Tony ‘Satan’ Blair (25)

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Another cunting for this odious piece of shit, my lord Tony Blair cunt of this parish. This cunt is saying that Britain is heading for the lower league of nations. Was the rot not started on your watch Tony? You and your faction of weapons grade cunts started the ball rolling?

Unlimited immigration, devolved parliaments, two illegal wars, the blood of thousands on your hands. Need I go on? Here’s an idea Tony, fuck off and die you cunt.

Nominated by Cuntymort

121 thoughts on “Tony ‘Satan’ Blair (25)

  1. If you draw a pentagram in chicken blood on the floor
    Place a black candle at each point and say his name thrice,
    You can summon him!!

    Dont step outside the circle!

    Bet his nose is open with the scent of war?
    Russia vs the West?
    Quids in!££££££

    Hed step around the battlefield looking for wedding rings an gold teeth the grabbing, grinning, hellspawn cunt.

  2. Deep state, stealth taxes, “council tax escalator” (he started this trend off – tripled under him), PC culture, all topped off with a shit eating grin.
    BLiar is the ultimate cunt.

  3. Major, Blair, Brown , Cameron- these abject failures seem to think that they have perceptive observations to make.
    What a bunch of cunts!

    • I notice he doesn’t offer any ” perceptive solutions” to the alleged problems, though.
      He should fuck off and take that fugly wide mouthed frog of a wife with him. He should buy a remote island somewhere, so he can play at being king of the world without us having to listen to him.

      • JP@ – People who offer solutions will never get into the inner circle – the war is never meant to end, just to be profitable.
        Eastasia or Eurasia – the money train rolls on..
        I remember thinking in 1997 – Fk me – A labour party with Tory business principles – these might actually be finally worth a vote!
        Boy was I wrong on that one – and I don’t ever get fooled twice.
        I would like to stand on Blair and hear his teeth break.

      • “…and take that fugly wide mouthed frog of a wife with him.”

        I have a special sonderaktion’ planned for this hell bitch. I require a tightly rolled copy of the Hutton Report (signed by m’good self this time) and a soft hide mallet. I’d then tap that fucker down her throat and drive it home with rythmic strokes of the mallet in time a sweating 30stone percussionist in a loin cloth pounding a drum skinned with her hubby’s peeled hide. I’d keep hammering until the blood, sputum and vomit started bubbling up through the middle…

        …then kick her fucking cunt in!

      • Well, I think the commenters said it all,
        Blair and Cher, the UKs version of red neck trailer trash.

  4. It was obvious from his cottaging days and relyting upon his odious and ugly then “girlfriend” Cherie, to get him through university that Tony SUPERCUNT Bliar was and always will be a wrong un (aka CUNT). A multi millionaire socialist with no discernable talent; too evil even for the deepest pit of hell.

  5. Blair turns the UK into the third world, gets exposed for the grifter he is, starts some wars, gets a job as a “Middle East Peace Envoy” so he can be paid a fortune for not stopping any wars he started, floods the Country with cheap labour in exchange for cash payments from corporations, dodges tax, rakes in a fortune from speaking roles explaining how he fucked a Country over, sells peerages to the highest bidder and then thinks he can swan back and lecture the people over the problems HE created.
    It would please me to see this “Man” hung for treason.
    Utter, utter toilet trading commie traitor cunt.
    I wonder if he is on any flight logs?

  6. I see that the petition to have his knighthood withdrawn has now gone over the one and a quarter mill mark.
    Won’t make a scrap of difference of course, but it serves as an indicator as to just how much this wankstain is reviled.
    I take some comfort from the fact that every morning he wakes up next to a total dog.

    Morning all.

  7. Two world wars, the Korean war and decades of political ineptitude, have ruined this country, financially.
    Blair has made a considerable contribution to this truly awful state of affairs, whilst ensuring that he made a substantial fortune, along the way.
    If there was any justice, he’d go the same way as Nicolai Caucescu ( ? )
    I fucking hate the cunt.
    Good morning.

    • JTC@ – Morning JTC – Ceausescu should serve as an example to every dictator what happens when the people finally have enough.
      If only NATO had then finished the job and bombed Romania into hot dust..

