A New World Order

I hail from the free range prison known by the name ‘Australia’. It is truly the season of the Cunt’s but, as always, there are stand out performers who redefine the boundaries and challenge or abilities to reconcile or even conceive of the very existence of such beings and their behaviours, attitudes and plans.

I believe Klaus Schwab’s current subterfuge and bullshit skills are quickly placing him in the ranks of Francisco Franco, Mussolini and, the great meth head himself Hitler all be it with a much more low key faux sanguine sales pitch aimed at collectivising assets with his rich cadre of Cunts the ‘World Economic Forum’, and generally telling every human being on the planet when and how to wipe their butt holes and when and which products they can use, they basically are installing Commercial Communism 2.0 and militarised health care whilst blow torching and choking civil rights with alarming efficiency.


(Link helpfully provided by lord of the manor, Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler – NA)

Nominated by: Charles Eider

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  1. I very much doubt the Chinese,Russians,muslim shit holes etc are interested in “the new world order” It will just fuck over the West and make us all poor. Fucking cunts the lot of em. China is making its own world order while all this shit is going on.

    • lucky bastard – bright but cold. I just hate the fucking damp in this part of Essex. Clay soil = mud and damp

  2. I did see an Alex Bellfield clip on Youtube where it showed a load of ordinary Aussies refusing 3 coppers entry to a bar which, I assume, they had come to shut-down. There is some hope.

  3. One of the beneficial side effects of the Covid pandemic has been the cancelling of this annual ego massaging fuckfest in Davos. No more scenes of gullible TV hackettes wrapped up in furry anoraks “interviewing” executives and “opinion formers” clamoring to save the planet and end inequality after flying in on their private jets and spending millions of dollars on lavish receptions and meals while they stay at five-star hotels.

  4. We are fucking doomed, the green revolution will take us down the garden path to a brave new world.

    The UK should be investing in mitigation measures to prepare for rising temperatures and an unstable world, self sufficiency is the answer.
    Energy, Food, Security, they can stick the wokeness up their arsenals.

    British Gas, British Petroleum, British Nuclear Fuels, British Beef and Jersey Royals. (And maybe Arthur’s coal)

  5. New World Orders, re-orderings of the world, New Kuntz on the Block. This is nothing new, happens every century. Our world needs re-ordering, but cunts like Schwab and his ilk won’t be the ones doing it. These cunts are dark arts pipe-dreamers and underestimate how much you can push us around. Interesting time to be alive.

  6. Fucking brilliant cunting, Charles Eider👏🏻

    This pandemic is being driven by the media and big Pharma.
    Leaders across the “free world” have massively increased their personal wealth since March 2020. Massively increased.

    Fucking Cunts.

    • Fucking massive wealth transfer.

      As for media, pharmaceuticals, and government collusion. Everyone should read ‘Virus Mania’ by Engelbrecht.

      It is a massive, evil, fraudulent, racket. One that exploits the fear in people. It’s been going on since HIV.. which one Mr Fauci was also involved with.

      Not possible? Yeah. Right. And we didn’t eviscerate several nations on lies.

  7. Alas I cannot put a photo up but there’s a fascinating yet grisly picture of Klaus Barbiedoll on some beach, dressed to disgust.
    This is a true picture of the abomination who wishes to destroy our world.

    • Aye, I’ve seen that. Never had that confirmed as legit, could be Photoshopped, though he is a truly odd motherfucker, even by elite-child-rapist standards.

  8. Well if it gets really bad I can just plug myself into that nice Mr.Zuckerbergs Metaverse and forget about everything unpleasant.

    • You can guarantee that even the Metaverse will be woke, inclusive, diverse and censored, if Zuckercock has anything to do with it.

      There can and will be no escape.

      Good afternoon Unkle T

      • Indeed Herman.
        I wonder if he will need access to my bank account?
        For any incidental expenses he might incur.
        The freaky fucking alien cunt that he is.

  9. I think it’s time I reread ‘Brave New World’.
    From what I remember of it, I think Huxley got one thing wrong. The epsilon minus semi-morons do all the menial tasks in the book and the alphas run the show. In reality what has happened is that it’s the semi-morons who are in charge.

  10. Seems that come the new world order/great reset/build back better, only the rich, the establishment, the MSM and the extremely poor will survive the 30 year turmoil some are predicting any time soon.

    The lower middle classes, the working classes and those just trying to make ends meet by having 2 or 3 jobs, will be on the receiving end of the shit-stick.

