene of themselves,
        it’s more like when being recounted later in casual conversation terms ,can be somewhat different to what I had witnessed .
        Must be a nightmare fore a judge to recognize the truth.

      • I think my ex wife would make an excellent archaeologist, such was her prowess at digging up the past.

      • “Must be a nightmare fore a judge to recognize the truth.”

        That’s why judges rank eye-witness testimonies pretty low in evidentiary worth.

  17. Believe nothing you hear.
    Believe half of what you see with your own eyes.
    Question everything.

    Served me well👍

  18. Official ONS figures from a F.O.I request of:

    How many people died in the UK of Covid19 without serious co-morbidities?

    A: 16’000

    Conservative estimate of additional cancer deaths, due to lack of medical Intervention:

    60’000 plus


    • All of the burial and cremation figures don’t tally-up with the Covid figures. A lot of that info is coming out now. That epic cunt Fauci has been getting his arse ripped apart over and over by Dr Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator. I can see there being a scandal of all scandals breaking this year over this Covid criminal insanity.

    • Good Evening CG

      Interesting stuff indeed.

      My Mrs had a health scare last year and was dealt with fairly promptly so no complaints from me personally but that is a frightening statistic.
      A hell of a lot more so for the families affected.

      • Evening HJ👍

        I sincerely hope your good lady is well🙂

        I think it has been a “postcode lottery”.

        I can say that personally, My own experiences have not been like those of your family☹️

      • Even anecdotal stuff from people calling up morgues, funeral homes, etc last year was painting a picture of normality in this places. I mean, fuck me, in a PANDEMIC, there should be stories of morgues, funeral homes, coffin makers being overrun, chaos, rushed burials, cremations, sad stories from loved ones. Let’s face it – last year was NORMAL. Oh, apart from the government and media hysteria that inconveniences the fuck out of billions of people. Pandemic of hysteria is what we have had. But it’s almost over. Then some other hysterical shit-show will be thrown at us, just watch.

    • All good stuff the stats give the numbers but you also have to think about the effect that not locking down and allowing the initial wave to fly, those cancer patients could have just as easily been part of the Co-morbidities especially in older people. Less people dying of cancer but more people dying of Covid with cancer.

      Just a thought.

      • However you slice it, the last two years has been an epic spaz-fest shit-show and we all deserve medals for enduring it. VAT should be reduced to 10% for two years to get the economy going.

      • Yes Sweden did seem to have a different approach that worked, there could be reasons for that, much smaller population, not sure but certainly Brazil didn’t do too well with the head in the sand approach.
        It is all going to come out in the official inquiry, I know the boffins like to use the excess deaths as a measure of the full impact of Covid and comparing outcomes in other countries so I am sure that will be a big part of the inquiry.

      • D’ya know what Sicky, I didn’t need stats to tell me this whole evolving charade stunk to high heaven; alarm bell 1 was when PHE and the UK Advisory Committee on Infectious Diseases classified the SARS CoV2 virus as a class 2 pathogen “…of minimal consequence” on the 19th Mar 2020 then 3 days later Twatt Wanksock suddenly makes it a reportable disease along with rabies, TB et al??? What the fuck???

        2nd alarm bell was when the BBC started captioning those ‘deaths OF ANY CAUSE within 28 days of a postive covid test in large red font but the news-readers ALWAYS omitted to speak the “OF ANY CAUSE” bit. At first I thought meh just an oversight the lazy cow… but no… she did it again half an hour later and thence every single time and this omission has been a constant feature.
        Ohhhhkaaaayyyy I know this tune, I know how this will play out now.

  19. The truth is Michael Jackson did not die, he took his mask off and became barrack obama full time. Prove me wrong.

    • The Truth, written by literary award winning fucking idiots , readily available nationwide
      Can you handle the truth?, was lesser known work from the a time when well ,you were kinda asked
      Cough 19 , and Fear For Ever More, are the most recent offerings ,which have been critically acclaimed but divide opinions.

      I love a good read

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