      • Hello, Vernon. Blair will get away scot free. Unless some lone wolf gets close.
        We live in hope. 👍

  8. As for the moral state of the nation.
    I blame that on do gooder liberal types, like Lord Longford.
    And hippies.
    Get To Fuck.

  9. Why does this cunt give a fuck?
    He’s loaded so he can jet off to Switzerland or California any time he likes.

    Just so long as his private jet broaches Russian airspace and gets a wing blown off so the evil cunt can enjoy plummeting to earth with his clothes on fire.
    And make sure it’s wife is on board.

    Fuck Off.

  10. Fuckin’ mong! It’s real easy to suggest that we’re slipping down the scale of credible nations … cos we are/have. Partly due to dilution by the EU and partly the shite types that have entered the Kingdom with no interest in the way of things other than access benefits. The main reason being that all other countries have been allowed to catch up and surpass. China and India were always going to be serious contenders for slots way above us but technology and selective funding has ensured that there are dozens just as capable of not more so than us. All part of the plan … come on Russia get on with the war let’s have something for the likes of Blair to really rant about.

      • Actually, I’d probably make that 1990 on – John Major’s government was fucking useless as well and Major was the cunt who signed us up for the Maastricht Treaty.

    • “Every government since 1997 has been a fucking disaster.”

      Beg tio differ… I’d place it at 10th May 19..fucking..40!

      • “You are Lord Haw Haw’s great-grandson and I claim my 5 Deutschmarks.”

        Awwww fuck… sussed… in this house we carry only Reichmarks i’m afraid Ruffs, so 5Dm in old money equals…? …erm? … just working it out…will 6,000,000RM do?

  11. I have almost lost my enthusiasm for cunting Anthony Blair At least last week on Wireless 4 he admitted Brexit was done – more than that oily heap of shit who leaves his party now does. He did sound reasonably sane, and didn’t take the bait over “Whatever-Gate” the BBC were pushing last week.

    Blair had his nancy boys and they all wanted to be up his back passage but Keir’s kweers are even worse – and of course that old slapper Rayner would take over if the constipation got to Starmer and he keeled over straining at a stool. Starmer looks for all the world with that greasy face, world-weary voice and clutching his chest as if he had spent the morning, squatting on the pan trying to push one out. He is bad but the loud mouthed old whore would be even worse – but that tels you all you need to know – a greasy lawyer, more wooden than a coffin lid is the best they can offer.

  12. The Blair Institute for Global Blair advised the deeply corrupt dictator of Guinea, Alpha Conde, until he was removed by a coup in September. No worries:

    “Several countries were ready to welcome Alpha Condé, including Turkey and Qatar. Alpha Condé finally chose Abu Dhabi. “The United Arab Emirates have always had good relations with him and Guinea”, underlines a Guinean diplomat. In August 2021, six agreements had been signed between the two parties relating to air transport, mining and infrastructure.

    The Abu Dhabi Ports group also manages the container terminal at Kamsar, a mining port located 250 kilometers north of Conakry. “It is undoubtedly a guarantee for the return of the former president. The Emiratis, says a diplomatic source, have interests to defend and have no interest in falling out with the new authorities. ”

    Not mentioned here is the employment of Blair by the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, Mubadala, as whose agent he acts, embedded in several resource-rich African countries. These include Guinea, where Blair ‘advised’ Conde in the course of a now-notorious deal with Mubadala involving the export of unprocessed bauxite.

    The question of who is paying for Blair’s expensive contingent of suited ‘advisors’ has been asked (where critical comment is permitted at all) in other African countries. Blair’s merely the salesman, though. The money is Mubadala’s.

    You cannot cunt this self-serving cunt enough. A former PM in the pay – the very generous pay – of a foreign power?

    • There are no ‘foreign powers’ to him. Everything grist to his mill.
      His destructiveness comes from his corny ‘Internationalism’. Hands across the sea shit.

      • That’s right, Miles. Ironic that he enhanced Scottish and Welsh nationalism in the process of denying British nationhood, ain’t it?

      • At last, someone noticed! Rather proud of that one, HBH, glad you like!

