The NIMBY Beatles (3)

I’ve been watching that ‘Get Back’ documentary series about the Beatles this week.

Quite interesting so far, I like the way they’ve ‘HD’d’ the film. Very clever.

However, it showed them jamming whilst writing ‘Get Back’. They then started slagging off the great Enoch Powell and sticking up for the Joe Dakis in a verse. This seemed to wake Lennon up from his drug filled malaise who was doing a few ‘Yep!’ right on type chants once this started. Yoko was there the whole time too, to wipe his face like a baby, mostly it seemed. You just wanted one of the others to do a Spinal Tap and shout “Why is your fucking girlfriend always here?!”

But back to the point of the nom.

It’s easy to talk about shite they know fuck all about. Heck, the fuckers couldn’t wait to leave honky Scouseland, let alone once the dark keys and Dakis arrived.

I bet they’d have stopped the sneering if they’d had to live in Bradford after the invasion, instead of in plush Noo Yoik penthouses and mansions?

And John Lennon ordered a white wine during rehearsals. Disgraceful.

What a bunch of henpecked NIMBY whiny cunts.

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Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

58 thoughts on “The NIMBY Beatles (3)

  1. Yoko Ono is Japanese.

    Japanese people are well known for their love of foreigners, especially black ones.

    The Beatles were overrated shit.

    Get Back?
    Get Fucked.

    • Whilst not a Beatles fan I do recall one of Lennon’s lyrics being something alone the lines of ‘Ireland for the Irish ‘.
      Perhaps his untimely death prevented him producing a song with ‘England for the English ‘ in it.

  2. Good nom Cuntybollocks 👍
    What the fuck did the Beatles know?
    The Taliban forbid music so no twist an shout in Afghanistan.

    Lennon should of concentrated on being faithful to his wife and a father to his son rather than gobbing off,
    The fuckin poseur.

    Famous Beatle critic M. Chapman knew this and called him on it,
    Baldwin style.

  3. John Lennon was the original champagne socialist.

    Graffitied Rolls-Royce, decadent lifestyle, white-rooms, with a white grand piano, huge country mansions.

    All whilst dressing like a Vietnam veteran and preaching at us to “ Imagine no possessions”😂😂😂

  4. Great nomination. Lennon was a complete fucking arsehole in so many ways.

    His misguided campaign for the pardoning of the violent murderer, James Hanratty, who was rightfully hanged, for example.

    His mental cruelty towards his first wife, Cynthia, not to mention physical abuse on occasions.

    The ‘working class hero’ shite that he peddled in the early 70s.

    His mocking of the disabled.

    Lennon was a collosal cunt. There is no doubt about that whatsoever.

    • Agreed, as.I wrote a while back on the latest macca nom, I think Lennon, if not Chapman’d, would have more noms than Macca by now, and that’s saying something, since Macca is a cunt of considerable standing himself.

      He was a cunt to his first kid Julian too. The betrayal he must have felt as a child fucked him up for life.

  5. Scousers. Victims. Beatles, Shite, McCartney and Lennon, don’t care. When the other fucker died, who’s name I can’t remember the fucking wireless played ‘my sweet Lord’ every hour for days. Wank song.

    That’s all. Good morning, welcome to the new ‘papers please Uk’ and get to fuck.

    • That Cilla Black always made out she was big mates with the Beatles, “our Ringo” “our Paul”
      Funnily you never see her with them in a photo together after the Cavern days?
      They fled Liverpool like the yanks fled Vietnam.
      They forgot her soon as they became millionaires!

      “Whos dat woman trying to get backstage George?”

      “Dunno Paul? Think its dat Hilary Clinton”

      • Cilla wasn’t the only one though sadly. We’ve had to put up with bullshit claims of connections for years from journalists to Jimmy Tarbuck.

      • How was he supposed to know what Saville was up to in private? This really is revisionism gone mad.

        Bloody hell it was well after he died that anyone put so much as a doubt against his character in public at least. Plenty of people were suspicious of him. Would you risk calling someone out on hearsay?

