Gina Miller (15) Goes Ape

Just in case this raddled looking old tart had disappeared from your memories, or you thought she was dead, join hands and contact the living while I re-cunt the egotistical old cunt.

A couple of years ago she started the True and Fair party, but Boris rather stole her thunder, but low and behold, yesterday, now Boris has fallen from the Rolls Royce of politics into the three wheel Robin Reliant of shame, all the spiteful old Remainers – Gaylord Adonis, Alcoholic Alistair (Campbell) the absurd bloated old shit-stain A.C. Grayling and ME-ME-ME Gina has all jumped on their shagged out old bandwagon on SM and she has announced, as is for the first time her flea-ridden old party, as breathlessly announced by The (Not-So) “Independent”:

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Boris has behaved very foolishly, not least in not resigning. If the Conservatives lose the next election it is a £1000 to an Elvis Presley 78 that Starmer will use it as an excuse to rejoin the EU, and stinking piss stained old bags like Miller and the afore-mentioned characters, and the LibDems, who would probably be needed to push Labour across the winning line – they would demand rejoining the EU as their price for propping Starmer and the shits up and you can just see the greasy looking turd rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect, “We had to do it” would be the old bastards excuse.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

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82 thoughts on “Gina Miller (15) Goes Ape

  1. ‘Enemy of the people’ is a Leninist phrase.

    I think Miller et Al found the Brexit result so shocking because it was the first time in their fucking life that they couldn’t use their immense wealth and privilege to get what they want. Fuck them.

    I have been radicalised by an Establishment that hates me over the past few years. I have moved beyond Mao and I am heading into Pol Pot territory.

    Thought #52…

    • Right and Left meet on so many issues, we may need to agree to differ on the rest. The centre is the real threat to our national integrity now.

      I see Patriotic Alternative is becoming active in East Anglia. While I regard this as a deeply suspect organisation, even if I don’t believe all that the woke Left says about it, I am just about ready to join it. It is (like its regrettable predecessors) the only outfit pushing in the right direction. I’m very sorry it has come to this.

  2. A self-made woman and an inspiration to us all. Began life in abject poverty as daughter of Guyana’s Attorney General, privately educated in England, then dropped out of a Law degree at a Micky Mouse Polyversity.
    It’s amazing what you can achieve if you’ve got good legs and you can suck cock.
    Fuck off you rich man’s whore.

  3. She’ll split the pro-EU /Labour /LibDumb vote, what’s not to like?

    Be amazed if she manages to win even one seat.

  4. Hmm – so when is Gina Miller starting a political party in the vile, lawless, drug and diseased slum that is “British” Guyana then?
    Oh yes – she would be lynched in a day – Millers Family are “not well liked” and dogged by rumours of corruption, blackmail and intimidation.
    I watched the “Press Launch” – there were more members of the MSM there than supporters, but if Gina the gargoyle wants to waste even more of George Soros funding crack on love.
    Then fuck off back where you belong and realise that a vote to leave is a vote to fucking leave – however much you stamp your little feet in rage at the behaviour of the silly little uninformed poor people.
    Chippy white hating gobshite skank.

  5. Poor Gina.

    I think she just needs aggressively dry bum fucked.
    Lots of sand, gravel and leaves to help aid maximum friction.

    Might help her chill out.

      • Must be nice for the drunken ginger bike – 30 grand a year of taxpayers money a year on a London flat so the slapper can fk her married victim.
        And is this the same Angela Rayner who called the Tories “Thcum” and laid into Matt Half Cock for screwing around whilst doing exactly that with a married “Man”? – why yes it is..
        I imagine the post coital conversation was enlightening – “get t’ offie for a case o Stella, put it on expenses”..
        Rayner reminds me of Gina Miller somewhat they are both human sewage.

    • Human sewage indeed but what pisses me off is that the pair of them have the temerity to lecture decent people on what they should think.
      Fuck off the pair of you!

  6. … well I wouldn’t worry about her too much … she was a tool, agent provocateur, the system will, I suspect, leave her by the wayside. Anyway, with a bit of luck ol’ Putin will have reduced the eu to a quivering wreck of its former self … oh wait … it was always a bit shaky and broken. I’d take great delight in working with the Russians against NATO … considered by some to be BIA’s/colleagues … but never by me. Bunch of hilarious cunts!

    • Morning HJ. I don’t think I’d risk it with Angie – would be interesting to see her on all fours though with her gob full!

      • W.C: I would fuck Rayner do hard, that by the time I was wiping my cock on her curtains, leaving her a quivering, exhausted wreck, on her floor, she would go straight out and join the Conservative party👍

  7. Speaking of bat-shit crazy women, I see Shergar Ardern has cancelled her own wedding because a few people have the sniffles in New Zealand.
    Keep it up pet, you’re Comedy Gold.

