Charlie Mullins (3) – New London Mayor !?

Charlie Mullins is a cunt, isn’t he.

This is the irritating cockney, and not at all contrived stereotype, who started Pimlico Plumbers and keeps popping up everywhere giving his unqualified opinion on everything.

Despite looking like he’s in a trannîe version of Bananarama, he’s cultivated the character of a conscientious grifter and made copious amounts of folding stuff. Innit

Where do you stand on Tax?
“Na listen, I ain’t ‘ad no privileged upbringing so let me teww you somefink…”
Where do you stand on Brexit?
“Na listen, I ain’t ‘ad no privileged upbringing so let me teww you somefink…”
“Na listen, I ain’t ‘ad no privileged upbringing so let me teww you somefink…”

If he’s so much of a wor’in’ class geezer, what’s with the fluffy Kajagoogoo bouffant, cropped eyebrows, and botox’d visage? He’s supposed to be a plumber but acts more like he’s at a wedding reception in Witherspoons tucking into a meat pie and a pint of piss.

Now he’s finkin’ of runnin’ for mayor coz he reckons he’s your china plate, he finks he’s a bi’ of a Julius Caesar, but really he’s a just Charlie Hunt.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

Helpful link supplied by: Miserable northern cunt

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84 thoughts on “Charlie Mullins (3) – New London Mayor !?

  1. A straight white man who was born in London running for mayor? Does he even set foot outside of Pimlico?

  2. I love halfwit plebs trying to appear far above their station, emulating what they think those above them are like. He’s like those Essex skanks who think dressing up and buying items on credit makes you more than no good white trailer trash.

    This cunt should be sifting scrap metal at a junkyard in Tilbury. It’s where he really belongs.

    • I am a resident of Essex and, funny enough, was having a conversation with my friend this morning about how many fucking Ranger rovers were about (54 in an hour of walking!!) and how many were probably on the never-never.

      • The car of choice for the Essex Cunt. I would never have one, even if you paid me. Overpriced, unreliable, exorbitant servicing and repair costs. Whenever I see someone driving one nowadays, it simply just screams “I am a gigantic cunt trying to make out that I am big-time”.

        The only Range Rover you would see me driving is a 70s Series 1 V8, restored beautifully. Sadly, I can’t afford such niceties.

      • Paul-those of us with experience of 4×4’s, prefer a Toyota badged vehicle 👍

      • In leafy Surrey just about every household has one. The wimmin drive them in the same bulldozer like fashion as they do their prams, expecting everyone to give way for their haphazard path finding. Cunts.

        The next big thing is pickup trucks and those monstrously long SUVs. I don’t know who is responsible for starting this trend but they are a galactic cunt!

      • LC@ – And given the “legendary reliability” of modern Range Rovers I imagine you got to inspect quite a few abandoned ones at close range..

      • Fair play to Mickey Steele and Jack Whomes for taking one Essex Range Rover off the streets, although I gather it was subsequently repaired. Can’t say I’d want to buy it, the interior having been splattered with the insides of 3 roided up drug dealing cunts. Quite a valeting job for someone.

      • I had a Range Rover that I bought for Mrs Odin.

        She drove it around the Tesco car Park to get the feel of it for about ten minutes and never drove it again.

        I was stuck with the pile of shit for three years and about £6k worth of seemingly endless fault finding and repairs before fucking it off to we buy any crap. Com

        It drank petrol like I drink beer and was twice as expensive as my Jag XJR to insure and tax. But nowhere near as reliable.

        Basically a bottomless money pit on wheels.

        Never ever again.

      • I hope you bought her a faģğy smart car as replacement so she can learn her lesson.

      • And the only other brand which approaches Range Rover in the unreliability stakes? That’s right, Tesla!

      • Fiat 500 actually Chunky.

        She drove that around the car park for a whole hour and then never drove it again.

        I then had to drive it around for four years.

        It was quite possibly the easiest car that it is possible to drive…. Until it got twatted across two lanes of the M25 ‘smart’ section by a Polish artic driver who was probably watching porn or just asleep at the wheel.

        Which was fucking terrifying.

      • What does she drive then? A go-kart? A biddy mobile?

        Fucking lorries. After seeing videos of what an exploding lorry tire can do I never drive next to them, always in the inside lane.

        And fuck smart motorways too.

    • This dozy cunt pisses me right off wiv ‘is “working class credentials” – I don’t want the cunt on our side, like we need thick, scruffy, arrogant cunts like this to represent us – playing up to his middle class twat customers with his pound shop Artful Dodger act.

