Lorna and Craig Hewitt

These ‘people’ are the mother and stepdad respectively to a 22 year old with severe autism.

Why are they cunts, you ask? Well, they locked said 22 year old in his room so that they didn’t have to deal with his difficulties anymore, to the point that by the time he was found he was, according to the link, ‘close to death.’

Obviously, looking after someone with such complex needs is difficult, but that really is no excuse for their behaviour. Hell, you certainly wouldn’t find myself or any other member of my family doing this with my brother, who has similar needs.

Fuck them – I hope they rot in jail for the rest of their miserable little lives.

PS: the lad is thankfully doing alright now in case any cunters were wondering.

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67 thoughts on “Lorna and Craig Hewitt

  1. And where the fuck were Social Services when this was going on? No doubt covering up for Abdul’s Kebab House and Taxi Service.

    • Not sure how much they would get involved with the victim being 22 years old.

      Lorna is definitely in need of being locked up in a dark room.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking Freddie. It makes my blood boil. The whole wretched organisation needs to be disbanded and rebuilt from the ground up.

    • my question was, where the fuck was his GP, these kids have regular meds and regular check ups…not missed by Dr Abooo Nigpoo ?

  2. They’re due to be sentenced 18th February. One would hope they’ll get at least 10 years each, but after the usual deductions they’ll probably see parole just before Christmas this year.

    Perhaps if they also said they’d toppled a couple of old statues and climbed onto the roof of a train, they would have been found not guilty such is our totally fucked up justice system

  3. If the Son was 12 years old, white and Female he would have turned invisible.
    I am in a wholly disappointed mood today having found a hole in my sock (No, not the bit where I insert my foot – simmer down at the back!) – the only thing which will cheer me up is seeing these two do the “30MPH tarmac surfing challenge”!
    Looking after Family with challenging needs is hard work, my hat goes off to anyone who does this – one HELL of a tough gig – but these fuckers are a disgrace.
    I really hope nobody gives them a kicking in prison..

  4. Pair of cunts, work camp for re-education,
    Refusal met with rifle butt to skull and doused with lime.

    My mates lad has autism,
    Lovely kid, innocent as fuck.
    He has a skill for music,
    Plays piano very well, self taught.
    To do this is to your own kid?
    Gas chamber.

    Glad the poor little cunt is doing ok no thanks to these degenerates.

    • he might not have been a lovely kid, he might have been a violent monster, still no excuse for abuse and attempted murder… the doctor should have sorted his meds and monitored his well fare checks, where was his doctor?

      • Maybe.
        But if you read what I wrote I said my mates autistic son was a lovely kid.

      • Hiding behind his receptionists and practice nurses, in case he actually had to see a patient face to face, who might have breathed on him!

  5. Respect and responsibility … or to be precise … the total lack of it. Reap what you sow … shit will/has come back to haunt them.

  6. Locked in a attic like a old Christmas decoration.
    At least Anne Frank had writing materials and her drum kit!

    If this kid had died which he was near to doing,
    What would they have done?

    Its attempted murder in my book.

    • @MNC, indeed and her winsome duets with the late,great Ted Heath on the Hammond organ were a joy to experience.

      These two cunts?
      Helicopter ride Pinochet style.

    • if he’d died they could still take him to the postoffice to get his benefits, they do in ireland

  7. I’m just glad to hear the lad is now doing OK, no thanks to this pair of wobbly, cruel-arsed cunts.

    My lad is almost 8 now and has moderately severe autism. He is now in a special school which is doing a wonderful job of bringing on his communication and social skills. I was able to take him shopping for the first time ever without having to wheel him around in the trolley – he stayed by my side and even helped push the trolley.

    It is a huge task looking after a child with special needs and you learn to develop bags of patience. Having said that my boy is a damned site more well behaved than his neurotypical 5 year old sister, who is partial to tantrums on a regular basis!

    • My (now) ex-sister in law has a 15 yr old son who thinks he’s a cat at the moment, constant pawing at you, i’m not taking the piss, last year he was a train, but it had to be Thomas tank, he’s a total fucker in any shop and will keep touching people, most don’t seem to mind but a few go apeshit about it. I couldn’t cope with a child like him EVER. I can see him ending up in a home he’s getting too big to control.

  8. The expression on their faces, in the police mugshots, says it all.


    “Whaaaaaat? Why are we here? Whaaaat did we do wrong? When’s dinner? Need a wee-wee..”


    “I told her we should have killed the little bastard. This is all his-her fault!”

    Lock them in a cell together, no windows, no food, no water. Weld the door shut. Job done👍

  9. She looks simple
    He looks yewtree.

    Why is it that all yewtree types cant grow beards?
    Just stubble on their double chin.

    I had a better beard at 13yr.

    Always have beady eyes behind specs too.

    Hes like Donald pleasance with a gland problem.

