All White Arsenal [3]

Today (9th Jan) Arsenal FC are playing an FA Cup tie at Nottingham Forest (hope they lose, the bastards) (they did 1-0 – NA) and have made a big media deal about wearing an all white kit.

Apparently this is part of the “lose the red” campaign to prevent architects stabbing the shit out of each other. Yes, it’s a rather tenuous link and has to be carefully explained so dumb cunts like us get the wokie message. Give it a rest for fucks sake you fake cunts. Firstly, shouldn’t it be all black instead of all white, for obvious reasons?

Secondly, what are you going to do when the yoot move on to guns instead of knives? The name ARSENAL suggests a collection of firearms. Surely you must change your name to be properly woke? You’ve opened up a whole can of worms here haven’t you, you poseur cunts?

Far be it for me to suggest your new name……I can’t think of anything appropriate. Honest!
(I’ll provide a link then shall I? – NA)

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

74 thoughts on “All White Arsenal [3]

    • Yes, you can understand why football players wouldn’t want to wear red shirts because they don’t want to resemble a bunch of stabbed fuckers lying around the streets of London. Makes perfect sense to me.

  1. Arsenal’s shirt used to be unusual and quite distinctive with the red body and white sleeves. Nowadays they have to bugger about and keep changing the design so that dickheads will keep buying them, just like every other fuckball club.
    An all-white shirt? Well why not, that’s another one the pillocks will spend silly money on.

  2. Most of their supporters are fat, bald, gammon-faced grunts whose main topic of conversation is ‘the Invincibles’ so aiming this at them is a waste. The Ooga-Doogas who do “follow” the Gooners have Ethiopia, Somalia or Eritrea as their national side so ask them to advertise this bollocls.

      • That sounds like,a reason to avoid it, OP. Football programmes with fans are usually rubbish. The only ever decent one was Saint & Greavsie as they treated everything with a bit of humour.

      • They’re a YouTube channel. Their main star actually got banged up in the nick for assault and kidnap – took time off in July claiming ‘mental elf’ and then the government website reports on Monday that he’s had his sentence tripled.

  3. Fucking hate Arsenal, don’t really know what else to say, apart from:

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright, – another WOKEY fat, bald BAME CUNT.

  4. Rename them Africa United as that’s what they resemble now, cunts.
    I supported them since I was a kid and used to go regularly to watch them when I lived in England. Not anymore. Knee taking, pandering to the gays and the effnics. Fuck them and all the other woke cunts in the English leagues. Haven’t watched any football since all that shit started and never will again.

  5. “The Arse” virtue signalling again.

    Surely the huge swathes of empty seats next to each corner flag (so the television viewer cannot help but notice of course) during lockdown at the Emirates stadium, which were emblazoned with 2 x huge fuck off “Black Lives Matter” banners was enough to prove that Black lives do indeed matter to Arsenal more than most.

    Arsenal FC – Nobody gives a fuck or takes any notice of your woke crap.
    Least of all, stab happy, aspiring architects.


  6. I really miss Arse of the Arse these days. Surely the most miserable cunt ever to manage a football team. Used to cheer me up no end.

  7. Arsehole Whinger was/is a baggy face liar.
    Peanut head Henry, M’bongo Viera, load of froggy toss.
    Fuck them and the snail infatuation.

  8. All white Arsenal?
    Is it 1950?
    First team football at Arsenal looks more like it should be narrated by David Attenborough these days – and I would check some of those shifty looking penalty missing fuckers for blades before I let them on the bus!

  9. There was something on television a while ago about a 1970’s friendly football match that pitched a team of whitey’s against a team of dark- keys. The dark- keys won. Both sides played in a friendly way and it was a great success – just a bit of fun. Couldn’t happen now.

    • You’d have difficulty finding eleven white players here, unless they were all Polish or Romanian.

  10. If there is one thing I hate more than Football, it is London Football Clubs. Fucking turds !

  11. Fucking woke cunts. I bet the TV build up was all about dark keys killing each other being the fault of racist honkies.

    They should just have done with it and get the honky players to kneel, while the dark key players kick them all in the face.

    I am sick to death of brain dead sportsmen (nobody watches the split arses) having to fucking virtue signal about something or other at the start.

    Just fucking get on with the game, you fucking cunts. You’re not sages, you’re good at ‘chasey kick ball ug ug.’ We don’t fucking give a fuck for your thoughts on how the world should be. It’s not Miss World, you fucking bellends.

