Matthew Crowley

Matthew Crowley – this poor little spineless snowflake was apparently fuming over a ‘sexist’ Where’s Wally advent calendar on sale in M&S.

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According to this soyboy twat, their decision to include only one female character was ‘outrageous’ and that ‘the imbalance was very striking and not at all in keeping with modern society’ yada yada yada…

He wants M&S to apologise and look to improve for next year. Well, judging from their abject caving-in over one complaint about Midget Gems, I’m sure this smug little mangina will get what he wants.

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41 thoughts on “Matthew Crowley

  1. How many black Wallys were there because i’m sure this weak little poofhouse would like to find a few of those, especially up his bumhole and in his overactive gob. A graphic designer apparently. I’ve designed a fist that will go straight in his gay little face ……..the cunt.

  2. Who the fuck is this. A Google search 🔦 initially ignored my spelling and said that Matthew Crawley is a fictional telly show d abbey Finally I find that he could be a councillor or actor or some Cunt down the chippie who swears he’s Elvis Anyway hope M & S bar the Cunt and do not apologise. Cunt.

  3. I hope his Uncle Alistair turns him into a goat and transports it to an Afghan “special friends bumming party” or whatever those fucking savages get up to.

  4. I suspect young Matthew is seeking to curry favour with the hopelessly pretty, but staunchly militant 22 year old female graduate who has just started work at his practice.

    So desperate is neckbearded, virgin Matthew for a fumble that he is making this overt gesture, he can show this young female that he is “on her side and the side of wimminz”. In the meantime, the wanksock he keeps under the bed in his home (still lives with parents) becomes crustier by the day.

    That’s my take on it. More soy milk in your latte, Matthew?

    • Indeed: Great Unkle Aleister likes to take it up the arse, off dusky gentlemen, although he would happily bum wimminz too.

      “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law”.

      Sounds like A creed used by many😉

      Morning Thomas👍

  5. So a man finds an advent calendar aimed at children offensive on behalf of women?
    What a knob!

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of these big corporates would say….

    If you don’t like our products don’t buy them. If the sight of them offends you stay out of our shops. We don’t want you cluttering the place up you wankers.

    I would go out of my way to shop there.

    • FtF@ – Yep. Further – a soybitch living with parents virgin Disney fan being beaten to death outside M&S in front of a baying mob would be most acceptable under Fox Law! The local community approved you see – I believe this freaky little boy had links to slavery (sex slavery in Miranda Blairs bedroom some would say but I would never be one to spread “ugly rumours” 😀) and will have definitely thought something racist at some point.
      There will be a lot of Fox Law when I’m in charge – I am a big admirer of my Uncle Ming the Merciless and the excellent work he did keeping “complaining softies” in line!
      And I would be considerably more worried if Matthew Crowley was spotted hanging around a school instead of where we all KNOW he was – the matronly corset section of M&S! (usually less busy on Wednesdays), caught with his face in a huge bustier – had to make up a quick excuse so..
      The dirty little bra sniffing fker!
      Joking apart for a moment, there is a big movement in America which names, shames and boycotts the manufacturers – Woka Cola have just had a real kicking and are de$perately backtracking from their anti white racism.
      Too late, the damage has been done.
      FUCK them – we should be doing this in the UK!

  7. Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mx/whatever Crowley,

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    After giving your complaint almost five seconds’ consideration, we have decided on a threefold response…

    1/ please fuck off;

    2/ when you are finished fucking off, please fuck off some more;

    3/ stop being a sad cunt and get a fucking life.

    Feel free to shop at some other department store, you total bellend.

    Yours without sincerity,

    Wayne Kerr
    Department of Dealing with Pointless Complaints from Cocksuckers

  8. Aleister is right!
    I got the Asterix advent calendar and there wasnt any black OR wheelchair user characters!
    Ive obviously sued for emotional trauma.
    And since then had to sleep with a night light on.

  9. The world needs ridding of these chinless, weak arsed probably a vegan, cyclist tranny , slightly shaded, ginger, eternally hard done by cunts, release the fucking dogs and may god have mercy on your pathetic soul…..

    • Don’t worry. They usually meet an early end when they mouth off about wimminz rights or defend LGBTP+ privileges in a pub whose patrons do hard physical labour for a living.