    It is clear this Conservative government has been stripped of its balls, and is being led not only by the EU but the puppet-masters behind The Great Reset. The government is nothing more than a local authority, and must abide by the Global Elite, and as a consequence the plebs must be forced to change their ways for the greater good (not for the planet but to make the rich even more richer and powerful)

    • The government taking everyone’s money and wasting vast amounts, one fucking fire In Londonistan and every building in the UK has suddenly become a tinderbox.
      Now the cunts are looking at everything building safely related, the cunts are debating who is going pay for it in the commons right now.
      The labour cunts complaining about cost of living, haven’t heard a single one saying cut the international aid to fucking Zero the help fund the poor cunts here who are choosing between ‘heating and eating’ (their phrase not mine)
      The ten billion or so would offset the proposed rise in NI, cut the green levy on fuel bills, that would save a bob or two and let’s not forget the ridiculous TV licence fraud, £160 a year saving with the stroke of a pen, the only losers would be the BBC, so a fucking win all round.

  11. New world order? So that means China, Russia, the far east, the Middle East and large swathes of Eastern Europe are all on board? Latin America?

    • The term, “New World Order” has been used for over 150 years. The power-hungry psycho-cunts of this world use it a lot. George Bush Snr. used it a lot on video, but those videos are hard to find on YouTube now. “Build Back Better” is a clunky variation, you can tell it sticks in Boris’ mouth when he says it!

    • Those countries were all onboard for the completely imaginary Covid pandemic, so you can bet your life they’re just gagging to be part of this Great Reset!

      Reset to the early 1960s. That’ll suit me fine.

      • In the words of Klaus Schwab, ”The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

      • Fucking right, China is on board. They have never been a real opponent, let alone an enemy, They make all our plastic shit, 60% of grain comes from China. But they want a big piece of the pie, they won’t play third banana from the left anymore, they are going hardcore this century and beyond.

        Aye, social credit score is coming, it’s already kinda here in a beta version with your “smart” (dumb) phone. The government, police, Amazon, Google, etc know where you are what you buy what you say. Edward Snowden laid it all out in 2019.

        Get ready for some insane shit this decade and century! Try and resist it and try and enjoy it.

  12. We are having our future, freedom and life stolen right before our eyes, every single day by some of the most truly evil people in the history of humankind.
    We have not yet discovered 10% of what they have done, and given the way they protect their own and use any means to cover up and hide evidence of their behaviour it will take years and decades to find out – if we ever do.
    I find it deeply disturbing that “Governments” around the world are all singing from the same page and all pushing to see how far their own people can be intimidated and controlled.
    Australia has been asleep as socialist dictatorship overtakes the Country and I really, really wish the sheeple would wake the fuck up, get off their arses and start resisting – does it take being marched to the camps they are ALREADY building before they realise how serious this is?
    Marxist crackhead zealot Jacinda Ardern looks into the camera with the “just in control of the rising messianic madness” fervour of every tyrant in her vacant eyes – then announces the puppet socialist “Government” in New Zealand will from now on “Be the only source of truth”! – Is she sprouting a little moustache as her next trick? What the fuck more does it take to remove the baffling veil of denial before so many eyes?
    There IS a movement of powerful and well connected people driving this, they have had it planned for a long time and bringing America down was instrumental to their plan – call it “The Great Reset”, “The New World Order” – call it what you like but there is too much evidence of it to plausibly or credibly deny its existence and purpose any more.
    They have the MSM, the politicians, the legal system, the medical industry and the police in their pockets, in their entirety, and have waged a ruthless campaign to silence any dissenting voices – not generally the actions of good people with nothing to hide.
    And 90% of the fucking world have been dumbed down and fed shit for so long they either see what’s going on and don’t care, they are part of it or so fucking idle and uninformed they just stick their faces in their mobile phones and kebabs – world war 3 could be going on in the front garden and as long as their wifi signal was uninterrupted they would not realise or give a fuck if they did.
    Our weakness will destroy us, not our enemies – and it is not just what is being done which concerns me as much as how many people will just silently accept it.
    Appeasement brings slavery.

      • MNC@ – After many years of research – some conducted wearing a check sports jacket and cravat to increase my intelligence – I have concluded that everything wrong in the world can be traced back to hippies, foreigners and cars that don’t start when its damp! 😀👍
        And they can keep their fkin grubby unwashed freakish little hands off our tea as well – the beverage burgling bastards!

      • Fuck me, Foxy!
        Dont bother with all that research stuff!
        Just ask me.
        Im always 2steps ahead.

