Elvis Costello [2] – Watching out for the Detectives

A nomination for Elvis Costello, who has now (42 years later), asked radio stations not to play Oliver’s Army due to the lyrics including the word n*gger.

Agreed that it’s an unpleasant term, but he was quite happy to earn royalties from it since 1979.

It would be even better if he asked radio stations to cease playing his stuff full stop, especially that dreadful dirge ‘a good year for the roses’. They must have used the rest of his shit songs as compost for that bountiful crop.


I never bought in to his nerdy image with his plain glass NHS specs, I just regarded him as a cunt, even then.

Nominated by: mystic maven

118 thoughts on “Elvis Costello [2] – Watching out for the Detectives

  1. “There is a Checkpoint Charlie, he didn’t crack a smile
    But it’s no laughing party when you’ve been on the murder mile
    All it takes is one itchy trigger, one more Widow one less white n***er”..
    Written about the threat from socialism and tyranny and how cheap life is under it, whatever your colour – white trash or black trash get butchered with equal enthusiasm by those who never experience war but always cause it – the whole fkin idea of the song is predicated on the understanding that broke people are always cannon fodder irrespective of colour, but daft lad seems to have forgotten this.
    Elvis Costello – I like some of your music but you have sold out like a greedy coward and I am done with your shit.
    Go watch some detectives, then check out the lyrics from some of our favourite coloured R&B chappies..

      • Yes, he also sings, “London is full of Arabs,” is that muted on radio?

        It’s one of those songs that amazes you when think it was a single, but it has a good groove and catchy chorus. It would be weird to be at a Elvis gig and hear the crowd sing along in unison to it!

        John Lennon has a song called, “Woman is the N-g-er of the World”. They didn’t play that one for this 80th anniversary!

  2. No radio station plays it anyway (not ‘that word’ for certain). The DJ knows he’d get fired and possibly charged nowadays.

    But indeed, always the same. ‘Stars’ apologise only after they’ve made their cash. Will he give the money he earned from that song, (interest linked) to a dark key charity?

    I wonder.

    ‘Ooh I’m sorry only a tranny should’ve played Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street’ says the retiring actress after playing her for about 20 years.

    Oh, ok for you to get a career out of it, but no cunt else from now, eh? Fuck off! It’s called ‘acting’. Funny how they always wait until retirement, or once they’ve made their wonga before being ‘sorry’.

    ‘Ooh boo hoo! I’m so sorry I did mad dark key impersonations with rubber faces (‘Rice an peaaaa!’). After it made me very famous, I got the mainstream Saturday night slots and became very wealthy. But I’m sorry now. I was wrong, so nobody else from now can do jokes like me to get famous. Please don’t take away my Saturday night slots.”

    If they don’t return the money they made they can all get fucked.

    By the way, they have nothing to apologise for. They do it to protect their incone streams and in doing so, make life impossible for budding comedians and writers (musicians less so, but it still counts for them too).

    They are fucking cunts.

    • Although it seems the cunting and the article don’t quite match.

      It seems Costello is saying, ‘Don’t play it if you’re going to censor it.’

      I actually agree with him on that.

      But most of my rant stands. The cunts who say sorry after getting rich (Hayley off Corrie/Bo Selecta twat and others like them) are cunts.

      • That’s my take on it. If the terminally sensitive can’t take it then don’t play it. Elvis is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

        I like him. Armed Forces is a fucking collosus of an album. Accidents Will Happen is a corker.

  3. Soon, there will be no music, no theatre, no film, no comedy as, invariably, something will upset somebody, somewhere (although it will be ok, as it is now, to portray any white, middle-age bloke as stupid).

  4. I remember as a kid wondering, “did he just say nîggér?” and it wasn’t until a few years later that I read that a ‘white nîggér’ was a term used by English Protestants for Irish Catholics or the Irish in general. Back in the days of signs in pubs and boarding houses that stated,


    But “Oliver’s Army” is a great song and it played for decades without censorship. Then the muting of “nîggér” started a few years on radio. I thought it was well understood what the term meant. Bob Dylan sings in his 1975 song, “Hurricane”,

    All of Rubin’s cards were marked in advance
    The trial was a pig-circus, he never had a chance
    The judge made Rubin’s witnesses drunkards from the slums
    To the white folks who watched he was a revolutionary bum
    And to the black folks he was just a crazy nîggér
    No one doubted that he pulled the trigger

    But that song never gets played on radio as it’s 8 minutes long, great song. But “Oliver’s Army” was big hit, must be Costello’s biggest selling single, most played song on radio of his. He said he would rather the song was not played that censored. That muting of words in songs is so fucking annoying and I’d rather they don’t play a song at all that do that wack-ass shit. ‘Bîtch’ gets censored now if it’s in songs.

