The latest crisis, oh just wait for PMQ’s tomorrow.

A cunting for the latest fuck up surrounding No.10, notice I haven’t said Boris because much of this ‘Partygate’ is driven by the civil service however all the shit will inevitably fall on Boris.
Now I am not defending Boris and in my opinion this will be the end for him but in May 2020 how was Boris, was he firing on all cylinders having be hit quite badly by Covid.
All the focus is usually on politicians but the civil service deserves special mention, what fucking idiot would send an email (allegedly) inviting everybody to come to a little party in the garden of No.10 when the entire country was in full lockdown, the permanent Private secretary to Boris is the answer.

Why has it taken a year and a half for this story to break, is it Russian interference, who is the whistleblower, regardless of the wrongs of the alleged incident is there something rotten in the state of Denmark!

PS this is not a Covid nom! (It is a bit – NA)

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Party Row Story.

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  1. I am sure that cunt Dominic Cummings is behind this – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Cummings is an old woman of Mandy-esque proportions

  2. Apparently he didnt know he was at a party and that ‘technically’ it didnt break the rules.
    What a lying cunt.
    This after one of his wife’s Sloany mates (Allegra) giggling about parties and by inference, the little people who suffered during lockdown while these over priviliged cunts sneered.

    The whole lot of these fuckers are a disgrace and the stables need cleansing.

    • I suppose that technically it is his garden and could quite legitimately use it with princess nut job, pity it was full of ‘staff’ having their ‘tea break’ 😂

    • ‘He didn’t know the rules’?
      Of course the lying cunt knew the rules – he was surrounded by people who made up the fucking rules!

  3. Remember the police, patrolling beaches and parks ?
    They even had drones up, over the Peak District, harassing dog walkers.
    Grim faced politicians on the telly, informing you that you could only meet one other person outside and must keep your distance.
    People dying alone.
    Meanwhile, at Downing St…….
    ” More Chardonnay, Bunty ? ”
    Oh look, there’s Boris. ”
    Get To Fuck.

    • My favourite Aunt died around that time and we couldn’t pay our respects.

      Fuck Boris, his acolytes and fucking Covid-fucking-19👎

      • Thank you Cuntymort.
        No Autopsies at that point, but she had a heart condition…..

      • CG@ Sorry to hear that.
        I wonder how many other people had a similar experience ?
        All the while, generally doing their bit, for the common good.
        Only to be treated with utter contempt, by their glorious betters.
        It’s obvious that rules are only for the little people.
        Good evening, General.

      • My mate died of stomach cancer around that time at the young age of 49. No funeral or wake except for the family, but we all gathered outside his house and lined the street to see him off. There must be thousands who have a similar, or worse tale to tell.
        And, let’s not forget, whatever the tories dud regarding lockdowns and restrictions, it was never enough for Starmer. We’d have been bummed either way.

  4. Agree that these privileged cunts are openly sneering and laughing at the majority.

    Time to drain the swamp👍

    • Hardly an admirable man, is he. He’d served his purpose when he’d helped execute (-ish) what we voted to happen four years previously. Time for Honey Monster to fuck off for good.

      • Who next?
        I would have preferred Jeremy Hunt-who is actually a decent enough type.

        Actually, I would have preferred my Great Uncle Addy-he knew how to clean house😉

      • Can’t agree there, C-G. Hunt is a weasely cunt who fucked the NHS as much as possible, is married to a Chînk, and wanted to bring back fox-hunting. You can almost overlook the yellow fever but being Húnt Scúm is unforgiveable.

      • Hunt doesn’t come across as an asshole by any means but he doesn’t seem particularly competent either.

    • I heard the police were investigating themselves over this matter, as even they realised the Downing Street rozzers must have seen and heard something going on. Needless to say, Cressida Strapon will make sure they are exonerated.

  5. It doesn’t matter if he did or din’t know – it happened on his watch at his premises. If I had come home and found a load of Oxbridge fucks in my garden, when the whole fucking country was in lockdown, I’m damn sure I would have told them all to fuck off home.

    By the way, aren’t there police on the gate into Downing St? At a time when the rozzers where dishing out fines for two friends sitting on a park bench having a coffee, didn’t they think something was up with all the people coming in?