        (Explanatory, for those still struggling: the correct title of Blair’s private court is – deep breath – The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.)

      • In reality the BIGB is an old 1930s workshop in a passageway off of Mincing Lane, between the kebab shop and public lavatory, and every Sunday morning you wil see lots of white van men queing outside stocking up on ladies knickers and bras (good seconds). NIGB is a market traders supply company (By appointment to Eddie Izzard, queen of Theatreland).| Cherie, with her hair in curlurs and a fag drooping from her lip, takes the money and Petie is the simpleton who humps the cardboard boxes out to aspiring Del Trotters.

    • Very interesting, Mr. Boggs. Looking through the comments, there is a photo of what is obviously a much younger Blair.
      Is it true? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.
      I think I’m going to start referring to him as Miranda in the future.

    • He’s a grasping megalomaniac who fucked our country and took us into a war which has permanently destabilised the middle east with global consequences.
      Currently training tyrants to fleece the world economy and get away with crimes against humanity.
      Not enough? Fuck it, let’s make up some lies about him probably being a pea dough. Tinfoil types love a good diddling tale, and require no proof to buy it either.
      One of his crimes according to that Facebook Post is being bisexual. Wow, that’s fucking scraping the barrel…..

      • The Miranda tale is a very old one, and no doubt it’s a useful distraction from his numerous, very real, gigantic, and unprosecuted offences. The Institute for Global Blair probably propagates this one intentionally.

      • Putting my foil hat on it wouldn’t surprise me if he is a vengeful ex KGB agent gone rogue after the Soviet Union fell to bits. Or a Space lizard. Lizards, lizards everywhere. Turn the cunt into luggage.

  13. Perhaps he’s like Lady Macbeth, rising in the middle of the night and washing imaginary blood stains off his hands while Cherie, looking even more like a ogre, calls him back to bed.

      • Joseh Pearce:-

        ‘If I had to give just one example, I’d point to his purchasing of the Blackfriars Gatehouse in London in 1612, just before he retires and goes back to Stratford-Upon-Avon. This was a notorious center for recusant Catholic activity in London. [The gatehouse] had remained in Catholic hands from the dissolution of the monasteries to Shakespeare’s purchase of it 80 years later, and Shakespeare insisted that John Robinson—whose brother had left that same year to study for the priesthood at the English College in Rome—should remain as the tenant, indicating that the house would continue to be used as a center of Catholic recusant activity. There can be no real denying that Shakespeare purchased the house to remain in Catholic hands and indeed his own hands, which were Catholic.’

    • I watched the new black and white 1.19:1 screen ratio of Macbeth with Denzel Washington as the charm’d King. It’s highly stylised, beautiful to look at and people have praised Denzel, but I found it awkward. Americans can’t do Bacon, err, I mean, Shakespeare. Nothing wrong with having a black Macbeth, Orson Welles did a great stage version with an all-black cast on stage in the 1940s, but this just didn’t work for me. If it was Idris Elba, it would have been amazing, I reckon, but Denzel just isn’t that kind of actor. I find him overrated, frankly. He’s too nice and charming to play villains, tough guys. Anyway, here’s movie, it’s beautiful to look at…

      (107 minutes, 1080p)

      • No CG. I dont believe it. And the de Vere hypothesis either.
        It was a William Shakespeare from Stratford upon Avon.
        The only new thing that has been found out by scholars recently is that he was almost certainly Catholic. And the plays are full of Papist references. See ‘Shadowplay’ by Clare Asquith.

      • Miles, you haven’t watched the links! I was on the fence for years, I knew there was something off about Shakespeare authorship. The man himself could not have had the knowledge he had to write those complex works. His kids were illiterate, too, what’s up with that? He was real, he made a lot of money, but I think he was a cipher for at least Bacon, a man of true knowledge, wit, curiosity, a true polymath genius of that age. Shakespeare was a schnook, an actor, which was a lowly rank in society in those days. Honestly, that documentary above shows you the hard evidence that Bacon was involved in the folios and put codes in them as he did with the KJV Bible, but that’s the deeper rabbit hole.

