Cycle Lanes (2) – Waste of Public Money

Cyclists are and will always be cunts, also government schemes for these wankers are proving to be a waste of time.

While Boris and his chain of fools are altering the highway code giving these lycra clad fuck monkeys right of way in the daftest situations, to the point where we will see lots of badly injured cyclists, hit and runs and crash for cash claims.

Anyway, even by putting in cycle lanes, widening pavements and losing road lanes to make the space, these dozey twats ignore that and still ride in the road, except now they are in the middle of the lane doing their best to hold up the traffic and yet when they come to a red light they then go strait through without a care in the world.

This is going to end in tears I suspect,they are still the softest thing on the road and are going to find that with the state of modern driving they really are putting themselves in harms way.

I’m going to watch ensuing carnage with interest, if there is a saving grace I think the culling of cyclists is going to be new sport for motorists.

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72 thoughts on “Cycle Lanes (2) – Waste of Public Money

  1. Saw a cyclist go under a rubbish truck up in Bermondsey a few decades ago, fucking mess she made, must have taken hours to scape her up, i fucked off smartish i wasn’t going to get roped into all that witness shit when it was her own fault.

  2. Plenty of cycle lanes in Cardiff, and the fucking arseholes still ride on the pavements. Mind you, I suspect most of them only have the IQ of a retarded toddler.

  3. As a keen cyclist, I have an excellent WWI (about 1910 or earlier, for younger readers) era ladies sports Royal Enfield lightweight frame, 3-speed, the works incl. solid rod-linked brakes need to be kept greased over the crank housing still work great plus Heath-Robinson gear change with 2’ long springs & stuff—obviously all covered in grease—will still be going strong in 2122 no worries. Where was I?

    Oh, yes; around here at great expense scenic off-road cycle paths have been installed, some tarmac, the deluxe version reinforced concrete, all avoiding dangerous hotspots, smooth, no heavy goods vehicles, no prams, and still I go sailing past the lycra louts in my WWII era (1940s 1950s) Speedo flappy bathing shorts, heavy cotton, beige, slight wear visible, flappy-whatever-shirt-I-could-find-unbuttoned and it’s exhilarating. Especially on the way home with a rucksack of groceries on my back. Cunts. All of them. Utter fucknuts. They probably don’t even live here. Why would you cycle along a main road when you could use side streets? I always do: very interesting too.

    Have the Scots really invited China to build military bases?

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