OVO Energy

OVO Energy are a cunt, advice on keeping warm without turning the heating up.

Comedy gold from some smartarse fuckwit at OVO who gave some recommendations on a blog on keeping warm without winding up the heating

Classics like leaving the oven door open after finishing cooking (I assume they men after it has been turned off), visions of families huddled around a oven ffs.

Cuddling your pets, poor little things being abused by freezing humans, I hope my cat will understand when I shove him under the duvet.

There are others in the link

OVO have apologised and are updating advice 😂

What is wrong with these people, don’t they understand that ordinary people know how to keep warm. I get boiled piss everytime the labour twats come out with the ‘heating or eating’ choice, it’s fucking eating, in the good old days the peasants had coal, made a fire in one room and that was it, the rest of the house was a fucking fridge 😂


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95 thoughts on “OVO Energy

  1. The most successful “energy company” these days should be OWO which would spell acronymically Oral Without. Run by prossies they’d send round red hot whores everyday to keep you warm in bed. It would be cheaper than British Gas.

    The whole energy cost thing seems to be a stitch up to get rid of the smaller companies by the big companies importing liquid gas from places like Mexico for refining here. Import gas from the most expensive places in the world so the consumers get shafted, smaller companies can’t compete and the government have to raise the price cap. We have billions of barrels of oil on our door step in the North Sea. Only 5% of gas is imported from Russia so we can’t blame Vlad for that.

  2. I thought hydrogen cells were going to save us all but they have chosen electric in the form of fucking batteries so you have to top up of electric suppliers.
    The cunt of an electric car is a heavyweight in co2 emmisiions to produce and still relies on electricity and the batteries lifespan is about 150 thousand (miles or kilometers I’m not sure) so you’ll need another car for the next 150 thousand.
    That really makes sense to these green agenda ists
    They are only interested in appearance
    A network of hydrogen fuel suppliers at the forecourt in every part of every country would cost zillions so nobody big is making the move.
    It’s easier to plug in to the existing network ,with your rip off electric suppliers
    It’s going to get mightily expensive.
    The Arabs still have oceans of oil but the agenda ists will make that just as expensive with the carbon tax even though it would do less damage than the path they are taking , thinking they are correct

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