John Lennon – a Christmas visionary

It’s that time of year when you just can’t get away from the barrage of crap Christmas music, and I must admit to having cashed in on a few myself over the years.

But this year there’s a eulogy to the Fab Four that reminds me that there is one Christmas visionary out there who richly deserves a thorough cunting especially at this time of year – John Lennon :

(1) a man so far up his own arse he was almost a quantum singularity
(2) a man with an ego larger than the known universe
(3) a visionary who undoubtedly, had he lived, would have almost certainly been a UN peace ambassador and an even bigger know head than Bono
(4) a man who married one of the world’s ugliest women, almost as big a cunt as Meghan
(5) a man who never wrote a decent song after he split with McCuntney

It seems to me that Lennon’s main claim to immortality was that he was assassinated, otherwise there wouldn’t be an airport named after him and he would have faded into obscurity. That at least would have spared us the crock of shit that is “Merry Christmas – War is Over”.

Regrettably we have to tolerate it every fucking year. The only good thing you could say about it is that it’s better than “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”. But then again we are comparing two turds to see which is the best polished.

Have a great Christmas.

Nominated by : Chas C

34 thoughts on “John Lennon – a Christmas visionary

  1. You can’t polish a 💩
    The simple truth and 99% of all Christmas tunes are turds 💩

  2. Well cunted Chas.
    In the pantheon of inappropriate song titles, ‘Give peace a chance’ and ‘War is over’ by wife-beater Lennon are up there with the very best.
    Along with ‘Like a Virgin’ by the filthy spunk bucket Madonna and ‘Stand by your man’ by 4-times divorced Tammy Wynette.

    • And Kurt Cobain of Nirvana on ‘Come as you are’ singing ‘And I swear that I don’t have a gun.’

      I think he bloody did though, didn’t he, the blimmin’ fibber!

  3. Someone (possibly Berkshire Huntmaster?) rightly pointed out a few weeks ago that Lennon was a prototype sanctimonious, billionaire, woke hypocrite. Doubtless nowadays he’d be jetting round the world lecturing us plebs on our carbon footprints and insisting we in the UK take in more dinghy invaders.
    Thank you Mark Chapman for doing us all a favour.

  4. Now this is another of those occasions where the assassin did us a massive fuckin’ favour. JL had ‘woke’ writ large all over him. Cunt!

  5. 2 down 2 to go, wish they’d hurry up. An especially grisly demise for scrotum face please. Rick I couldn’t care less about, just go.

  6. John Lennon-a man celebrated for being a complete cunt:

    -wife beater
    -absent father
    -musical plagiarist
    -champagne socialist
    -serial adulterer
    -faux intellectual
    -nasty bastard

    Those are just some of his good points🤔*

    *actually, he would have fucking loved IsAC👍

  7. Mark Chapman should have his own star on Hollywood Boulevard for “Services to Music”.

    Hopefully Yoko and McCartney will have their respective eulogy documentaries on the BBC very soon.

    • Yep, Bob Marley &Eric Clapton bragged
      ‘I shot the sheriff’
      Well that nice mr Chapman would of not only shot the sheriff hed of blown the fuckin deputies head off too.

      Walks the walk.see?

      Anyway if it wasnt Mark someone else was bound to do Lennon!
      Phil Spector, Alec Baldwin, maybe.
      Lennon was very shootable.

    • Can you imagine the media shitfest when old thumbs aloft does snuff it? It’ll be excruciating! Fat Reg will sing at his funeral as well most likely. I don’t think I could cope!

  8. Lennon was not only an oaf, but a pretentious oaf who was exploited by the spectacularly untalented Ono. He was the only fucker who didnt realise it.