        You can’t just dismiss things, brother, you need to look into things when they are presented to you! If you linked me a video on something contenious, I’d watch it at least once, A lot of the old claims on Shakespeare were not that great, but the guy in that documentary pretty much solved the mystery. I get why people cling to William Shakespeare as the one and true author – money, pride, prestige, heritage, but Bacon was massively involved, it’s incontestable now. Peace.

      • Shakespeare wrote them. For such a famous man, rather little is known about him, for example he disappeared for several years.

        As for being a Catholic, that’s wannabee fantasy. He might’ve pretended to curry favour but he certainly was no theist. You couldn’t write Hamlet and believe in some bearded fairy living in the clouds.

      • You can’t just say, “Shakespeare wrote them,” and leave it at that without looking deeply into the evidence that Sir Francis Bacon (and perhaps others) had a massively significant hand in writing the plays. Honestly, that 3-part documentary I linked is not crackpot shite, the guy who presents the evidence is a smart guy, has no agenda…

        Those plays aren’t all just plays. Hamlet is an allegory about the Heavens, the Zodiac, the Firmament, it’s an ancient story found from Iceland to Persia. Whoever wrote the plays was no playwrite alone, he or they were super-duper-ultra-smart and had a vast and profound knowledge of all sorts of crucial aspects of life and reality, metaphysics. The idea that an ordinary, uneducated, untraveled man who only spoke English wrote those sublime works from age 26 onward is comical. At the very least he had help from Bacon, maybe others, but Bacon was the final editor and he included cryptography into the folios.

        You’d think that everyone would embrace this as it AMPLIFIES the greatness and importance of the works. The author often isn’t important – it’s the message to humanity that is paramount. Peace.

      • ‘He might’ve pretended to curry favour ‘

        Curry favour ? What with the authoritues? By being a Catholic!

        In Elizabethan England!

        Ha ha ha.

        You could be hung, drawn and quartered for even attending a secret mass.

      • I did click on your link Cunty Gordon. And like most conspiracy theories it ages to get going delaying the revelation. I was about15 mins and he still didnt get into the meat of it. I MIGHT give it another go when I have time.

        Meanwhile I’ll get quotes and maybe a video for you to watch.

        But just off the top of my head. John Shakespeare William’s father was constantly in court to pay fines for not attending Anglican services. Ann Hathaway’s family were deeply involved with ‘recusant’ activities.
        Shakesoeare himsel bought…cant remember…a hotbed of papist activities.

        It’s in the plays as well.

      • ‘You couldn’t write Hamlet and believe in some bearded fairy living in the clouds.’

        But Hamlet is a particularly religious play. That whole scene where Claudius is praying for his sins of murdering Hamlet’s father. And Hamlet is behind him listening. And debating within himself…cant remember the exact quote…that if he kills him now he will go straight to heaven, shriven. Very religious, catholic indeed

      • HAMLET
        Now might I do it pat, now he is praying;
        And now I’ll do’t. And so he goes to heaven;
        And so am I revenged. That would be scann’d:
        A villain kills my father; and for that,
        I, his sole son, do this same villain send
        To heaven.
        O, this is hire and salary, not revenge.
        He took my father grossly, full of bread;
        With all his crimes broad blown, as flush as May;
        And how his audit stands who knows save heaven?
        But in our circumstance and course of thought,
        ‘Tis heavy with him: and am I then revenged,
        To take him in the purging of his soul,
        When he is fit and season’d for his passage?
        Up, sword; and know thou a more horrid hent:
        When he is drunk asleep, or in his rage,
        Or in the incestuous pleasure of his bed;
        At gaming, swearing, or about some act
        That has no relish of salvation in’t;
        Then trip him, that his heels may kick at heaven,
        And that his soul may be as damn’d and black
        As hell, whereto it goes. My mother stays:
        This physic but prolongs thy sickly days.