    • If the allegations are correct there must something like 100 people employed at Downing Street (that was the number who were allegedly emailed), maybe not at the same time but it is quite feasible the 30 or so who were in the garden were already in the building so the police wouldn’t see comings and goings.

      • SOI@ – Everyone attending 10 Downing Street has to be logged with the police on arrival.
        The police knew full well.

      • Yes I agree Vern people are checked but I imagine the various people who work there come and go throughout the day, I have no idea how many are working at any one time but it seems reasonable to assume it is a significantly number.
        Unless the party people were playing Agadoo at full blast how would the police know anything.

      • SOI – How would the police know anything anyway? I’ll bet if one of the party goers sent out a mean tweet, the rozzers would have kicked the front door in, shot everyone, then imprisoned their corpses.

        On a lighter note, Bozo’s claim he didn’t know it was a party is beyond laughable. The contempt this shows towards the British public is beyond belief. If the Dame had any balls (questionable I know), he’d pile in on this and ensured heads roll. They won’t.

        As with outrageous revelations over here in Yankland, one side is outraged and ‘literally shaking’ while the other side claims it’s no big deal. Some tutting, eye rolling and we all move on. Nothing ever happens. Now THAT I’m sick of.

  6. One positive thing to arise from this debacle, is that Boris is shortly to leave Downing St and unlikely to remain in Parliament. May I wish him and his wife ( who will certainly leave him ) Bon voyage.

    • EyeClaudius@ – And may I wish that the car the sc*m King and Carrie Antoinette are waddling and veering drunkenly towards with their suitcases of cash when the baying mob are chasing them explodes in a fireball.

  7. I’m beyond caring. The Conservative Party membership are cunts for making Boris leader in the first place, now they’re reaping what they sowed.

    Starmer’s performance at PMQs today was beyond useless. I can only deduce that Kweer secretly wants to keep Boris in office for as long as possible. It’s about the only hope he has of ever gaining the keys to No.10.

    A change of Tory leader now can only be to Labour’s detriment.

    Fuck them all.

    • It was either this fat mooch or Jeremy Hunt-Scûm who is even more of a shitbiscuit.

      Afternoon Ruffalo.

    • His delivery is too much like his lawyer training, it’s not a court room and it doesn’t come across very well in the house of cunts. The times I have seen the horse faced poundshop deputy she does a better job 😂

      • Soi@ – Yep – Dame Starmer is so bad he’s embarrassing.
        Being outperformed by Rayner in anything is a good indicator of how far the British Communist party calling themselves “Labour” have sunk.
        And the “opposition” are just as lousy.

      • Lads: I caught the tale end of a Rayner interview last night-it may have been the alcohol, maybe my eyesight-but she looked well fuckable.

        A “challenging fuck” ©️Ron Knee.

        Is this the start of senility😢

      • He sounds like some third rate criminal hack giving it the big one down Droitwich magistrates’ court. Useless cunt.

  8. So, my work address is my home as I’m self-employed and work on contracts so does that mean (technically) I could’ve arranged a greasy cheese and wine party in my back yard for up to one hundred hungry and thirsty folk?

    Boris is such a total cunt that he even tries to justify this bollocks with a technicality.

    Jesus wept, people were being arrested for sitting in a park feeding the birds and for buying a non essential cream cake and these utter and total wastes of space were quaffing wine and guzzling cheese.

    Lamp post, wire or at the least a firing squad.

  9. Let’s face it all over the world politicians and their rich friends have been caught out breaking the covid rules time and time again. They obviously know something we don’t.

    • I suspect the saints of Labour, and their chief who seems to be standing as the next pure candidate for Archbishop of Canterbury/Pope/Chief Rabbi were having cocktails and prawn cocktails it is just that nobody has grassed them up yet – remember at the time of the first lockdown they had a leadership election and you will never make me believe they all remained in purdah, sanctimonious cunts.

  10. If they were willing to meet, then there was no danger. This is significant, more than the rule breaking.

    I think it’s a setup though. Like Hancock’s romp right in front of a CCTV. Time to project our anger on to Boris, switch him out, and continue as planned.

