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Rolex is the ultimate elitist look at me toy. However, Rolex tries to give the impression that the buyers of its expensive watches are not vulgar arrivistes who want to draw attention to themselves but creative, caring types who are shaping our world.

Read this puff from an advert in the latest “Person of the Year” edition of Time magazine: “Celebrating those who shape our world. The explorers, the trailblazers, the innovators, the ones who forge new paths. Who aren´t afraid to innovate and evolve. They know their work must not merely respond to the world around them but help build a better a better one. These are the people who inspire future generations to have a lasting impact. And through this, shape our world.

This gush is accompanied by photos of Rolexers who are presumably world shapers. Apart from Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and Roger Federer I haven´t heard of any of them – Sylvia Earle, Sonya Yoncheva, Jonas Kaufmann, Gustavo Dudamel, Miranda Wang, Gregoire Courtine, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Andrew Bastawrous and Yuja Wang. Have you?

BTW if you are thinking of buying a Rolex then be aware you will be spied on. I recommend this insightful video.

YouTube Video

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102 thoughts on “Rolex Advertising

  1. I wear a Casio, most of the time.
    And when you press a button, the face lights up.
    All this, for a tenner.
    With a ten year battery.
    Smashing !
    I do have other watches, the majority of which have sentimental value.
    The nicest one is an old gold plated Tudor. It was my grandfather’s. Engraved on the back, for his long service.
    Good evening.

    • Can’t shoot em nowadays Jack.☹️

      Mr Witt sir,
      Be quiet now, theres a good gentleman.
      Youll upset the lads.
      -colour sergeant Bourne.

      • He was a rum cunt. Retired from the army, then when the 1st. World War broke out, he rejoined.
        What a fucking bloke.
        Imagine anyone asking him, or Henry Hook to take the knee ?
        Let there be blood !
        Evening, MNC.

  2. I have owned and worn a Rolex Sea Dweller for over 30 years because I was a saturation diver and it was the only watch that would survive decompression, I have been in the presence of a team member who had a Omega Seamaster blow up on deco, I’ll stick with the Rolex, Cheers

    • Only thing worse than a fake Rolex… is a real one!

      From my Instructor days I’m still rocking my old Citizen Aqualand Promaster with the full lume face (the only one to have) Got the chrono version too but it’s face is too cluttered to read quickly so never divd that one,
      Daily wearer is a B-Uhr Fleiger (Luftwaffe bomb aimer navigator style) and when on site I wore a thing I machined up on the lathe and mill out of a slice of ally billet into which I droped a cheapo generic Miyota calibre. fucking bombproof that thing.

      Small object of desire… toss up between a minty Yamaha SG3000 or … a Breitling Navitimer… ooooh no wait a minute… make that a Blancpain Fifty Fathom… ooh no wait a minute Omega Ploprof……

      • Interesting fact – Sheck Exley lost his cheap ass Casio on one of his Yucatan cave dives and 3 years later a female diver found it on a ledge at 180mtrs STILL WORKING!!!

  3. ‘Ti’s the pure cuntishness of the Rolex dealers that makes me troll the shit out of them.

    Back before the Rona, I was buying a house with vineyards in Madeira. Unfortunately the sale fell through at the last minute, which left me with a rather large sum burning a hole in my bank account.

    Just for a bit of fun, I took Mrs Odin to the Rolex Dealer in Funchal and enquired after a Daytona, A GMT and a Submariner.
    ‘I’ m sorry Sir. I can’t sell you those as they are only for our very best customers’.

    I did ask how one becomes a very best customer and apparently it involves spending €75k on watches you don’t want in order to be allowed to purchase €40k of watches you do want, purely to flip for twice the price.

    Arrogant cunt then had to shut up shop for 18 months due to lockdown.

    Bet you’re missing that €40k now, aren’t you! Cunt!

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