    Radio is for certain types of songs. Ballads, rock anthems, cheesy shit, Bee Gees. Funnily enough, word on the street in the radio biz is that The Beatles don’t sound good on radio anymore and come to think of it, I never much Beatles on radio over the past 30 years. A song can be great but not play well on radio. 1977-82 Elvis Costello is great. Great songwriter and great band, The Attractions. But he went pretentious at some point, swore off his hits and said he’s only perform jazz and never play Britain again. He’s one of those guys, he’s earned the right to be who he is.

    Waiting for this 70s classic tune to be banned…
    Radio will eventually ban a bunch of tunes.

    253 million views! Damn!

    • My mate did the jingle for “Don Amott the king of caravans…” you know the rest…

  5. Sung /read in context, the lyric is not remotely offensive. In fact it’s one of his better lines.

    I realise we now live in an increasingly infantilised society, but this sort of sinister shit has to stop before it’s too late. Is it already too late? I heard on the news this morning that the BBC are now bowdlerising Dad’s Army.


    • They “don’t like it up em’” Ruff.

      Erm, actually, on second thoughts……


    • RTC@ “Watching the detective” is also superb – “She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake” – 😀
      My response to “cancel culture” is now always the same – pointless debating with people who do not want your opinion but their opinion coming from your mouth so I just go in with “belt up and fuck off before you get a crack” – it works, and the shock on their little pwecious faces that someone has dared to stand up to them is priceless!

      • Yes, great song. Made no sense to me for years, then I read the lyrics online read about how Elvis was watching an 1940s/50s film noir and the lyrics just came to him at 2am during a caffeine binge. Not sure what film it was he saw, but he was listening to The Clash debut album at the time.

    • I’m not surprised those Marxist cunts are hollowing out a splendid gentle comedy such as Dad’s Army.

      They are unaccountable filth.

      Fix fucking bayonets Corporal Jones!

      • It Ain’t Half Woke, Mum.

        What exactly are the cutting from Dad’s Army? I’ve never been a fan, found it a bit clunky and repetitive, but good, Arthur Lowe was a great actor long before that show. The cast of It Ain’t Half were bitter at he BBC because other actors like those in Dad’s Army were getting regular royalty payments the endless repeats in the 90s, but they didn’t as the BBC shelved Ain’t Half around 1994-ish, as I recall, maybe it was shown on UK Gold, but it hasn’t been on TV for over 20 years. It was a funny as fuck show. It was harmless, but I guess it made Indian people feel bad seeing a punkah wallah (dude who pulls a rope that flaps air on his master) getting kicked up the arse every episode!

        But enough of this poofery!

      • Far from feeling bad, my missus (of Indian descent) and her parents loved It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. In fact I gave the wife the complete boxed set for Xmas a few years ago. Happy memories for her, I never rated the show much myself, much prefer Dad’s Army. The wife loves that one too, in fact all the old classics (now deemed racist).

      • In my experience, the only cunts who take offence at those old comedies (Till Death, Love Thy Neighbour, Mind Your Language, Rising Damp, etc) are white woke liberals. Partly because they completely misunderstand the premise, but mostly cos they have zero sense of humour.

      • I think your spot on Ruff.
        Outraged on behalf of others without being asked.

      • A great, great movie from the 1960s is, The Hill (1965, Sidney Lumet of 12 Angry Men) starring Sean Connery as a truculant Sargent who gets sent to a stockade/army prison and… well, just watch it sometime…

        (123 mins)

        It has loads of racial epithets in it, mainly from the great Harry Andrews as a by-the-(outdated)-book Major who torments the soldiers and the rebel. Great movie, would be more well known if shown on TV, but the racism is too much. Ossie Davis gets all the stick as the, “different-coloured bastard,” and he’s amazing, his character loses the plot! Connery is great in it, fuck Bond, he was a great actor, RIP.