    I’d wager his secretary works for the old secret plod, as does the person who leaked that CCTV from within a government building. People suggesting Cummings is behind this, but he’s not the one leaking the information.

    • TBCC@ – Boris Bunter will be eased out – knowing that slimy fat cunt probably straight to the HOL, then the next identishit talking head will be installed to tell us more lies as they grab all they can before they are found out.
      And people still fucking vote for them 🤦‍♂️

  11. Pompous sneering vermin.
    Run them over with an armoured car.
    Then have a cheese and wine party with no masks.

  12. There was I nearly shitting myself driving to work delivering medication for a pharmacy. There was I wearing my lanyard and the manager on ready to go off on one if I was stopped.

    Meanwhile these utter CUNTS are pissing it up without a care in the world. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Fucking bastards, the lot of them.

    We had the next door neighbour in for coffee, all of us saying what if someone reports us? My answer screw them.

  13. They didn’t care and they weren’t bothered.
    They weren’t ever bothered about any virus and they were only slightly bothered about being caught out.
    They know fine well that the general public are numb from the brain down.

    People dying alone, separated from family and loved ones in hospitals up and down the country because of shite fucking rules.
    People dying and the attendees of funerals could be counted on the fingers of one hand because of even more pathetic fucking rules.
    And so on and so on…

    The compliant masses will continue to vote for these reprehensible bastards whilst actually foolishly thinking “lessons will be learnt” etc etc…
    Why?.. because the politician who wants your vote said so.

    Fuck these pig in the trough cunts and fuck the naive cunts who voted for, and will continue to vote for them.

  14. How many times is this now? Ferguson and Hand Cock ordering the sheeple to stay home as they left and mounted their respective bisons, dirty Dom and his interstellar distance eye test, COP OUT26 where the masks and distancing were there for the cameras but gone as soon as they thought they weren’t being watched – I could go on forever but I imagine everyone is as sick of this fucking vile hypocrisy and sickening charade as I am so I won’t.
    “Business meeting” where they are all on the piss? How many times has anyone else got pissed at work in a business meeting and charged taxpayers 9 grand for the alcohol?
    It is not the fact they are engaging in the worlds biggest con trick and pissing themselves laughing that they are rich and not in jail – it’s the ENRAGING fact that the cops were arresting, assaulting and fining people for breaking NO LAW as these bastards watched people say their last goodbye to loved ones via Instagram and fell about laughing at us as they partied, ate, drank and fucked on our shilling as we were pushed into hell.
    I just could not hate them more, and it is not “a few bad apples” – it’s ALL OF THEM! 🤬
    As I have said before, they are not fit for purpose, have got rich on our money and far too comfortable ordering us about.
    Get fucking rid, of them all, at the next GE by voting for independents.
    Or we have no justification for complaining ever again.

  15. I watched PMQs, Boris hit the ground running with the ‘apology’, he went one with the wait for the report before any further discussion.
    I have sneaky feeling that the report will throw others under the bus and Boris will get out of jail, I don’t know how but there was something about his manner which seemed to suggest he was holding something back.
    If he does survive the backbenchers will hold their nerve until the results of the May elections, Covid should under control and a bad result will usher in a new PM with a clean(ish) slate.

  16. If Boris is forced to resign then the pool of cunts ready to step in is pretty shallow. My guess would be Chancellor Itchy Ballsack and Liz Truss would probably have a run too. To be honest they could put Dylan the fucking dog in the dispatch box and he would still piss all over Rear Stormer and the Labour Party knob ends.

  17. Boil them all to death in molten pigshit.
    Unfit for purpose, sneering, entitled piss-taking clowns, just like their predecessors and whoever succeeds them…

  18. Meanwhile that other national embarrassment Prince Andwoo has predictably failed again in his latest attempt to evade the justice he so richly deserves. This country is beyond finished.

    • Slimy cunt will just pay her off which I would imagine will suit her just fine.

      maybe she could organise a quick Cheese N Wine party (meeting)

  19. The tory party have been hoisted on their own petard . I have never taken any notice of Covid rules and regulations. Its al a bunch of bollock. My old retired doctor dad (90) cannot even remember the 1968 Hong Kong Pandemic, and he has all his marbles.. What a bunch of weak scared cunts we have become. I could not give a fuck about a party in no 10. Thousands crossing the Channel “net zero” and what is emerging from Telford thanks to Tommy Robinson and Gettr is what I care about. Typical msm displacement activity bullshit.