        I can sense trouble brewing from miles away,
        Like a shitehouse rat.
        Also my intellect is off the charts.
        Ask my support worker!

        Any New world Order will be like the Old world Order.
        We’ll still be skint.
        Just different faces at the table.

      • Even white van man can see the wood despite the trees.

        Just wait for Electric white van man, a green uniform to show his credentials.
        All the Gemma and Jeremy types will be gagging to be serviced by electric van man.

        Have you got one on order Mis 👍

      • No I have not!
        Andy Burnham and Blofeld Johnson can suck my withered balls.
        Only leccy vehicle I’ll drive is a dodgem at Blackpool.

        Im refusing to give up the diesel.
        I want to poison most people!!!

      • Hehe, that’s the spirit stick it to that jumped up ares wipe, fuck him keep pumping out them diesel fumes.
        We didn’t get where we are today on a fucking Duracell!

    • Vern, we need a hero, can you step up and take the fight to these bastards.

      I watched a news report from college green the other night and that silly cunt with the top hat is still protesting, give the cunt his due, he ain’t giving up 😂

      • Soi@ – I tried but “Slack big gob daft cunt Man” did not roll off the tongue as a superhero name and the underpants I was wearing outside the outfit were on the snug side!
        Right, sod this – I’m off to rev the car engine for no other reason than I can whilst shouting “You’ll never take me alive copper”! 😀👍

      • That’s and idea, each time those extinction/insulate cunts block a road or rail line then every petrol or diesel owner runs their engine for 5 minutes as a protest against the cunts.

        30 million cars and vans running for 5 minutes, that’s a few ton of CO2 👍

        We need to get some PR smartarse to come up with a better name 😂

      • ‘Oh brave new world,
        That has such people in’t.’
        Prospero : ‘Tis new to thee!’

        ‘Meet the new boss same as the old boss’

        ”The poor are always with us’

        ‘The more things change the more they stay the same’

        ‘There is nothing new under the sun’

        ‘Same old, same old’.

  13. Easiest solution for Adolf Mark 2 is to push him off a cliff.Bleeding megalomaniac.Power mad.Who placed him in charge?Arsehole.

  14. Back before I gave up completely on BBC comedy I used to play beeb bollock bingo. Basically it was a game of how far through the show can they get without slagging off the tories, brexit, Nigel farage and the daily Mail, for either their bigoted readers, or obsession with house prices. Usually you could have got a full house within five minutes, but sometimes if there’s an opening monologue it could be done easily in under a minute.
    I don’t do the bbc anymore, but I have a new game. Crackpot bingo.
    Rules are more or less the same, but the topic is a little different.
    How far into an IsaC nom comments before you have ticked of these….

    New world order (off to a flying start here)
    Great reset
    Plandemic, scamdemic or shamdemic (all count as 1)
    Schwab, Gates, Fauchi.
    Wake up sheeple (extra points for all capitals)
    Big Pharma
    Police state.

    Full house already?

      • Damn, I forgot about that!
        Could also add…
        Misspelling vaccine
        Bitchute links

        It goes on and on!

      • I saw one the other day that made my jaw drop.
        Not often shocked,….

        Dunblane massacre was a hoax.

        The fact 16 children died,
        Many more wounded,

      • As a shooter, I had a strong interest in that case.
        For someone to claim it was fake or staged, purely to disarm us, was shocking.
        I asked the poster if that claim for his evidence🧐

    • With the greatest respect, GJ, did you actually read the linked article? It’s not supportive of the conspiracy theories but examines their background in actual events and policies.

    • I’ll have to watch when the next nomination comes out and copy and paste this just for you GJ:

      “The New World Order is the Great Reset. The Free Masons are clearly behind the World Economic Forum. Not only have they used the Plandemic to line their pockets via Big Pharma but they have ushered in an era of unprecedented control, all whilst test-running Nazi/fascist health tyrannies and police states in Australia and Austria. Their puppets Schwab, Gates and Fauci do their bidding. FACT. WAKE UP PEOPLE. “

      • Australia and Austria are near to the top of the NWO Big List of Countries and have easy-going, compliant populations softened up by democracy and liberalism.

        I know this because my Bearded Dragon sends me thoughts from his terrarium.

    • What’s so funny about that?

      All the information about that is available for anyone who can be arsed to go and look.

    • As per the General I’m failing to find the humour??? The large pharmaceutical comps. have enormous wealth and more importantly, influence. Pfizer ain’t some pisspot chemical supply business working out of a unit, their annual profit exceeds the GDP of nations! they sponsor TV programs f.f.s. They can write off a record busting $2.3bn dollar fine as ‘just a cost on the business’…!!!