      • Ruff:
        I met Windsor Davies a few times, through an associate. He was usually half pissed at the time and a “lovely boy”, with no pretentions👍

    • Warning Sign Ahead (for the road)
      Warning Contains Content (coming soon to all visual media)

      • At least Cunts are wearing their own, personal “Warning Signs”:

        Personal pro-nouns, identifies as, etc, etc

      • @CG That’s true, ‘Warning look at my badge/wristband’ is an actual thing. Couldn’t make it up!

        Anyway on a lighter note, Leonard Rossiter was a comedy acting god! My favourite episode of Rising Damp is the one with the bit of wood taken out of the wardrobe to seduce Ruth. Well that’s how I remember it anyway.

      • The way Rossiter wafted that piece of wood was brilliant.

        I’ve admired that episode for years.

        Another good episode is when they all go to The Grange restaurant.

        The joke in that episode is actually pointed at Rigsby himself, as Phillip is far more sophisticated.

  6. His backing vocals on the seminal “r-whites lemon-a-a-ade” adverts, were the peak of his career.

    Headline from 1987-Daily Sport:

    “Elvis, alive and well and living on the moon”

    Headline from 2022-IsAC:

    “Elvia Costello, Alice and well and living on planet woke”


    • Did you read the article? He isn’t woke, he is anti-censorship and just doesn’t want the song ruined and has dropped the song from set-lists as itr was causing him tedious exchanges with morons.He’s got loads of songs to sing and just doesn’t want the hassle. He recently wrote a song ranting at censorship.

      We’re in idiotic times. It will pass. Society can only get so retarded then the pendulum swings the other way…

  7. If the word is so offensive, taken out of context, why not just “bleep it out”. Like bleeping out Alanis Morrisette when she screams “…when you f*** her.”

    Difference is, I guess, old four eyes music isn’t so popular.

    • That’s what pissed off Elvis – radio was muting the n-word and ruining the song, so he simply said, “don’t play that song anymore, thanks.”

      And, “four eyes,” really? What are you, 8 years old? LOL!

  8. Turns out lazy, stuck in Africa for 500 000 years under the sun and a tree really are the dumbest, laziest people on Earth. I Live in East London ( im off) watching sub 70 iqs wandering about I always think , how did you get here, who the fuck let you in and what possible good are you doing to our country. Its fucking amazing watching the mongs wandering about.

  9. Saw this cunt on the Stiff tour in the late seventies and wasn’t impressed. Although I still have his single ‘(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea’. Now he wants everyone to know he’s woke. Needs some publicity to help his career. Mustn’t be doing too good. He’s only five years younger than me. Can’t be a star forever.

  10. A bit of trivia for all you nîgger loving people out there:

    In 1972, “Woman Is The Nîgger Of The World” by John Lennon reached number 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

    Happier, simpler times.

    • Yeah, I mentioned that above. Just a song about how men treat women like shit, even their mothers. John and Yoko in their “primal scream” phase. Maybe Mark Chapman should have tried that instead of MK-ULTRA at the CIA!

  11. I never liked the cunt but he didn’t pull the song because he used the word he pulled it because people are incapable of understanding the word in the context it was used in the song.

    “ Written about the conflict in Northern Ireland, the lyrics contain a racial slur used to describe Irish Catholics.
    “That’s what my grandfather was called in the British army – it’s historically a fact,” he told The Telegraph.
    “But people hear that word… and accuse me of something that I didn’t intend.”

    He should of doubled down and told the woke cunts to learn to apply context and use some critical thinking.

    For some reason people rate him highly but I’ve never got it myself.

    The cunt has accepted an OBE despite being a life long Irish republican, born in London of course.

    If he wants to do something for humanity he should ask that none of his music is played ever again.

    He lives mostly in Vancouver now, not sure what part of Ireland that’s in?

    • The speccy little hypocrite cunt.
      Hes got form for the N word.
      He needs reminding back in the day when he got punched for calling Ray Charles a
      “Blind talentless ni***r”
      And called James Brown a
      “Jive arse n****r”

      He got punched off one of Stephen Stills backing singers for it.

      Fuck off Elvis you virtue signalling cunt🖕

      • Oh shit! I forgot about that! Read about when reading about Neil Young somewhere! LOL! Fuck me, Elvis was a cunt back then and maybe still is.

      • Cunty Gordon
        on January 23, 2022 at 4:13 pm said:
        Did you read the article? He isn’t woke, he is anti-censorship and just doesn’t want the song ruined

        Cunty Gordon
        on January 23, 2022 at 5:35 pm said:
        Another one who didn’t read the article! LOL! Deary me, lads.


