Desperate Celebs Go Dating

Hi, I would like to nominate Channel E4 Slebs Go Cunting.

The compound word needy-cunfest is much underrated and under-used.

Needy-cunfest, add it to word and use it liberally.

I think during these already extraordinarily cunty times Channel 4 and its wankstain infested bastard cunt-child-channel E4 inflicting a bunch of Z-list Sleb Cunts trying to re-launch their careers or soak up some fees to allow them to live their attention-seeking vacuous lives, and fill the budget for sub-dermal fillers, botox and all that other shit, these grotty fucking turds use to give the impression of having character (the alternative to developing character) is an affront to the British public given all the fucking heinous bollocks we have had to deal will over the last two years.

Just watching these fucking parasites pop up in trailers, makes me wonder where the fuck are we headed as a nation? For Fucks Fucking sake, after the shit we’ve been through, is the best we can come up with?

They are all a bunch of cunts, and while I wish them no physical harm I would quite like for them to take a vow of silence and undertake a retreat … as far away as fucking possible … forever. The cunts. That is all.

PS: I have included a link, but only because it’s requested. Don’t click on it, you are likely to have an aneurism if you have even a shred of common sense.

PPS: Missed you guys … I’ve been busy.

Ch4 News Link

Nominated by: GGRF


75 thoughts on “Desperate Celebs Go Dating

  1. Another shitfest of never seen before nobodies with no talent who think they are the dogs etc


    all aboard the ship of fools. sink it on coast of Oz to provide a refuge for Coral Reef

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