      • That’s a poor show, Miles. poor show. You sound like you have little patience for complex issues. How can the revelation be revealed after 15 minutes?! LOL! Even at 3 x 45 minutes, it’s pretty concise, but it covers the facts, the evidence, the decryption and it actually doesn’t fully end there, the real mysteries are still to be explored. You say you don’t have time? Dude, you are on this site all day, every day! LOL! I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from the heroin that is the internet these days, but if you are interested in the real story of humanity, not the government-approved bullshit white-washed narrative that has dumbed us down for centuries, then you should look into who Bacon was, his involvement in the KJV BIble, etc. History is being re-written now as it always has. I think these, “Great Resets” as the leaders actually call it, happen every 100-200 years to keep us from progressing, evolving physically, mentally and spiritually. The narrowness of people’s lives these days is so sad, just work, TV, drink/drugs, get fat, sick, die, expensive funeral and inheritance tax your kids.

        I’m not one of those, “Shakespeare didn’t exist!” guys. He existed, he was an average kid. But how did he not know his birthplace and birthday? That never came up? In letters, like, “today was my birthday,” or, “Happy birthday, dear William!” etc. And where did he go in his early 20s? Abroad? He would have to have gone to Europe soak the place up to be able to write so vividly about, know how the political courts worked, etc. That aspect of the works could be de Vere, who had such knowledge. Bacon added the esoteric aspects and the cryptography. It was a vast project involving great, great minds and it had a purpose. They had fun along the way, with the comedies, but there’s way more to those folios than we are told in the standard story.

      • Sorry for being flippant CG. But Ive had another little go at it and I just cant. I hate dramatic music and hes ‘on a journey’.
        Wait for it my mind is open-it could be true. It could Richard de Vere.
        But I believe this fella-Joseph Pearce. But I have heard him do textual analysis (to show WS was from Stratford and was Catholic) which was a bit threadbare. Of ratger stretching it a bit. But I do think on the whole he is 90% right.

        Youll notice it has classical music introducing it and is a ‘lecture’ meaniing it researched and serious.

        As a little aside if you havent heard of Pearce. Anazingly he was one of the leading lights of the National Front in tge late 70s. (Went to jail twice)

        Very different now.

        Finally I got up to hhe part where it pointed ‘to’ not ‘two’ ‘begun’ not ‘bacon’.

      • Okay, I’m not going to urge you further to watch that documentary. Yes, the style of some presentations can determine if I watch something. But the facts of that documentary are very powerful and I was on the fence for years over the authorship debate, but now I feel 100% convinced that Bacon was involved in the folios. Not saying he wrote all the plays, there were probably other powerful men involved, most probably de Vere. Shakespeare the lowly actor may have been the scriber who copied the drafts to manuscript in his own hand and was the ‘bag-man’ so to speak, got his share of the shekels and did well for himself then died at 52. But it’s weird how scant the info on him is – just like Iesus/Yeshua/Jesus, there’s NOTHING on Jesus, which is insane and troubling. But, at the end of the day, it’s the MESSAGE that matters. Same with, “who built the original Gothic cathedrals?”. It doesn’t matter. The question is what do those “Books in Stone” mean? And that’s a massive rabbit hole. A Christian has no clue what the images of Notre Dame de Paris mean. Theologians don’t. Only esoteric insiders know, alchemists knew, some Freemasons know, some lay people like me know. It’s AMAZING knowledge!

  14. There was a documentary last year on the Blair/ Brown years, commentators often said he had a messianic image of himself, as though he was the second coming and could fix the world… maybe the cunt should be in a padded cell…👹

    • Just thought hes catholic (religiously) with a small c. But Catholic (politically meaning a universalism) with a big C.

      • He only took the left foot because Cherie wouldn’t have a heretic’s kids. Think he dropped the Catholic pretence when he tried to tell the Pope, “uh, y’know, wot you ought to do is take my advice, yeah…?” and the Pope told him to fuck off (in Latin). Now it’s just Cherie wearing the Sacred Heart on her designer sleeve.

    • Blair states in one of his books that he feels that he has a, “destiny”. He was PM for ten years, so that can’t be his destiny. He is one of those cunts, those men who want to have a destiny, see it fulfilled and have a beautiful Churchill or Abraham Lincoln-like legacy and have statues, be quoted forever, etc. He might even have more divine delusion beyond that, definitely. I’d like to see Blair return as Labour leader so we can focus our hatred for politics like a laser on him and right now our anger is all over the place and Blair as leader – not as PM obviously, just as a blithering idiot on TV – would be a glorious target for everyone to chuck shit at.

