The Gay Toffees

Thanks to ISAC I have recently been made aware of the Gay Gooners……a bunch of fa**ots who love the ARSE-nal.

Apparently some Everton supporters at Chelsea ( Thursday 16th Dec) were chanting about some unnamed Chelsea player who is, allegedly, a “rent boy”.

Oh fuck me! Isn’t that terrible? Everton have, predictably, gone apeshit about it promising to ban cunts left right and centre. And some bunch of pooftahs calling themselves “Gay Toffees” have emerged to cry like little girls about how unfair it all is.

Fuck me, all my life the oppo in football have been called all sorts of names, especially being bummers and fairies. It’s called having a sense of humour.

That’s all gone now. Who would have thought shouting “Oi Robbie, get your haircut you fucking bender” would have got you arrested at a football match?

Not me, that’s for sure. I fucking didn’t see that one coming.

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52 thoughts on “The Gay Toffees

  1. These counts are not “real” football fans.
    They are political activists.
    Full stop.

    Everton: home of the Stanley knife as an essential part of your match day apparel-the last premier team I would associate with such woke bollocks.

    • Football is a pretty homoerotic activity at base level. Men in shorts, balls slapping your head, sweating, grunting, “get your tackle in”, naked in a small bath in the old days, showers, horseplay and pranks in the locker-room, etc. All the big clubs have a their own LGBTQ official contingency now. Many players are gay/bi but football fans still want to keep them in the closet.

      It’s the 2020s, for fuck’ sake. It’s sad that there are still hate-filled football fans who ruin the image of British football. They even revived the “throwing bananas at players” schtick. Well done, spastics, that will surely bode well for future World Cup bids.

      • You get to many British football grounds Gordon 🧐

        Perhaps you are correct and I am a dinosaur.
        Funny thing is-the many, many other fans I know, of other clubs, must be dinosaurs too😉

      • PS: Are you are yourself, gay?
        Absolutely nobody I know would have a problem with that-it’s using sporting events as a stage for political grandstanding , that pisses off many genuine fans.

        Rainbow laces, taking the knee etc. All bollocks.

      • It’s just a fact. Gay men, lesbians love the footie. Every club has LGBT fans. The big clubs have official LGBT supporters groups. Been that way for a long time, nothing new.

        “Let the people come to the stadium and enjoy themselves.”
        – Johan Cruyff

      • Gordon: football (& spirts clubs in general) are corporate monsters-who ever way the wind blows, they follow….

        Completely disingenuous.

        If there was a massive Anti-Semitic movement sweeping the globe, the fuckers would be pushing Anti-Semitism st every opportunity.

        In fact, look at cricket-binning established sporting heroes on the say-so of a proven Anti-semite🧐

  2. The ‘Gay Toffees’.
    They’ll be ‘Perver’s Originals’ then.

    Where did I leave my coat?

    • Alright Ruffers!

      I know, the ‘surprise’ of a cock ring and butt plug proved controversial for the Easter egg range..

      • Other ducky confectionery

        Wine bums
        Fruity pastilles
        Tooty fruities
        Shit kat
        Milky gay
        Uncle joes anal beads

      • That was Kinder eggs.
        Cadbury creme egg contains a sludge that has so much sugar in it, that eating one guaranteed diabetes.

  3. I like the quote from Tom Daley in the article, whose ‘one Xmas wish is for a PL player to come out as gay’.
    I’ve got a thousand Xmas wishes, but this ain’t one of them.

    • Afternoon Ron.

      My Christmas wish is for cunts to shut the fuck up about their and anybody else’s sexual proclivities for five fucking minutes for fuck sake!

      • Could not agree more, RTC.
        What anyone does when the door is closed ( and the curtains, too, there’s some people around here with binoculars and cameras) is their business.
        I don’t give a fuck, I just don’t want to be told about it.

      • MNC, my eyes are so bad, I have to take my laptop glasses off to read.
        I really cannot use binoculars, because I can barely see.
        I refer you to earlier posts by the like of Lord Fidler, yourself and other degenerates.
        Fuck off!

  4. i heard the bootboys chant *Johnnie Giles is a homosexual* from the stand with rhythm hand clapping between versus
    it was the very early 80s and he retired from english football to manage shelbourne FC
    he walked from the dugout across the pitch facing them dr martin ,denim wearing shower and they all quietened down giggling at they’re own stupidity.
    he was a hard fucker was Johnny and I’m sure he heard way worse when playing for Leeds FC
    total respect

    • Jack Charlton was another tough nut.
      Someone fouled him, one time.
      Jack got up, turned round and twatted the cunt. Didn’t get sent off, in those days you virtually had to produce a death certificate to get sent off.
      Now, they’re taking the fucking knee, as well as the piss.
      Big Jack, man of the people, man of the fields and all round top bloke.
      We’ll never see the likes of him again.
      Football is shite now.
      A game is like ‘ ZULU ! ‘ without the weapons.
      Get To Fuck.