      • We get off light in the UK, but in Yankland, the Big Pharma TV ads are a 24-hour blitzkrieg of brainwashing you to send off for pills and doctors shower you in pills over there – and at your expense! Some poor sods are $200,000 in debt because of the Judy Garland scale of pills they are on, it’s mental. These companies are psychotic drug-pushers who don’t give a fuck about health and humanity and they were spunking buckets when Covid came along. Fauci was visibly gleeful that a pandemic had finally came along, he had been dreaming of a big one for 50 years, his life’s work complete and has coined it in, as have the big pharmaceutical mega-corporations. But these cunts will be on the run soon, their mask are falling off, they are fucked.

  15. First class cunting: the article sidesteps the mad conspiracists and shows the motive behind globalisation: the little people as production units fulfilling their management-set quotas for the benefit of the big investors. Relieving the managers and investors of the irritation of doing anything other than paying themselves silly money.

    Wasn’t that ( if the state was doing the investing) once called Marxism?

    It’s certainly collectivisation, with a cabal of huge corporates playing Stalin.

    (Reprise) First class cunting of a huge issue which is kept as far as possible out of public scrutiny.

    • It really isn’t a wacko conspiracy theory to firmly state that evil, kid-raping creepy fuckheads run the world anymore, they have lurched forward to far and too often in the past two years for it to be denied. And the show is only getting started…

      • An dogs.
        That Eric Gill raped dogs.
        Theyre all at it.

        Ghislaine maxwell was pimping them out.
        Most rosette winners had been sexually assaulted.

        Prince Andrew denied being backstage.
        Clear admission of guilt in my book…

      • Have you forgot about Epstein, brother? LOL! Fuck me, look at the state of play right now – we are balls-deep in an overturning of the norms of the world. This decade won’t be business as usual, it will be an unprecedented series of events and life as we have roughly known it will end. Covid was fuck all, these cunts are just getting started.

      • Epstein had Little St. James island and Jizzlaine has Big St. Bernards! The Queen’s endless stream of Corgies finally makes sense! Andrew would fly them over canine orgies with Hollywood’s finest!

      • Gordon@

        The original Lassie was silenced for knowing too much.
        JFK was rumoured to of had a torrid affair with Lassie.
        And Sammy Davis Jr.
        Its gone on for years.

        Barbara Woodhouse groomed them!

      • Good Lord RTC, you don’t really believe Epstein is dead do you?

        I bumped into him in the local Tandy’s the other day. That store never closed, that’s just what they want you to think.

      • “Epstein ran the world, did he?…Fat lot of good it did him then.”

        Your being obtuse Ruffs and you know it – no he didn’t ‘run’ the world but by providing ‘executive services’ to selected/targetted prime movers and geo-political ‘influencers’ he forwarded enormous leverage to those that do! Have you even seen those flight logs and googled some of the names in that Black Book?
        Coupla’ questions…
        Who was Jizzlaine’s father?
        Who was Mordechai Vannunu?
        Why does this matter?

      • No, Epstein didn’t run the world, but he ran the biggest blackmailing via sex-crimes racket in the world. It wasn’t just actors who were on his plane and island, it was politicians, scientists, all kinds of powerful and influential people.

      • The whole Esptein scandal is one of the most vile scandals of all time and it won’t go away. People need to be questioned about this. If the world works on child-rape blackmail, then we are fucked, no one decent will be allowed to have power, the world will be as it now is – ran by psychopaths who don’t give a fuck about anything.

      • Hasn’t the world always been run by psychopaths, as they’re the ones who seek power the most and prepared to do more to get it?

  16. They wont be happy until we’re on rationed leccy and getting Huel piped into our homes by the ounce for our allotted daily intake of nutrient paste, which we will suck through our face masks while Johnny Van Tam shouts at us from van-mounted screens in every public space in the land.

    undt, you vill be happy!

  17. Most billionaires get be so by treating people like shit. Power pissed cunts are vile creatures from the bottom up. I’ve worked for alot of people in my time and they are 90% incompetent, greedy, lying fucking snakes. I would happily pour petrol through their letterboxes at 2am and light it if I didn’t they will die very unhappy lonely cunts.

  18. I also noticed that there’s a correlation with the pan bangers and Amazon, McDonald’s, KFC, cuntbook, twatter etc. What kind of cunt imprisoned like a criminal would not give it a single thought that something was a little off ?

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