      • Read the article again. It’s not quantum physics. Yeah, the word, ‘n–ger’ offends people in 2022, funnily enough, so it can’t be said on radio (you can’t say ANY offensive words on radio) and singing it to people at gigs was causing him a headache, so HE HIMSELF dropped it from his act. This isn’t someone bowing to woke police. Mick Jagger and Brown Sugar was bowing. Hearing the N-word in a song is very uncomfortable, totally crass. In a movie like, Mississippi Burning or something, it’s fine, its necessary, but not in a song, it pierces the ear. If you want to hear “Oliver’s Army” – download it! It’s free on YT.

      • Let alone 2022, the word nîgger was deemed offensive back in the 1970s. Probably the ’60s too. Négro was considered acceptable until around the ’80s.

      • It’s 2022 and the word nïgger is still not offensive.

        Who makes the rules of what is and isn’t offensive?

        Where do the the offensive words board of governors hang out?

        No one has the right to make such decisions.

        And besides, I’ve been called much worse!

      • Vernon. The whole UK judicial system is corrupt, so the figures are skewed and incorrect.

        The police are racist, the CPS is racist, the jury is racist.

        The ethnics, contrary to belief, are as good as gold.

        If we all replicated their exemplary behaviour, this county would be a much better place to live.

        “Luv…have you finished with that kitchen knife now? I’m just nipping out for a swift half.”

    • Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of him, but his 1977-82 period is great. I think he hates the music industry, media corporations, culture in general. $70 million in the bank, he’s not worried a fuck. If The Vapors “Turning Japanese” got banned, they’d be pissed, that’s a nice little royalty payment four times per year. Mungo Jerry, “In the Summertime” is a great song, but it had came in for some stick in the past decade. It’s one of the biggest-sellings songs of all-time (30 million copies) and Ray Dorset and his estate would be gutted if that one got dumped into the garbage bin of history.

      • I like his music,
        Pump it up is great!
        But Elvis himself is a awkward little cunt and a hypocrite.
        Chip on his shoulder because he looks like a yewtree.

      • He’s probably a 4.5 on “Geldof’s Scale of Cuntitude”. Geldof’s been quite on the Covid/vax shit-show, or has he? I’d rather not google the cunt on a Sunday night.

    • N–ger was always offensive. It meant, “lower than an animal, sub-human, property – a slave,” and once people in Britain got wind of what was going on in the colonies in the King’s name, their name, they were fucking APPALLED. And we led the way in ending slavery, took the Americans longer and even then the hatred of black people endured for decades with lynchings and maybe culminating with Emmett Till, a Chicago boy tortured to death for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955 and the two men who killed him walked free. And even now people hate black people. The question is: WHAT THE FUCK DID BLACK PEOPLE EVER DO? You know? They are hardly the villains of history, are they? But there are people here on this site who never miss a beat when a, “guess the race?” article comes up. It must be draining to view life this way.

      • CG@ – Maybe the fact that black people make up less than 15% of the US population but commit nearly 50% of the murders?
        Same story in the UK – the majority of pro rata crime is being committed by the 14% of the UK identified as “ethnic minorities”
        I do not consider criminals being called out for criminal activity to be racist, just factual.

      • I can’t really remember the word nïgger being used much here. Even in the 1950’s, they were always referred to as wögs ,spades and därkies.

        The term cöön was certainly never used.

      • On no! Not that USA crime stats! Can’t be arsed going into that discussion on a Sunday night. Let me put it like this: what are the crime stats in white-only countries like Norway, Hungary, Belarus? In Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, where there’s about 100 black men? It’s a misleading set of statistics. America is a fucked up place and it isn’t the fault of black people, they are pawns in the game, you can be dealt a very bad hand as a black person in America. Not condoning the psychotic cunts that happen to be black, just saying that black African DNA doesn’t make you a criminal. There are psychos all over the Earth, in India, China, Scotland, England, Brazil, all colours of skin, all just mental, bad lives, desperation.

      • Gordon:

        Serious question.
        Who appointed you the arbiter of what is and is not acceptable on IsAC.
        In the short time you have been on here, you have become a very self opinionated poster.

        We don’t CUNT CUNTERS on here.