    • Mnc@ – I wonder if they are “Man” and Wife or Brother and Sister?
      All the evidence is there..

    • Blokes with kneck beards Miserable… It’s a cry for help. Look their saying i’ve grown the kneck beard didnt you realise i would commit a heinous crime involving children .

      • Plenty of Neckbeardery down in B&H, with extra soy. I used to visit quite often in the late noughties-mid 10s, but friends from the Shoreham/Lancing/Worthing stretch of coast say it’s gone to shit.

      • How do you know its a bloke? Mostly these cunts, especially the kid fuckers, identify as female neck beards

  10. A pair of white cunts get done for a despicable crime and some are still managing to dial in some racial hatred.
    If there was a world cup of cunts, the UK would definitely make the semi finals.
    Look at the wall of cunts, mostly white!
    Fuck it, why bother…..

    • in america its a ten mile wall of black cunts, the uk is only just starting, in a few years it will be mainly black cunts

      • The wall of cunts has been going here in the UK since 2009. I can find no evidence of an equivalent wall in America. If you have said evidence please post a link.

      • This constant racist crap apart from being both mindless and tedious will be the end of this website. And for what? I came for the cuntings, but stayed for the wit. The last two noms have been valid cuntings of white cunts, yet it’s turned into a fucking BNP rally.

  11. Families with offspring with exceptional special needs should always hand them over to the local authorities, unless you have the patience of a saint they will always come to harm or a dreadful end.
    Mrs Fistula worked in social services and i lost count of the times she said a family wanted to care for there violent volatile son or daughter and it always ended badly.

    • Problem is that the local authorities don’t always do a better job. Depending on the level of violence it can be managed with the right strategies and enough discipline.

      • I worked for a couple of weeks in a home for adults spazies when I was a teenager, Francis Sydney homes. They fuck each other constantly day and night, its their human right as adults and all the laws says you can do is make sure the females take their birth control pills…its disgusting, like stinking wild animals. You can spend 10 years teaching them to make tea & toast. The law says they have to learn “life skills” 10 years and they can’t get the hang of it. A few weeks of eating a ton of toast and watching them have fits on the floor and I was gone.

      • You’re clearly a troll looking for a reaction. Probably the same reason why you harp on about ‘the joos’ all the time.

  12. What a pair of horrible-looking, leperous individuals. It’s like a cunts version of Guess Who.

  13. Looking at these 2 mongs its no surprise they had a kid who wasnt right, fuck me you need to buy a licence to watch tv, but any fucker can be a parent.
    They should be the poster for neutering plebs who shouldnt reproduce, repeated kicks to the giblets until neither of them can make anyone elses life a misery…

    • Got a pair of them opposite my house, the husband drives a hand controlled car for some reason, nothing wrong with his legs, and drags his bald pin head grinning wife around all day by the hand (takes both of them to put out the wheelie bin) while their 30 year old spazo son cuts the grass with scissors wearing an arsenal onesy

  14. I’m assuming that they were receiving carers allowances and other benefits for his care, hence the reason why they didn’t ask to get the lad moved into residential care, but if he’d died, someone would have found out.
    They should be made to repay any benefits for however long it took for him to get in such a state, along with a substantial custodial sentence.

    • I’ll bet these two degenerates haven’t got two pennies to rub together. They’ll have spent all their allowance money on Deliveroo Turkey Twizzlers and similar.

      The only fit custodial sentence for these two wastes of DNA is permanent residence at the bottom of a lime pit.

  15. like that couple who’s autistic adult son went in a public loo and was never seen again, as his ex-copper parents waited outside..nudge nudge wink wink.
    If you have a mong kid don’t kill it just leave it in a hospital reception with a note pinned to it, they’re quite happy watching peppa pig all day and doing colouring, they won’t miss you.

    We’re watching you – NA

      • Section 19 of the Public Order Act (1986)

        It’s an offence to “publish or distribute any written material, which is threatening, abusive or insulting, if you are intending to stir up racial hatred, or if, in the circumstances, racial hatred is likely to be stirred up as a consequence”
        This is a difficult area so please don’t be a smartass by referring to N!ggers or Dark Keys because you’re just being a cunt and it pisses us off

        That’s in the site rules.

  16. Another example of the utter wankness that pervades our isle. Put money on the fact that the poor bastard son was receiving a good screw of benefits which the doting parents would have spent wisely for him. No wonder so many people lose themselves in internet gaming, reality is too fucking horrid unless your hardcore like us!

  17. A couple of posts in this thread mention/question the role of social services in this affair. Social services are not useless, they are worse than that. Most social “workers” are thick as pig shit and twice as nasty. If your local social services department was shut down the only effect would be a reduction in your rates.

  18. Can’t imagine why a child produced by these two chromosome-deficient fucktards would have a problem…..only saying……

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