    • ” …maybe the cunt should be in a padded cell”

      Nope, Terry’s oven will do just fine!

      • …oh and Lincoln was a cunt bastard railroad lawyer who pretty much got the ball rolling on the alloying of business and state… and don’t even think of mentioning …”but Chops you shit, he ended muh slavery!” t’fuck did he!

  15. Would you have sent your kids to Iraq Tony? Thought not. 15 million immigrants into the UK on his watch. No wonder no fucker can get a house and a hospital appointment. I can’t believe I voted for this fucking fraud once. This twat has now created the mongrel that is the UK population. A bit of everything not a lot of it useful.

  16. Tony Blair is just a fucking oily used car salesman with a fucking gormless wife, he got the UK into all this shit and now that its all gone sideways, which we all knew it would at some point, this grinning loon has got something that he wants to say, sorry Teflon Tony, you have obviously mistake us all for people who give a fuck about your worthless opinion……fuck off cunt

  17. 25 nominations. Impressive, even for an open border cunt.

    Who holds the IsAc record I wonder?

  18. The entire West is heading for the “lower league of nation’s”, not just the UK, which is actually doing better than many others. The reasons – unfettered immigration, moral spinelessness, historical “guilt”, wokery and green politics. Many of these trends started with Satan Blair.

    • Britain got relegated in 1945. Russia and America became the super-powers and it’s still that way, but now with China-Russia versus Joe Biden’s Ameri-can’t and an almighty clusterfuck about to unfold…

      • Did anyone see Biden all a journalist a, “son of a bitch,” yesterday? Unreal. The guy is a total spastic zilch. He’s going to destroy America just as Obama did. It was nice while it lasted, America. Now it will be become a massive Venezuela with casinos and everyone on smack.

      • No way is Russia a superpower today. China, yes. Russia is not even in the top 50 world economies.

  19. Education and the media have been completely taken over by the Leftwaffe and we have imported millions of people who don’t like us or our way of life. There are 43,000 on the terror watch list!!
    Most of the UK’s current problems can be laid at the feet of Tony Blair who politicised the civil service and judiciary, gave us devolution, illegal ideologically driven wars which destabilised the Middle East and added to the migrant crisis, plus his Human Rights Act which means we can’t deport terrorists or criminals. He freed the IRA murderers while making the lives of British soldiers who’ve served in the last 50 years a misery. Oh, and he trashed the economy before running off and leaving it in the hands of the bumbling and completely incompetent Gordon Brown. Meanwhile he flies around the world at taxpayers’ expense telling dictators how to get away with murdering protestors for a cool $5million.
    Until everything Blair did is wound back there’s no future for the UK. It will be a gargantuan task and I don’t think we have anyone capable of doing it. Leaving the EU was a step in the right direction but then we’ve had all this Green ideology dumped on us. That also needs to go in the bin along with Blair.

  20. Strap him to a chair and ring a bell then hit him with a hammer every 15 minutes . After 3 hours just ring the bell and revel in the fear in the utter cunts eyes.

    • Say what you want but both Tony and his wife have lovely smiles.
      Always happy!
      Well done.

    • Would that be the same kind of fear in the eyes that the families of a million innocent and very dead Iraqis have every time they hear a moped backfire?

  21. Clarissa Dickson Wright (from the TV cookery series Two Fat Ladies) mentions Blair several times in her autobiography “Spilling The Beans”. She knew him well as a trainee barrister in the late 1960s, and recalls:

    “There were several members of the future Labour Cabinet in my circle, including Tony Blair himself. We called him Miranda, not least because of his long hair and girlish looks. He was regarded as a poor, sad thing, and considered something of a fantasist.”

    She goes on to say that one of these fantasies was his repeated proud claim to have been a stowaway on a flight to America from Prestwick Airport. Unfortunately for Blair, everyone knew he was lying – there were no transatlantic flights from Prestwick. It wasn’t that he was particularly disliked, at least not then, just that everyone thought he was basically a bullshitter who would never amount to much.