    Was going to cunt the pre game announcements at every Ashes Test this series just gone. The message was the same – some random abo saying the land the stadium is on ‘Is, was and always will be indigenous land.’ Fuck off honky, in other words. About time us northern Europeans did the same.

    Nope. You abos got conquered hundreds of years ago, and ‘indigineous’ Australians are made up of many different tribes, many of whom migrated from Africa. If you still ran the place, it’d be a fucking backwards shit hole. You should be thanking God the honkies came and made your country what it is today. The ‘Native’ Americans are made up of different groups who conquered each other, just like you lot

    They call Maoris native to New Zealand, but they’ve only been there for about 700 years (thought to be of Taiwanese/Filipino/Polynesian heritage).

    Honkies are thought to have lived in parts of Europe for anything up to 8,000 years. Yet white people can’t be called indigenous to northern/north western Europe (yes, lots of slightly different tribes, but all honkies). If you try googling this stuff you’ll just get stuff saying honkies don’t exist and never have, basically.

    A fucking disgrace and dangerous. We are being dehumanised. I am white, I exist and my people have lived in my country for thousands of years.

    Get to fuck.

    • @CB
      A quick internet search for “European people history” or something else as simple as “white inventors” in images, makes for interesting viewing.
      (I have posted about this before)

      Top comment btw.

    • You’re right about the Abos, CB.
      They’ve been in Oz for 60,000 years and in that time their sole contributions to human development have been the boomerang and the didgeridoo. Captain Cook probably achieved more in his afternoon.

    • well said. I started to watch the Arsenal v Notts Forest game, but switched off as soon as one of the commentators started wanking about the Arsenal being in white and how fuckign great it was. Another example of how black culture has fucked up Britain.

  12. Premiership football really is a cynical affair…there’s no cause that they won’t milk….stabbings, bumfoolery,murdered children…anything goes as long as it hides the fact that all they really care about is money.

    • Perhaps Liverpool could play in blue to remind fans what colour people turn when the air is crushed out of their lungs.

    • True DF.

      If you told them they could eat a baby and get a few mill with a guarantee of no police charges or media coverage, I bet they’d be lining up.

      Why do they take the knee?

      Well, if they didn’t it’d be career over. 300 grand a week+ some of these cunts are on. Would I take a knee for that? I’d be a prison bitch for Lionel Joseph for that sort of money. Live on breakfast telly. I think if a player refused to knee bend, their kids could get bullied at school too. I bet some of the honky players worry about that, thinking about it?

      One sportsman did stand up to this bollocks recently. South African honky (or mostly honky at least by the looks of him) cricketer, Quentin de Kock.

      Refused to take the knee and got blasted for it. Suspended even (voluntary my arse – the ICC should e fucked SA cricket for that.) He came back but quickly ‘retired’ from the test team, just one game later (mid series too – I wonder why?)

      • I don’t understand why the clubs drive all this shite,CB….The Sooties don’t control football clubs and I doubt very much that they care a jot about “wokery”…perhaps Clubs believe that the “Man in the Street” supports this sort of thing?…maybe he does and it’s the likes of us who are in the wrong?

      • Could be, but most people I know seem to fall into 2 groups about this.

        1. Can’t be doing with this woke shite.

        2. Have no idea what it’s about, but the man on the telly said it’s a good thing, so it must be ok.

        If knee taking is to imitate George Floyd’s death (Thierry Henry did it for the full 8 minutes I heard, the stupid twat), or as I call it, ‘The day Derek Chauvinism hurt his knee’; and the Arsenal ‘losing the red’ about conjuring up images of blood soaked dark keys, then your Hillsborough comment doesn’t seem too mad after all.

        Where does it end? Respect the gays by bumming each other in the centre circle pre game? Crash jumbo jets into the stadiums to commemorate 9/11?

      • Thank you Cunty. Sometimes I have difficulty explaining this fucking madness and you’ve nailed it to a fucking tee. Great post mate.

      • There’s some shit on tv to do with Hillsborough called Anne. Usual clichè “96 Bin dippers have been unlawfully killed”. Every time I see it I respond with “Yes by their own, that turned up without tickets”. Sad but true. Arsenal are hiding the fact that they want to look like Real Madrid in an all white kkkit and it has fuck all to do with stabbings in Nawf Landan.

