The latest crisis, oh just wait for PMQ’s tomorrow.

A cunting for the latest fuck up surrounding No.10, notice I haven’t said Boris because much of this ‘Partygate’ is driven by the civil service however all the shit will inevitably fall on Boris.
Now I am not defending Boris and in my opinion this will be the end for him but in May 2020 how was Boris, was he firing on all cylinders having be hit quite badly by Covid.
All the focus is usually on politicians but the civil service deserves special mention, what fucking idiot would send an email (allegedly) inviting everybody to come to a little party in the garden of No.10 when the entire country was in full lockdown, the permanent Private secretary to Boris is the answer.

Why has it taken a year and a half for this story to break, is it Russian interference, who is the whistleblower, regardless of the wrongs of the alleged incident is there something rotten in the state of Denmark!

PS this is not a Covid nom! (It is a bit – NA)

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Party Row Story.

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  1. Everything about Boris is one big lie. The man of the people bollocks, getting Brexit done bullshit, the bumbling buffoon but actually an academic genius chestnut, etc etc.
    He’s like Blair. He lies even when he doesn’t need to, because it’s like Tourette’s to the likes of him.
    Bojo’s critics thought incompetence would be his legacy, but they were wrong. He’ll be remembered in the history books for being a lying cunt. Way to go Boris!

  2. Personally I couldn’t give a shit about the parties. What’s clear as expected, is that the Rona virus is no where near as ‘bad’ as the commie cunts would have you believe.
    These cunts in government have been provided with the very best data on the virus and to a man/woman have clearly decided there is little risk (unless you are in a care home or hospital ward).
    I’ve not really changed my life style during the plandemic as being a questioning cunt I tend to challenge the narrative. But following the latest revelations, Boris, SAGE, the NHS, the Rozzers, one and all can get to fuck. It’s over.

    • Oh and the BBC, MSM with their daily doom and gloom. Give up. No one except some
      bedwetting covid cultists care.

    • My worry is this is a sort of watershed moment, that they are doing a covert psychological poll of the public – what % can see the truth and what % are still hypnotised?

      If they get a favourable result they’ll just double down and proceed, because if people can’t face up to the lies now then they’ll swallow the next absurdity when it comes along.

      The Djovak thing in Australia too. Same deal, but for that population. Will they see the absurdity of it? If not, double down.

      They can’t monitor everyone, but they can see the size of the ripples when they chuck a stone into the social fabric.

      • So what’s all this shit then?

        “Start your free one-month trial to unlock this article

        Enjoy an award-winning, British perspective on the news. Try one month of a Digital Subscription free, then 3 months for just €3. Cancel anytime.

        Start free trial”


    • That is beyond pathetic.

      The refs ability to tell the time convincingly must have compromised by the weight of the bung he’s pocketed.

  3. Peter Bone MP asked the PM if he would be in the house for the second reading of The TV Licence (Abolition) Bill.

    ‘ This Friday, my private Member’s Bill, the BBC Licence Fee (Abolition) Bill, gets its Second Reading. It will abolish the BBC licence fee and require the BBC to be funded by subscription. In this day and age it is ridiculous to have a state broadcaster, it is ridiculous that people are forced to pay a fee just because they have a television, and what is totally wrong is that people who believe the BBC to be institutionally biased have to subsidise it. Will the Prime Minister, if he is free on Friday, come along and support the Bill?

    Peter Bone for PM 👍

    Come on BBC, get behind this one then the only cunts subscribing will the woke left cunts who you love and adore.

      • Yes, Friday…. You can bet the bed wetting cunts will vote it down although I can’t see any reason why, it’s a joke almost £160 for the fucking cunts, it’s fucking blackmail if you want to watch any live or even record a live broadcast from any channel including sky which is subscription. Piss take!

  4. One rule for us, one for these cunts.

    Nail ’em up I say.

    It’s all a con anyway. It’s a 5G Bill Gates nanobot conspiracy, you pathetic vakzine Nazis. Wake the fuck up!

      • ”…wonderful race the Romans…”

        yeah yah yeah… party… lockdown… betrayal of the people’s trust blah fuckin’ blah… Boris is a cunt etc etc but… Look surely the big question that ISN’T being asked is…

        How many cunts who attended actually contracted CoVid as a consequence?

        my guess… fucking none of ’em which of course is why it won’t get asked!