  9. The biggest cunts in all this are the people who, over the decades, have elevated Lennon to the level of some kind of prophet or philosopher. He was a middle class lad from the outskirts of self pity city who got lucky. He and his cohorts, aided and abetted by a starstruck media, got to the stage where they could have recorded their farts at abbey road and still got to number one. He then decides to enjoy his semi retirement in a tower block in one of the western worlds most dangerous cities, which ended in his demise. And we’re told he was intelligent!

  10. Could have had all the best fanny in the world and chose the world’s ugliest slant eye.

    • Nowt I like better than being preached to off a multi millionaire.
      And his missus Cousin IT.

      Eat lead you speccy scouse twat.

    • There’s always been the theory that Lennon had a mother fixation, and that Joko Bono fascinated on to that like a leech.
      Perhaps that’s why he was so taken with her, when he could have been ploughing any amount of prime furrow.

  11. Lennon was a half bogtrotter, half taffy scouse cunt, I think the first mix of chip on the shoulder underdog upbringing is bad enough, but rearing the cunt in Liverpool sealed his fate of lifelong cuntitude and grand hypocrisy!!!!

  12. Latterly there was a bit of a sanctimonious streak running through both Lennon and Harrison.
    In the later stages of the Beatles’ era, some of Harrison’s best songs were able to make their way past the vitual stranglehold of the Lennon-Macca writing duo on their output.
    Unfortunately, Harrison also had a bit of a finger-wagging, self-righteous streak, which I think showed itself in songs like ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and ‘I Me Mine’.
    Just my take on it, of course.

    Morning all! How are we feeling after yesterday’s indulgences?

    • Ayup, Ron.
      Struggled with the Boxing Day log this morning but otherwise ok.
      Cant agree about Harrison. Seemed the most decent of the fuckers and enjoyed life.

      • Aye up CC.
        I felt a bit sluggish myself earlier, but yesterday’s curry soon sorted that out.
        Enjoying a coffee at the mo in peace and quiet, after the mania of the grandkids yesterday! The little ‘un in particularly was like a demented ferret!

    • Bed early last night, too much scran and surprisingly buying a new bed this week so life’s a ‘dream.’

      • Know the feeling.
        I wasn’t late myself. I’m reading a really good tec mystery at the mo, so I was into that while the wife was watching Monty fucking Don on her tablet, or whatever they’re called.
        I don’t what it is about that cunt, but women ‘of a certain age’ seem to juice their knickers over him.

  13. John Lennon dead for forty years but it has to be said still able to be no1 in top of the cunts.

    It’s no secret I’m no fan of the Beatles but I’m a little I awe of their cunt power.

    Music has produced many cunts but usually individuals, the Beatles managed to combine four weapons grade cunts into one band.

    John Lennon is one of those cunts all other cunts are measured by.

    In the days of retrospective cancel culture you’d think Lennon would be top of the list for the young and woke but Lennon benefits from image over substance (abuse?)

    The Beatles belong in the 1960’s, a pop band nothing more, nothing less.

  14. I think this is Lennon’s 4th cunting, but it feels like its the 40th!

    Bit before my time were the Beatles but I guess they were radical dudes for their time back in the early 60s. But Macca and Lennon soon had the egos the size of a frigging Supergiant Star come the late 60s early 70s.

    If only Macca was with Lennon on that fateful day when Chapman felt a bit unhinged!

    Ho hum….

  15. I know the Rolling Stones are weapons grade cunts at times but I’ve always preferred their music over The Beatles. Also a big fan of The Kinks and The Who. Don’t get me wrong, all bands can be cunts at times but as I’ve got older The Beatles are high on my Cuntometer. How Lennon could sing ‘Imagine there’s no possessions’ whilst tinkling the ivories on a £20000 piano whilst sitting in a 8 bedroom mansion does grate on me a little. I’ve been to Strawberry Fields in New York and I found the grief fest a little nauseating. Treating him as some kind of Latter Day Saint when we all know what he was like, a flawed human being like a lot of people.

    • Absolutely right👍

      His flaws make him more endearing.
      His hypocrisy negates all that.

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