      • Oh here we go, knew this was coming. What’s your beef? That my opinions are well thought through, lengthy and not nasty towards groups of people? Every last person on here is a massively opinionated moaning misanthrope! The site is called is-a-cunt.com for fuck’s sake. The owner never complains about what we say, I’ve never been emailed by a mod. I think a lot of people come here to be crass and don’t really have a point to make or suck at humour. If you go back to the early years of this site, it’s fucking awful, the derping shit that was posted, Jesus. But the site got going, got great, gets a lot of views each day. So it could be a great mainstream-ish site, but if people come here and go, “oh, it’s a site full of racists,” it will forever remain a fringe site at a time when sites like this should be elbowing away the other weak-sauce forums.

        I’ve been using the internet since 1999 and saw how it has changed, it’s not as fun as it once was, it became politicised and weaponized when social media via phones came along and “concerned mothers” and all the other killjoys came along to ruin it, people who have no business being online, fuck off and read a magazine, ladies.

        My point is that there is a way to get your point across without being crass. It ruins some otherwise good threads. And echo-chambers SUCK, brother. If we all just spunk all over each every day and not disagree then we are just like the snowflakes and happy-clappers. I’m not the only one on here who is sick of the crass comments dribbling down the screen.

        Who cares. It’s just a website. Enjoy it your way.

      • Gordon.

        I just see this site as a platform for a little light hearted banter, where anything goes.

        It’s just a bit of a release from the mad world that we find ourselves in now.

        It doesn’t need to get serious or too opinionated, it would ruin the fun.

      • Dickvandyke@
        No probs,
        You carry on, business as usual pal👍

        No fuckin sheriffs round here accept admin

      • @MNC.

        I Shot The Sheriff.

        And I might just shoot the deputy.

        Just for good measure.

        Evening old lad.

      • @ Dickvandyke re:

        “The term cöön was certainly never used.”

        The term cöön was extremely common here between the ’60s and the ’80s. Have you never watched an episode of Till Death Us Do Part? It was practically Alf Garnett’s catch phrase.

        And you state in another post that “the word nïgger is still not offensive.” Are you being serious? Presumably that’s your version of “light hearted banter”.

        Night all, sleep well.

      • PS: @Cunty Gordon – it’s not often that I agree with your posts but the position you have taken in the thread above is pretty well spot on. 👍

        Nice to know that some of us here are not racist.

  12. Saw this knob at Oldham civic centre in 1977, everyone was doing the punk thing, po-going, spitting at him, the twat walked off the stage, arse hole….definitely an R Whites lemonade drinker….🍋

  13. Why doesn’t he just change the word to “Darky” or “Sooty”?…they’re still acceptable terms in polite Northumbrian High Society

  14. Why doesn’t he just change the word to “Dark-key” or “Sooty”?…they’re still acceptable terms in polite Northumbrian High Society

    • Lord F-I would suggest a song re-write, rhyming “Funky” with “Porch Monkey”

      • Gordon: having run a successful business for 30 plus years, the pandemic has given me a position of semi-retirement.
        Which I am relishing, after working 80-100hr weeks for decades.

        IsAC is the first forum for me.
        How about you?

      • Good for you, pal. I’m not wanting a pissing contest, I just find you crass at times and I think you are wittier than that and you punch down a easy targets with lazy language. Not having a go, just being honest with. I mean, what’s the point in posting here every day? You ever think about that? I have lately. I could be doing something productive. Sites like this become addictive and the way I see it, if you write online, then do it well or not at all. It will all be forgotten in ten years. The shit posted online by billions of people every day means FUCK ALL. I wonder why people bother. We could be doing something REAL and amazing, even just going for a walk on places you’ve never been before. Life is too short to piss about online. When you retire, brother, don’t spend all day online until Grim Reaper comes! Fuck that. No one on their deathbed says, “I wish I watched more TV/scrawled my phones more/wanked to porn more,” so chuck the laptop when you get your pension, mate! Cheers.

  15. Accidents will Happen – when you’re penning lyrics 40 odd years ago long before BLM and the wokerati.

    More faux apology after I’ve made my money bullshit.

    Unfunny cunt Leigh Francis crying for suddenly realising that he’d forged a career out of ridiculing Craig David was the worst for me.

    You weren’t a poor misguided child engaging in bullying Leigh, you were an adult, taking the piss out of people who sometimes happened to be a different skin colour to you, while counting your money – you absolutely spineless cunt.

    Cunts the lot of them.

    • Patti Smith has a song called ‘rock n roll n****r’

      The lyrics from memory

      “Jimi Hendrix was a n****r
      Jackson Pollock an granma too
      N****r n****r n****r.”