  5. “…what fucking idiot would send an email (allegedly) inviting everybody to come to a little party in the garden of No.10 when the entire country was in full lockdown, the permanent Private secretary to Boris is the answer.”

    Which proves an ex-Cambridge lawyer, who has held important diplomatic posts, and who works for the most security-critical office in the country, can still get past a selection board without anyone realising he’s an utter cunt.

    He had just enough awareness to include the words ‘socially distanced’ in the invite, though. The No 10 garden is not your standard urban plot; it’s over half an acre ( 2023 m^2 ). To achieve 2m spacing – required in May 2020 – needs 4 m^2 per guest. So for 100 guests, even allowing for flunkies, tables and some movement, that’s plenty of room, and the cunt Reynolds is covered.

    • As the saying goes “bullshit baffles brains” basically meaning that these university wankers may have the memory capacity to pass a few exams, being classed as having “brains”, but in reality they are clueless fuckin morons. The frightening thought is that these twats get appointed to influential positions advising the government. Harry Enfield’s character “Tim nice but dim” encapsulates them.

    • With all that space if only 30 actually attended they could have played hide and seek 😂

    • If you’ve ever had to go through any kind of security clearance you’ll know the world is full of psychotic cunts.

    • Even if they were socially distanced, the rule was that no more than two people could meet up /socialise outside. Totally bang to rights.

  6. If Boris has let you down, then you’re a dull cunt for putting your trust in the twat. He’s a politician, and a fucking oaf. Did anyone vote FOR him, or AGAINST Corbyn? I would suggest the latter, like in America, where people held their nose and voted for Biden. It’s the only time you have a massive turnout, when there is someone so divisive in the running, people will vote for anyone but them.
    As for labour couldn’t do any worse? Bollocks they could. I get a fair taste of it here in Wales with the Drakeford administration. Last summer, I could almost imagine what East German cunts must have felt looking across the wall into West Germany, as the commie cunts in Cardiff kept up the bullshit restrictions.
    I hate Drakeford far more than Boris.
    As for voting for independent candidates? Can you imagine 350 odd shit streaks so egotistical that they don’t need a party to tell them anything, trying to form a government? It would be chaos from day one. And, being independent doesn’t mean exempt from corruption. Once they get a whiff of the trough for themselves they will be straight in it.

    • Excellent comment GJ

      I’m glad I don’t live in Wales. Or Scotland, or Northern Ireland for that matter.

      • It’s a downside of community spirit, it’s susceptible to socialism, as on paper it can sound perfectly reasonable.
        And of course it helps if you can blame all your fuck ups on the tories in Westminster, regardless of there being a grain of truth to it.

    • Good point, GS, but who the fuck do we vote for?
      There’s really nothing out there I’d fancy backing in the race.

      • Fucked either way. At the end of the day they are all politicians, adept at self serving while giving off the appearance of civic duty.
        Corruption is human nature. I remember the expenses scandal, and people were up in arms at what these cunts were claiming, myself included, but I never lost touch of reality. Most people I know are good honest decent working folk, but a lot have worked away and had a jolly or two by fiddling experience, or kicked a pot of paint over on a carpet when they needed a new one.
        I know that there is a colossal difference in the scale of these instances, but the principle is exactly the same.
        Cunts who go into politics saying they want to make the world a better place, and they usually do, well their world at least

      • Anyone but Boris has been my motto for 20 years. Sunak would make an acceptable interim PM while a new leader is elected. After all it was Sunak who covered for Boris during the leaders debates that he was too frit to appear at during the General election campaign.

      • “Sunak would make an acceptable interim PM”

        Oh just what we need, a millionaire, ex Goldman Sachs bankster Blair clone.

      • I don’t recall Blair voting Leave in the referendum.

        Sunak not only voted Leave but has been a strong supporter of Brexit ever since. Hardly a “Blair clone”.

