I Hate Dubai

Dubai is a massive cunt and so are all the cunt that live there. I have been there a few times with work and I hated every minute. Never have I witnessed such a group of absolute wankers who think that they are better than everyone else. I mean look at these cunts. Boils my piss just looking at them.

A friend of mine moved over there a few years ago. Now all he ever talks about is money, money, money. Fuck off you materialistic cunt and never come back to the UK. Every expat that I have ever met is a cunt. Going on about how much they love the UK yet live in Dubai. The place needs nuking. Cunts.

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Nominated by: Cock Blanket

83 thoughts on “I Hate Dubai

  1. sandy hot shithole in the middle of nowhere full of babbling wailing stinking shitskins desperately grabbing at white women and little kids…and with no booze, no thanks..like Bradford dragged to the coast

  2. I remember passing through this artificial hell hole. These Arab cunts strutting around with there women in tow walking 3 metres behind them dressed as a letter box.
    Mrs Fistula would not hold my hand incase we broke some medieval city ordinance. I will never go near that place again , it left me traumatised.

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