  6. When I was a kid back in the early 70s I thought the Beatles were okay, and pretty funny in their films. Although music-wise I soon moved onto slightly more edgier stuff with the Stones and The Who et al.

    It’s only when you’re older, wiser and have access to far more historical backstories at your fingertips, that you realise what a bunch of self-serving smug, arrogant and hypocritical cunts the Beatles were.

    They would certainly fit in nicely with the current “do as I say..” Islington woke brigade, virtue signalling for all their worth, while lapping up the champers culture behind the scenes!

    Fuck them and the yellow submarine they rode on!

  7. I’m a fan of the music 🎶 early stuff all the way to the drug induced later stuff.

    This said they are / just typical luvvies that claim to wish to live in some socialist utopia but fuck right off when the money 💰 comes rolling in and they realise that it is in reality a dystopian shit hole.

    Working class hero. My arse.

  8. ISAC members generally dislike revisionism, where past eras are judged by today’s standards.

    But here we are doing just that. Give the Beatles a break. They were ground-breaking in their time covering every musical genre from rock’n’roll to neo classical, there was nobody to touch them and still isn’t.

    So easy to look back 50 years and find fault but we were all different then. Why should they stay in Liverpool when the world was at their feet?

    Leave the fab four alone. There are better targets.

    • We are cunting the hypocritical behaviour of Lennon, not the cheerful dories he penned, with his mates👍

      • Not so when the word “shite” is used to describe their music. They were the best of the best. Something Britain could truly be proud of. What do we have now – Adele and Sheeran?

  9. Lennon had a death wish……as did most people after hearing “Mull of Kintyre” for the first time.
    The cunt shot the wrong Beatle.

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    • Better still use the Brave or Vivaldi browsers. Fuck Google (and Mozilla Firefox too, they’ve gone woke and censorious also).

  11. The Beatles were a product of their management team led by Brian Epstein who was influential and well connected. They were a Pop Group making pleasant Pop songs that sold well . They were musically ( IMO ) inferior to many other and less successful bands of that time.
    As for the Beatles discovering psychedelia. Bullshit. A Band called the Family released a single “Scene through the eye of a lens ” That predates any Beatle venture into altered universes.
    Admittedly Im no great fan of the Beatles. I prefer high end, quality music by those far more talented than a bunch of idiots who produced a lot of crap.

  12. Couldn’t give a fuck about The Beatles…can’t stand the music, the hype or the people themselves.

    I think George Harrison had something to do with Time Bandits which is ace but I can honestly say the rest I wouldn’t miss if it was all wiped out today.

    I think Private Eye used to call the The Turds which sums it up for me.

    • Perhaps you had to be there but they have masses of young fans.

      Their musical range was unsurpassed.

      • Ketamine has masses of young fans but that doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

        The Beatles are over-hyped shite and I can’t stand them, their music or anything to do with them.

        If you do, fair enough.

  13. Never particularly been a Beatles fan, even though they are my era, I much preferred the RS and the more prog type stuff, real psychedelic music came with Pierre Henry and his infamous ‘Psyche rock’ which is a masterpiece in my humble opinion, these cunts proved scousers always play the fucking victim card to order, a bunch of overrated cunts they were then and still are to my mind!!!

    • The Stones were fantastic too but nowhere near as creative as the fab four.

      They often copied Beatle concepts such as His Santanic Majestic Request (Sgt Pepper) and Let it Bleed (Let it Be).

  14. Who could possibly think that enduring, evocative classic ‘The Frog Chorus’ was shite?

  15. Never overly liked them myself. I read Lemmy’s autobiography (quality) and he reckoned they were hard as nails and not to be fucked about with. Apparently they were getting heckled at a gig once and Lennon jumped off stage and chinned the cunt. By comparison the Stones were middle class public school type.

    • I doubt that Jagger and Richards were ever in a fight. Charlie looked like he could handle himself, he was cut from a different cloth.