  7. Joe Cuddeford is in cahoots with Cummings, Joe who ,some may ask, he’s hanging out of ITV’s Paul Brand who broke the story about these parties
    Cuddeford works in the cabinet office
    Fuck the Covid plandemic
    Fuck Fat Boris
    Fuck the government
    Ever feel like you’ve been conned
    Some of us knew from the beginning

    • Excellent target selection but poor execution. I would have backed uo a hefty diesel 4×4 with forty slabs in the back, thrown a strop round the fucking abomination and had the bastard on the deck in under 3mins!
      As you say yer Lordship, let’s test that Bristol ruling.

  8. And people are still not taking away the message that Boris and chums clearly didn’t think it was as bad as they said it was.

      • We can clone Sheep and other things, so why not an army of Enochs? Its what we need to bring this country back from the cluster-fuck it now is.

  9. When you see the extent of lying these people in politics do on everything why do people still believe they are telling the truth regarding COVID and vaccines

    • @Whitedog

      Exactly that Sir.

      These people have been among the arch propagandists.
      Along with a seemingly top heavy coalition of the biggest, most fork tongued, absolute cunts from all around the western world.

      This has been the ever present elephant in the room throughout.
      Along with the highly questionable, deliberately and falsely inflated data of course.

  10. So ……. Boris recovering from Covid and the Civil Service plan socially distanced cheese and wine for those working in 10 Downing St in a garden of 1 acre (big enough for 100 people to socially distance).

    The media (made up almost entirely of 5th rate marxist political hacks) : Boris this, Boris that etc etc knowing full well that with the country locked down there would be no sympathy for a party of the ‘elite’.

    Now, Boris IS a cunt for reasons elequently put forward on this site many times.
    but “Partygate” is perhaps 5% Boris and 95% a media circle jerk.

    On balance, I am more inclined to cunt the media and the civil service on this one.

    • ‘Beth Rigby’, Sky News, Downing Street’. She signed off. A professional job done.

      But wait a minute–werent you kicked off the air for breaching Covid rules?

  11. Words cannot express my contempt for this hypocrital lying despotic cunt.Bring back flogging.For him and all his sycophantic wankers in cabinet.

  12. I don’t care about garden parties. Everyone was doing it to some extent. I bet that cunt Angela Rayner was drinking Lambrini and smoking fags in her back garden. Stuffing her gob with pakora and burping, “Fuck it!”. Ian Blackburn doesn’t have any friends so he had to make and eat his own pies in his garden at his grannie’s heilan hame.

    The question is was Professor Chris Whitty invited?

    To paraphrase Time Trumpet, “Boris could shit in your hat and you’d still buy him a drink, Kier Starmer could buy you a drink and you’d want to shit in his hat; and if he didn’t have a hat you’d want to buy him one just so you could.”

    One rule for us while the toffs dance the night away. Nothing ever changes.

  13. Ha ha, Boris is back hiding in the fridge, pretending someone in his family (which family?) has tested positive, therefore Boris has to self isolate (no he doesn’t).

    Someone lock that fucking fridge, ffs!

    • Oh fuck off. You are joking, right? Fucking Hell. Boris just keeps outdoing himself as a snivelling useless blowhard ass-cunt. Just nuke Westminster.

  14. Frankly if caring about this non-issue could be measured in urine then, to sum up; I couldn’t give 10% of the steam off my piss if some people at work stood outside their workplace during a very cunty time having a tipple or two.

    We had more unofficial street parties in 2020 than one could have imagined. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been as pissed as often since I was a teenager with only my prick to keep.

    Fucking good luck to them. They were fucking outside, in the sun (and fuck me wasn’t it dry and sunny in 2020 … for months on end).

    Yes, Boris can be a shady cunt sometimes but look at the fucking alternatives. Rather a bloke who says sort it out, we’ll worry about the paperwork when it’s fixed, rather than fuck-knuckle who wants a million meetings and to pontificate for months before making any decisions.

  15. Sunnak, the back stabbing Bastard is behind this – he wants the Big Chair, but can fuck right off.

    I want Liz Truss for pm. Close ups of her tightblouse on her ample chest. She canhold as many news conferences as she likes….while I hold something else…

  16. Time to send old Scarecrow-head and his woke wifey up to live with Dom in his bunker.

    ‘Have you seen this new reality show just started love?’

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