Christie Elan-Cane (4) And What Trannies Demand

A further CUNTING for Christie Elan-Cane.

The misguided freak has just lost its Supreme Court appeal, in an attempt to make us all have “gender neutral” passports.

It doesn’t need a passport itself as it can transform into a bat and go anywhere it wants to scare the living shit out of those unfortunate enough to see it. Garlic and wooden stakes all round!

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Nominated by: Sir Cuntalot

And then there’s this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

How low the trannies have got this country to sink. This twaddle from a report by a comittee of MPs from all parties.

1)”Transgender people in the UK face “high levels of transphobia” on a daily basis and they have “a long way to go” to achieve equality in the UK, MPs say.”

No they fucking dont. They say they do. They face piss taking which is richly deserved.

2)”A “root-and-branch review” of the NHS’s treatment of transgender people.”

So should the NHS ignore science and treat tranny men for prostate cancer and so called women for cervical cancer? Fucking ludicrous.

3)”Urgent clarification on the position of transgender prisoners, given the “clear risk of harm” if trans people are held in prisons according to their birth genders. It cites the cases of two transgender women who died in 2015 while serving time in male jails”.

And what of the degenerates getting into women’s jails?

4)”Official recognition of gender should be based on “self-declaration”, rather than a “medicalised” assessment.”

So any fucking prevert can self declare and get into women’s facilities?

5)”Mandatory training for police officers on transphobic hate crimes, and the extension of hate crime laws to cover gender identity.”

Hate crime as in piss taking? I suppose it gives the cops more reason to ignore actual crime. Expect the Met to lead the way.

6)”The lowering from 18 to 16 of the age limit for obtaining official recognition of a new gender without parental consent.”

Fucking bollocks.

7)”The option to record gender as ‘X’ in a passport, and an end to the need to show a doctor’s letter to alter the gender shown.”

So these fuckers can doctor a passport as they see fit? Do Border Force have a say in this bullshit?

8)”More training for school staff to better support “gender-variant” young people.”

Gender variant, if it means anything is a mental condition.

9)”Guidance for sports bodies to make clear that exclusion of transgender players on grounds of safety or fair competition is rarely justified.”

Rarely justified? Words fucking fail me. Rugby? Weightlifting? Athletics?

I emphasise that an all party group came up with this woke, dangerous nonsense. The spokesperson on R4 for this hogwash is a Tory MP. Yes, a fucking Tory.

There no longer seems to be a difference between the loony left and mainstream in politics, business, the Arts etc. No fucker is putting the common sense view on this shite.


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64 thoughts on “Christie Elan-Cane (4) And What Trannies Demand

    • Does anyone remember (wooee—wooee sound effect) taa –dum, The Mekon?
      Shade her green, stick her/him/it on a levitating surfboard

  1. As much as I love my kids, grandkids & great grandkids, if any of them try the old transformer BS they’ll get the door slammed in their face, goes for shirt lifters and trouser fumblers too, I didn’t work my tits off housing, feeding and educating my brood to have them turn into deviant bags of child raping dog shit to infesting the planet.

  2. This Nosferatu fuckers the reason I sleep with the lights on and started wetting the bed.

    Something Wicked this way comes….

  3. What the fuck is it?

    A man pretending to be a woman or a woman pretending to be a man?

    Or maybe a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man?

    Should be in the nuthouse.

    • Its the posterboy for the seventh ring of hell.
      Truly horrific.
      Id scream the fuckin house down if that came through the front door.

      Babysitter for the Munsters.

    • While I’ve never struggled with the concept of being female, I can’t help thinking that these sorts of people must look at the rest of us and think how simple our lives must be, and that we don’t have any real problems (unless you count things like paying bills, bringing up children , ill health etc). There is something very decadent and middle class about fretting about details on your passport. In fact a lot of modern day so-called problems strike me in that way – looking for trouble where there isn’t any. As an aside, this person clearly has a poor diet which will exacerbate any mental illness they have.

  4. This creature encapsulates modern Britain- a country of 60+ million having an agenda set by fewer than 1,000 assorted twats.

  5. I see they’ve cast the new Bond villain.

    If she was born with a uterus she’s a woman.
    If she was born with a cock she’s a man.
    There is an edge was she was born with both and in that case if she was born with more than one female bit (vagina, uterus, womb, fallopian tubes) she’s a woman.
    Simple as that.

  6. Last seen accompanying Chris Witty and levitating a farmer’s wife into a silver saucer-shaped craft.

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