Lewis Hamilton (17) – A Very Sore Loser

We already know Lewis Hamalcunt is a multiple world champion cunt, but it is kind of nice that from time to time he gets put in his place,.

This time the F1 cunt didn’t want to race in in Saudi due to their dispicable human rights record, Hamalcunt thought he would use this opportunity to get on his make me taller step, so the short arsed little runt could refuse to race whilst banging his human rights drum, wrongly thinking it may make him look like less of a cunt.

So it looks like his F1 bosses said, get in the car you cunt, put your helmet on your receding hair line, shut the fuck up and do what your paid millions to do and drive the fucking car, your not Moses, do as your fucking told.

Honestly these fuckers really do lose their grip on reality and no doubt this will be his excuse when he doesn’t perform, another sportsman who can drive a car or kick a ball who needs a reality check now and then…..

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Nominated by: Fuglyucker

And here’s another one, a bit more up to date, but still a cunt. Courtesy of W.C. Boggs


Let’s hear it again for entitled, hypocritical mummy’s boy whining Lewis Hamilton, who, having lost his title this year the Abu Dahbi Grand Prix is considering, with his team, of going to court to make sure he “won”. If they don’t allow it,

no doubt Baby Hamilton will consider it waycist. Nothing worse than a bad loser and this little shitstain proves it yet again:

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And another one, this time from Lord O’ The Cunts

A karmic cunting for The Incredible Sulk of motor racing Lewis ‘Hypocrite’ Hamilton, please.

Max Verstappen has legitimately beaten Hamilton to become F1 World Champion, despite Hamilton cheating and driving like a cunt in many races; cutting corners, crashing into the opposition and so on. Skill won over conceit. How we laughed.

But that’s not FAIR to our favourite (alleged) tax dodging cunt. Of course, predictably the race at Abu Dhabi was “manipulated”, rigged I tell you. Boo hoo. Such a sore loser our Saint Lewis.

Woe betide anyone who DARES to accuse Sir Lewis of foul play though.

In all ghost-written bookstores this Christmas ‘The Spoiled Idiot’s Guide To Cheating – Including How To Cynically Fend Off Valid Post Race Criticism’ by the bell end himself.

Spoiler alert: An excerpt from chapter 1 ‘The British Grand Prix – Retold By A Self Righteous Multi Millionaire Beloved By The MSM So Fuck Off You Racist Plebs’:
1. ‘Accidentally’ collide with your championship rival. Whoopsie.
2. Repair your car under red flag.
3. Take ‘harsh’ 10 second penalty, after injuring another driver.
4. Get team orders handed to you.
5. Win a race to a broken Ferrari.
6. Whinge about any backlash and close down fair discussion with accusations of “waaaycism”.
7. Carry on regardless like an arrogant robotic cunt, ensuring you spout ‘the narrative’ like cunt Lineker.

RRP (in event of self deluded belief of F1 WC win £50.00)

However, now available with Rashford et al hardback toilet paper in bargain bins, for a mere £1.00 at all good ‘The Works’ discount stores.

Lewis Hamilton a grade A, petroleum headed cunt, judged not on skin colour, but the content of his dodgy character. Once a cunt…

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And one more, this time from Fuglyucker

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Lewis Hamlecunt is as we already know a cunt of biblical proportions, this fucker didnt win the F1 world championship, even with the fasted, most reliable car, dirty tactics, mind games and who knows what other rule bending goes on , Vorshtappen or whatever his name is still beat the jumped up little cunt to the block and won the world title.
So now Lil Loiu is crying like the petulant, spoilt little cunt we all knew he is, trying to appeal the decisions made by F1 one, laughable really when you take into consideration how many times this premature receding fucker had benefitted from technicalities resulting in world championships.
Bad loser, try and keep some dignity you jumped up ferret faced, double standard cunt…..

68 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton (17) – A Very Sore Loser

  1. Ayrton senna. Now there was a Driver. And I could name a few more far better, more professional than the Tar Baby

  2. The cry baby cunt has just been knighted! That’s on top of the MBE he received back in 2008. Why would he accept such honours from the oh so racist British Establishment which he despises so much?! It totally goes against the BLM narrative of being oppressed by every white person.

    Just wish Charles had poked him in the eye with that sword by ‘mistake’! The kneeling cunt was at it again! lol

  3. Fackin cunt’s only been made a Knight now, what the fuck next!

    Let’s see where this goes – I imagine he will be telling all the whores who nosh him every night to call him Sir while he bathes in a bath full of money having dodged shit loads of tax in the UK.

    That’s a fine example of who we should be adding to the honours list.

    Bet Andrew’s been to Monaco to play with Hamacunt and the fillies.

  4. Predictable that Hamilcunt would try and make sure his face in in the news right when we are preparing to vote for Cunt of the Year (COTY). No matter how many times he is voted COTY he just becomes more determined to win it again. He will be up at crack of dawn – with the champagne ready – on 1 January logging into ISAC .

    Ok then Lulu, you are now sporting cunt of the decade. We all hope that makes you happy – now FUCK right off.

  5. Notice, cunters, that Hamicunt didn’t turn up for the prize-giving party, when Verstappen finally received his trophy

    Teddy thrown right out his very expensive pram

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