Sasha Johnson

Whatever happened to Slasha eh? Is she still in hospital? Is she a Joey Deacon?

I am very concerned about this prominent social justice warrior and Che wannabe.

Unfortunately the most recent media reference i can find is in “The Voice” (that well known newspaper of balance widely read in Sarf Stabistan but probably not available outside the M25) of 3rd September.

No mention of her medical condition just the suspiciously foreign sounding names of 4 cunts up for trial on March 7th.

For some reason the MSM has completely forgotten about poor Slasha. I’m almost tempted to use the R word but we all know you can’t accuse the Guardian and the BBC of such a heinous crime.

It’s a mystery.

Voice News Link

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

(Black AND white surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics, NHS admin and support staff Matter, keeping her alive – Day Admin)

92 thoughts on “Sasha Johnson

  1. The British media is as corrupt as the American version. Wrong narrative,sweep it under the carpet. Its all dominated by woke, “university” cunts who simply refuse to report facts. A single narrative is all that matters. Its Pravda.

      • I am looking forward to the coverage of the court case with glee.
        Blek on Blek murder etc is the very antithesis of everything the vermin in the MSN would have us believe.

      • There will be no coverage. Its an old story which will be completely ignored. Anyone who does cover it will be “far right conspiracy”

      • Indeed SC

        Anything that challenges the one version of the truth is a far right conspiracy these days.

        Doesn’t matter if this horrible bitch is a white hating psychotic – she’s still a freedom fighter in the eyes of your average labour voter or BBC viewer.

  2. Flick the switch off on that life support machine.

    Energy costs are rising.

    Save the NHS.

    Protect white lives.

  3. 🎵 Give me a Landan Girl every time,
    Cos, I want a dark-ie, I’ve made up my
    mind. 🎵

    I don’t think Chas ‘n’ Dave had this Slasher in mind though?

  4. Hopefully a white porter will give her one late one night and she will give birth to a bouncing baby Harvey Price-type m0ngoloid.

    • Maybe even Freddie the Frog could volunteer…he’s a local chap.
      Not that I’m insinuating he would father a m0ng, you understand.

      I’m so glad you clarified things Thomas, otherwise that could have been offensive. Hahaha – NA

    • A black turnip doesn’t sound very appealing.

      Geordie, do you mean that you would fuck it, or turn the switch off?

      Some clarification is needed here!

      • In my opinion she’s in need of some ‘Ngomo’ more civilised than what she’s used to, Dick.
        So I’d be prepared to take one for the team.
        Such is the white man’s burden.

  5. Not shouting any more is it?
    I much prefer the gentled down version.
    Especially after a demented night porter buggers it.

    A communist creature brought low.Sometimes things do work out right.

  6. Remembering that this hysterical chimp was gunned down by her own filth cheers me up no end.

    • ‘The Groaniad’ and the Beeb must have been frothing in their knickers at the thought of ‘far right extremists’ in action. They ended up foaming at the mouth when they found out that it was b on b.

      • Compare the difference between the reporting of Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty by the media even before the trial, to the reporting of the people responsible for this shooting.
        If you need a laugh, read the BBCs statement on impartiality.

  7. Interestingly, she gets shot and at the same time, B&W Cunt disappeared.

    Are the two events linked?

    Or does he know “naffink abaaaht it”?

    • B&WC was one the unlucky few sent back on Priti Patel’s deportation flights to Jamaica. He is now tickling bum holes on the streets of Kingston for tourists.

  8. Are we sending her back to Africa in a rubber dinghy?Deport the hell bitch.Someone please drive over her in a steamroller

      • She is one “Chocolate Log” that needs flushing into the Greater London Metropolitan sewer system😉

      • If things had worked out differently, Ron, her and her tribal elders would have been having their own traditional festive meal of a missionary.

  9. Poor old Sasha Johnson lies cabbaged on a ward,

    A fuckable black love doll that’s filled with white pork sword,

    The porters come a-creeping into ICU at night,

    And though that corpse is all but dead her pussy’s warm and tight,

    Sid slides back the curtains, and fills her to the brim,

    As Alf speads Sasha’s arse cheeks, she dribbles down her chin,

    Filthy Frank just likes to watch, and covers her in batter,

    “There you go old Sasha girl, I told you Black Lives Matter!”

  10. I blame the useless dark key that pulled the trigger, should have gone to spec savers the blind cunt.

    However If she’s on a machine keeping her alive, then it must be some sort of white inappropriate culture offence.