    • Yes, as Khan is obviously also a medical expert as he says keeping masks on in tubes will stop the spread of omnicron 7 or whatever it is. More young people probably stabbed to death in London than died of the chinky flu.

    • true, if it comes down to the kid toucher or this obvious willy toucher i’d vote to save the kids from the carpet sniffer, willy touchers in fabricunt wigs can sort themselves out

  3. Chimchiminy
    Chim chim cheroo…

    Cheeky chirpy hows yer father CUNT.

    He looks like Rod Stewart if Rod Stewart had survived Grenfell.
    The melted placcy cockney twat.

    • Mnc@ – I intensely dislike this little train loader – when I was on twatter I sent him a message asking if he wanted to meet me and back up his big mouth – the Stringfellow wig softy blocked me! 😀
      Charlie Mullins can’t fight!
      Fkin girl..
      But, a white man will not be Mayor of Londonistan while the froth of Khan has anything to do with it so feel free to waste some of your ill gotten gains and making yourself look an even bigger cunt.

      • cos londoners aint white, carpet sniffers and bongo bashers are lining up to offer their new borns to kidfucker khan in sacrifice to their eternal god of arsehole sniffing, all bow down on the carpet.. and fart…and inhail

  4. Money doesn’t buy class or sophistication, and here’s my proof, I find this chap Mullins most egregious, the authoritarian cunt!!!!

  5. Didn’t he sell his business recently ?
    For something like a quarter of a billion ?
    Treated his workers like shit.
    Anti Brexit wallah.
    Anti democracy twat.
    Cry baby.
    Good morning.

    • Absolutely spot on, he is the very same.

      He spat is dummy over Brexit and assisted our fragrant friend from Guyana, all in the name of having a 2nd go so we plebs vote the right way. And yes the business model was basically charging a fortune for basic plumbing repairs to chinless wonders called Julian or Sebastian in West London whilst making his “employees” operate as contractors, one of them lost their job and Charlie and his wig lost the subsequent court case and much grumbling ensued from said Spiky hair.

      • I was a plumber by trade and this cunt makes me puke with his rip off rates and iffy quotes.

        A mate who is richer than God (not the point) lives in Holland Park and got charged £3500 for fixing what was fundamentally a blocked kitchen waste.

        Absolute cunt.

  6. “Who would you raaaver hav in yer haaas treacle?”
    “A plumber who was vaccinaaated or a plumber that wasn’t vacinaaated?
    Cam on… Fink abaaat it gaw!!”

    Professor of virology Mullins – is just a right fucking tool that’s useful for radiators and nothing else.


  7. If he runs for mayor he will be the only white man on the ticket. The other candidates will be bigger cunts than him. If I were one of the Britons clinging on in London I would vote for him.

    • Fuck that Arfur, if this cunt was the one upon whom I had to rest my future I’d being selling up and getting the feck outta London!

      • Couldn’t agree more Cunty and the Brits are bailing out of London at an ever increasing rate.

  8. I’m thinking fuck voting and all that mither.

    This cunt and that goblin Khan in a televised death match.
    Medieval weapons permitted.

    The last man standing is awarded oven.

    • UT@ – Unkle Terry – I definitely need good Men like you in my dictat, er “Government”! 😀👍

  9. Apparently Sadick Khant’s dad came to London to drive buses.
    Well, if he knew what a mess his son has made of the place, he might not have come here at all.
    He might have even asked for a vasectomy…

  10. Jeezus H fuckin Christ on a bike … is this the only kinda shit neck there is for a white male mayoral candidate. London is more fucked than the rest of the island … it really needs to be re thought out. Times have changed (and boy have they fuckin’ changed) the basis for its existence as a ‘hub’ has long since been superseded. The infrastructure that supports it is so decrepit that it’s not worth the continuous upgrades that are required to make it work … which it doesn’t despite the bucket loads of cash. Anyway, if the environmentalists are right it’s gonna be deluged by the rising sea levels in the not too distant future. Then it’ll need a proper captain at the helm … someone enterprising Captn Kirk, Captn Jack Sparrow hell Captn Chaos … Seriously tho’ it needs a real good dose of looking at and rebuilt for a different type of future that doesn’t just panda to trendy deviant behaviours and outmoded economic trends.

    • Well let’s DO the thinking, we have a natural encircling barrier now called the M25. What we do is fortify it,all inroads double blast gated, brick and razor wire 30ft high, machine gun nests every 400yards manned 24-7-365. You then strip. fell and remove every tree and building within the perimeter creating a mile wide belt of uninhabitable ‘killing field’ flat ground with unobstructed lines of sight/fire. I’m thinking anti-personnel mines, autonomous drone surveillance… packs of feral mastiffs roaming the inner cordon who should be able to secure enough food from those they catch and kill. From that point budgetry priorities can determine any additional measures.