  16. If only I had a time machine I’d visit a certain chap at Carinhall give him the location of 5 certain people’s parents houses bribe him with a pile of oxycontin and a few Chanel ball gowns to send his flyboys to visit them.

  17. After writing this nom, I the saw the bit where George walked out of the studio and ‘quit’ (because he was fucked off with Yoko being there -she sat on his keyboard and broke it 😅 and that was enough for George.)

    I was cheering him on, hoping he’d go on a rant against the mad bitch, who would also grab the mic and wail down it like a fucking banshee, while the band were rehearsing. I’d have shoved that mic down her fucking throat with a ‘Control your fucking woman!’ yelled in Lennon’s face.

    But my sympathy for George vanished, when it showed he had his Maharishi blokes sitting in the corner of the studio day and night, praying for him lol. Orange robes the lot. The fucking dickhead.

    ‘Oooommmmm!’Fuck off!

    I heard one of them had been done for getting a bit grabby with the ladies (allegedly).

    He came across as a greedy cunt too ,Taxman was a song he wrote moaning about having to pay lots of tax, while he went on about being a man of the people. Don’t mind greedy cunts, just don’t like it when they play the big ‘I care about the poor’ bollocks.

    So he was a cunt an’ all.

    Ringo seemed the best of the lot. Down to earth and quite funny. Knew he’d hit the jackpot and was grateful for it. Pretty fucking shite drummer and he more or less knew it.

    Macca a control freak. Lennon a henpecked druggie, but very talented, admittedly.

    • Just before he died, George became a resident of Switzerland, to avoid death duties.

      He also claimed to be “at peace” with dying, yet spent his fortune, flying around the world, trying any “miracle” cure available 🧐

      • Please read what I said again.

        Perhaps I would, but I wouldn’t claim to be relaxed about my “fate”, whilst simultaneously spending “millions” in modern money, on quacks🤔

        PS: The Fab Four wouldn’t piss on you, if you were on fire. Trust me😉

  18. Luckily they were way before my time … the music was shit and they themselves appeared to be a right bunch of cunts.

  19. Full 8 hours of The Beatles: Get Back…

    It’s patience-testing gibbering a lot of the time, very repetitive. Can’t believe it took Peter Jackson four fucking years to edit this. It should reallt just be a 120-150-minute movie documentary. Seeing the full 40 minutes of the rooftop gig is great, the cutaways to 1969 (Jimmy) Savile Row are fun, but they should have not used the audio from the screaming girls. That’s what made the Beatles stop performing live, right? D’oh! Peter Jackson is a cunt, he isn’t a good filmmaker. Turned the Hobbit from a 310-page novel into an 8-hour snooze-fest.

    The Beatles are a great example of a great-but-annoying band. At their best they were amazing, when they get ponderous, maudlin, preachy, smarmy, they look like massive cunts and this documentary shows that, but not as unfairly as the 1970 Let It Be film.

    Verdict: semi-cunts

    • Jackson’s finest film will always be Bad Taste, which was made for about 50 quid
      “The bastards have landed”

      • Yeah, Bad Taste is a great micro-budget labour of love comedy-horror masterpiece, not quite up there with Evil Dead, but it’s a fun movie.

        Jackson’s, Heavenly Creatures is very good, too. But Lord of the Rings, though a noble effort, just doesn’t explore what the story is really about, it’s basically a kids version of a massively complex story. King Kong was wack. The whole whole charm of the 1933 King Kong is that it is stop-motion and the imperfections of the puppets is what gives it it’s power and glory as a piece of insane art. Just like Harryhausen, George Pal, that method of making monsters is the best. The genius of stop-motion, Phil Tippett who worked on Star Wars, RoboCop finally completed his movie, MAD GOD after 30 years, but I haven’t seen it. Trailer:

        How insane does that look!

  20. I have downloaded this epic documentary (8hrs allegedly) and plan to watch it over Christmas when there is bugger all on the box.

    Ono was and remains a freaky wierdo.
    She needs to crawl back into the TV she slimed out of in ‘the Ring’

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