    She had certainly revised her opinion of him when she met him again decades later and in a very different context. By now she was quite famous from her TV show and Blair was very soon to become Prime Minister. She writes:

    “I was never conned by our Tone, not even a little, and I think anyone who remembered him from when he was younger knew what a slippery customer he was. In 1996, I unexpectedly encountered him in the green room at the Comedy Awards, where Jennifer Paterson and I had been presenting prizes.

    I took the opportunity to speak to him. I doubt he remembered me, although he said he did, and it was like talking to a psychopath, where nothing moved behind the eyes and there was this constant attempt to work out what the other person was going to say and allude to it first, as if scoring brownie points to prove his cleverness. I am not easily frightened and yet I found him a very frightening man.”

    There is a fair bit more in her book about Blair, all of it extremely damning, and I recommend “Spilling The Beans” as a rollicking good read.

    • Interesting. Just as an aside I dont think Jennifer would have had a high regard for him either.

      • Fuck me, when you see how she could skin a bunny my guess is she’d have gleefully had Tony’s kidneys extracted, in the skillet and lightly saute’d… as a fuckin’ starter!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation – I’ll give it a read. 👍

      I always liked CDW – she gave the impression that she’d do things her way irrespective of any interference. I’d love to see her sorting out some of the woke cunts we have about these days.

      • As a quid pro quo I’d recommend reading: “An Inconvenient Death by Miles Goslett”.

        This spells out a lot of the background to the death of Dr David Kelly and there are a number of references to BLiar in it. It’s a damn good read – it makes you feel worried about getting “concrete boots” just reading it. If you didn’t think BLiar was a cunt before reading this it’s guaranteed to change your mind on it!

      • The young Blair was the type of guy who would be perfect for the elite – a sad, lonely, but narcissistic fantasist. Bill Clinton was the same. Those two cunts have done evil things that aren’t public knowledge. We need to wipe out these types and the people who put them where they are.

    • “..and it was like talking to a psychopath, where nothing moved behind the eyes”

      Yup, my assessment to a tee – dead behind the eyes; almost Whittey-ish…

    • “She knew him well as a trainee barrister in the late 1960s”

      Not likely, as Blair was only 16 in 1969, and to be a trainee barrister he would have to have got a law degree first. Blair didn’t graduate until 1975.

      • Sorry, my mistake – see my reply about 1960s/1970s below.

        Thanks for the tip on the David Kelly book, Mikdys. I’m not big into conspiracy theory but I’ll give it a look. Cheers!

      • Not so much a “conspiracy theory book” but a narrative of events, cross referenced to verifiable sources, that lets you draw your own conclusion. I’m surprised Miles got away with it. Gilligan was shut down, if you remember, albeit that was contemporaneous.

  22. I wonder where they are going to bury Blair when he snuffs it? It can’t be in an ordinary cemetery because they’ll be a constant queue of people lining up to piss and shit on his grave. There will be burger vans and cunts selling “I shat on Blair” t shirts. I expect the globalists have already built a fucking great mausoleum somewhere for their hero. Like Crazy Horse the site will only be known to a few insiders. The sooner the cunt gets there the better.

    • “I wonder where they are going to bury Blair when he snuffs it?”

      Mount of Olives of course… next to that fat fuck Maxwell but… who’ll be reading the eulogy this time???

  23. Get ready for this wanker to make a comeback he’s been slowly but surely building up to it His knighthood was the icing on the cake Mark my words this piece of shot will return to frontline politics toxic or not 👎👎

  24. Well spotted Ruff Tuff Creampuff and not likely at all – he didn’t leave Fettes school until 1971. It’s usually called a typo.

    Trying again:
    “… She knew him well as a trainee barrister in the late 1970s, and recalls…”

    To avoid any further confusion, I’d also point out here that Blair was the “trainee barrister in the late 1970s”, NOT Clarissa Dickson Wright. She had completed her “training” (which WAS in the 1960s!!) when called to the Bar in 1970. She had the distinction of being the youngest woman barrister, which stood until fairly recent times.

    After her mother died in 1975 and left her a vast fortune, she was “called to the bar” in a different way. It was around this time she would have got to know Blair. Read the book – it’s a cracker.

    • Wasn’t trying to catch you out, Ewan – the discrepancy caught my eye because I had the misfortune to be born only two days before Blair….

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