  11. What fucking scruffy annoying cunt. I am sure they need plumbers in Pyongyang. Fuck off .

  12. Unless he’s willing to dip into that 125million of his to get his ugly face known across London to beat either the liebour or CONservative candidate he’s got no chance. In fact fuck it go for it Charlie me ol’ mucker 5 million on advertising to get 10000 votes he will lose interest very quickly. Unless he starts wearing a hijab to both placate the locals and not scare the normal folk then next week start talking with the bruv’s about the feds and shit hassling them for their vote he might as well just burn his money.
    That other straight white actor won’t win either, Lawrence or someone.
    Go and jump in the Thames you cunt.

    • He could offer the bruthas and the ho’s free chiggun for a year.

      Job done and Mayor for life.

  13. How about not letting black men between 14- 34 out on the street so they dont kill each other.

  14. Mullins: anti brexit, because a large proportion of his workforce were Polish.
    Utter, utter, utter cunt.

  15. When London falls will it mean that the rest of the Country who never visit and would never want to finally get a break from paying for Londons largesse?

  16. Nice Cunting MNC. I actually think that London needs a new Mayor, and that they thoroughly deserve “Spanner” ( to his mates) to lead them up his bum hole.
    His occupational achievements would be of considerable benefit to all of Londons Gay types, as he can always be relied upon to plug any leak, and repair your dripping taps within the hour. Excellent. I’ll vote for the cunt. ( better that the son of a “Buzz Driver )

    • Thanks Claude,
      Yes, I write a brilliant nom!
      Ive always thought so.

      Unfortunately I didnt write this,
      Its Liberal Liquidators😁

      I just supplied the link.

  17. You can see this cunts business looking out from the train windows on the line into Waterloo station. certainly a large ad for Pimlico Plumbing.

    This cunt looks like he’s got a blockage in his ‘s’ bend. Personally I’d call in a drone strike. That’ll fix him.

    Anti democratic, jab pushing plastic faux Rod Stewart wannabe.

  18. Establishment arselicker it wouldn’t surprise me if the Tories picked him as their candidate. They had an Umbongo last time and he couldn’t get near even a pathetic little weasel like Khunt so they might as well.
    Labour could put up a piece of Flabbott’s shit and it will still win in Stabistan. It’s full of immos and wokie whackos.

  19. I remember him referring to Jeremy Corbyn as a “wanker” on lunchtime news a few years back, so fair play to him. Still a preposterous mockney cunt though.

  20. “Tonight Matthew I’m going to be a bargain basement Rod Stewart tribute act with Dick van Dykes corkerney accent.”

    Gives so much of a fuck about London and Pimlico that he’s the majority of the last 20 years living abroad.

    I’m sure I read somewhere that a poor bloke who worked for him ended up having a heart attack and dying because he couldn’t take time off sick due to Charlie/Rod having him on what was effectively on a zero hours contract in all but name.

  21. Zoe Wanamaker has let herself go.
    Seriously can Charlie stop the growing leak of violent black families from london into the home counties. Its destroying decent communities.

  22. I phoned this cunts business number and spoke to one of his female staff, asked her if Charlie was available to do a birthday gig for my missus who is a massive Rod Stewart fan, i said a mate gave me this number said he is a decent tribute act and is cheap, i said i can’t stand the big nosed plastic jock to be honest but its for my beloved, after a bit of verbal to and froing she basically told me to piss off after a good giggle
    Fuck Charlie cunting Mullins the poundshop Rod HullStewart

  23. Look how far you’ve come Miserable!

    There was a time in the not so distant past when you didn’t know how to do links.
    Now here you are providing them for other members of the site.

    Who knows you might even end up being an amateur computer nerd like me.

    • Evening Harold👍

      Nothing like frustration to teach a man.
      I had to ask Ruff or Bertie to post a link for me,
      So had a bash at it myself.
      After a few attempts I sussed it out.

      You winning pal?

      • Actually this wasn’t even my nom Miserable as you mentioned above earlier – Cap Mag.

        I can’t take credit for another cunters work.

      • Well Mis, to tell the truth I’m a bit fed up with one thing.

        I’ve got an ear infection and it feels like the right side of my head is underwater. Been like it a few days now.
        I thought it had cleared yesterday and then when I woke up this morning it was back.

        Other than that not too bad.

        What about you?

      • Oh im ticketyboo!
        Working hard and behaving impeccably.
        Hope you feel better soon 👍

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