    Da honky man majik keepin young Sasha alive…

    Switch the fucker off. My taxes are being wasted. Cunts,

  11. Which hospital is she in as I’d very much like to visit her.

    To piss in the cunt’s water drip.

    • She’s used to drinking out of shitty puddles back in her days in da Congo.

      Speaking of da Congo.
      What has happened to Um Bongo?

      The shite used to rip your tonsils out and give you the shits. It came out of a surface well in Sierra Leone.

      Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo……..Raaaaacist.

  12. Full Deacon and some, caused by her heroes,the dark keys. The evil honkies were the ones who gave her emergency medical treatment and arrested those who hurt her.

    I think the dark keys were all rapping or taking about how ‘evil da honky is’ to notice.

    This is why nothing gets said about it. Honkies helped someone who hated them for being white. Dark keys shot her in the head.

    She’s full spacca, no doubt.

    Reapness factor 10,000%.

    Quite frankly, fuck her, the fucking cunt.

  13. I am informed that the bullet exited the skull without damage, as the brain was still on holiday in Costa Plenty.

    The brain remains on holiday and Surgeons must wait to reinstate it.

    • Now it’s costing the NHS a plenty.

      We need ‘One Sheet’ on that ward.

      One night in ICU is a-plenty.

      As that Mexican Spic type character turns the power off.

      • Reminds me of a spate of deaths in an ICU somewhere… It was the native cleaner coming in every pm with the hoover, unplug something… Plug the hoover in.

      • Seen this idiocy perpetrated HBH. In the nineties we had a customer whose whole internal network went down at around 10am every day. Five minutes later it would all start returning and was then fine until the following morning. A field engineer was despatched to watch what was happening at 10am. He was sitting beside the file server when a woman walked in, pulled out a mains plug and plugged in the kettle. She had a very good tan.

  14. Hehe, this nom has just reminded me of that bunch of Bristol statue toppling cunts, they are due in court this month.

    Poor Sash, she was just trying to enslave the white man, shot down by a bruvva 😂

    • Let’s hope that the cunts enjoy some Christmas porridge.
      If so, it will be an eye opener for them in every sense; Big Fred will love a new, fresh ring piece to enjoy.

  15. “Nobody’s bothered about what colour the perpetrators of the crime were” said a TTIP source.

    I will remember that when watching a bunch of thugs smashing store windows to steal flat screen TV’s and Nike trainers in the name of anti-racism protests after another aspiring architect gets shot dead by a white cop for resisting arrest.

    • Consistency in argument is not one of their strong points; that’s why they demonstrate that they are stupid, bigoted cunts on a regular basis.

    • Well, that’s a load of crap innit, blood?
      You only have to read the names of those arrested to know what they are.

  16. Hmm – white devil magic machines keeping her alive?
    This will never do – we can’t have this cultural appropriation – fuck off to Africa Sasha and see what a witch doctor can do for you, because I would really prefer if my taxes were not spent on keeping chippy, racist, marxist shit like you alive.
    But Sasha can be comforted by the knowledge that she still has double the IQ of both Diane Abbott and lardy Lammy..
    This cabbage will be bleeding whitey dry for the rest of her life, and I genuinely wonder why – can’t someone just shove her in a nursing home with shit loads of Midazolam?

  17. She was probably rimming Flabbott who slipped and swallowed her head head up with her ass, lost in an eternal vacuum.

    • Poor old fuckin doughnut head.
      Lay in a puddle of spit,
      Turned every few hours to keep bedsores to a minimum.
      She had her whole life ahead of her now she’s just a draught excluder with frizzy hair.
      I for one offer my services,
      Cant stand suffering me!
      If her mam (betting no dad)
      Can stump up £200 I’ll smother her respectfully with a pillow.
      Itd be tasteful!
      Humane like,
      Even say some last words.

      “White power”😀😀

      • MNC@ – Now that’s no way to talk about Diane Abbott – she’s “special” you see! 😃
        Oh – you meant the other racist cabbage?
        £200 you say? Starting a collection..

      • Foxy@
        Happily do either of them!
        In fact do a 2 for 1 offer!!

        In fact I’ll do Lammy for a extra £30,
        I spit out the black ones in Jellybabies,
        And sent my shadow Hate mail.
        Im in a right mood today
        And uncharacteristically racist.

      • “Draught excluder with frizzy hair”

        That made me spit my black pudding out. 🙂

        Ev’nin’ Mis

      • Evening Mr Van dyke👍

        Hope your well this evening?
        Fuckin pissing it down all day,
        Loads of roads shut due to flooding,
        Traffic a nightmare.
        Need swimming trunks to work outside.