  8. Gina’s launch of her new “centre ground” party was attended by 3 people all of whom were her paid lackeys. This spiteful old cow is going nowhere except down the toilet, following hard on the heels of Gavin Essler, Sourberries, Heidi Allen and the other losers of Change UK

    Have you noticed how the claimed “centre ground” of British politics is nothing of the sort. The true centre ground accepts Brexit and favours strong immigration controls. What these cunts mean by the”centre ground” is an anti-democratic position where the plebs must accept technocratic government by their “betters”.


      • The only thing you can say for her though RTC is that thanks to social distancing nobody caught Covid.

        She really does fancy herself booking the QE room for the launch – if they had really “scaled back”they could have used her living room. No it’s clear she thought she was going to get a crowd.

        Now she is on the horns of a dilemma – she has to keep the party going, if she is not going to look a complete vacuous windbag, it is just a question of how many £500 lost deposits she (or her husband more likely) is prepared to throw away.

        She makes a great mistake because “66% of voters would CONSIDER voting for a new party” doesn’t mean they will. Usually they go for one of the two big parties I sometimes consider repainting my workshop. Then I sit down for a few minutes till the feeling passes.

      • Feel sorry for the one geezer who paid £12 thinking he was going to watch a lunchtime viewing of Debby does Dallas

  9. I’d like to see this foreign agitator birched then chucked into the sea.

    How low this country has sunk.

  10. I’m feeling all nostalgic with all these remoaners coming out of their nests and crying about their long lost wonderful EU all over again. They can all fuck off…..even the Jellyfish is better than those traitor cunts. Ok, there’s not much in it but the very sight and sound of Grieve, Adonis, Banana Gob etc makes me “reach for my revolver” as Goering once said.
    Never forgive never forget. 🇬🇧

  11. I wonder if Gina would submit to a lie detector test, ‘why did you take the government to court’ was it

    1. To give Parliament a say
    2. To frustrate Brexit

    Come on Gina, give us all a laugh.

    • 3. Are you a sleeper agent of the vampire demon space lizards trying to compromise human civilisation before the invasion fleet shows up.

  12. I think it might be coming to the time when the likes of Miller and Adonis should be driven into the sea, along with all the dingy people.

    • You forgot this cunt, Jolyon Maugham.
      All 3 need liquidating.
      Maugham was the one who beat a fox to death with a baseball bat. Any of us had done the woke leftist RSPCA would have demanded a prison sentence.

    • Be a much better title – she hit every branch on the way down falling out of the ugly tree that’s for sure 😁

  13. Gina Miller’s False and Anti-Democratic party had their launch last week. How many people attended:

    a) 1300
    b) 130
    c) 13

  14. She really loves herself from the header pic. As though she’s some kind of saviour.

    And what’s with these womanly ‘Miller’s ‘ in politics anyway. I dont like that Maria Miller either. The one that brought ‘Gay Marriage’ in after a twenty minute debate.

    They would be more useful as Millers in windmills grinding wheat. At least they might produce something.

    Theres a joke here somewhere. Yes Gina is a bit of a windbag in her speeches. Windy Miller!

  15. I’m just surprised that she hasn’t packed her bags and left dreadful “Brexit Britain”…she can take that Living Dead old Cunt,Heseltine,with her.

    • DFF@ – I am also surprised – all these people who hate the UK and “undereducated waycist whitey gammons” but the last thing they will ever do is leave.
      If I was in charge they wouldn’t have a fkin choice..

    • Why would it leave our fucked up sceptred Isle when it’ll have at least 5 alias’s up and running claiming house benefits for 24 disabled kids, they all look the fucking same so its waycist to question their ages and identities. It’ll have half a dozen Hampstead Heath mansions by now paid for by the UK branch of Shitskins Matter…its not going back to live in its fucking hut again is it.

  16. Her new Political Party-sponsored by “Miller Light”:

    Looks like shit
    Tastes like shit
    Is a waste of money
    One taste will leave you bitterly disappointed
    Nobody is buying it😉


  17. Mick Miller would have pulled a larger audience.

    Still, as for Dr Zira lookalike, Gina, I would ,from behind.
    Rayner is a ginge and as such possesses the anchovy gene so no go from me.

  18. Have they awakened her from her deep sleep in her freezer?Only use for the harpy is placing her on top of a bonfire.Is she even human?

  19. I would inject her with monkey chemicals and then send her to Hartlepool, the locals would string her up. A filthier whore has never walked the earth.

    • its a black in our White country hating on us Whites in our own home… tie a rocket to its baboon arsehole and fuck it right off back its mud hut

  20. Don’t forget this cunt who I am sure is going to become a fully paid up member of this new club for cunts: Nusrat Ghani.

    So from what I have read this daki cunt was told it was because of her muslimness that she was slapped out of the cabinet – but she decided at the time not to puruse an inquiry.

    Now that this week BloJo is in a spot of hot water she decides to speak up, oh the irony of the timing I hear you say.

    My view on this is the cunt is lucky she was given some time in the commons, I’d like to see a whitey go to bud bud ding or Ragabad land and stand in their parliament.

    Shut up or fuck off – my local corner shop is looking for staff.

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