      • Aye.Rob……they bang on about “Never forget the 97” but have less bother forgetting about the 39 Italians who were killed at Hysel.

      • Liverpool fans had English clubs banned from European competition for the Heysel murders. Absolute cunts, yet their own little disaster in Sheffield in 1989 has never ever been allowed to be forgotten. Everyone but their own were blamed for the deaths of those 96, 97 now. It makes me sick that they won’t accept that they were to blame. I’m surprised that Liverpudlians haven’t tried to track down Cilla Black’s cleaner, to hold that person to account for the wet floors when the Ginger tart checked out.

      • Let us remember that every single Liverpool supporter at Hillsborough was declared by an enquiry, which was in no way directed to reach a favourable conclusion for self pity city.

      • The scouse cunts used to do the same thing at forest every year push the gates in at the away end and all rush in.

  13. I bet Gary loved it 😂

    Ironic init, kneeling for Black Lives Matter and highlighting that Black lives don’t matter to other Blacks 👏

  14. Why would anyone believe they give a shit about an aspiring architect stabbing an aspiring rapper? All they care about is money and out woking each other to appease sponsors and the wokey soshul meeja brigade.

  15. Sportsmen should be listened to.
    Theyve spent their lives training to play school yard games at a professional level.
    So have a unique insight into political, social, and environmental matters.

    So be it a footballer, someone whos British Bulldog champion,
    Professional hopscotch player,
    I’ll listen knowing they are better than me and more entitled to speak on these matters.

    • With the way of the world and the state of old shitey at the moment, I’m beginning to think David Icke talks sense. 🤣

  16. Quite apart from the fact that I doubt any blacks can afford to live near Arsenal. It seems to be middle-class whites, poofs and asian types.

    • As a Sheffield United fan, I always remember this dirty bastard when we played them at Highbury in 1996. We all saw it from the terraces when the cunt gobbed on our white player Roger Nilson. Ian Wright is a fucking cunt of the highest order. He hates whitey and never denied this incident. He’s a fucking racist Cunt. Now he’s trying to look all sophisticated on MOTD with his Harry Potter glasses, saying “I fink” with monotonous regularity. Imagine a white player gobbing on an ethnic? Would be the headlines on every fucking new channel in the world. Fuck Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and all the other racist cunts.

  17. I don’t follow football, if football were to be banned, and never played again, I wouldn’t shed a tear.
    Give me gladiators, fighting to the death. That’s entertainment!

  18. Are Arsenal remodelling the front of The Emirates Stadium (the UAE are well known for their world leading stance on human rights) to look like Wormwood Scrubs so their “architect and rapper” support base feel at home?

  19. Football these days is a big heap of cunt
    Haven’t watched the premier league shite for about 15 years utter wank
    COD ARMY!!!!!!

    • Fleetwood fan eh? Thanks for gifting the Premier League with Jamie Vardy – one of the only real characters left in the game. Bloody great striker too.

      • Was a Fleetwood fan but I gave up on football when they sacked Joey Barton football can get to fuck these days

  20. ”I have nothing against football. It just seems very wasteful losing 2 hours of my life to watch 22 millionaires on TV chasing a bag of wind in their underwear.” Guy Martin

  21. Very happy to say I don’t give a fuck. Must admit that trying to find a logical connection between Red shirts and fuckwits stabbing each other is proving difficult but strangely obsessive; interesting times.

  22. The Leeds strip is all white. Does that make them a timid team? Tell that to Billy Bremner ‘bite your legs Hunter, Jackie Charlton.
    Well you cant theyre all dead.

    I mean where have we got to when the actual colour of the strip is deemed aggressive.

    What about the All Blacks? They’re all in black. Is that inverted racusm?

    Celtic have hoops. Are they to be banned? They could be construed as representing nooses.

  23. Pound to a pinch of shit, the next England away kit will be the rainbow kit, a hole in the back of the shorts, the three lions badge replaced by three knees kneeling on a white mans neck and the shirt sponsor will be a picture of Saint Marcus of Rashford in a black robe feeding the five thousand with fish, bread and chiggin.

  24. Who gives a fuck what those ham acting, multi millionaire baker dancers are wearing. After all, a cunt wearing a top hat is still a cunt! I’ve said it before, all professional footballers are nothing but a bunch of ass stabbing Marmite Badgers, and the braying Donkeys that hand over a weeks wages to watch a bunch of cheats are also homosexualists! There, if said it again!

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