  10. Fuck me, what a stupid fucking thing to pretend to be upset about. Couldn’t he feign outrage about female circumcision, oppression of women in the middle east or the child victims of grooming gangs? What a little pussy. There is a possibility he’s trolling the virtue signalling sniveling woke mob, but I somehow doubt it.

  11. Wheres Wally is offensive no matter who it does/doesn’t contain.
    A dressed down Jacob Rees Mogg hiding in the bushes,
    And you have to track him down and find and out him?

    That bush probably contains Tony Blair, Philip Schofield and Michael Barrymore as well.

    Who do they think we are to do all this unpaid police work?!!

    I know Neil Basu has been collaborating with Cressida Dick on this,
    To date the investigation has lasted 4yrs, cost £ 4.5million,
    Buy wallie still remains at large…

    • Interesting: a few facts from that article:

      -he is using the story to promote his design services as “diverse & inclusive”

      -he has a girlfriend. One who’s mother told him exactly what she thinks of him, by giving him a “Wally advent calendar”😉

      Not only IsAC that thinks he’s a CUNT🤔

  12. That header pic-next to “Find Wenda” does it say find snowman or “find snowflake”?

    • Morning CG…one positive thing…at least this pussywillow won’t ever have to endure getting divorce-raped! Or having to listen to a bird droning on about pointless shite.
      Perhaps he should be envied that he’ll fail to attract even an ugly bint and can lead a simple life free from nagging!

  13. The voice of the one is more powerful than the voice of the many. Especially if you are one of the minority.

  14. The voice of the one is more powerful than the voice of the many. Especially if you are one of the minority.
    They should do a naked where’s Wenda were you have to find the Wenda with a penis

  15. This weapons grade fanny thinks that the world us going down a warped route with this horrendous type of behaviour. It’s already well established with your woke fuckery, lbgtsdfeuygdg agenda and boys thinking they’re pan sexual teapots. Are you a pan sexual teapot Matthew?
    Good, you’ve had your 5 minutes, now fuck off over Beachy Head.
    Errr, hello!

  16. M&S … same kinda insignificant, meaningless cunts as John Lewis. Both suffering very badly in the retail sector … what does that really tell you. Cunts … and cunts that never see any of my money.

    • Not mine Swagger👍

      Beloved of middle class cunts-boring clothes, overpriced food and shuffling pensioners.

      One word can best describe these retailers and the cunts who patronise them: “Beige”.

  17. Good, hopefully this silly little cuck is happy with the name he’s made for himself. That name is Cunt.

  18. You can only laugh and take the piss out of cockends like this.
    What will be pathetic is if M and S issues a grovelling apology instead of simply telling the twat to fuck off.

    Morning all.

    • Morning Ron👍

      I think M&S politely fucked him off, reading their spokesperson’s comment at the end of Infidel’s link👍

      • Ah thanks CG, the original link wouldn’t work.
        Think that’s a polite ‘do one’ from M and S.

  19. Wally is traditionally white and male, yes? Making him anything else would be cultural appropriation, yes? And finding Wally in a crowd of black wimminz would be so trivially easy as to be pointless. Therefore, give it a fucking rest, you woke cretin.

    More worryingly, I’m seeing an increasing number of boxticking diversooty effnics in… Private Eye’s cartoons. A joke must now include a shaded character, relevant or not, apparently. I’ll stop buying it when the infection reaches Husband’s “Yobs” strip, I think.

    • The obvious solution to this earthshaking problem is to print a range of Wally-style books with alternate ethnic subjects: “Where’s Mbongo?”, “Where’s Abdul?” “Where’s Wallina? (pronouns she, her)”, “Where’s Wallina? (pronouns him, his) Et cetera ad nauseam.

      Perhaps this is what the marketing cunt Crowley is trying to promote, with himself in the creative chair?

      But after the shocking discovery that none of those sell more than five copies, market forces should ensure a return to sanity.

  20. When I were a lad his sort were heavily sedated and locked in rubber rooms. Then the loony bins opened their doors and unleashed these care in the community cunts into the general population. Obviously a great success.

  21. The one fictional female was Snow White. Disney have now apologised and replaced her with Trans Black Snow and the seven magical feminists. (who will not be played by Dwarves as Midgets don’t exist now)

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