      Shed get 15yrs now.

      • Samuel L. Jackson Pollock!

        “Fuck brushes, muthafucka! Brushes are for pussies! Action painting, nigga! That’s how you do that shit! Landscapes? Lord have mercy, ain’t nobody be painting that shit anymore!”

    • That one escapes me – Leigh Francis quite rightly ripped the piss out of the Craig “I shag all the women” David and many others. But he apologised for that – but only to the non-white celebrities? LOL! Get to fuck you sentimental fanny-pack.
      (1 min video)

      LOL! Look at the cunt, he looks like he has been crying and crushed by insomnia. This guy said some insane shit on… what’s it called… Celebrity Juice to many, many people. His Bo’ Selecta show was clearly a crudely surreal mad bit of free-for-all telly. To “apologise” for that is a joke. It was never hateful, or if it was, then apologise to ALL the pleb-celebz you mocked, you wazzock. Craig David had to move to America, but not because of racism, people just kept asking him, ‘ERE, CRAIG DAVID! WHERE’S YER KESTREL?!” and his music sales dropped and now he’s happier in Yankland. He’s a nice guy, he holds no grudges, it’s those offensed-on-their-behalf bellends who made Leigh Francis. He and should have told people to wise up. It’s comedy, taking the piss out off pretentious people. We’re fucked as a species if we don’t take the piss out of each other.

    • Leigh Francis is a fully rigged, ocean going cunt. I’m not a big fan of Craig David’s music but that “Eh Kes I’ve pissed myself” routine was just witless, unfunny bullying of the worst kind. Francis would benefit immeasurably from a good shoeing.

      As for Elvis Costello, all of my great grandfathers, two Irish, two English, served on the Western Front in WW1, as far as the powers-that-be were concerned they were expendable white niggers. The song isn’t offensive, the attitude it describes is, which is why is should be played uncensored every time.

      • You need to see it from the point of view of someone at work, working away, radio on, then they hear for the first time, “One more widow… less [unintelligible to worker] n–ger,” and then you get a, “what the fuck did he just sing?” and it jumps out. It’s a not word for daily life anymore, in public, at work, in a ASDA or a hotel elevator. Best to just retire the song. People will seek it out, maybe more than ever now! Do you know what the Streisand Effect is? When you try to hide something, people online who would have not been made aware of it will now seek it out through curiosity. It’s like a sign saying, “TOILET OUT OF USE” and idiots try to get inside to look. The YouTube and Spotify files for “Oliver’s Army” have probably been hit more than usual since those articles were published! More money for Elvis. This is why drugs shouldn’t be illegal, it makes them illicit, edgy, cool, desired. Make them legal and less folk bother with them, the mystique has gone.

  16. Meh. Almost as big a hypocritical cunt as Billy ‘Fucking’ Bragg is this Costello thing.

    Cancel culture, don’t give a fuck as eventually the woke will eat themselves,.

    • Radio is a sound salvation
      Radio is cleaning up the nation
      They say you better listen to the voice of reason
      But they don’t give you any choice ’cause they think that it’s treason
      So you had better do as you are told
      You better listen to the radio

      Hmm. Prophetic song, Elvis!

  17. I just don’t get all the gazillionaire musicians and alleged celebrities falling over themselves apologising for something they did or said years ago – my attitude would be “if you don’t like it feel free to be offended by something else, cunt”.
    “What did you say? Don’t run off! Come here”! 😀💪☠
    Are any of the wokeflakes complaining about alleged musician “Ghostface Killa”? – “N***ers With Attitude”? No?
    Baffling – seems like racism to me..

    • Elvis isn’t apologising, there seems to be confusion over this. Never mind.

      Aye, it’s sad when people apologise when the haven’t offended any one particular. If a comedian said absolutely mental shit about Scottish people, I wouldn’t give a fuck. But if they directed it at me personally, I’d fire back. Wouldn’t wan them cancelled, but I’d sue them if they libelled me, get some shekels and live in Guernsey and smoke weed all day.

      • Cunty@ – What Elvis Costello seems to be saying is “if it bothers people then don’t play it” which seems sensible – but this is a cowardly cop out – who the fuck gave ANYONE the right to say what is allowed and what is not? And where does it end? – being dragged off by the speech police for “wrongspeak”? – Yep – that’s exactly where it ends.
        Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy – no free speech, no democracy.