        I could beat a midget to death im that stressed.
        Doesn’t have to be a dark key one!
        Any midget would do.
        I blame all lifes problems on midgets.
        Those little bastards.

      • I’d smother her distastefully for 50 quid.

        Bit steep 200 quid Mis?

        Hang on…….I’ve got her mother on the phone.

        She said she will let you do it Mis, for a KFC family bucket and a couple of pots of those smokey beans.

      • I was being optimistic Dick!
        Theyd haggle me down to £100 probably,
        But long as I get some beer money id be happy,
        And mummy Johnsons burden gets sorted!
        Shed have to supply her own pillow for £100 though!

      • Yes Mis, the A6 is shut at Topley pike down into Buxton.

        Rain and snow melt have caused the Wye to burst its banks.

        Quite rare that happens.

        Rained all night, rained all day.

        I’m fucking freezing.

        The house is damp, it’s dripping down the walls. Nicotine orange streaks everywhere.

        The buckets in the front porch are full, the tray in the front window sill is full.

        My oak logs haven’t dried properly and are hissing on the fire.

        It’s nice living up here, but sometimes the struggle of winter and the crap cottage grind me down.

        Donations to the DVD benevolent fund welcome.

  18. Imagine if some whitey, driving home, had accidentally run her down in the street as she staggered, pissed, away from this party. The media would have been all over every detail of the cunt’s life looking for some evidence of “white supremacy”, “far right extremism” (including voting for Brexit) or any kind of raaaaay-sism.
    That’s what they did to Rittenhouse and came up with sweet fuck all. They did the same to Chauvin with the same result. That’s why race was not even mentioned at either trial.
    If Rittenhouse had shot a black man instead of 3 white commie bastards he would be in the same place as Chauvin right now.

    • FtF@ – Imagine if that little bitch had been a little slower jumping out the way of my BMW..

      • You wouldn’t be driving a BMW in Sarf Stabistan Vernon.
        Black Man’s Wheels they are known as round here. If you bought one it would be nicked before the end of the week.

  19. I’m fascinated that any of you cunts even remember who this Marxist black bastard is (was). I have so many more things to think about.

  20. I would imagine that her current IQ, and that of Greta ( don’t want to meet ha) Thunderfart are almost identical.

    • Yeah Greta an Sasha playing noughts and crosses would last all day.
      The Eurovision mong contest.

      • Ha ha, nice one MNC…I for one would love to see a violent mong-off.
        Greta vs Harvey Price vs Simon Weston.

      • Imagine them playing Chess?

        The Grandspastic tournament,-
        live from Lewisham.

        The Spastic Swede could move my bishop to B6 any day.

        I think we would have to remove the clock though.

  21. This is the first I’ve heard of this person and what became of it. Obviously the narrative wasn’t the right one to make it across the pond.

    • Hardly surprising BH. Black on black shootings are hardly a rarity where you are. Over here it’s always stabbings as you can’t buy guns in Sainsbury’s.


  22. Surprised our Sash hasn’t been on the front cover of Time magazine or the subject of a huge fuck off mural somewhere in a neighborhood near you or me.

    She certainly would have if it hadn’t been one of those pesky homicidal darkeys ruining the narrative.

    As long as this horrible bitch suffers then I couldn’t care any less about her or her ilk.

    • Damned right. She should be the star on the poster advertising black history month.
      A picture of her in her hospital bed, a fucking great hole in the side of her neanderthal noggin, KFC gravy oozing out of it above the phrase “Our inescapable culture”.

  23. Stab vest, good buy that. Off narrative, will vanish into the woke to return at a future time as a one legged bi gender midget fom Tibet. Fuck the lot of the useless whinging cunts may their dreams be as bad as mine.

  24. Another Harvey?
    Doesn’t the world havhbe enough problems.
    As for Sasha, the somewhat tongue-in-cheek words of AH Clough spring to mind:
    Thou shalt not kill, nor needs’t not strive
    Officiously to keep alive.

  25. This couldn’t have happened to nicer person. I hope she stays a dribbling mong that’s abused by a Jimmy Saville porter as previously mentioned.
    A definite role model for her community.
    Become a racist cunt, hang around with druggie, gun toting gang bangers and get capped in the head. All of her ilk should follow in her footsteps.

  26. Come on Sasha those bus windows aren’t going to clean themselves.
    He future is making necklaces out of pasta shapes, smelling of wee and tapping out hate with her left eye lid.

  27. It’s costing nearly £3000 a day to keep this horrible vegetable alive.
    In the words of the late Ian Dury, “What a waste”

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