New Zealand Government Smoking Ban

In an act straight out of Big Brother, Shergar tribute act, Jacinda Ardern and her batshit mental leftie CCP kowtowing govt are to effectively ban smoking in New Zealand. Anyone turning 18 in 2025 will be the first generation never to be able to buy cigarettes in NZ, older smokers will eventually die off and the country will be smoke free, that is the Nanny-in-Chiefs master plan.

I understand that smoking is an emotive issue, on here there will be smokers, ex-smokers like myself and those that cannot stand the habit. The real point of this cunting is what right do the government have to do this? Is this the Nanny State on steroids? This is a government already drunk on power following COVID lockdowns, mask wearing and vaccine mandates, what will they decide is best for people in the future and decide to ban? Fast food? Alcohol? Coffee?

Its worth noting that there are higher smoking rates among Maori and Pacific Islanders so increasing the cost year on year and face accusations of racism by persecuting a minority over a lifestyle choice was never going to be an option best to ban every cunt. At an average cost of NZ$33 (over 15 quid!) a pack, it makes Chancellor Itchy Ballsack’s recent hike seem pretty tame.

The big winners will really be those sneaky rinky dinkys and other black marketeers, flogging toxic weapons grade cigs. “Herro you! I do you velly good plice, 20 Mallboro onry 15 dorrar. Just rike old days”.

I understand the sentiment behind it but it just seems too tyrannical and too much government overreach, this is more North Korea than a supposed liberal western democracy like New Zealand and I don’t think this is the way to go about it. I think we may have a second French Revolution if they tried it with the frogs.

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96 thoughts on “New Zealand Government Smoking Ban

  1. The problem with this sort of legislation is that although there will be opposition to it now, when the people that are against it eventually get into power they will not reverse it.

    It’s there to stay.

    In decades to come people will have to show photo documentation to prove that they are indeed 66 years old and not 65 in order to buy a packet of cigarettes.

    Anyone ‘underage’ and caught smoking will have to declare where they brought their cigarettes or who brought them for them.

    What makes these cunts of politicians think that everyone wants to live in complete safety in a sanitised country ‘for their own good’?

    For me, life would not be worth living.

    • The politicians have ignored some vital facts – WE hire them, WE employ them and WE pay them and they serve US.
      Time to remind these power mad evil bastards of that fact – HARD – at the next election by “making them unemployed”.
      Assuming we are allowed one by then..

      • I agree.

        There can’t be more than a few politicians that will get re-elected.
        Mainly due to the hysteria and hypocrisy over their handling of COVID.

        Unfortunately the current bunch of cunts from all countries will simply be replaced with another bunch of cunts.

  2. In recent history, the only acts that were repealed are
    The Prohibition Act.

    That’s it.

    Rationing in the UK after WW2 was finally finished ib 1954, I know this because I was born then, and spent the early years of my life being stuffed with cod liver oil and other shite, because I was pale and thin. Typical Northern Englander, then.

  3. Oh, BTW, I smoke and drink a lot.
    I have an annual mot, and I’m fine.
    Everything is working 100%, which is disappointing, as I was hoping to be terminal and due to die shortly.

    • The advice that an elderly friend gave me many years ago…….

      Everyone dies, and when they die it will almost always be from something horrible.
      For almost everyone there will be no family gathered around your death bed, quietly sobbing whilst waiting for your considered last words.
      So live your life the way that you want because we all end up dead anyway.

  4. Filthy habit so I couldn’t give a fuck either way.

    People paying to kill themselves through addiction has been with us for hundreds of years and it won’t stop now because people are basically cunts.

    Just check out all the smoke and tar ridden cunts standing outside a hospital still sucking the shit in while the head of the company they buy from sits in his sauna laughing.

    As the saying goes, it’s in our nature to destroy ourselves and going out a smoky old cunt hacking up your innards is as good a way as any I guess.

  5. I agree with the smoking ban, children need to be fit to look after their very stupid forefather MPs playing funny buggers inviting all sorts of shite in this country. Although her version of the smoking ban sucks.

    It should be once you are 25 you can smoke. Not ban future generations it should be there choice. I don’t for one second think this is going to work.

    Hitler tried to ban outright smoking. I smoke and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Once you outright ban things you end up being a cunt.

  6. It’s not about smoking and it never had been.

    It’s about taking away an individuals freedom of choice.

    It’s about trying to divide communities in order to control them.

    It’s about eroding people’s right to live peacefully as they want, without state interference.

    Whoever imagines that any government has their nation’s continued good health in mind is a fucking idiot.

  7. Alcohol will go the same way in NZ. I’ve been many times. In bars, signs up everywhere, “ you will not be served alcohol if you’re suspected of being intoxicated “. Radio adverts telling you to be a bestie, not a beastie by buying your mate an extra drink.
    I’m sure by 2030, NZ will be fully shariah compliant.
    As a smoker, I wish I’d never started, however, I’d never want to be banned from starting in the first place, slippery slope me thinks.

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