      • I quite like free speech.
        I also find racist slurs highly amusing.
        Its a matter of taste.

        I don’t think everyone should have free speech!
        Thatd be mental.
        Just whitey.

      • Radio rules. Broadcasting standards. I don’t want my nephew hearing the word, “n–ger” on the radio. It’s crass. It never sounds palatable. It’s a word that needs to die out, it long ago become arcane, it should be removed from dictionaries as arcane words do when they no longer appear in print and that word doesn’t appear in print much. Why do people want to see it endure this century? Because some people get off it, just look at folk here who love overriding WordPress censorship just to say nasty words. To get off doing that is pathetic. I get why people are angry these days, but it’s the government that’s to blame, the whole system they have created over 120+ years and now we are in an epic, Biblical shit-show. It’s not the fault of black people, fuck me, what did they ever do? Be made slaves who wanted freedom? That’s their crime?

      • Ruined:

        Sport. Politics. Education. Societal cohesion. The English language. Public safety, etc, etc, etc

      • “It’s not the fault of black people, fuck me, what did they ever do…? ”
        …that brought the slightest benefit to us without great attendant cost?
        Here’s why…
        Understanding the African mind – Prof Eugene Valberg

        The fact remains we are staring down the barrel of designed ethnic eradication of white people from their lands and their replacement by an inferior amalgamation of alien races and cultures. They are all too willing parties to this and seem to relish and rejoice i this prospect. Fuck every molecule of that.

  18. That Nipsey bloke mentioned n*gga , but I think he got away with it

    I would have posted the link to the video but I found it offensive 😂

    • LOL! Yeah, you got me! I love looking like BBC Radio’s Steve Wright!

      I like early Elvis Costello, but he is a cunt at times, he’s been pretty pompous and pretentious over the years. “Baically, I AM rock and roll!” he said a few years ago. Err, no mate, Lemmy was rock and roll, everyone else living now is rocking CHAIR, to be honest. Neil Young still rocks and gives no fucks. I’m more annoyed that people here have misunderstood the actions of Costello and the other gimps with their casual 1970s crassness as usual. It’s time the owner of this site binned the crassness here, it brings the place down at at a time we are getting more views, traction online . Not up to me, I just think this place could be better if we all raised their game. There’s 4chan and Stormfront for all that dumb shit.

      • Same with me on the biggest conspiracy forum, http://www.godlikeproductions.com for asking for proof the Earth is a globe. Nothing more than that. I snooker them every time so the mod there, a guy who admits he works for NASA and the US Airforce, bans me and deletes my threads. Says it all. The Earth isn’t a globe hurtling through a space vacuum. All other deceptions flow from there. That thought makes hardened 9/11 truthers soil themselves.

      • Start a Nom about so-called “globetards” then, should be interesting.
        As for this place, scroll down if words are offensive to you.
        Did you take offence with the drill sergeants rants in Full Metal Jacket too? Genuine questions.

  19. The wokes are that thick and up their own arses, that they don’t realise that racism will increase with their actions. If sensible people are given no freedom of speech, to not be allowed to indulge in reasoned debate on mass immigration, to be instantly brow beaten, to be called racist, they people will revolt. Do the wokes read history books, watch a documentary now and again? It’s either their way or no way at all. If human history has taught us one thing, you constantly brow beat people and they will turn the other way. They preach about the evils of fascism yet the biggest fascists are themselves. You learn from history, you don’t change it for your own narrative. Dangerous times are coming, they can’t say they haven’t been warned.

    • BF@ – Exactly correct – free speech and open debate are invaluable and the right of all – and a good chance to “name and shame” the chippy little shitbags who have all the shout but none of the facts.
      I find very little offensive apart from personal insults, but what I find hugely offensive is the whining and crying over a word when I get called cracker, ghostface, mayo Man, honky and a “far right white supremacist” by racists with a different colour face to me – with absolutely fuck all legal protection because the massive and increasing racism and discrimination towards the indigenous white population is simply not acknowledged to exist.
      And if people don’t laike my Country and “racist whitey” they are more than welcome to fuck off back to the third world.

      • I’m sick of it too Vernon. I’m a white proud Englishman like yourself who is marginalised in his own country. If you come to our country, abide by our rules, obey the law and work hard. That shouldn’t be an option it should be a given. But as long as the wokes are in charge we will be second class citizens in our own land.

  20. Interesting fact the word ni88er was also original used for 3 class hillbillies and indentured white workers.

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