    • I agree, all this covid stuff is hiding the real problem, there some voices coming out on the green agenda, before going green let’s get the ducks in a fucking line, it is called energy security, Nuclear and our own gas and if there is any cash left put up a few windmills.
      Angela Knight former head of Energy UK talks some sense along with people like Craig Mackinlay MP.
      The Channel is a disgrace and the P*ki grooming shit is going off the scale.

      Sort that lot out and No.10 can have as many parties as they like

  20. Has anybody seen Dear Cressida in all of this? When is the Met going to start its investigation?
    I’m surprised the bookies aren’t offering odds.

      • Thanks mate, but when you’ve seen as many false dawns as I have down the years at VP, you get a bit weary of it all!

      • I don’t know why Benitez froze out Digne tbh. I’m not an Everton fan but he’s a very good player.

  21. I suspect it’s Dominc Cuntings. Bet he has a little black book of misdemeanors and tittle tattle on BlowJo and is working his way through it.

    Just wish Boris would fuck off with his horse faced slag of a wife and go forth from the rock he came under from.

  22. Just wait for Labours turn, you know the cracked open the champagne and had a socialist knees up….
    Who ever you vote for the Government always wins. Same cunts different colour.

  23. It will be funny when Boris Bunter tries to order another lockdown.
    Blood in the streets.
    Stick your rules up your capacious sweaty arse Johnson, nobody is going to be stupid enough to do a thing you say now.

    • So true.
      He’s ducking and diving like Arfur Daley, but may yet hang on. However his credibility is shot if he tries to bring in more restrictions at some point.

    • We won’t have another lockdown. Especially given the encouraging data regarding the Futurama variant he knows he can’t possibly get away with it.

    • 26th is the next test.I suspect Doris will extend the scamdemic as a lesson to us “plebs” for catching him out.Beyond a bleeding joke.Stick SAGE and Onion party up your arse you fat albino turk.Blood in the streets soon.Those riots against the poll tax will be a tea party compared to what will come if he fails to lift restrictions.Arrogant twat.

  24. No one gives a flying fuck … not really. Throughout that whole period I witnessed the gen pop trying their hardest to get away with whatever they could. Most don’t care … a significant bunch of the cunts think it’s a conspiracy the rest just want to carry on as normal. They only complain for the sake of complaining … fuck em … party on.

    • Indeed. As my brother said earlier, everyone was breaking the rules to some extent. I know I was, I got laid that weekend with someone I definitely wasn’t in a bubble with. And she wasn’t vaccinated. Sheesh! Fackem.

    • Swagger@ – Tell that to the people who could not say their last goodbye to their loved ones as these bastards laughed at our torment.

  25. Its easy to not notice a hundred people having a party in your back garden.
    Maybe he mistook them for sparrows?
    Put some mealworms out for them .

    As to his confusion over whether he was there,
    If his memory is that bad he shouldn’t be in office!
    I want a PM who is aware of his own location at all times.
    Dont think thats unreasonable considering the job role & salary?

    Hes been a liar since a small boy,
    Cant stop!
    Over an over again,
    Including to wives & partners.
    Liars tell lies because they cant face the ramifications of being punished if found out.
    Liars are cowards and immature.
    They cant own up or take responsibility.
    None of this sounds like qualities that desirable in a leader.
    Ive said hes a cunt from day one,
    People thought I was just moaning but I meant it.

    Hes not fit to be PM.
    Hes not fit to shake the droplets from my cock.

  26. My grandad died in January 2020. Horrible as it sounds I’m glad he died when he did because we at least got to pay our respects – I know my old man especially would’ve had a difficult time dealing with it all had that not been the case.

  27. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about “party gate” but I’m mad as hell about BRINO, electric fucking cars and Net Zero so if this is the catalyst to get rid of Boris then good on it👍

  28. My response follows and sums up exactly how important all of this is. Boz is a Cunt. I’d fuck his bird but not him. He’s not worth a wank. Hope that clears everything up. Cunt.

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