      • afternoon Jack, the *produce a death cert bit* made me laugh but it was like that back then
        I saw the big Jack once , he loved his salmon fishing
        every pub and hotel he graced in Ireland he’d sign a check for what he owed , whether that was a few pints or a dinner
        the landlords (most of them) would proudly display the hand written check by big Jack behind the counter.
        he knew he was onto a good thing in his time here

      • I recall Giles being fouled by a Ferenckwhatever player in a European Cup match. Big Jack ran over and lifted the offender by his face two feet off the ground. The ref did nothing; it was part of the game in those days, instant retribution.

      • Anybody remember Eddie McCready taking Billy Bremner’s head off in 1970?

        Practically attempted murder and if I remember rightly he wasn’t even booked….

  5. Everyone knows the Bummers spoil everything and always bring AIDS where it really isn’t wanted.
    Selfish cunts.

  6. What’s worse when playing for Everton:

    i) Being a shirt-lifter
    ii) Shagging a 60-year-old pavement princess
    iii) Fucking your mum?

    Surely putting your winkie up your mother’s fish box is more criminal, eh Phil Neville?

  7. I thought they were all fudgepackers, fans and players alike. Nothing to be ashamed of, just keep it to yourselves. Football that is…

  8. I don’t really understand their problem (the ones who take offence). Surely if they do have “pride” in their private lives they wouldn’t mind other people advertising what they are and what they do “between the sheets”; if someone publicly outed me as a “cunt fucker” I wouldn’t be mortally offended or upset in any way. Why would I? All they’ve done is state a fact. And a boring, irrelevant one at that.

    Get over it, uphill-gardeners and pillow-biters.

    • Get yer balls out for the lads!!

      Footy loving, gay scousers?

      “Awww hey, de do doh dont dey do ducky?”

      Bet they cant wait till they get in the showers.

  9. I can’t tell you all enough how much i fucking hate football. So i have no further comment.
    I thank you.

  10. Football now a days is more corrupt than estate agents. It is a business a shit one. Most clubs have been bought out by foreigners. Oh well, guess I need a dose of my own medicine which the older generation say. Even though I had fuck all to deal with it.

    Merry Christmas Cunters!

  11. The real fans left ages ago. Well, a few remain but they must look around and despair.

    Football was a chance to release yourself for a few hours a week. Shout and sing all sorts of offensive, but usually humourous shite. The genuine feeling and perhaps fear, that it could ‘kick off’ at some point. Some grounds were genuinely scary to visit. All this was part of the experience. The (mostly working class) fans were outrageously passionate about their teams, and this created great atmospheres.

    Now, it’s a game for the woke middle classes. Stop subscribing to Sky et Al and stop paying the cunts.

    Football, a sport I have loved all my life, deserves to die at the professional level. Knee taking and rainbow shite? Wimmins experts telling us how it is?

    Get to fuck!

  12. Football thinks its woke, but its not.
    There must surely be large numbers of homosexuals in the game but not out-out publicly.
    The players and the organisations lack confidence to come out openly.
    Tom Daly is right on this part.

    I firmly despise the Woke Era. I am with John Cleese and other Anti Woke folks.
    It is relatable, I also despise Marcus Rashford.

    I was a football fan once upon a time, I lost interest in my teenage years, and I have never been interested since.
    I don’t see the interest or fascination in football.

    As far as I am concerned almost everyone in Football – player and the media etc they are All of them Shit Eating Arse Bandits.
    Football is Gay, it’s a real Nancy boy sport.

    There are sports out there for Hard men and men’s men, and football definitely is not one of them.

    It’s Poofs playing with their own and each others Balls. Perfumed Poof Ponces.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

    Woke Crap, obsession with LGB, obsession with Blacks, bum faggots, liberalism, progressive, etc.
    It’s all a race to the drains and swampy sewers.

    Even the Right wing party is getting Woke, stomach turning, stomach churning.

  13. Watching a repeated programme about the sinking of the German Battlecruiser the ‘Tirpitz’ those boys either on the ship (almost a thousand dead krauts) and the bomber crews could teach today’s ‘look at me’ attention seeking fuckwits a thing or two about life and just getting on with it in general.

    Footballists, gayers…. Oven them all please.

  14. All professional footballers are raving homosexualists. Mincing about kicking a balls up and down, then kissing each other after they score. Fucking Marmite Badgers should all be forced to eat their own excrement! Anyone who hero worships these abominations are also engaged in ‘man-love’ if you ask me! It’s a fucking disgrace, is what it is!

  15. The ‘Chelsea Rent Boys’ chant was always a comment on the overpaid Londoners and what some do for a living. Now it is an insult to homosexuals worthy of a custodial sentence?
    Get to fuck.

  16. All back-alley bandits… rug-munchers and trannies are filthy degenates.
    Used to be a crime, and should still be such.

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